slytherins do it better

The holiday season was over and the Hogwarts students returned to the castle on sunday before class, clean-eyed and afraid of schoolwork for coming. Rosie and Joy arrived just before the Welcome Dinner in the Common Room, leaving only enough time to move their bags to the dormitory before heading off to dinner. Which means that Rosie has to put up with the school choir, a welcome speech and three dinner parties before she can finally get together with her girlfriend.

When Rosie took her place among the Gryffindors, her eyes immediately went to the full Slytherin table across the hall. The three words that remained engraved on her silver bracelet were hanging on the tip of Rosie's tongue, begging to go out and be delivered to a certain girl with hazel eyes. She spotted Nayeon eating a piece of bread and smiled broadly when the Quidditch captain noticed her.

"I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" Her best friend asked with full.

"I'm going to say hello to Nayeon."

Joy looks at the Slytherin table before looking back at Rosie with narrowed eyes, "M'okay."

When Rosie approaches the Slytherin table, Nayeon leaves her seat to greet her with a hug, her housemates barely moving their eyelashes through the interaction. Rosie quickly imagines if her own home will eventually accept her friendships / relationship with the members of the green house.

"How was the rest of your holiday?" Rosie smiles as she is released from Nayeon's embrace.

"Very good." Nayeon says, "Except I spent most of it training Quidditch."

The younger girl laughs, "Why doesn't this surprise me?"

"Hey, I need to keep my house in first place. There's no time to relax.'' Nayeon smile grows as she catches Rosie's eyes, scrambling across the room, "Jennie is not here yet."

Rosie's cheeks gain color at being caught searching for her girlfriend. "I wasn't..." When Nayeon rolled her eyes she gave up denying, laughing. "Do you know when she will get here?"

"I hope soon or she'll miss dinner."

"Hmm," Rosie nods, sighing softly as some Gryffindors begin to call her back, "I guess I'll have to talk to her later then?"

Before Nayeon could respond, Rosie was distracted by a familiar hand clutching her side and Jennie appearing at her side.

"See if you can get transferred to the best house?" Jennie teases, cat eyes delighting as she watches her girlfriend.

It takes a few seconds for Rosie to find her voice, having to bite back a 'I love you' as her eyes traced Jennie's features. "Not really," she murmurs, "You're late."

"Aw, you were looking for me?"

Rosie meets Jennie's gaze, smiles broadly, "No." she says, "I just came to see my great friend, Nayeon."

Jennie arches a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, "Huh. Is it?" She says. "Maybe I should leave you guys then."

"Park Chaeyoung!"

The heads of the couple turned to where Joy and a number of other Gryffindors waved to Rosie to return to them, the first round of dishes beginning to appear on the tables of the houses.

"Oh, thank God." Nayeon grunts, "I'm too hungry to be the source of the strange preliminaries of you two."

Jennie smiles at her friend, eyes moving back to Rosie, "Do you think you'll be able to escape later?"

"Hmmm, I think I can," Rosie says. Her tongue running down her lower lip, begging to share those three little words with the girl in front of her, "See you later?"


When Rosie returns to the table of her house, she's surprised to not find Joy among the Griffyndors who sent her angry glances at her interaction with Jennie. Instead, her best friend just murmured a greeting and played a conversation about how to mess with one of her dorm roommates snoring.

With Jennie only a table away, dinner took forever for Rosie. The Great Hall buzzing with the constant conversations among the students discussing the activities during the holiday, making the night the longest ever. Rosie tried to pay attention to the conversation around her, but she noticed that her mind returned to her girlfriend every two seconds.

Professor McGonagall announced a masquerade ball for the next weekend to celebrate the new semester and  new wave of happily conversations filled the hall. With Joy worried about masks and dates for the ball, Rosie managed to retire before dessert with almost no protest from her best friend. The Gryffindor felt the warmth of a certain eyes following her exit the Great Hall and Rosie was almost reaching the first set of enchanted stairs when she felt arms wrapping her waist.

"And where exactly do you think you're going?" Jennie says, her breath tickling Rosie's ear. "My Common Room is on the other side, you know."

Rosie smiles, turning to face Jennie as she found lips pressed against her own. The Gryffindor smiles during the kiss, her hands meeting behind Jennie's neck and her back against the railing of the stairs. Jennie's grip tightens on Rosie's wait to balance as the stair began to move in a new direction.

"Next time we're on holiday break, I'm going to apparate to wherever you are evey day," Jennie says, meeting big brown eyes. "I refuse to stay so long without kissing you again."

The younger girl laughs, "I like the idea."



Jennie smiles, "So, where are we going?"

"Well," Rosie laughs, "Before you oh so rudely interrupt me, I was going to Gryffindor Tower."

"Really?" Jennie wrinkles her nose, joking. "Why would you want to go to hat place?"

Rosie narrowed her eyes. "Watch it," she warns, "I'm planning to change and then spend some time with you. But that can change if you continue to insult my house."

"Ugh, fine," Jennie's laughter echoes on the walls.

Rosie rolls her eyes, grabbing Jennie's tie and pulling the girl closer. "Shut up and kiss me while the stairs return."

Eventually, the ladder finally returned to the Fat Woman portrait. Not that any of the girls were worried, fortunately making up for lost time while they waited. By the time the pair arrived at the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, the Fat Lady was singing loudly in her usual out of tune. The painting faces Jennie in obvious dislike when the girl clears to get attention.

"Here we are again, Slytherin." The woman nods stiffly.

Jennie smiles. "Always a pleasure."

"It's incredibly rude to interrupt a lady while she's performing," she complains. "Though I expected nothing more than one member of your house."

Rosie sighs, demanding attention of the portrait. "May I come in, please?"

The Fat Lady rolls her eyes, "Password?"


A tired sigh comes from the woman's lips. "Well, now I'll have to change the password again since your friend knows the current one."

Jennie laughs dryly. "Don't worry, the Gryffindor Tower is definitely the last place I'd like to spend my time."

"Mm." The Fat Lady mocks Jennie, rolling her eyes to the Slytherin before finally opening for Rosie.

When Rosie takes Jennie's hand to guide her inside, the girl pulls her back, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Hmm, I'll wait here."

Rosie smiles, pulling Jennie forward. "Don't be stupid, come on."

"I'm not being stupid, I'm being smart," Jennie replies, pulling her girlfriend again, "I'm sure if I go in there, Godric Gryffindor's own spirit will burn me alive."

"Oh my God," Rosie grunts, a soft laugh coming from her lips, "No one cares if you're a Slytherin," she says. "Besides, everyone's still at  dinner. It's safe."

"Uh, did you saw all the looks I got just for talking to you?" Jennie pouts, allowing her girlfriend to pull her into the hallway anyway. "Trust me, they care about me being a Slytherin."

"Since when do you care about them?"

Jennie grimaces as they reach the Gryffindor Common Room, eyes watching the amount of red in the room. "I don't care about them," she grunts. "I just  think a Slytherin intruding on this disgusting level of pride that you guys have might upset them  a little."

"Well," Rosie chuckles, leading Jennie up the stairs to the girls room and toward her dormitory. "That's a good thing, annoying Gryffindors is your favorite hobby."

They enter Rosie's dormitory, the younger girl letting go of Jennie's hand and walking to her suitcase at the end of her bed.

"Second favorite." Jennie corrects playfully, moving to perch on Rosie's bed.

The Slytherin watches her girlfriend start taking off her Gryffindor robes.

"Second favorite?" Rosie mutters, not noticing the hungry eyes following her fingers as they their shirt.

"Actually, third."

Rosie smiles, looking at Jennie with her head tilted, "And your first two favorite hobbies are?"

Jennie reaches out, her finger sliding around the waist of Rosie's skirt and pulling her girlfriend closer.

"Well, my favorite hobby would be to date you," she says, smiling broadly as Rosie moves to sit on her lap, facing her.

"You're very cheesy tonight, aren't you?"

Jennie shrugs, working on the rest of the buttons on Rosie's shirt.

"So what's your favorite second hobby?" Rosie asks.

"My second favorite," Jennie hummed, pulling the shirt off Rosie's torso and dropping it to the floor, "It's taking off your clothes."

Rosie watches Jennie, the tingling skin where Slytherin's fingers passed. When Jennie eventually looks up she is quick to join the two lips. The older girl smiles at the kiss, falling back on the bed and bringing Rosie with her.

"I have something to say," Rosie mutters against Jennie's lips, fingers pulling on Slytherin's tie.


"Yeah..." Rosie breaks the kiss with a sharp sigh, Jennie moving her attention to her neck, "Seriously."

"Baby, I'm about to risk my life having with you in the Gryffindor Tower," Jennie laughs, "Can the serious things wait?"

Gryffindor lets out a groan as Jennie her neck, ", I want... I mean now."

"Fine." Jennie sighs dramatically, falling back on the sheets and arching an eyebrow, "I'm all ears."

"Mm... I," Rosie's mouth opens and closes, her nerves having the best of her.

"Hey" Jennie frowns, squeezing Rosie's sides to reassure her, "What's wrong?"

The younger girl swallows, "No, there's nothing wrong..."

An uncertain laugh comes from Jennie's lips. "Okay?" She says, "Rosie, just..."

"I'm in love with you."

Rosie's eyes meet Jennie's, the weight of her admission finally coming out of her chest. She wasn't sure why nerves still bubbled in her stomach as she waited for Jennie's response. Even without the message engraved on the bracelet, Rosie would know that her feelings were reciprocated. It is written in every look the Slytherin gives her, in every touch she leaves in Rosie's skin, even in the way her name rolls over Jennie's tongue. Okay, maybe she wouldn't know without the message Jennie had sent. But now she knows, Rosie imagines how she can doubt it. Because in fact, Jennie has her heart on her sleeve since day one and Rosie was certain that the Slytherin had never been introduced to the concept of subtlety.

Despite this, when Jennie says with a firm, "I love you, too." Rosie's heart inflates and she can't wait to kiss her girlfriend.


Eventually the pair leave Rosie's dormitory: the newly changed girl and Jennie looking slightly messier than she was as she left the Great Hall. Her green tie was wrapped around her neck, dark hair covering a new mark forming on her neck and wearing a smile placed on her lips by Rosie.

Rosie thinks she escaped from taking Jennie to the Gryffindor territory, but of course, as she walks down the spiral staircase she finds Joy entering the common room. Jennie slipped into her Slytherin robes as she followed Rosie, bumping into her girlfriend when the Gryffindor suddenly stopped. When Jennie's confused eyes looked up she found a visibly irritated Joy.

"Oh," Rosie smiles at her friend innocently, "Hey."

Joy's eyes moved from Jennie to Rosie, "Hi ..."

"It's...Mm..." the Gryffindor scratches her head, "Is dinner already over?"

"No." Joy says, "Everyone's still there. I came to see if you're sick or anything but," she looks toward Jennie with disapproving eyes,"I think you're okay."

"We were going to spend some time before the curfew," Rosie said, nodding at Jennie. "Sorry, I-I guess I forgot to tell you."

"...And you were spending time here?"

Rosie shakes her head. "No, I just needed to change."

Jennie remained silent behind Rosie, knowing that intruding would worsen the situation.

Joy looked at them suspiciously, "Where are you going then?"

"Probably at the Clock Tower."

"...Right." Joy says, "Well, some of us are going to the East Wing later." She says, "Kim Dahyun has a new game she bought at the Weasley Gemyalities she wants to test."

"Oh, cool...well," Rosie smiles at her best friend, "I should go there later."

Joy looks at Jennie, "You can come too if you want," she says stiffly, almost as if in pain for making such a proposal, "Some Hufflepuffs will be there, I think."

Jennie takes a few minutes to recover from the surprise of being noticed, "Uh... sure? Perhaps. I think Slytherin will do something, then..." She gives Joy a small smile. "Thank you anyway."

Rosie holds a roll of her eyes to the visibly disinterest of Jennie in the company of the red and yellow houses. At least the Slytherin was not mocking the idea.


"Do you want to spend time with us now?" Rosie asks

"Uh, no..." Joy responds quickly, "I'm fine." She shifts her legs oddly. "I'll see you later then, Chaeng."

"Sure," Rosie agrees, smiling. "Have fun!"

Rosie looks back at Jennie, the Slytherin giving a nod to Joy before going out with her girlfriend. As they leave the Gryffindor Tower, Jennie lets out a sigh of relief.

"Well, that was interesting," she murmurs.

"I think everything went well."

"True." The older girl agrees, smiling, "I got an invitation to a Gryffindor event. My mother will be so proud of me."

Rosie's laughter echoed down the corridor, "Here is the hope that it will be the first of many."


To prepare for the next week's Masquerade Ball, most of the Hogwarts students wanted to tour Hogsmeade. Rosie, Joy and Wendy spent the day going from store to store, eventually choosing the perfect dresses before they went to a costume shop to look for matching masks. Rosie stopped in front of a mirror, examining her reflection in an attempt to decide between two red and black masks she had chosen.

Having made her choices, Joy and Wendy had gone out to wander someplace across the store, their laughter echoing loudly as they played with some of the other masks. The blonde girl was about to flip a coin to make the decision as hands gripped her waist, spinning her to meet an excited Jennie. "Hi, Cinderella," the Slytherin greets her. "Do you need a date for the prom?"

Rosie presses a quick kiss on Jennie's lips, "Cinderella?" She smiles, "So you have some Muggle knowledge."

"Nayeon made me watch it once," Jennie laughs. "And hey, there's magic in the movie. It's hardly something 'muggle.' "

"Sorry, sorry."

The older girl pouts. "Cool mask," she says, pointing to the mask on Rosie's head.

Rosie sighs, moving around in Jennie's arms, turning to the mirror, "Do you think?" She asks, "I can't decide."

"I like it," Jennie confirms, kissing Rosie's neck.

"What about this one?"

Rosie lifts the mask in the other hand in front of her face, framing what she was currently wearing.

"Hmmmm... no" Jennie bites Rosie's neck, "The first one is better."

"Jennie..." Rosie warns as teeth claw the skin below her ear, "Joy is here."

"Glad you're wearing a mask then."

Rosie laughs, allowing Jennie to turn her around and find the Slytherin's lips. She still can hear Joy and Wendy talking from the other side of the shop and makes mental notes to keep paying attention as Jennie deepens the kiss. Of couse, Jennie's hands find their way under her sweater and Rosie forgets all about her friends. Her fingers curled into Jennie's hair, lips hungry against his girlfriends and sighing quietly as her back found the mirror on the wall, her body arching forward.

"Hey, Chaeyoung!"


Rosie pushes Jennie away from her with the sound of Joy calling her, eyes boucing back to where Joy's back was, Nayeon in front of her.

"Ugh, what?" Joy's confused (and most likely annoyed) voice asks.

Nayeon looks over Joy's shoulder at Jennie and Rosie  briefly, looking lost about how to keep the girl talking.

"Ahm.... hi!" The Slytherin smiles oddly.


"I was...well...this is kind of weird, but I was wondering if you could, ahm, give me some Quidditch tips?"

Jennie and Rosie quickly pull away from each other as Jennie grabs two random green masks from the selection, pretending to be inspecting her choices. Rosie follows the hint of the girl, waiting for the red on her cheeks to disappear. Fortunately, the mask on her face helps to disguise her anxious expression.

"...Quidditch tips." Joy repeats. "You're the captain of Slytherin."

"Yes, I know," Nayeon agrees. "But you had a nice flight technique in the last match so I figured...well, if you didn't mind, it would be cool to see what you..."

"Nayeon, what mask do you like?" Jennie asks, her friend looking relieved to be saved from a strange conversation.

Joy turns, frowning in confusion at Jennie's presence.

"This one," Nayeon points to the mask in Jennie's right hand. "Take this one."

Jennie arches her eyebrow, putting the mask on her face and watching her reflection. Rosie rolls her eyes. Of course, the random mask that Jennie catches in panic turns out to be perfect on her. While she takes an eternity trying to find one for herself.

"Fine," Jennie smiles, replacing the other mask on the shelf.

"Mm....were you looking for me, Joy?" Rosie says, drawing her friend's attention back to her.

"Yes," Wendy appearing beside her. "Are you done? Wendy and I want to eat."

"Ugh, same, I'm starving," Nayeon complains. "A lot of shopping."

"You should join us!" Wendy says, "We were going to the Three Broomsticks or something."

Before Jennie could say something, Nayeon was nodding and the group was already walking out of the store.

"And why did you say yes to this?" Jennie grunts at Nayeon, staring at Rosie and Joy's arms together.

"Hey, I'm right here," Wendy smiles at Jennie. "Don't you want to spend time with me?"

Jennie sends an apologetic look to the Ravenclaw. "You know what I mean," she sighs "Joy and I aren't exactly at the 'lunch together' level."

"Well, I wanted to spend some time with someone other than you for a day," Nayeon responds, "And seeing how you decided to risk your life with that make out session right in the middle of the mask shop...I figured you wouldn't mind too much."

Jennie sighs, deciding not to argue with her best friend.

When they reached the Three Broomstick, the dispute between Joy and Jennie for the place next to Rosie was pretty obvious. Rosie ordered her lunch and went to find a table, eventually choosing a cabin and sliding to the end of the seat, leaving only one place for a person to sit near her.  With a not-so-innocent bump on Joy's shoulder to push her out of the way, Jennie managed to make her way to the table and sitting beside Rosie in th cabin. Nayeon and Wendy shared an eye roll for their behavior, allowing Joy to order her lunch earlier so that the Gryffindor could accommodate herself in front of her best friend. When Joy slipped to the cabin, she faced Jennie with an angry look, a tense silence settling in between the three until Jeongyeon and Wendy joined them.

"So..." Wendy says as she slides to Joy's side, Jeongyeon opposite her. "Are you excited for the ball?"

Jennie takes a sip of her butterbeer with a semi-interested expression as they enter into a conversation about the ball. Rosie's hand found the Slytherin's under the table and laced their fingers, catching the girl's attention and squeezing her gently. Deciding to please Rosie and make some effort, Jennie joins the conversation, pretending no to feel Joy's scrutinizing look each time she looks at Rosie. Merlin, it was like she was her personal security.

"Will you two go wih someone?" Joy asks eventually. And Rosie isn't sure if she's being paranoid, but she swears the look her best friend sent at Jennie was almost accusatory.

"Hmm...I don't know, maybe," Nayeon says with an easy smile. "I think someone will ask me."

"Ooh, who?" Rosie pressed bending over to prick the girl, "Nayeon has a girlfriend!" Rosie says playful and she looks at Joy's confused look at the friendly interaction between them and she quickly withdraws her hand, returning to Jennie's under the table.

"Hirai Momo" Jennie says, smiling at Nayeon "She's the Slytherin keeper."

"I know her!" Wendy says. "Aww, that's cute."

"She's just a friend..." Nayeon shrugs, blushing. "What about you?"

"Jennie didn't answer," Joy says, without a friendly tone and staring at the girl. "Are you going with anyone?"

Jennie meets Joy's gaze with an annoyed one. "I don't know," she says. "We'll see."

The two girls holds the staring contest until Wendy clears . "Well," she begins. "I think we'll go alone." The Ravenclaw smiles. "Girls night!"

An amused smile appears on Jennie's lips with that, the Slytherin turning her head to hide her amusement. The smile then disappears, of course, from Joy's next sentence.

"Actually, I don't think we should do this anymore," she says, watching Jennie. "I know someone who would like to take our Roseanne to the ball."

Jennie bites her tongue immediately, her eyes going to Joy and squeezing Rosie's hand harder.

"What?" Rosie says, her eyes growing with annoyance at her best friend's game.

"Jaehyun." Joy says, looking away from Jennie to look at Rosie. "He said he'd take you to the ball."

"We said we wanted to go alone." Wendy intervenes calmy.

"No." Joy shook her head. "Rosie suggested and we said it was okay. I think we should go with dates, I mean, you were already invited by that Hufflepuff boy. And I'd like to go out with someone for a change." She says pretending innocence, "So if Roseanne now has a person who wants to take her, why don't we go with dates?"

Rosie could practically feel the anger that Jennie barely concealed next to her, the Slytherin staring at Joy venomously. "But I don't like Jaehyun." Rosie says, frowning at Joy.

"You're his friend," the girl says. "He's a nice guy, Chaeng." Her eyes drifted to Jennie, "And he's a Gryffindor."

"How wonderful," Jennie says. "You two can talk about how pompous your house is together."

Joy sneered. "Well, if he was a Slytherin he'd be too busy looking at his own reflection intead of having a conversation."

"You know," Jennie says angrily, glaring at Rosie with a fake smile. "You should go with this Jaehyun guy. He's a Gryffindor and he's cool. It looks like the perfect match."

Rosie stares at Jennie with wide-eyes. "I-I said I don't want to."

The older girl laughs. "Oh, come on." She says, "I's probably time you got a perfect Gryffindor for you."

Joy watches the interaction with a satisfied expression as the faces of Nayeon and Wendy turn pale with the fast ruin of the conversation.

"Anyway, I think I've seen some Slytherins coming in before so I guess we can join them," Jennie continues, sort of forcing Nayeon out of the booth and sparing Joy a deadly look. "They probably have new plans for the destruction of the world or something. You know, the classic Slytherin thing."

Rosie is too stunned by the explosion to respond quickly enough, Jennie was already pushing Nayeon toward her housemates before she found her voice again.

"What the hell, Joy?" she explodes with her best friend. "What was that?"

"What?" Joy mutter, shrugging. "I was just asking. It's not my fault if she freaked out."

"Does everything have to go back to Jennie being a Slytherin?"

"She insulted Gryffindor first!" the taller of the two protested. "Have you ever noticed how possessive she is about you?" Joy shake sher head. "Slytherins thinks it's all their property."

"She doesn't think I'm her property!"

"You could've fooled me," Joy replies. "And I'm pretty sure she has a crush on you."

"Joy, stop." Wendy scolds, giving a warning look to her friend.

"Alright," Joy mumbles, a silence falling on them. "Anyway, you should go with Jaehyun to the ball."

Rosie has to stop the loud grunt that begged to leave.


When they return from Hogsmeade, Rosie dispenses the adventure of Joy and Wendy through the kitchen in search of food and instead goes to the Slytherin Dungeon. Nayeon greets her at the entrance and offers her a small smile. "Are you here for Ms. Bad Mood?" She jokes, leading Rosie down the passage toward the Common Room.

Rosie agrees, "Is she still upset?"

"In a bad mood, that would be the best way to name it." Nayeon laughs. "She gave a first-year student detention just because he was sitting on the same couch as her."

"Great," Rosie sighs. "I'm sorry for Joy."

The Slytherin shrugs. "It doens't bother me," she says. "But, you know...Jennie is sensuble with all this rivalry between the houses."

"I know."

"She's not angry at you, if you're worried with that," Nayeon offers a small smile. "But I'll warn you... she even yelled at me this evening."

Rosie sighs as they reach the Common Room, eyes falling on Jennie perched on a sofa with a book. "Thank you for the heads up."

Nayeon smiles, patting Rosie on the back. "Jennie," she calls. "You have a visitor."

Jennie looks up with a frown, eyes quickly meeting Rosie. Nayeon hits her friend as she passes by, falling on the arm of the chair next to Jennie and sending a look that screams 'get your up.' Based on the way Jennie's jaw locked with Nayeon's slight push, Rosie braced herself for a particularly grumpy girlfriend. Jennie got up from the sofa, pushing her friend before walking to Rosie and taking her girlfriend's hand.

When they reached Jennie's room, Rosie entered, her girlfriend closing the door behind them and effectively leaving the couple in silence. Rosie played with her hands, scanning the room before she sighed and turned around. "Look, Jennie..."

The Gryffindor phrase was interrupted by stiff lips, Jennie's hand tightening around Rosie's waist and leading her back to the bed. Rosie kisses Jennie back, following the fierce rhythm of the older girl and resting her hands on the nape of her neck. As her back hit the sheet, a sigh fell from Rosie's lips, Jennie's kisses moving down her neck.

"Jen, babe" Rosie breathes as hands grab her sweater.

"Not now," Jennie mumbles, making Rosie sit down quickly getting rid of the Gryffindor's sweater and shirt. Her lips meet Rosie's again and the younger girl grabs

Jennie's face, satisfied as the Slytherin's rhythm slows down to a softer one. Eventually, an angry grunt leaves Jennie's lips and the Slytherin pulls away, sitting down.

"I hate her!" She sighs, running a hand through her hair. "Every time I think it might work, she does like that."

"Just ignore her, babe..."

"I tried!" Jennie shakes her head, sitting on the edge of the bed. "She makes me feel like I don't deserve you to even look at me." She says. "If she's like that when she thinks we're friends I'm ed when you tell her we're together."

Rosie sighs, leaning toward Jennie and resting her chin on the girl's shoulder, hugging her waist. "She will get over it. At the end of the day I want to be wih you," she murmurs, kissing Jennie's cheek softly. "It won't change just because she's unhappy."

"It's not about that," Jennie murmurs.

"What is it then?"

"The fact that all her argument against me is that I'm a Slytherin," she says. "As if I'm something I should be ashamed of." Jennie says with evidence hurt in her voice. "I'm not ashamed, but... well, , was one of the main reasons you didn't wanted to be with me to begin with, didn't you?"

"No," Rosie replies. "I was afraid to date you because of Joy."

"Yes, well, I can assure you that if I were a Ravenclaw this wouldn't be a problem. I'm sick of that Slytherin ," Jennie yells. "What the hell does Joy do better than me? Or this Jaehyun guy? The fact that they are Gryffindors?" Her jaw lock in irritation. "I know I'm not the best person in the world, but I'm not evil. I'm not a bad person."

"I know you're not. Babe, I know." Rosie says firmly. "And I think even Joy knows that. It's just...this thig between the two of you. She's trying to piss you off."

"Well, it's working," Jennie says. "I swear," she shakes her head. "She was trying to send me a message with that Jaehyun . It was as if she was insulting me. Trying to tell me that I'm not good enough for you or something."

"You are good enough for me," the younger one responds. "And it doesn't matter what Joy thinks anyway, because I'm in love with you." Rosie feels Jennie smile against her cheek. "I'll tell Joy this week," she says "And then, you can take me to the ball."

Jennie thinks about the idea for a few moments before releasing a regretdul sigh, "No, don't do it."

"Why not?"

"Because I want you to have fun," Jennie says. "And if you're fighting with your best friend you won't have fun."

"I'll have to tell her someday."

"I know," the Slytherin agrees, laughing softly. "And trust me, I can't wait for you to do this. But you should enjoy the evening with your friend. I don't want you to end up having a terrible night because Joy isn't talking to you and you're stuck with all Slytherins."

Rosie pouts, "But I want to be with you too."

"And who said you won't be?" Jennie shrugs, "I'm just saying we shouldn't tell Joy we're dating, yet. She thinks we're friends anyway, so... 'friends' can hang out together."

Rosie smiles, "Yeah..." she murmurs, "What about dates? Joy made sure we weren't going alone anymore."

Jennie stiffens in Rosie's arms, "...does this Jaehyun really likes you?"

"Well, I never saw anything." Rosie says. "He's a friend."

"Is he going to try something?"

"No. He's a nice guy. I can just make it clear that we're going as friends."

Jennie bites her tongue at the thought of Rosie having a date that wasn't her. "Well, if you trust him, I think I trust too."

"What about you?"

"I'll ask Taehyung if he already has a pair," Jennie says. "He'll probably be happy to come along."

"Taehyung? Kim Taehyung?"

"Yes. He's on the Quidditch team."

"I know who he is," Rosie growls. "I-I... just, well, he dates a lot of girls, doesn't he?"

"Uh, I think so, I don't know."

"Cool," the Gryffindor says. "H-he's very handsome."

Jennie turns to look at Rosie with an arched eyebrow. "Are you jealous?"


"Mmm..." Jennie smiles, kissing Rosie's nose. "Well, if you are, you shouldn't be."


The Slytherin smiles, nodding. "Uh-hum" she mumbles, pressing a soft kiss on Rosie's lips, "Do you know why?"


"Because I'm truly..." Jennie kisses Rosie's collarbone, "Madly..." she kisses the girl's jaw. "Crazy..." she pecks her lips. "Deeply in love with you."

Jennie's lips meet Rosie's again and the Gryffindor swears she fell even more in love.


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