slytherins do it better

Rosie wanted to make a decision, but no matter how much she tried, she simply couldn't choose. Joy has been with her since the beginning and the two were always together. There was no Joy without Rosie and there was no Rosie without Joy. Even after Jennie showed up, Joy was without doubt the most important person on Rosie's life.

But if Joy is her best friend, how could she let a girl in the middle of their friendship? Rosie thought about her life without Joy and she can't deal with it.

On the other side,  Jennie made her feel more alive. The Slytherin lights up a fire inside her that she has never felt before, waking up a side of her that she didn't even knew existed. When she's with Jennie, Rosie sees a future. And now that she knows how it is to have the other girl in her life, the blonde one can't let go of that. So, given the facts, Rosie wasn't even close to make a decision and that's why she was avoiding the two girls, which was getting a little difficult as the snow began to fall and everyone was content to be inside the castle. Without wanting to risk meeting with Jennie or Joy, Rosie was now willing to face the snow and spend some time playing with it.

The blonde haired girl was wandering outside the castle looking down for a place to build a snowman, when she bumps into someone and falls on her in the fluffy snow, the Gryffindor's stomach twists as she looks up and sees Jennie staring at her. The Slytherin was wearing several layers of clothing to protect her from the cold and Rosie hated how cute she looked with the red nose and a green scarf.

"Hello stranger." Jennie greets her without any trace of excitement in her eyes. Rosie gets up from the snow and gives her a nervous smile.


An uncomfortable silence arises in between the two and Rosie bites her lower lip as Jennie makes a funny face.

"What are you doing?" Jennie says.

"Hm, nothing," Rosie murmurs "just watching the snow."

"Can I join you?"

Now is Rosie's turn to make a funny face. "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Jennie shrugs. "Actually, I just want to spend some time with you."

A small smile appears on Rosie's face and her heart melts with the sincerity in Jennie's voice.  "Ok" she agrees. "Sure."

Jennie gives her a gummy smile. "Ok." She says. "So, what do you want me to do?"

The two of them spent some time working on the snowman and for Rosie's surprise the conversation between them quickly became easy as before. Jennie laughed out loud at the Gryffindor who managed to make the snowman with the strangest face she'd ever seen.

"Shut up," Rosie says, looking with narrow eyes at the Slytherin. "I think he looks really cool."

"Rosie, this snowman looks like he just saw his parents ing." Jennie laughs and she puts two sticks in an attempt to make a moustache and laughs even more as she watches the result.

"Stooooop." Rosie whines. "You're making it worse."

"This thing is ruined at the moment you decided to make a fat snowman."

"Hey! He's fluffy, not fat."

"Of course he is." Jennie rolls her eyes, watching Rosie fixing the moustache.

"Give me your scarf." Rosie demands.

Jennie arches an eyebrow at Rosie. "Hm, no. This scarf was very expensive."

Rosie looks at Jennie's scarf and scoff "This is a Slytherin scarff," she says "I bet you have twenty more scarfs like that."

"That's not the point here."

"Oh, c'mon, now that you made my snowman look ugly you could at least borrow your scarf for him."

"And why you don't use your scarf?"

"It's not mine. I borrow from Lisa."

"That's better." Jennie shrugs. "What could a Hufflepuff do to you?"

Rosie stares at the girl. "You don't really knows how integrity works, right?"

"Oh, I know how it works." Jennie smiles "I just don't have time for this."

The younger one sighs and turns around to look at the snowman. "I'm sorry, Jerry, but it looks like you will have to stay because this Slytherin here doesn't know how to share."

"You name it Jerry?"

"Yes" Rosie says trying to fix the face of the snowman. "And you can take that smirk off your face, I'm mad at you."

"And how do you know that I'm smirking?"

Rosie rolls her eyes. "You are Jennie Kim. You're always smirking."

Jennie giggle behind Rosie. "Why are we making this with our hands again?" the Slytherin asks "you know we have this super cool wand in our pocket that can do all the work for us, right?"

"I know that sounds crazy to you, but doing something in the Muggle way can be really fun."

Jennie lets out a fake cough. "Of course it is."

Jennie places herself next to Rosie and begins to face the snowman thoughtfully.

"What are you doing?" Rosie asks watching Jennie.

"I'm trying to figure out how to make this pathetic excuse of snowman to look better."

Jennie sighs, taking her wand off her pocket and focus on the snowman. When the Slytherin lifts up her wand, Rosie holds her wrist. "Hey! No magic."

"What? Why not?" Jennie complains trying to escape from Rosie.

"Because this is a no magic activity."

"But I'll make it look better."

"Do it with your own hands."

"Ugh, this is exhausting." Jennie says "Please, I promise I'll make it look so much better."

The Gryffindor narrows her eyes at the Slytherin. "No. Magic."

The couple stares at each other and Jennie fights the smile that is trying to appear on her face while the younger girl looks at her with a serious face.

"Okay, then." Jennie says, giving up.

But as soon as Rosie walks away a little, Jennie lifts up her wand again. However, when she's finishing whispering a spell, Rosie's body collides with her. Rosie takes advantage of being on top and pulls Jennie's wand of the girl's hands.

"Can't you not be a Slytherin for a second?" Rosie whispears the words with a smile on her face.

"You can't take my wand." Jennie says as she tries to get her wand back.

"Yes, I can." Rosie laughs, pushing Jennie.

"I will take my wand back and when I fix this stupid snowman I'll make it attack the first-years."

Rosie laughs out loud, still pushing Jennie "You can't use my snowman for evil."

"Yes I can, you wait and see."

"If you touch my snowman again, I'll make you regret."

"Oh yeah?" Jennie smiles "and what this bad Gryffindor will do with me?"

"I can think of a few things."

Jennie arches her eyebrows and before Rosie can realize, she grabes her Gryffindor sweater and pulls her for a kiss. The familiar sensation of Jennie's lips against her is enough for Rosie to forget about those last two weeks she has been avoiding the Korean girl. She forgot about Jennie's wand and let it fall somewhere in the snow as she takes her two hands on the Slytherin's face. Jennie's lips tremble slightly as they kiss, their hazy breaths from the cold winter air mingle when they finally break the contact. Rosie's chest rises and falls heavily, her eyes scanning Jennie's face.

"Why did you do that?" she asks breathlessly.

"Do I need a reason?"

A smile appears on Rosie's face. ""

"I'm not seeing Doyeon anymore." Jennie says.

"I- why?"

"I was trying to make you jealous and it wasn't working very well, so..." she shrugs "I don't want to waste my time with her when I want to be with you."


"I know you don't want to tell Joy about us..." Jennie says shortly "and yes, this doesn't make me happy, but not having you is worse." she sighs "I-just... I don't wanna be buddies."

"You were never that to me."

"I haven't been more than that either." the Slytherin says "But I want to be...and if to have you I need to deal with the fact that you want to keep things a secret...let's keep it a secret."

"Wendy told me I needed to make a choice. Between you and Joy." Rosie murmurs "that's why I haven't been around."

Jennie stares at her worriedly, her eyes full with sadness "and you chose Joy?"

"No!" the australian girl shakes her head. "I couldn't choose."

"Well now you don't need to chose" Jennie says "just please let me take you on a date, that's all I ask. Do you want this?"

"Yes, of course"

"So that's all that matters."


Rosie went on a date with Jennie and she realizes she didn't gave her enough credit. With a help of Nayeon, they managed to escape and the couple went to a cozy restaurant at Hogsmeade. They walked on the streets for hours. The city decorated with Christmas ornaments. There were dancers and singers and Rosie's eyes shines when they run into one of Santa's reindeer.

Later that night, a mistletoe showed up at the top of their heads and Jennie kisses Rosie like there's no tomorrow. Everything is so perfect that it makes Rosie's head spin and now she knows that a life without Jennie is not a life she wants to live in. After her first date with the Slytherin, Rosie starts to think immediately on ways of how to tell Joy about her new relationship with Jennie, because honestly... someone who makes you feel the way Jennie make Rosie feels, you should be able to tell your best friend that.

So Rosie decides to start slowly, first the Gryffindor started to greet the Slytherin every time she sees the girl. Joy doesn't like it at all, but says nothing about it, thinking that the two are just cordial with each other because of the patrol. Rosie then decides to go ahead and begins to tell Joy every time she goes out with Jennie, that is, not every time (because the amount of time the Gryffindor spent with Jennie would indicate something), but from time to time. It's all good when the holiday season finally arrives. Joy goes home one day before and Rosie is free to go to the Slytherin Common Room and spend her final Hogwarts hours with Jennie. The couple take the time to exchange Christmas gifts with each other. Rosie's first gift for Jennie is a picture of the two on their first date, as they kissed under the mistletoe. The warm smile Jennie gives her when she looks at the picture makes Rosie's stomach twists. The Slytherin kisses her as a thank you. Now the second gift is something more practical and Jennie makes a grimace as soon as she sees it. The younger girl smiles.

"It's a phone."

Cat eyes meets light brown ones. "Let me guess, it's a muggle thing?"

"Yes, it is a muggle thing." she says smiling "it's for comunication, for us to keep contact when we're away."

Jennie gives her a small smile. "You know we have magic, right?"

"Yes, but I came from a muggle family and I don't want to kill my parents with a heart attack with all the fireplace thing."

"But what about owls?"

"Owls take a lot of time and with phones we can do it instantly."


Rosie lets out a groan "God, don't you really keep up with Muggle world?"

Jennie shrugs. "And why would I do that?" she whispears "I have magic." Rosie smiles and kisses her softly, why? She doesn't need a reason. The Slytherin is just too cute when she's confuse.

After Rosie explained to Jennie how to use a phone, it was the Slytherin's turn to give her gifts. Jennie's first give was an enchanted silver bracelet that she bought at a jewlry store in Hogsmeade. When Rosie unwraps the braceleet and finds a message written in gold letter on it, a genuine smile appears on her face. Jennie explains that the bracelet is enchanted and as soon as she writes a new message with a magic pen attached to the item, the bracelet will warm up and replace the old message with the one that was written recently.

Jennie blushes as Rosie admires her gift. "This is because I don't want you forgetting about me so easily" She plays around uncertainly.

Rosie rolls her eyes. "I could never forget you, silly." She holds Jennie's face and kisses her deeply. "I loved it." She murmured against the Slytherin's lips.

Jennie smiles between the kiss. "Really?"

"More than anything."

Jennie kisses Rosie again. Things started to increase so Rosie forces herself to break the contact. Jennie groans in protest and the Gryffindor gets up off her lap.

"Be patient." Rosie laughs "I have another gift for you."

"I'm a Slytherin, patient is not on my blood."

"You know, someday you will need to stop using the whole 'I'm a Slytherin' and admit you're a difficult person."


Rosie rolls her eyes and disappear behind the courtains. When she reappears, Jennie's jaw drops as soon as she sees the green lingerie, that reaction makes Rosie think it was worth it the hours she spent shopping with Wendy.

"Merry Christmas." Rosie smiles. "Do you like it?"

Jennie nods. The younger girl laughs as she walks towards Jennie, ready to attack her hungrily, while the older hands was ready to explore her body.

"I knew I would see you wearing green someday."



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