slytherins do it better

Jennie was sleeping when Rosie woke up and jumped out of  bed, holding her breath and gathering her clothes off the floor as quietly as possible. The Gryffindor dressed her skirt and buttoned her blouse quickly, stopping in front of Jennie's mirror looking at her appearance.

Her hair was a mess and was red and swollen due to Jennie's kisses. She glances at the girl. Jennie was with her face on her pillow and her body was covered by her sheets. Rosie swallow her temptation and focused on getting ready and fixing herself, trying to look presentable and not someone who just had .

When she finishes she realizes she will never be able to look ''good'', she gives up and picks up her shoes before she exit the room quietly.

Fortunately, Rosie woke up early enough so the chances of hitting someone in the aisles were minimal. The green and silver decoration of the Slytherin common room made Rosie's stomach churn and her red robe weighed like never before. The girl felt like she was inside the enemies' territory and Rosie's curiosity would normally lead her to snoop around, but that was not a normal situation and she had to get out of there before she tripped and made some noise.

She crosses the Slytherin common room with ligh steps, her breath being the only sounds in the room. Rosie was almost reaching the exit when she heard someone calling her name behind her. The Gryffindor freezes and forces herself to turn around to whoever called her name.

Im Nayeon was sitting on the chair beside the fireplace wearing her Quidditch uniform with a funny smile.

"Forgeting something?" Nayeon asks enjoying herself.

"I-I don't..." Rosie's mind is frozen.

Nayeon raises her arm and shakes Rosie's red tie. The Gryffindor girl turns red from the neck to the cheeks when she sees the scene.

"Thank you." she murmurs in embarrasment, blushing even more when she remembers Jennie pulling off her tie on the hot journey to her room. Her eyes flick through the rest of the Commoon Room  just to confirm that she didn't leave any more evidence behind. "This is not what it looks like." Rosie says weakly, staring at the floor.

"So that hickey on your neck wasn't left by my best friend?" Rosie immediately reaches for her neck trying to cover up and Nayeon smiles amused. "Relax, Gryff..." Nayeon giggles "it's going to be our little secret." Rosie is not sure if she can trust someone from Slytherin. "I think you should go," Nayeon says "in fifteen minutes this room wil be full with Quidditch players, Jennie should be one of them, but juding to her condition she must be too exhausted to show up today."

With that in mind, Rosie doesn't waste more time and levaes the Slytherin Common room heading straight to the Gryffindor Tower.
Fortunately, Joy didn't suspect anything on that day, she was too worried about the Quidditch's game against Slytherin to ask Rosie why it seems that the girl didn't fall asleep all night. It was the weekend, so Rosie didn't have classes to divert her thoughts from last night. The Common Room is buzzing in anticipaion of the game during the breakfast, which helps her airy mood.

From time to time she takes a look at the Slytherin table but she never sees Jennie among her team mates of the Quidditch team, whose are shouting things to Gryffindor's players. Actually, Rosie doesn't see Jennie until the older girl enters the Quidditch pitch with hundreds eyes on her as well.

The match starts and it becomes obvious that Joy is more focused on getting Jennie out of the game than actually scoring points for Gryffindor. Jennie almost fall off of her broom four times before she loses her temper and takes a bat from the hand of the Beater from her team, sending a blast at Joy's direction. The Gryffindors scream and curses against the Slytherins unfair move when the bullet collides harshly against Joy's shoulder and the Gryffindor catcher can only prevent it from falling on the ground.

However, on the other side of the pitch, the Slytherins screams in approval for their housemate's agressive move. The same angry determination Rosie saw in Jennie's eyes the first time she watched her duelling with Joy, is sparkling in the Slytherin's eyes now. Rosie doesn't join the angry crowd of her house against Slytherin, because, well, it was Joy who started it. And just minutes ago she'd pushed Jennie into the Hufflepuff grandstand with a very anti-sports force. The rivalry between Joy and Jennie kept going and getting more and more aggresive with each second that was happening until the end of the game.

Nayeon eventually catches the Golden Snitch and Rosie is relieved that the game is finally over, even if it means the defeat of her house. Because if the game goes on with another 10 minutes Jennie or Joy would stop at the nursery.

After leaving the bleachers with the other Hogwarts students, Rosie doesn't wait for Joy along with Wendy as she usually does. Instead, the girl run away into the lake, sitting under the tree that she self-declared her reading spot since her first-year. She opens a new book with a plan to not think about  a certain cat-eyed girl for the rest of the day. This plan, of course, is ruined by the same cat-eyed girl in her mind.
Jennie sits next to Rosie about two hours after the girl had started her reading. The Slytherin wore casual clothes and look as if she had just gotten out of the bath.

"Hey, Gryff," she greets coldly, analyzing Rosie with a peaceful expression "what are you reading?"

Rosie looks at Jennie, her brow furrowed in confusion. "Just a book."

"Really?" Jennie giggles "I would never have guessed."

Rosie was about to reply when she notices a cast on Jennie's wrist.

"What happened?"

Jennie raises an eyebrow "weren't you watching the game?" the Slytherin asks with a smile on her face "your bestie happened."

"Oh, yes..." she avoids her eyes "I'm sorry for that."

"It's not your fault," she shrugs "unless you've asked her to do this."

"Nope," Rosie laughs "she just really doesn't like you"

Jennie rolls her eyes "I don't like her either, so I guess we're even."

"I thought you didn't cared about her."

"I didn't," Jennie answers "until she tried to kill me on the field, my tolerance goes only to a point, Gryff."

Rosie smiles "I don't think she was trying to murder you."

"She definitely had a killer look," Jennie says confidently "but whatever, I had my fair share of attacks as well."

"True," Rosie nods in agreement "I think you are on the whole Gryffindor bad list after you sent that attack to Joy."

"You know this only makes me proud of myself, right?"

Rosie rolls her eyes "You wouldn't be a Slytherin if this didn't happened."

"At least I'm not on your list," Jennie says playful "I mean not on the list we're talking about."

Rosie feels her cheeks burning and she tries to look away from Jennie's eyes when the Slytherin gives her a smile.

"I never thought you would be the kind of girl who leaves without a note." Jennie says casually "and here I was thinking things went like really well."

"You wanted me to stay?"

"I don't remember kicking you out..."

"Right," Rosie pursed her lips "I thought it was only a one night stand."

"Do you want to be a one night stand?"

"I feel like you're only trying to make me say I like you." the Gryffindor says avoiding the question.

"Oh! No..." the older girl shakes her head "I know you like me," she says with a smirk "I'm just wondering if you're going to do something about it"

"I thought that last night was me 'doing something' about it." Rosie whispers

"Yeah, but sneaking out the other day means something completely different," Jennie smiles "as funny as it was to hear Nayeon telling me about your walk of shame,

it was damn sad to wake up in a empty bed."

Rosie blushes "God, I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life."

"If it makes you feel better, you made Nayeon's day."

"It really doesn't."

The Slytherin smiles "So..."

Rosie bit her lower lip. "I really don't know what you want from me." the younger one replies.

Jennie sighs "I don't know," she says "I like to spend my time with you and I don't want to stop this because of last night."

"I don't want it either" the Gryffindor agrees

"Ok, so what about this..." Jennie starts "let's just keep acting naturally and if something happens, well, it happens and it doesn't need to be the end of the world."

"If Joy finds out it would be the end of the world." Rosie says playful

"You don't need your best friend to approve everything you do, you know?"

"I know," Rosie agrees "but it's much easier when she approves."

"Well and who said something will happen between us again?" Jennie shrugs "as far as I know, it was only last night and that's all."

"You're right," Rosie nods "and if Joy has a problem with our friendship, she will need to pull her together."



It turns out that the night of intertwined bodies didn't happen only once, it was only a week after the first night and Rosie was missing Jennie's lips and she ended up again in the Slytherin's room.

After that things just kept happening and happening...

And as much as Rosie's says to herself that it's a terrible idea to keep going back to the older girl's bedroom, she always finds herself in the bed she's used to by now.

Besides Nayeon nobody else knows what's going on between the two girls. Rosie has become very familiar with the alcoves and janitor's closets of the castle and she even memorized which room should be empty and at what time. She knows she shouldn't find all these encounters intriguing but she couldn    t help feeling excited (and ) every time Jennie drags her into an empty room for a make out session. However Jennie isn't very subtle when it comes to staring. She's so bad at it that Rosie can even feel the warm eyes staring at her through the communal hall. Joy even made some comments about it and she thinks that the Slytherin might have a crush on Rosie. After that Rosie told Jennie to stop staring at her when Joy was around and of course the Slytherin just found it too funny and kept staring at Rosie. So the solution the Gryffindor found was to always make her best friend sit with her back to the Slytherin table.

It's been a month since their first kiss and Rosie could tell that Jennie is getting tired of sneaking around. They're lying on Jennie's bed after they've been off patrol earlier because of a hot making out session that has naturally increased into something more.

If someone told Rosie months ago that she would be neglecting her patrol duties to have with someone from Slytherin (Jennie Kim in particular), she would have laughed at that person's face.

But there she was and ironically, she didn't regret not even a little bit her choices.

"Are you going to see the duel tomorrow?" Jennie asks with a sleep voice, lying with her face down.

"Yes," Rosie replies, drawning different things on Jennie's back. The Slytherin lets out a moan when Rosie does it with her nails. "Joy is making me"

"Of course she is," murmurs, with a playful smile on her lips. "so, are you going you to cheer for me?"

"Puft, no," Rosie giggles "I will not betray my house for a pretty face."

"I apologize in advance then because I'm going to beat up your house."

"Hey, don't celebrate so early, Joy has trained enough for this, so you never know..."

Jennie clears . "She's full of hatred for me that whatever skill she has disappears with her failed attempts to send me to nursery."

"Well, you don't make it easy for her," Rosie laughs "Joy complains about you at least two times a day because of something you did or said."

"It's fun to annoy her," Jennie shrugs "she shouldn't take personally."

"She's convinced that you just wanted to be friends with me to annoy her."

"And she's right."

Rosie stares at the Slytherin. "It's not funny." she says as she slaps her  head.

"It is funny."

"You are so Slytherin..." Rosie sighs "using me to attack my friend is far from being funny."

Jennie's laugh echoes through the walls as Rosie gets up from the bed, only to have Jennie throwing her on the mattress again and covering the girl's body with hers.

"Okay, I swear I'm not using you to annoy your best friend." she says tickling the blonde girl and getting closer to her. "happy?"

"No." Rosie smiles

The Slytherin rolls her eyes and kisses the Gryffindor. "What about now?" murmurs against Rosie's lips who lets out a moan, bringing her hand to the back of the girl's neck to deepen the kiss.

"Much better."


As the duel competition was one of the biggest of the year, the Communal Room became a duel area. The place was full with students, Rosie and Wendy were lucky to find a sit close enough to where the duels would be, which was extremely necessary since Rosie's best friends and her, well, the girl she's kissing was going to duel against each other.

Joy, as expected, won every battle and she was already waiting to see who she would be fighting in the final.

Jennie was about the start the duel, to which if she win she would be duelling against Joy. The Slytherin enters the arena with a confident look and an amused smile on her face, and Rosie is pretty sure that the Hufflepuff boy who will be duelling with her is scared as . Rosie was holding herself to not shout words of encouragements to Jennie. The Slytherin girl's cat-eyes finds Gryffindor ones and Rosie offers her a small smile.

When Jennie breaks the eye contact to focus on her oponent, Rosie looks at Joy only to find the girl looking back at her with an angry face. She clearly saw that.
The battle ends in 10 minutes and Jennie obviously won. That means she's going to be duelling against Joy.

The crowd is split in two, half of them is cheering for Jennie and the other hald is cheering for Joy. Rosie bits her lips and she hopes Wendy doesn't see her anxiety, because she really doesn't want to cheer for Jennie to lose.

As Jennie had preficted, as soon as the duel started Joy puts herself in an offensive position, sending spells after spells and the Slytherin seems to be holding herself, only blocking every spell that the girl casted against her. Even Rosie, with her limited knowleged, knows the Slytherin is not duelling as she thought she would. She could have returned her best friends's attack, but she didn't. And knowing the Slytherin, she knew Jennie also saw these opportunities. Rosie frowns in confusion, she doesn't understand why the same aggresive approach that Jennie had the first time she saw her duel against Joy wasn't there this time.

Joy finally manages to hit Jennie on the shoulder and the Slytherin falls flat on her back. Usually the duelist waits the other to get up before continuing, but not for Joy, it doesn't seem an interesting idea to offer such courtesy while she casts another spell shortly.


Jennie looks up just in time to see the spell going toward her leaving no time for her to think so she just raise her wand and attacks back.


Jennie's spell sends Joy's one right back at her and the impact makes the Gryffindor flys out the arena falling in the middle of a Ravenclaw group. Rosie's mouth is open in shock as she watches Joy getting up slowly at the ground. The Slytherins cheers is loud but the Jennie is not wearing her usual smirk, ignoring her house as she waits for the Joy to come back.

The loss of the first round (by her own fault) hurts Joy's ego, and she can't not help shouting an encouragement to her best friend.

"Go, Joy!" she screams and gives her a thumbs up, offering a small smile as her best friend looks at her.

The Slytherin can't help but look at her too and as soon as the Gryffindor makes eye contact with dark brown eyes, she sees sadness in them.
Joy wins the second round with an offensive spell that knocks Jennie down. The Slytherin stands quickly, preparing herself for the next round. Rosie is not sure who she wants to win, honestly, her biggest concern right now is for the two of them to come ot alive from this duel.

The last round is equally brutual. Jennie starts to push Joy out of the arena and the Gryffindor is visibly succumbing to the Slytherin onslaught. The Slytherin chants get louder in anticipation of their housemate win and Rosie just want it to end soon.

Then, something strange happens.

Jennie takes her eyes off Joy for a moment and faces Rosie, who stands outside the arena, her jaw hangs and along with it, her arm fail. The Slytherin spell fails.

"Stupefy!" Joy screams as she realizes the girl isn't paying attention.

There's an echo of collective sighs all around the rom and Rosie's stomach turns as Jennie falls to the ground unconscious.

After the duel, Jennie is taken to the nursery and Rosie is prevented from going along with the girl. Joy is obviously happy about the victory over Jennie, and altought Rosie really wants to be happy for her best friend, she finds this extremely difficult, when the victory means an uncouscious Jennie.

The Gryffindors decide to make a party to Joy and after an hour, Rosie finds herself in front of the Slytherin tower. The blonde girl never went there when the place was actually full by Slytherins students, so she stood outside the doorway for a good fifteen minutes before getting her together. Jennie gave her the password of the house to her about a month ago, but using that password while having students in the common room seems a little to wrong now.

Luckly, Rosie is spared a breakdown when she hears Nayeon's voice behind her. "Shouldn't you be celebrating with your friends?" asked Nayeon, Rosie turns to the voice and helps her with a Jennie more white than usual.

"They're good without me." Rosie replies, despite knowing that Nayeon's question was more accusatory than genuine. "How are you?" she asks Jennie, worry in her eyes.

Jennie shrughs. "Good," the Slytherin answers with a small voice "just tired."  

Nayeon sighs and adjust her friend in her arms. "We should take her inside before I let her fall."

Surprisingly no one says a word and that would be reassuring to Rosie if Slytherins didn't seem so scary, even with their mouths shut. The trio finally gets into Jennie's room and Nayeon stays for a while before going out saying something like 'deal with the demage'. Jennie's laying on her bed, watching Rosie with no expression on her face.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rosie asks again, pulling off her robe and lays down besides Jennie.

"Well, being hit with Stupefy is not a fun ride," Jennie says slowly, allowing Rosie to cuddle with her. "you know, it was a dirty move from your best friend."

Rosie plays with the green and silver tie that's kind of loose around Jennie's neck. "I'm sure she thought you'd be able to block it."

"Still, she casted the spell."

"You weren't playing fare too."

"That was after she tried to knocked me down even with me on the ground," Jennie says "she was already playing a dirty game." Rosie was still playing with Jennie's tie.

"Well, it's not that kind of thing you Slytherins do?" she says playful, trying to make the situtation less tense.

"No. There's nothing good in winning  a dirty game."

"Ok, I...I'm sorry for the way Joy acted," Rosie says, she didn't want to argue with the girl "I don't agree with the way she was duelling."

"But you cheered for her..." Jennie says with a hint of sadnnes in her voice "literally after she tried to knocked me down."

"She just lost her first round because of herself, she needed an encouragement."

"She was the only one to blame, I don't know why all the Gryffindors looked at me like I was the one who casted the spell, I was just protecing myself," Jennie says angrily, "but all the Slytherins are bad, so it should be my fault you're best friend is dueling like an idiot."

"Jennie, I can't control the way my housemates looks at you."

"You know I lost this duel on porpuse, right?"

"Why?" Rosie looks at her surprised.

"Because I don't need one more reason for your best friend to hate me."

"Jennie, you didn't need to do this."

"Well, it's not like you're making an effort to make her stop with this hate on me."

"And what should I do?" Rosie says, looking at Jennie now "you two hate each other and it's not like we're dating or anything, so why do you mind so much about what Joy thinks of you?"

Jennie bites her tongue, laughing dryly and noding her head. "Ok, you're right, we're not dating." Jennie says short and thick "forget what I said."

Rosie thought about responding but Jennie's gaze says the girl will no longer continue the conversation, so instead she just goes away.

The couple don't talk anymore about the fight and the blonde girl is surprised to see that things didn't change between them. Jennie simply shows up on patrol day willing to continue where they left off before the fight, with Rosie pressed against the wall of some empty room with her skirt above the waist.

Things seems to come back to normal after that, the only difference is that now most Slytherins knows what's going on between the two.

Rosie doesn't know what Jennie did to keep everyone's mouth shut, but somehow the gossip stayed at the Slytherin tower and after seeing Nayeon and Jennie cornering a young Slytherin one day, she wasn't sure if she really wanted to find out what the girls did.

Because os this development with the green house, Rosie began to spend much more time with Jennie. Without the need to keep sneking out, Rosie walks in and out of the Slytherin Common Room whenever she wants and she never thought she would feel so comfortable with green and silver. A good number of Slytherins even greet her every time she enters the Common Room, which is a change of behavior.  

The girls are now in Jennie's room, Rosie's lips glued on the Slytherin's neck as she melt feeling the older girl's hands on her .

"You know, I've been thinking." Jennie says, as Rosie bites her neck gently.

"Hmm, that's never good." Rosie says with a smirk while her hands work to undo the knot of the green tie.

Jennie giggles, "Are you seeing someone?"

Rosie frowns, looking into Jennie's eyes "Like, dating?"


"Hmm, no." Rosie replies, thinking this should be obvious (isn't it?) "I literally spend all of my time with either you or Joy."

Jennie nods "I was just curious."

"Wait!" Rosie says "Are you seeing someone?"


Rosie narrows her eyes.

"What?" Jennie smiles "I'm not, I swear." Rosie lets out a little laugh and continues to play with Jennie's tie.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Because, well, since you're not seeing someone now..." Jennie starts "maybe, you should let me take you out on a date."

Rosie freezes, as her heart jumps with the confirmation of Jennie's feelings and her stomach dances with the thought of saying no.

She avoids Jennie's eyes and bites her lips "What happened to just messing  around?"

"Ouch." she laughs dryly, her hands off of Rosie's body "I guess this is a no."

" know I can't." murmurs "it would be too hard."

"All the Slytherins knows." Jennie says and Rosie never saw the girl looking so vulnerable, "how much worse do you think Gryffindors can be?"

"Not only Gryffindors..." sighs

"It's Joy, right?" Jennie completes

Rosie nods slowly "I just can't do this to her, she's my best friend."

"And what am I?"

 There's a moment of silence and Rosie doesn't know how to fill up. Jennie sighs "Look, don't worry about this." she says "I just thought 'hey, why not ask?', but if you don't want to go on date with me, that's fine."

"I'ts not that I don't want to..." Rosie sighs "I just can't right now."

"Okay." Jennie shrughs and smiles "let's just keep doing what we're doing."


After this, things do change.

The time they spent together is reserved to their physical desire. Jennie pushed her away even more and Rosie misses those conversation she had with her, but after she turned the girl down, it seemed so wrong to desire some kind of emotional intimace with the Slytherin. However there are moments that Jennie forgets it and her kisses become full with passion rather than just human desire for . Rosie makes the most of these moments.

It's sunday and Rosie is walking around Hogsmeade with Wendy and Joy, the trio took advantage of the trip to buy as much food as possible. After a while walking and shopping, the girl went to the Three Broomsticks Inn to eat and it was full with Hogwarts students, of course.

"Where were you last night?" Wendy asks Rosie as soon as they sat down. "You never miss a night of girls night"

"I was studying." Rosie replies with a genuine smile on her face ignoring the fact that she could still feel the nail marks Jennie left on her back.

"Ugh" Joy grumbles "You're always studying now, since when did you become a nerd?"

"I want to keep my grades." Rosie answers, taking a big sip of her Butterbeer.

Joy smiles when Rosie puts her mug down revealing a foam mustache.

"I think you should leave the extra work being a patrol."

"No, it's fine." Rosie shakes her head, the idea of shortening her time with Jennie doesn't sound nice. "I like it."

Angry flickers in Joy's eyes, but the girl doesn't say a word and Rosie thanks Merlin for that. Joy letting out a opportunity to comment on the friendship of Rosie and Jennie has become a rare event. The trio's meal finally arrives and the girls attack the food. Rosie is about to eat her last bite, when she hears a sound of disgust from Joy's mouth.

 "She's playing with Ravenclaws now." Rosie frowns and turns around to see what Joy is talking about, just to see Jennie at the bar with a Ravenclaw girl from the party a few months ago, Rosie's humor immediately turns sour.

Dark brown eyes meets light brown ones and Jennie guides her date to an empty table. It's just Rosie's luck that Jennie's table is in a place where she can get a perfect glimpse of the couple. The blonde Gryffindor bites her tongue as soon as she sees the Slytherin sitting closer to the Ravenclaw girl.

"That's Doyeon." Wendy says, looking away from the couple and looking at Joy. "She's pretty nice."

Rosie rolls her eyes and stares at Wendy. "You're friends with her?"

"Well, she's a Ravenclaw plus she's at my potion class."

Joy grambles. "She can't be that nice if she's dating Jennie Kim."

If Rosie wasn't that busy trying to contain her anger she would be offended by Joy's words. "I doubt they're dating'." Rosie says barely containing her anger. "I bet this is nothing."

"It doesn't seem like nothing." Joy says and Rosie looks at the Slytherin, watching her whispear something in the Ravenclaw's ear making her laugh.

"Don't they know that you can't go on a date at Three Broomstick?"

"Well, maybe you can tell her on your romantic patrol night."

Rosie looks annoyed at her friend, pushing a frie into , deciding not to say anything bad. Wendy eargerly changes the subject, fully aware of the minefiled that was about to explode, asking them about their respective plans for Christmas. Rosie finds it hard to pay attention to the conversation, her eyes constantly going to where Jennie and Doyeon or whatever are. The Slytherin only ignores Rosie's jealous glances, which infuriates more and more the blonde girl.

When Jennie rises from her seat and heads toward the bathroom, Rosie quickly jumps out of the chair, murmuring an awkward excuse to her friends, following in the same direction as Jennie. Rosie stands outside the bathroom, her arms folded under her s, waiting for Jennie to come out. Rosie wasn't sure what she was going to do, since the Slytherin owes nothing her. But that doesn't stop her from waiting for Jennie anyway. As Jennie opens the door and moves into the hallway, her eyes quickly meet Rosie. And Merlin, the Gryffindor never hated that little smirk as much as she does now.

"How fancy meeting you here!" Jennie says playful, standing just inches from Rosie. "How was your day?"

Rosie decides that using words will lead nowhere and before she realizes what she's doing, the girl pushes Jennie back into the bathroon, and begins to kiss her eagerly. She breaks the kiss with the Slytherin for a moment, only to say some spell to lock the door, before attacking the girl's mouth again.

The mouths move furiously against each other, and Rosie bites Jennie's lower lip before pushing her against a wall, moments later Jennie pulls Rosie to herself again, looking into the dark eyes.

"I'm on a date." Jennie says

Rosie narrows her eyes to Jennie. "I noticed." She says before kissing the Slytherin girl again.

Jennie laughs against Rosie's mouth and squeezes her waist. "You know, some might say that you're jealous."

"Some might say that going on a date with someone else that isn't the the person you made last night is a move."

"If you wanted a date, all you had to do was ask."

Rosie pulls away from the girl and stares at her. "What are you doing? Do you even like this Ravenclaw girl?"

"I like her enough to kiss her at that party."

Rosie decides to try another approach, kissing now Jennie's neck, scratching with her teeth the girls pulse point and the Slytherin moans at the Gryffindor hands.

"You know," Rosie purrs, brushing her lips against Jennie's. "If we leave Hogsmeade now, we can spend the rest of the day in your bed, doing anything you want." Jennie squeezes Rosie's waist, pressing the girls body tightly against hers, Rosie is sure she got the Slytherin now, but then Jennie starts to push her back.

"No, thank you." Jennie says, challenging her. "Maybe I'll ask Doyeon instead." With a smirk, Jennie leaves the bathroom with a jealous Rosie behind.


Two weeks after the episode in Hogsmede, Jennie continues to appear with Doyeon in literally everywhere Rosie goes. Rosie knows what Jennie is doing, the Slytherin's efforts to make her jealous are just a strategy to get what she wants. However, despite being aware of Jennie's manipulation, Rosie finds herself more and more jealous. When she meets the brown haired girl now, Rosie's kisses are full with determination and its only purpose is to make Jennie forget about the Ravenclaw that she has been showing off around the castle.

Rosie was in the library looking for a specific book on the shelves, when she heard a giggle on the otherside, she makes a face, pulling aside some books to investigate and regreting almost immediately when she finds Jennie and Doyeon. The Slytherin has the Ravenclaw pressed against the shelf and she's kissing her. Rosie felt like throwing up so she leaves the place quickly. She walks back to the table she is and when Wendy sees her, she notices her friends face.

"What's the problem...?"

"I need to tell you something." Rosie says with a quiet voice

Wendy allows Rosie to pull her out of the library and remains silent while the Gryffindor drags her downstairs. Eventually, Rosie finds an empty room and drags Wendy inside. The Ravenclaw watches her friend worriedly while the girl tries to control her inner panic. Rosie stops in front of her friend and takes several deep breaths before meeting Wendy's eyes.

"I'm sleeping with Jennie."

"Are you..." Wendy sutters "You..."

"Sleeping with Jennie? Yes." Rosie says, feeling a weight coming off her shoulders for finally telling her secret to one of her closest friends.

"You're sleeping with Jennie." Wendy says "but I thought... isn't she dating Kim Doyeon?"

"No!" Rosie says angrily "I mean they're kinda dating, but it's nothing serious and Jennie is only doing this because I said no to going out with her."

Wendy looks surprised. "Since when this is happening?"

"Hum...three months."


"Shhhhh" Rosie shuts her friend down.

"Why are you telling me this now?

"If I told you before, you would've told Joy."

"How come you haven't told Joy yet?"

"Yeah, right, as if this would end up nicely." Rosie clears "hi Joy, you know Jennie? Yes, the Slytherin you've been this close to kill last time? Well, I'm sleeping with her. How's your day?" the Gryffindor rolls her eyes. "She would've kill me."

"She's your best friend, how did you let this happen?"

"I don't know" Rosie spats. "We started talking and being friend and things...happened."

"For three months?"

"Yes! For three months." Rosie throws her hands in the air. "I tried to stop, but I can't. And now Jennie wants more and I can't give her more because of Joy...but seeing her with this Doyeon girl is killing me and I don't know what to do."

Wendy softens when Rosie's voice fails slightly. "Do you really like her?"

Rosie shrughs and plays with her own hands. "Yes." She murmurs. "But it doesn't matter because Joy would never speak to me if she finds out."

"Rosie, you can't be sure about this."

"Do you know Joy? She hates Jennie more than she hates potion class, she can barely deal with the idea of seeing me talking with Jennie."

"If she's really your friend she'd have to accept it."

Rosie denies softly. "I'm not sure about it."

Wendy lets out a sigh and looks at her friend with kindness. "Well, then you need to chose..." she says "Jennie or Joy."


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