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When the beginning of the school year finally arrives Rosie is more than ready to return, eager to start her final year at Hogwarts with her friends (minus those recently graduated). She meets Seulgi, Joy and Mina at the platform and the friends say their teary goodbyes to their parents before boarding the Hogwarts Express.

They find a carriage and Rosie immediately notes the difference in the atmosphere around them without their other friends riding to school with them. It's strange, but Mina pushes them on with an excited glint to her eyes and declaring that they will make up for their group's diminished numbers with new adventures to share with the girls.

This then prompts Seulgi and Joy to buy out the majority of the sweets from the food trolley, and they all proceed to overdose on chocolate frogs and Cauldron Cakes.

When they eventually arrive at Hogsmeade Station and are lining up waiting for the carriages to the school gates, Rosie pretends not to look for Jennie. Although she fails miserably when Mina nudges her and proceeds to correctly direct Rosie's eyes to where Jennie is standing with her fellow Slytherins.

Rosie attempts to lie and say she was daydreaming but Mina simply rolls her eyes, turning back to the Ravenclaw who is in the middle of congratulating her on being elected the new Head Girl.

When Rosie looks back over at Jennie, cat like eyes are watching her and Rosie blushes at being caught in the act. Jennie nods in greeting, offering a small smile before turning her attention to Momo who stands in front of her with his arm slung over Nayeon's shoulder.

Rosie continues to glance back over at Jennie every minute or so until she's being shoved into a carriage and her unsubtle staring is brought to an end. She does however seat herself strategically in the Great Hall so that she has a clear view of the Slytherin table, although Jennie is sat with her back to the Gryffindor table.

The welcome back feast is as extravagant and excessively catered as usual and Rosie manages to quit staring at her ex-girlfriend's back in order to focus on putting herself in a food coma instead.

First years are sorted and Rosie would be lying if she doesn't find it slightly emotional knowing she won't be in the hall for the following year's house sorting. She's also disappointed to find out that the daughter of Hermione Granger will start school the following year, meaning Rosie's hopes of befriending the girl and meeting her idol are squashed. She realizes then that she should've befriended James Potter, but when she spots the third year in the middle of flicking peas at some first years she remembers why she brushed off the opportunity in the first place.

When the feast is over some students stick around to catch up with members of other houses while others retreat to their house headquarters to either party in the common room or sleep off the tiring day of travel. Rosie and Mina bid their friends goodbye in order to the newly sorted Gryffindors to Gryffindor Tower, proving a slight struggle as the young students constantly pause in awe of the castle on their way. But Rosie remembers her first time walking through the Hogwarts corridors, and just how overwhelmed and wide-eyed she was, so she finds it difficult to be annoyed at how long the trip to Gryffindor Tower takes.

When she's finally relieved of her duties Rosie manages just over an hour of celebrations with her friends in the common room before she joins Mina in dragging herself to bed. The newly elected Head Girl has already taken on her role and she informs Rosie of the prefect meeting set for the following morning to organise the year's duties roster. Rosie groans at the thought of having to wake early but she refrains from complaining to Mina, who looks nervous as ever over her first official meeting as the Head Girl.

Rosie does, however, complain in the morning when Mina is practically yanking her out of her bed. It's only when Seulgi threatens bodily harm on them for being so loud that Rosie finally adheres to Mina's nagging and rolls out of bed, scowling at Seulgi and Joy who remain warm in their beds and wondering why she had to be elected a prefect.

Mina has to nearly carry Rosie out of Gryffindor Tower and to the meeting, the younger girl's eyes barely open when they eventually walk into the room. Rosie later counts this as a positive thing, seeing as her tiredness results in limited awareness that gives off a relaxed composure over Jennie's presence at the meeting that would otherwise be completely absent.

Said limited awareness also results in Rosie falling into the seat next to Jennie and not even noticing the Slytherin watching her with an amused smile. Rosie rests her face in her hand glumly, staring at the teacup in front of her and lacking the energy to even pour anything into it.

When a hand appears in front of her vision, pouring tea from the teapot into Rosie's cup, Rosie's brow furrows and she finally looks to the person next to her. It is then that she realizes that she has placed herself right next to her ex-girlfriend.

"Rough morning?" Jennie guesses, arching an eyebrow in question as she places the pot back down.

Rosie's sure her cheeks are bright red but she thankfully manages a nod, straightening up in her chair and attempting to look a bit more put-together, "New dorm arrangements." She mumbles, focusing on pouring milk and sugar into her tea, "I hate getting used to a new bed."

Jennie offers her a smile and turns her attention to the copy of the Daily Prophet in front of her hands, the Slytherin looking every bit awake and collected. Rosie rolls her eyes because of course Jennie had a great sleep, in her cosy private dorm and her king-sized bed that Rosie's all too aware is the comfiest thing ever. Just another thing Rosie adds to the list of things she misses about dating Jennie.

"Thank you." Rosie says in regards to the tea once she's taken a sip.

"No worries." Jennie responds politely, eyes remaining focused on the paper.

Rosie is about to attempt further conversation when breakfast appears on the table and she instead decides to fill her stomach and begins loading up her plate. She's in the middle of stuffing her face with pancakes when Mina and the new Head Boy (a Ravenclaw, this year) decide to begin the meeting.

They start with introducing the newly elected prefects and a general outline of the rules and expectations in place for them under their title before pushing onto the topic of duties.

"So, McGonagall has put in place a new rule for our patrols and we're no longer able to partner with people from the same house." Mina says.

The Slytherin prefects next to Jennie let out groans of protest in response and Mina's anxious smile falters.

"I'm sorry, guys." She says, "We don't have a choice."

"Why's she doing it?"

The Head Boy, Gregg, speaks up at that, "Apparently it's fairer if we have two people representing different houses." he says, "Some houses," he not-so-subtly glances at the Slytherins and Gryffindors, "Let their biases get in the way of carrying out their duties appropriately."

Mina clears awkwardly, "Anyway, I have the list of partners. If you want to switch with anyone you can arrange that yourselves but let us know once it's decided."

Rosie sighs, settling back in her seat and peering around the table curiously as Mina begins listing the names.

"Victoire, you'll be working with Alex."

Rosie looks to the ever-elegant Victoire Weasley, who grins over at her new partner and seems fairly happy with the pairing. Most of the boys in the room deflate in their seats over the lost opportunity of being paired with the girl, and Rosie has to stifle a laugh over their complete lack of any attempt to hide their disappointment. If Victoire notices the crushed dreams of the boys she doesn't how it, but Rosie's not really surprised; the Weasley descendant has probably long grown bored of the natural charm she has over most students (and some professors) by now.

Mina continues listing the names and Rosie grows increasingly anxious as her name remains notably absent, until there is just her and... oh.

"So that leaves Rosie and..." Mina's pauses, eyes widening as she looks at the sheet before clearing awkwardly, "Um- Jennie."
One of the Slytherin prefects snorts in amusement, receiving a glare from Jennie that shuts him up immediately. Mina looks to Rosie and Jennie unsurely, "Are you guys okay with that?"

Rosie looks at Jennie, who glances over at her for a moment before shrugging, "Sure." The Slytherin mumbles, "It's just patrol."

'Just patrol.'

Rosie wonders if Jennie's having a brief case of amnesia and has forgotten the part where everything between them kind of started during 'just patrol'. But hey, she's not about to question it.

"Fine by me." Rosie answers quietly.

Mina smiles, and Rosie catches the overly pleased glint to her eyes which tells her that this was probably completely planned by her friend.

When the meeting is finally over the prefects finish their breakfasts before going to leave, Rosie standing up from her seat and sending Jennie an awkward smile as the Slytherin does the same.

"I guess I'll see you Tuesday, then." Jennie says, running a hand through her hair as she regards Rosie, "Usual meeting place?"

Rosie nods, "Sounds good to me."

A smirk tugs at Jennie's lips and she lets out a soft chuckle, "We might have to rethink our previous patrol methods."

Rosie's jaw actually drops at that and she wonders if she's heard correctly, cheeks reddening.

"I- um- well..." she laughs awkwardly, "Yeah. Probably."

Jennie looks amused by Rosie's flustered appearance, and apparently the reaction was exactly what she was after and she bids Rosie a farewell before leaving the room with her housemates.

Rosie remains standing in confused silence, eventually deciding that she probably has no hope in understanding what's going on in Jennie mind these days and following Mina out of the meeting room. Once she's gathered herself Rosie doesn't waste much time in chasing her friend up on whatever Mina has been plotting.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" she accuses as she and Mina walk down the corridor, "Pairing me with Jennie."

Mina arches an eyebrow, smiling innocently at her friend, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You're a terrible liar." Rosie responds dryly, huffing, "Ugh, really, Mina?"

"What?" Mina laughs, "Look, to be fair the new rule is completely real and all McGonagall's idea. Paired

Ravenclaws were the only ones who had a fair record when it came to detentions last year. Hufflepuffs were too lenient together and Gryffs and Slyths gave one another ridiculous punishments for the tiniest things possible." She grins, tilting her head, "The pairings? I might have had a little bit of a say in that area. I think Gregg kinda likes me; he didn't stop me once."

"Mina," Rosie whines, "Why'd you have to meddle?"

Mina holds her hands up in surrender, "Hey, I'm not meddling." She says, grinning, "I just think you two worked great as patrol partners before. I'm utilizing an asset."

"I hate you."

The other Gryffindor scoffs, "Whatever, you'll thank me later." She says, "I just gave you a reason to spend time with Jennie at least twice a week. Come on, that's great!"

"She probably thinks I set this all up."

"And? She already knows you're madly in love with her; it's not like you're trying to hide that fact." Mina shrugs, "And it looked like you guys were perfectly chummy in there."

"Yeah well, who knows." Rosie grumbles, "She'll probably wake up tomorrow and hate me again."

Mina rolls her eyes, "Look, you want to get back with her, don't you?"

Rosie glares at her friend, but reluctantly nods.

"Well, that's not going to happen unless you guys actually hang out." Mina says, "It's not like you would have had many opportunities without this."

Rosie deflates, knowing her friend has a point, "But what if she doesn't want to be around me?"

"She said yes to the pairing, Rosie." Mina laughs, "You've got nothing to worry about."


Rosie makes her way to her first patrol of the year with her stomach in knots and her heart hammering in her chest with anxiousness.

They have been assigned the fourth floor, and when Rosie reaches their meeting point Jennie is already leaning back against the brick wall waiting for her. Rosie fiddles with her hands anxiously as she approaches, offering Jennie an awkward smile when the Slytherin notices her.

"Hey." Rosie breathes, coming to a stop a few feet away.

Jennie pushes off the wall, nodding in greeting, "Hey." She replies in kind, scratching at the back of her neck in a rare show of nerves.

"You don't have to be my partner for patrol, you know." Rosie says, breaking the silence, "I... I understand if you want to switch with someone."

Jennie shrugs, "I don't mind." She responds easily, "Besides I'm not much of a fan of the other options."

"Okay." Rosie attempts to hold back the small smile over Jennie choosing to stay in the arrangement. It's only a small win, but it's still a win.

Jennie smiles, a silence settling over them before she lets out a soft sigh, "Alright, well... come on, Gryff." She mumbles, heading off down the corridor.

Rosie can't hold back the smile then, nostalgia bubbling in her stomach over the old nickname and following close behind the taller girl.


It's half an hour into their patrol and a young Hufflepuff is rushing down the corridor away from Jennie with fear instilled into his bones, and Rosie is beginning to remember why she and the taller girl used to bicker so much while on patrol.

"I forgot how much joy you get from upsetting other students." Rosie says, frowning as she watches the boy heading down the nearest staircase, "You know, you don't have to bring all of them to tears."

"He wasn't crying." Jennie grins, amused over the situation, "And besides, it's more fun that way. And effective. "She says smugly, "I bet he won't be breaking curfew to talk to the portraits again anytime soon."

"Would it kill you to be kinder?"

Jennie shrugs, "Probably."

Rosie rolls her eyes, groaning, "Why did I think we worked well as patrol partners, again?"

"To be fair, most of our 'patrols' were spent in a classroom somewhere." Jennie quips slyly, smirking, "Not much patrolling was ever involved."

Rosie gapes, face reddening, "I- we didn't-" she huffs, "We patrolled sometimes." She mumbles.

Jennie only shrugs in a 'keep telling yourself that' kind of way, and Rosie glares ahead in embarrassment. She attempts to push away the memories of heated kisses in the darkness of abandoned classrooms, pressed up against the wall with Jennie's hands everywhere, but her efforts prove unsuccessful. She has to bunch her hands up into fists whenever they pass a classroom just to stop herself from letting old habits win and dragging Jennie into one.

The pair don't come across many other stragglers after that, and while conversation remains extremely casual and limits, it exists, which Rosie is thankful for. Jennie is making an effort and honestly that's a blessing in comparison to the state of their relationship before summer break.

Jennie seems happier and healthier, and even though the removal of Rosie in her life seems to have played a part in that, Rosie's relieved to see her acting like her normal self again.

They're nearing the end of their patrol when they come across a couple attached to one another's lips in an alcove, and Jennie looks positively ecstatic over another opportunity to embarrass some students.

When Rosie clears and the couple break apart from one another, she's surprised to find the Slytherin girl from her and Jennie's first patrol together staring back at her. The Gryffindor she'd been with that time, however, is not the girl at her side now. Instead, a Ravenclaw stares wide-eyed back at the prefects, red-faced over being caught by her seniors.

Jennie laughs loudly, "Wow." She shakes her head, "Again, Son? Really?" she says, "You know if you just dated someone in our house you wouldn't have to snog in the corridors after curfew."

Son Chaeyoung wipes at , taking a step away from her companion and meeting Jennie's gaze.

Jennie eyes the Slytherin, letting out a mocking sigh and inspecting her nails with a bored expression, "Well at least it's not a Gryffindor this time."

Rosie is surprised when Jennie's younger housemate doesn't back down under the girl's gaze this time, and instead glares back at her.

"Like you can talk, Kim." She spits, looking to Rosie with a scowl, "At least I've learnt from my mistakes."

Jennie's eyes narrow, and Rosie is slightly scared of the immediate shift in her attitude. The Gryffindor figures it's best to leave this part to Jennie (and might just support her ex-girlfriend in leaving this particular smartass student in tears).

"Aw, look who grew a backbone." Jennie chuckles dryly, stepping forward and taking advantage of the height difference between her and the girl, "You know, I'd watch your tone, Son Chaeyoung." She says coldly, "I think you're forgetting who has the power in this situation."

Son Chaeyoung scoffs, "Whatever. It's not my fault you're a hypocrite." She quips, "You two have probably been face all night."

Jennie's jaw tightens and she turns to the Ravenclaw, "What's your name?" she asks, voice sickeningly sweet.

The Ravenclaw's eyes widen and she gulps, "Um- Annie."

"Last name?"


"Annie Harper." Jennie repeats, "Great. Well, I'm feeling generous tonight so how about we just take ten points from your house and pretend this never happened, yeah?"

Annie nods dumbly, "Thank you." She breathes out nervously.

"You're welcome." Jennie smiles insincerely, "And if you want my advice? You can find a much better catch than our little Chaeyoung, here. Don't waste your house points on her again."

Annie looks at Son Chaeyoung for a moment before nodding again weakly, immediately heading off down the corridor once Jennie dismisses her.

"What the ?!" Son Chaeyoung blurts, squaring up to Jennie indignantly, "You can't just do that!"

"Oh, I can't?" Jennie frowns, "Weird. I'm fairly certain I just did."

Rosie bites back the amused smile that tugs at her lips and attempts to maintain some form of professionalism (because one of them has to), "Jennie, come on." She coaxes lightly.

Jennie looks back at Rosie briefly before turning back to Son Chaeyoung and sighing dramatically, "So, what should we do with you, then?"

Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, "Oh, right, turn on your own house to defend your relationship with a Gryffindor." she bites out, "This is absolute bull."

"Call it what you want." Jennie shrugs, "Honestly, I just don't like you very much."

"Good luck explaining this to everyone else."

"Explaining what? I caught you breaking the rules and you decided being a smartass was a good idea." Jennie says, "Good luck explaining to our housemates why you're earning us back fifty points this weekend instead of having fun with your friends."

"Fifty points?!" Chaeyoung exclaims, "That's ridiculous!"

"Oh, and you have afternoon detention for the next week." Jennie states, arching an eyebrow in challenge at the girl, "Is there anything else I should add? Or are you done being a smart-mouthed prick now?"

The girl's mouth finally shuts at that, and she huffs indignantly, shaking her head.

"Great." Jennie smiles, "You can go now."

Chaeyoung goes to leave, but Jennie speaks up again.

"Oh, and Son?" she calls, the girl reluctantly turning to face her again, "Maybe avoid the common room for a while. I have a feeling you won't be getting a warm welcome the next time you're in it."

Chaeyoung's face is bright red with anger, but she stops herself from saying anything else and turns on her heel, storming off down the corridor.

Once the girl is out of hearing range, Rosie turns to Jennie, "Well," she lets out a soft laugh, "She's definitely gotten a lot braver in the last year."

Jennie rolls her eyes, watching him go, "She's an idiot." She says, shaking her head, "All I have to do is say the word and no one in our house will acknowledge her all year."

Rosie flinches, "Maybe don't do that." She suggests lightly, slightly worried about the serious look in Jennie's eyes, "She's just a dumb teen. Everyone thinks they're at the top of the ladder once they reach their fifth year."

"Yeah, and she needs to be reminded that she isn't." Jennie responds.

"Well... you did make the Gryffindor comment first."

Jennie looks at Rosie, seeming to soften for a moment, "Right." She mumbles, "Either way, she needs a reality check."

Rosie sighs in defeat, following Jennie as the Slytherin begins walking down the corridor again.

"Sorry about the Gryffindor comment." Jennie grumbles out after a moment, her stubbornness clearly fighting with the apology, "I was just trying to get a rise out of her."

"I know." Rosie smiles, laughing softly.

Jennie's eyes move to Rosie briefly before quickly returning to the corridor ahead of them. She lets out a sigh as they come to a stop at the bottom of a staircase,

"Well I think that's our duties done and dusted for the night.

Rosie tries not to show her disappointment, "Yeah, I guess." She murmurs, not making a move from her spot.

After a moment, Jennie clears , "I'll walk you back to Gryffindor Tower."

Rosie lets out a soft laugh, rolling her eyes, "You don't always have to do that, you know." She says, "I'm pretty capable of taking care of myself."

Jennie shrugs, mind made up and already beginning her ascent up the staircase, "I dunno, you are pretty clumsy." she hums looking back at Rosie, "Can't have you tripping on thin air with no one there to catch you."

"That's not fair." Rosie pouts, following Jennie, "Gravity hates me."

"Which is exactly why you need an ." Jennie chuckles, winking back at Rosie teasingly as she comes to a stop and the enchanted staircase begins to move.

Rosie eyes Jennie curiously, stopping on the step below the Slytherin, "What is going on with you?" she blurts, watching Jennie in utter confusion.

Jennie's brow furrows, "What do you mean?"

"I mean... I don't know." Rosie mumbles, "I know you've been working on getting to a better place but... I guess I didn't expect that to involve being friendly with me." Her fingers draw nervous circles on the bannister of the staircase, "I don't get why you're even talking this much to me."

Jennie softens, and a silence settles over them for a moment before she responds.

"Being angry..." Jennie lets out a sigh, shrugging, "It isn't going to make anything better." She says, "I'm not okay, Rosie. I'm not-" she huffs, "I mean- it still hurts. It does. It's just time for me to move forward, you know? To stop dwelling on everything."

Rosie nods, brown eyes meeting green hesitantly, "So... so where does that leave us?"

The staircase has already settled at its new destination now, but Jennie doesn't move, her attention focused on Rosie.

"You're important to me, Rosie." Jennie offers, "You always will be." she says, "But I can't be with you like before. Not right now."

Rosie swallows the lump in , taking a steady breath, "I understand." She murmurs, nodding.

"I do mean it, though." Jennie says, "You're important to me and I want you in my life. It just... it can't be as anything more than a friend right now." she watches Rosie, eyes filled with guilt as she ducks her head to catch the younger girl's gaze again, "But I understand if you don't want that."

"No." Rosie answers almost immediately, shaking her head, "No- I... I'd like that." She says, "Friends." She smiles half-heartedly, "I can work with that."

A smile traces Jennie's lips, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Rosie nods firmly, "I'm sure."

Jennie grins, "Okay, then."


Jennie looks back up at the staircase briefly, finding them at the correct spot for Gryffindor Tower, "Alright, friend. Let's get you home." She announces playfully, "Try not to trip on your way up."

Rosie laughs and follows Jennie up the staircase.

She pretends that her heart doesn't skip a few beats when she does almost trip and Jennie's quick to hold her steady. And she pushes away the urge to press a kiss to Jennie's cheek when the Slytherin says goodbye to her at the portrait of the Fat Lady.

And when she heads into Gryffindor Tower, Rosie tells herself that it's okay. That everything's perfectly fine.

Because hey, she's not the only person in the world completely and hopelessly in love with her 'friend'.

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