slytherins do it better

"So what happens now?" Rosie asks, nervous eyes darting to where Jennie lies next to her.

Jennie swallows, quickly getting up from the bed as though the close proximity to Rosie might just suffocate her. She heads for her dresser, beginning to get herself changed with her back turned to the Gryffindor watching her.

"Now, you put on my invisibility cloak and I sneak you out of here."

"Just like that, huh?" Rosie lets out a bitter laugh, "I guess I'll try not to feel too offended."

"Why would you feel offended?" Jennie asks coldly, "I told you this wouldn't mean anything."

The words sting, and Rosie shakes her head in disbelief, getting up from the bed, "Oh, I don't know." She mutters,
swiping up her clothes, "I guess I figured when you sleep with the girl you used to love, it might actually mean something."

Jennie glances over to where Rosie slides on her skirt and she quickly diverts her eyes, shrugging on a hoodie, "Well you always have had a bad habit of expecting too much from people."

When Jennie turns around she's surprised by Rosie's close proximity, finding the shorter girl right in front of her.

Rosie reaches out to wipe away pink lipstick that she left smudged beneath Jennie's jaw, the Slytherin having missed it in her clean-up attempts.

"You never let me down before." She points out quietly.

Jennie seems to falter in her resolve for a moment, but the vulnerability in her eyes is gone almost as soon as it appears and she clears , stepping back with a frown. She retrieves her invisibility cloak, handing it to Rosie.

"Try not to fall over your own feet." She orders, and the annoyed way in which she refers to Rosie's clumsiness almost seems like an attempt to hurt the other girl.

Which, it does; because Jennie used to adore that same trait in Rosie.

Rosie puts the invisibility cloak on and follows Jennie out of the dorm room and into the common room, a small number of Slytherins occupying the area.

"Kim J!" one of them calls, making Jennie come to a stop and Rosie almost bump into her, "Where're you headed?"

"I'm hungry." Comes Jennie's offhanded reply, "Gonna see if I can sneak into the kitchens."

Momo is sat amongst the group, a smirk tracing her lips, "You know I saw you and Krystal getting all cosy earlier." she says suggestively, "Worked up an appetite did you?"

Jennie's gaze narrows at the girl but she doesn't credit it with a response, instead turning on her heel and walking out of the common room. Rosie follows quietly behind and bites her tongue from making a snappy remark over Jennie's failure to deny the insinuation.

When they are finally out of the dungeons Rosie takes off the invisibility cloak, handing it over to Jennie. She's surprised when the Slytherin keeps walking down the corridor instead of bidding Rosie goodbye there.

"You don't have to walk me the whole way back." Rosie says, unable to hide her irritation.

Jennie doesn't say anything, simply keeps up her pace. Rosie's sighs, hands balled into fists at her sides.

"You know this doesn't really help your whole 'I don't care about you' agenda." She adds spitefully.

Her remark is returned with silence yet again, but judging by the way Jennie's jaw clenches and her eyes remain fixed ahead, it's obvious Rosie's getting to her.

Rosie shakes her head in disbelief, "Great, the silent treatment." She laughs bitterly, "Real mature."

She doesn't try again, accepting the silence and ignoring the Slytherin at her side as they walk to Gryffindor Tower. When they reach their destination Jennie comes to a stop ahead of the portrait of the Fat Lady, Rosie regarding Jennie again with an expectant gaze.

Jennie shifts, glances over Rosie once before mumbling out a 'see you later' and going to head back down the hall. She doesn't make it to the staircase before Rosie's voice forces her to a halt.

"Seriously?" Rosie exclaims, walking over to Jennie, "You're really not going to talk to me about this?"

"Not everything needs to be talked through, Rosie."

"We just had , Jennie." Rosie snaps back, "I don't think it's much for me to ask that you at least acknowledge it and treat me with a little bit of respect." She throws her hands up in disbelief, "Do you really hate me that much? Was this all just some messed up way to hurt me-"

"It's not like that."

"Then why can't you just talk to me-"

"Because!" Jennie exclaims, her strained tone immediately silencing Rosie, "I didn't want- this shouldn't have-" Jennie's eyes shimmer with angry tears as she attempts to collect herself, "Just leave it. Please."

Rosie's eyes widen, the younger girl cursing herself for not realizing Jennie's barely composed state before.

"Jennie..." she steps forward only to have Jennie immediately step back and Rosie's heart breaks a little bit more. "... I'm sorry."

Jennie glares at the floor, collecting herself before eventually looking back to Rosie, "I'll see you around."

The Slytherin doesn't wait for a response, making her escape as though it couldn't come any sooner. Rosie ignores the disapproving gaze of the Fat Lady when she walks through the portrait, mind too occupied with the guilt over causing the tears in Jennie's eyes.

Nala is waiting in the common room when Rosie walks in, the kneazle jumping down from the armchair she sits on when she notices her owner. She wonders over to Rosie, pawing at the girl's legs for attention until she gets what she wants and Rosie picks her up.

The show of affection as Nala purrs in her arms manages to bring a small smile to Rosie's lips, and she makes her way up the staircase to the dorms. Nala sniffs at Rosie's clothes curiously, wide eyes looking up at her owner when she registers Jennie's scent, her ears twitching in excitement.

"You miss her, don't you?" Rosie murmurs, scratching the back of Nala's neck and letting out a sad sigh, "You and me both."

Rosie doesn't want to be alone, and while Joy has been trying to be sensitive to the topic of Jennie, she knows there's only so much her best friend can offer in terms of understanding. So Rosie bypasses her dorm room and instead heads for one a bit further down the hall.

She walks into the dorm quietly, looking over the four beds in the room. Jihyo is absent from her bed (presumably off with her boyfriend somewhere), while Mina and Sana are sprawled over one another in Mina's bed. They're still wearing their outfits from the party, and Rosie's willing to bet the pair will be feeling sorry for themselves in the morning. Nala jumps out of Rosie's arms and makes her way over to where Sana and Mina's cats are sleeping, joining them on the extra bed and settling in.

Rosie walks over to remove the heels from Sana and Mina's feet, neither girl reacting in their drunken slumber and simply cuddling into one another more. After throwing Mina's extra comforter over the girls she heads to the fourth bed in the room, crouching down at the head where Hyeri is sleeping.

"Hyeri?" Rosie murmurs softly. She sniffs, wiping at a rogue tear from her cheek and tapping the body beneath the comforter, "Hyeri?"

The other girl shifts, brow furrowed and eyes eventually fluttering open, "Chaeyoungie?" she croaks, "Is Seulgi snoring again?"

Rosie shakes her head, "Can I sleep here tonight?"

"Of course." Hyeri smiles, shifting back in the bed and lifting the comforter up for Rosie to slide in next to her.

Once Rosie is settled the younger girl lets out a sigh, wrapping an arm around Hyeri's waist and taking comfort in her friend's embrace. She pretends for a moment that it's Jennie holding her, but Hyeri doesn't fit with Rosie quite as perfectly as the Slytherin always seemed to, and Rosie decides she needs to stop trying to find Jennie in everything.

"So, do I get to know who you went off with tonight?" Hyeri asks sleepily, a playful lilt to her voice, "You dirty stop out."

Rosie's cheeks redden in embarrassment and a level of shame as she shifts closer, burying her face in the comforter, "Jennie." She answers, voice barely above a whisper, "We slept together."

Hyeri pauses for a moment, and Rosie squeezes her eyes shut in an attempt to stop the tears that begin to sting her eyes.

"Was that... is that... a good thing?" Hyeri asks eventually, but Rosie shakes her head, burying further into her friend's hold, "Hey- Chaeyoungie?" she coaxes as she hears the younger girl sniff, "What's wrong?"

Apparently, Rosie's emotions have just been waiting for the opportunity, and it's now that they're finally taking their toll. She clutches to Hyeri, struggling to keep her cries quiet while her friend brushes a calming hand through her hair.

"I don't know what to do." Rosie admits quietly, looking up at Hyeri, "I miss her so much." Her voice cracks, "And I think- I'm just... I just keep making things worse. But she won't even talk to me, Hyeri. She couldn't have kicked me out of her room fast enough." She huffs, "I just- I just wanted her to say something."

"Give her time." Hyeri says, wiping Rosie's cheek softly, "She'll come around."

"But when?"

"I don't know, Chaeyoungie." Hyeri answers honestly, "But if she still loves you she'll come back eventually."

"And what if she doesn't?" Rosie murmurs, her heart clenching in her chest at the thought, "What if she doesn't love me?"

Hyeri pulls Rosie closer, attempting to provide some form of comfort to her friend, "If she doesn't, then you have me and the girls to help you through it."


Rosie wakes the next day to the groans of a hungover Mina and Sana, and as Hyeri teases the pair she almost forgets about the events of the previous night. But then she remembers and well, the day is pretty much downhill from there.

Hyeri doesn't mention Jennie to Rosie again, which she is thankful for. And Rosie decides not to relay the story back to her friends, knowing it'll only lead to her crying all over again.

When they make their way down to breakfast it seems most of the older year levels are also nursing hangovers, a much quieter chatter in the hall than normal as they wear miserable expressions and poke hesitantly at their meals. Rosie takes her seat next to Joy, and when Jennie and Nayeon walk into the Great Hall soon after, she keeps her gaze on her food for the first time in weeks.

Joy nudges her, arching an eyebrow in question when Rosie looks up, "You okay?"

Rosie attempts a convincing nod, smiling softly, "Yeah, fine."

The girl hesitates, looking unsure over her next question, and Rosie feels her mood fall even more at that, missing the time when they could talk about anything with one another. But in the wake of the past year's events, it would be foolish for Rosie to expect anything other than the lingering awkwardness between them.

She just wishes she hadn't lost Jennie and her best friend in the same go.

"I saw Jennie with Krystal last night." Joy says finally, voice quiet so as to avoid a group discussion. Although with the way Jihyo's having to hand-feed Sana her breakfast, Rosie's not sure her friends would be up for conversation anyway.
Rosie's grip is tight on her fork when Joy's hand rests on it comfortingly.

"I'm sorry, Chaeyoungie."

It's well meaning, and when Rosie meets Joy's gaze she finds genuine comfort in the girl for the first time in months. And maybe if things can slowly mend between them, they can with Jennie as well.


Rosie is in the library two weeks later when she hears the news, courtesy of two mouthy Slytherins at the table next to her. She recognizes them from Jennie's quidditch team, and when Rosie hears 'drafts' and 'summer program' in the same sentence her interest is piqued.

"Nayeon got in. But we all knew she was getting picked anyway. She'll be going pro the moment she graduates." the girl says, waving her hand dismissively, "I thought Taehyung might've been picked."

Her companion shrugs, "I don't think he's too pissed about it." He says, "I've never heard him talk about going pro, anyway."

"Seulgi got an offer." The girl adds, and Rosie can hear the scowl she's no doubt wearing, "I can't believe Jennie got overlooked."

Rosie's quill freezes against her parchment at that, stomach dropping.

"She hasn't been playing the same since she got injured." The boy lowers his voice as he indiscreetly nods Rosie's way, "Not to mention the girlfriend drama."

Rosie doesn't wait around to hear any more, packing up and heading to Gryffindor Tower. When she drops her things off she catches Seulgi mid-celebration with Joy, the offers apparently having only been made that afternoon. Rosie attempts to keep herself away; tells herself Jennie isn't hers to look out for anymore. But she only lasts twenty-minutes before she gives in to her need to make sure the girl's okay.

Rosie's about to give up when she doesn't even find Jennie on the quidditch pitch, but a last-shot venture up to the Slytherin stands proves her suspicions correct, and the green-eyed girl is perched on one of the benches looking out at the pitch.

She takes a moment to gather herself before moving down the steps to where Jennie sits. Jennie doesn't acknowledge her, but the Slytherin stiffens when Rosie walks into her peripherals.

Rosie settles down next to Jennie, looking at her ex-girlfriend and taking in the face she hasn't dared seek out since the Shrieking Shack party. Jennie's cheeks are tear-stained, eyes focused fiercely on the pitch as she takes calculated breaths.

The Gryffindor chooses not to say anything, instead resting her hand over Jennie's on the bench. Jennie allows her to lace their fingers together, finally sparing Rosie a broken glance before looking back out at the pitch.

She lets out a shaky breath, "I really thought I had a shot."

Jennie's voice is scratchy, laced with disappointment and defeat, and if Rosie's heart weren't already breaking for the girl, it definitely is now.

"Have you ever..." Jennie's jaw tightens and she shakes her head, "Have you ever wanted something so much-" she pauses, eyes beginning to water again, "Maybe I just need to accept I'm not good enough."

Rosie watches Jennie, resisting the urge to take the girl in her arms, "I don't believe that."

Jennie swallows, looking down at the wooden floor of the stands, "I needed it." She murmurs, "I just- I needed something to feel good about. The program was supposed to change things."

"You have next season." Rosie says, "You're a sixth year, Jennie. You have time."

"What if I'm just never going to get better?"

"You will. Hey-" Rosie reaches over to cup Jennie's face, coaxing the Slytherin to look at her, "You will." She repeats softly.

"You don't know that." Jennie argues weakly.

"You're the most driven person I know, Jennie." Rosie says, smiling softly, "If you want this, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll get it."

Jennie's hand finds Rosie's against her cheek, cat like eyes tracing the other girl's features, "Do you still love me?"

Rosie's eyes widen at the whispered question. She almost assumes she's heard incorrectly, but the vulnerable expression Jennie's wearing tells her otherwise.

"Always." She answers.

Jennie's eyes glance down to Rosie's lips briefly.

"Jennie-" she's cut off by the other girl, Jennie's mouth finding Rosie's and catching her lower lip. "Jennie- wait-" Rosie attempts again, Jennie proceeding to pull her back into the kiss.

"Please." Jennie whimpers against Rosie's lips, pushing harder into the kiss, "Just-" she lets out a breath against

Rosie's lips, fingertips scratching the back of the younger girl's neck, "I want to forget."

Rosie wants to argue with Jennie, to tell her that they shouldn't do this, that it's not healthy and Rosie's just going to be left heartbroken when reality inevitably sinks back in. But the Slytherin's tongue is forcing its way into and doing things that have always made Rosie forget her very name. And then Jennie's moving, climbing on top of her and lacing her fingers through Rosie's hair.

And Rosie can't find it in herself to deny Jennie's wishes, fingertips burning as they reminisce on familiar skin and hungrily exploring the girl she spends every night missing.


When their encounter comes to an end Jennie rises to leave before Rosie has even caught her breath, bruises on her neck from desperate teeth serving as a sore reminder of her inability to convince Jennie to stay.

Rosie stares out at the field vacantly for a while, relaying the feel of Jennie's lips and the girl's hushed whimpers over and over in her head. In that moment, it had felt genuine; almost like it used to be. But then it was over and Jennie's cat like eyes were cold, her walls rising once more and refusing to even meet Rosie's gaze.

Maybe she deserves this punishment, Rosie thinks. She broke what they had, and Jennie doesn't owe her any kindness or affection. If Rosie wants things to be fixed, it's up to her.

Rosie eventually manages to drag herself back to Gryffindor Tower, and she smiles like a good friend should when her house celebrates Seulgi's drafting together later that night. But she falls asleep to memories of burning cat like eyes and the haunting uncertainty of her future with Jennie.


It turns out, Hyeri was right, on some level.

Jennie does come back to Rosie, but not in the way she dreamt.

The next time Rosie sees Jennie, she is in the library searching for a textbook amongst the stacks. Rosie doesn't even notice the Slytherin approaching until she's being pressed up against the stacks and a mouth is stifling her yelp of surprise.

Jennie's fingers dig crescent moons into the skin between Rosie's shirt and her skirt that she will still feel hours later. And when they're done Rosie is once again left breathless and dazed, Jennie disappearing before she can get a word out.

It keeps happening from there on; in broom closets, behind the quidditch stands, in empty classrooms... anywhere.

Rosie tries not to think about how reminiscent it is of how they found their beginning. Because then she's left with the sadness over just how different it actually is. Back then, heated encounters had been the result of passionate discussions and companionship. Now, any attempts at a connection beyond physical are shut down by Jennie's icy defences.

No one knows what's happening, and Rosie's friends assume she's just employed a rebound to meet up with after hours and help her forget Jennie. Rosie figures it's better they think that than know the truth, wanting anything but the worried and disapproving eyes of her best friends on her every second of every day.

She and Jennie don't speak outside of whimpers and moans and growled out demands, and Rosie's heart aches for the day Jennie might allow her a deeper connection again.

Rosie knows it's not healthy, but she can't bring herself to end it. Because having Jennie in some way is better than not having her at all. And the rare moments when the Slytherin forgets to keep her guard up and softens under her touch almost make the pain worth it.

Because while Jennie's still choosing Rosie, there's still hope, right?

The year comes to an end and students begin to pack up their things and head home for summer as they finish their final exams. Jennie sneaks Rosie into her dorm the night before the Hogwarts Express is due to leave and has her way with her one more time before they will be separated for the long break.

Jennie presses Rosie down into the mattress of her bed and kisses her with a fiery determination, as though to make up for the time they're soon to go without one another's touch. Like always, Rosie tries to voice some form of affection, but Jennie's mouth silences her before the word 'love' can make it into the room.
Rosie's fingers trace patterns against Jennie bare back and she kisses her tenderly, heart beating faster when the Slytherin allows the softer approach for a moment.

"I'll come see you." Jennie breathes out when she breaks the kiss, biting at Rosie's neck harshly, "In summer." She mumbles, "We'll meet up."

Rosie's learnt in the last month not to take the statement as a sign of anything but Jennie's desire for physical contact. But she allows herself the hope that maybe with new surroundings, the dynamic will shift.

"Okay." Rosie agrees, nodding and letting out a whimper as Jennie's tongue runs across where she's been nibbling at Rosie's neck.

Jennie wastes no time after that before her hand is in between Rosie's legs, and Rosie forgets reality in favour of getting lost in the Slytherin's touch.

Later in the night Rosie falls asleep, and for some reason Jennie doesn't coax her to leave this time. When she wakes in the early morning the Slytherin is already gone, presumably choosing to apparate home instead of catching the train.

Which, Rosie isn't even sure of; because that would require them actually talking.

Rosie dresses herself and exits Jennie's dorm, not bothering with the invisibility cloak due to the early hour. But when she reaches the end of the staircase and finds Nayeon in an armchair, she curses herself for not learning the first time this happened. Nayeon is looking at her with wide eyes, clearly just as unaware of Rosie and Jennie's latest activities as Rosie's friends are.

The younger girl offers an awkward nod, completing her walk up the staircase and into the common room.

"Um... hey." Rosie starts, running a hand through her hair, "Talk about déjà vu." She jokes awkwardly, immediately regretting it when Nayeon's eyes narrow in response.

"Well this explains a lot." Nayeon murmurs, closing her book and watching as Rosie walks through the common room.

Rosie smiles nervously, "I'm gonna..." she points to the exit, "See you-"

"I'll walk you back."

Nayeon is out of her seat and at Rosie's side with an intimidating gaze before Rosie can say no, and the Gryffindor just nods in defeat. They walk through the halls in silence for a while, Rosie looking anxiously to Nayeon every two seconds while the other girl remains looking straight ahead, brow furrowed.

"I'm guessing this wasn't a one time thing." Nayeon says eventually, making Rosie's stomach twist at her disapproving tone.

"... No." she answers quietly.

"You guys aren't back together?"

Rosie's eyes move to the ground, her voice more vulnerable now, "No."

Nayeon watches Rosie for a few moments before she trains her gaze ahead once more. She doesn't say anything until they finally reach Gryffindor Tower, Rosie turning to the Slytherin girl with a half-hearted smile.

"Have a nice summer, Nayeon." She says softly.

Nayeon nods, brow still furrowed, "You too."

Rosie thinks she's gotten away with it then, almost inside the portrait hole when Nayeon calls her back.

"Chaeyoung." She says, making Rosie reluctantly move back out of the portrait.


Nayeon pauses momentarily, as though she's debating her next words.

"You should stop it." She says eventually, "Whatever's going on between you two." Her voice is stern, eyes serious as she looks at Rosie, "It's not good for either of you."

"I love her."

"I know." Nayeon allows, "But sleeping together isn't going to fix anything. Jennie's my best friend, Rosie. She's hurting, and she's... she's lost." She says, voice laced with concern, "She needs to find herself again. And she can't do that while she's drowning herself in reminders of what got her here in the first place."

Rosie flinches, "And by reminders you mean me."

Nayeon looks guilty at that, her expression softening, "You just... you need to give her the chance to move on. To actually make an effort this time, instead of allowing herself to spiral." She says, "Please, Chaeyoung, just... cut it off, okay? She's not the girl you love right now. Don't you want her to be that girl again?"

"Of course."

"Then let her have this summer. Let her be okay again, without you." Nayeon says, "And if it's meant to be, if she loves you," the Slytherin shrugs, "She'll come back."


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