slytherins do it better

It's been a month since the break up, and Jennie's still not anywhere close to getting Rosie out of her mind.

Since her discussion with the Gryffindor at the lake, Rosie has given Jennie her space. Which, Jennie is thankful for. But with that space also comes to stinging reality of the giant crater-sized hole Rosie's absence has left in Jennie's life, and well... that's not so great.

Apparently its not so easy going back to the person you were before you fell in love. And Merlin, how she wants to go back to that person. Back to the Jennie whose biggest disappointment was getting a less-than perfect grade. Back to the Jennie who won every duel and helped lead her team to victory in every quidditch match.
Back to the Jennie who didn't care so much about what people thought of her.

There are numerous rumours amongst the students of Hogwarts concerning her and Rosie's break up. Unsurprisingly, Jennie's often made out to be the heartbreaker in the situation. When she heard the first story along those lines, Jennie had promptly sent a Bat Bogey Hex straight at the Hufflepuff relaying it. Thankfully she's gotten better at controlling her more violent urges lately.

The castle halls are littered with memories she made with Rosie. And honestly, Jennie's tired of never being able to escape the constant reminders of the girl.
She attempts to tire herself out with quidditch, duelling and her studies; hoping that if she's exhausted enough, she won't even have time to care about Rosie. It helps to keep her preoccupied, but it's fairly ineffective. At the end of the day, her heart clenches painfully every time she accidentally catches Rosie's eye in the Great Hall.

Currently, Jennie is sat in the library with the company of Doyeon, the pair joined by one of Jennie's Slytherin housemates, Krystal, and the girl's Hufflepuff friend, Baekhyun. The group are working on their respective homework and pieces of assessment, settled in a comfortable silence that Jennie is more than thankful for.

Doyeon's friendship has proved to be valuable to Jennie in the past month, the Ravenclaw happy to provide Jennie with the quiet and easy company she desires.

Nayeon and Momo have begun officially dating, and while Jennie's happy for her friends, she won't deny that it a little bit. Seeing them falling for one another only helps to serve as yet another reminder of how much she still misses Rosie.

The Slytherin common room is always bustling with the loud personalities of the house's members, which Jennie has found hard to immerse herself in lately.

So, the easy comfort of Doyeon's company is more than welcome. Doyeon doesn't ask about Rosie, and she doesn't constantly voice worries over Jennie's distant attitude. She's just happy with simple conversation and the odd- intense debate over one of their chosen subject topics.

It reminds Jennie why she likes Ravenclaws in the first place. And also kind of makes her wish she had been sorted into the blue house.  Maybe if she'd been in Ravenclaw, she'd still be with Rosie.

And that thought alone is enough to anger Jennie all over again, seeing as before Rosie, she'd never been anything but proud of being in Slytherin.

"Okay, I'm calling it." Doyeon sighs, closing her book and looking over at Jennie, "I think my brain has been sufficiently scrambled for the rest of the weekend."

Baekhyun nods, letting out a yawn and pushing his own book away from him, "Yeah, I think I'm done." He says, stretching his arms above his head, "If I have to read one more sentence about the Giant Wars I'm gonna throw myself from the Clocktower."

Doyeon scrunches her nose up at the mention, "History of Magic?"


Krystal laughs, "Why'd you choose the Giant Wars for the essay?" she grins, "Way to pick the most boring topic."

"Thought it'd be easier." Baekhyun grumbles, "Giants aren't exactly complex."

"Oh, that's why it's so hard to research it." Doyeon says, eyes already lit up at the prospect of a knowledgeable discussion, "Their lack of conversational skills made it almost impossible for researchers to gather any legitimate recounts of the war. Every time a giant would agree to sit down, the conversation would usually end in them getting angry all over again and often attempting to murder the researcher. So most 'history' on the wars is just generalised theories based on what they could get Giants to tell them." She grins, "The recordings of the interviews are quite fun to read, actually. You should look into them."

Jennie's lips tug upwards in amusement over Doyeon's enthusiasm, briefly looking over to Baekhyun, who doesn't look nearly as enthusiastic about discussing his essay topic further.

"Your idea of fun is very different to mine." Baekhyun mumbles.

"No, it really is interesting." Doyeon pushes, "But if you're looking for decent books on the war, I can think of a few. A wizard in Ukraine actually lived amongst a group of giants for two years. He hoped if he bonded with them enough he'd get more of an 'insiders look' into their history."

Krystal actually looks interested, eyes wide in curiosity, "Did it work?"

"Yeah, he actually was fairly successful." Doyeon nods, "He did end up being crushed by one of the giants, though. But his research was salvaged."

"Some wizards are crazy." Baekhyun shakes his head in disbelief. "I did mine on the Witch Burnings in the fourteenth century."

Krystal shrugs, grinning teasingly at Baekhyun, "I finished it last week."

"No need to brag." The Hufflepuff grumbles, making Krystal grin even more.

"Anyway," Krystal looks back to Doyeon and Jennie, a mischievous glint in her eye, "Are you guys coming to the party at the Shrieking Shack tonight?"

"I think I'll be there." Doyeon answers, despite catching how Krystal's gaze is solely fixed on the Slytherin at her side.

"Jennie?" Krystal pushes.

Jennie peers up from her work, frowning, "What?"

"The party tonight." Baekhyun chuckles, "At the Shrieking Shack. Ring a bell?"

"Oh, right." Jennie nods, shrugging, "I don't know. I'll probably give it a miss."

Krystal sighs dramatically, "Seriously?"


"You haven't been to a party since you broke up with that Gryffindor."

"She has a name."

"Am I supposed to care?" Krystal deadpans, "Anyway, it's time for you to quit sulking and learn how to have fun again. It's boring and everyone's saying you've lost your edge."

Jennie looks up at that, eyes narrowing, "Who's saying that?"

"Please, it's no secret. You're acting more like a Hufflepuff than a Slytherin these days. People have noticed."

"What's wrong with acting like a Huff?" Baekhyun cuts in, glowering at Krystal.

"Sorry, no offense." His friend smiles back apologetically before looking to Jennie again, "I just mean that- well, you used to be fun, Jennie. You'd pull pranks with us and mess around. And it's like ever since Rosie came along you've decided you don't even want to be a Slytherin anymore. So yeah... you've kind of lost your edge."

Jennie wears an unhappy expression, brow furrowed, "I haven't lost my edge." She bites out, insulted by the claim.

"Oh really?" Krystal smirks, "Prove it. Come to the party tonight."

Jennie's jaw tightens, the Slytherin shutting her book, "Fine." She clips, standing up from the table, "I'll see you there."


Jennie arrives at the Shrieking Shack that night with Taehyung and Nayeon, the abandoned house already filled to the brim with Hogwarts students dancing and mingling amongst one another. She considers leaving the moment she steps inside, noticing just how many Gryffindors populate the area.

It's not that she's been avoiding Rosie, but Jennie has made sure in the past month to steer clear of areas she knows she's likely to run into her ex-girlfriend. Jennie's fairly certain contact with Rosie's not going to make things any easier. Taehyung forces Jennie forward into the party, however, thankfully ensuring a drink is in his friend's hand soon after.

It's okay to begin with. Jennie sticks to her Slytherin housemates, attempting to immerse herself in their conversations without letting her gaze venture in search of Rosie. She spots Wendy amongst a group of Hufflepuffs and the girl offers her a smile in greeting from across the party.

Jennie wonders if Rosie's employed the same tactic of seclusion as her over the past month. When the conversation with her housemates begins to get repetitive, Jennie searches Doyeon out amongst the crowds, finding the girl with her own housemates.

The Ravenclaws are laughing amongst one another, letting out cheers every now and then before all but one of them takes a drink. Jennie sidles up beside Doyeon with a curious expression, unsurprised when she discovers the apparent drinking game is one that challenges the participants' intelligence.

Doyeon greets her with a soft smile before turning her attention back to the game, Jennie following her lead.

"What is the antidote to every poison?" one of the Ravenclaw boys asks, grinning at the group mischievously.

"I thought we were doing riddles?" someone complains.

"Just answer the question." The boy drawls.

"Fine. Bezoar."

"No, Bezoar doesn't cure everything." Doyeon offers, shaking her head and grinning at the asker, "It's a trick question. Golpalott's Third Law; there is no blend that can act as an antidote for everything." The Ravenclaws let out groans of annoyance, each taking a drink as Doyeon watches them smugly.

"Alright, your turn Doyeon."

Doyeon pauses for a moment, fingers tapping against her cup, "What's a corporeal patronus made of?"


She shakes her head, "Nope."

"What? That's right-"

Jennie smirks, straightening up and looking to Doyeon, "Happiness."

"Yep, that's right." Doyeon nods, "It's composed of light, but it's made from happiness. You can't cast a corporeal without a happy memory."

"I don't think that's necessarily right." A Ravenclaw huffs, shaking her head, "I don't understand how an emotion is what drives such a strong spell. It's completely illogical-"

"It's magic," one of the boys drawls, "Not everything can be explained with logic."

"Yes it can. I think if someone actually researched it properly, we'd find that the 'happy memory' isn't what the spell relies upon. I think it's one's mental state-"

Doyeon grasps Jennie's arm, beginning to back away, "I think that's the cue to leave." She mumbles, turning them and quickly steering them away from where the debate grows louder every second.

Jennie laughs as she hears one of the Ravenclaws yell behind her, "I feel like you just started something big."

"Oh, yeah, definitely." Doyeon nods, "They'll be fighting about that all night now. You'd be surprised how many breakdowns I've seen at the hands of someone in my house not being able to find logical reasoning in something magic-related." She grins, "I guess that's where being muggle-born helps me. Finding out magic was a thing was a big enough surprise, I'm not as freaked out when a spell 'doesn't make sense'."

"I see."

"Good job getting the question right, though." Doyeon commends, "Look at you, attempting to make friends." She teases lightly.

Jennie rolls her eyes, "I wouldn't call it making friends."

"Well at least it's something."

"Hm." Jennie lets out a sigh as Doyeon brings them to a stop, the Slytherin taking a sip of her drink as her eyes scan the party.

"Looking for anyone in particular?" Doyeon asks, watching Jennie with a knowing expression.

Jennie doesn't fall into the baited conversation, just shaking her head with an attempt at a carefree smile, "Nope."

Their conversation is interrupted when Jennie feels a hand fall on the small of her back, trailing along and squeezing her hip lightly as Krystal appears in front of her.

"Well look who actually showed up." The shorter Slytherin grins, "I thought you were going to bail."

Jennie's eyes fall to Krystal's hand on her hip briefly before meeting her housemate's gaze, offering a curious smile, "Guess you thought wrong."

Krystal's smile widens, "I'm glad." She tilts her head, eyes trailing over Jennie's body unashamedly, "Save me a dance later, yeah?"

Jennie dumbly, "Um- yeah." She says, letting out an anxious laugh, "Sure."

Krystal squeezes Jennie's hip, winking at the taller girl before turning on her heel and heading off. Jennie watches as Krystal walks away, brow furrowed and eventually turning back to Doyeon, who is staring at her with an amused expression.


"She's into you." Doyeon states, grinning.

Jennie laughs, shaking her head, "She's just a flirt." She drawls, "We've known each other since our first year. Krystal's never shown any interest before."

"Well I'm willing to bet that's different now." Doyeon hums, "Because that was a bit more than friendly flirting. Also, I'm feeling slightly offended." The Ravenclaw pouts, "Here I am, completely available and she decides to flirt with you."

The Slytherin groans, "Alright, end of conversation." She drawls, "Time to get me another drink."

Doyeon laughs, following Jennie towards the kitchen, "So, are you going to dance with her?" she asks, nudging Jennie teasingly.

Jennie's response immediately dies on the tip of her tongue as she rounds the corner into the kitchen, freezing in her place when she's greeted with Rosie and her friends preparing themselves drinks. Doyeon bumps into Jennie, grabbing at the Slytherin's arm to steady herself and about to scold her friend for the lack of warning when she notices who else is in the room.

"Oh." she mumbles, making the group of Gryffindors look over at them.

Jennie blanches when Rosie's eyes meet her own, wondering if she can run from the room without making a complete fool of herself (she figures she probably can't). Rosie's friend, Mina, is the first to actually greet them, clearing and nudging an equally frozen Rosie.

"Hey, Jennie." she smiles over at the girl, "How've you been?"

Jennie's gaze moves to Mina, the Slytherin faking an easy smile, "Um- hi." She greets, "Yeah, I've been- I've been good." She looks to Rosie, "Great, actually."

Mina nods, accepting the drink Hyeri has poured for her, "That's good."

"We should get going." Sana announces, quickly ushering the group away from the counter and laughing awkwardly, "There's partying to be had, girls."

Rosie attempts to follow, only to have Sana force her to remain in her spot, the other Gryffindors offering their friend encouraging smiles before leaving her alone with Jennie and Doyeon.

"I'm gonna... yeah I'll just be on the dance floor if you need me." Doyeon says, squeezing Jennie's arm before following the Gryffindors out of the room.

Rosie offers Jennie a hesitant smile once they're left alone, "Um... hi."

"Hi." Jennie responds stiffly, avoiding Rosie's stare and walking towards the counter, placing her cup down and swiping up the closest bottle to her.

"I haven't seen you around lately." Rosie says, "It- uh-" she lets out a nervous laugh, "It's almost like you've been avoiding me."

"Why would I do that?" Jennie grumbles, tasting the concoction from the first bottle and scrunching her nose up in disgust.

She fights every urge to look over at Rosie, determined to shut out the way the Gryffindor's very presence still seems to demand her attention like a fly to a flame. Jennie's wants to be cold; she wants to not care.

She can't care.

Rosie lets out defeated sigh, "I don't know." The Gryffindor toys with her hands anxiously, watching as Jennie continues to search for a drink that doesn't make her gag reflex immediately protest in response. "You and Doyeon seem close." She mentions, voice soft.

Jennie stiffens at the topic, cat-like eyes finally looking over at Rosie, "And?"

"Nothing." Rosie backtracks, shaking her head, "I just- are you two..."

Jennie's eyes narrow, "I don't see how that's any of your business."

Rosie swallows, "Yeah, you're right." She murmurs, nodding in defeat, "I'm sorry."

Guilt settles in Jennie's stomach when she sees the way Rosie flinches at her biting tone, brown eyes vulnerable as ever. Jennie used to enjoy how expressive Rosie's eyes are; she's not so fond of it now.

"We're not dating." The Slytherin allows, jaw tightening "She's just a friend."

A small smile tugs at Rosie's lips, "Okay."

The younger girl steps forward, Jennie's composure immediately tense at their sudden close proximity as Rosie reaches over her, retrieving one of the bottles on the counter.

"This is the Firewhisky." She says softly, placing it in front of Jennie.

Jennie's eyes aren't on the bottle, however, instead focused on the leather band on Rosie's wrist. When Rosie notices she pulls her hand away, clearing . She doesn't mention it, cheeks red in embarrassment and fiddling with the piece of jewellery awkwardly.

"I- um- I wouldn't try any of the other drinks." She continues, letting out a nervous laugh, "They're pretty disgusting."

Jennie manages to tear her eyes away from the bracelet, turning her attention to the firewhisky, "Right." She murmurs, "Thanks."

"You're welcome." A silence settles over them as Jennie pours herself some of the drink, Rosie hovering near the Slytherin. "I probably shouldn't wear it anymore, should I?" Rosie says eventually, gesturing to the bracelet nervously.

Jennie's jaw tightens, "It doesn't bother me." She answers, keeping her voice cold, "It's just a bracelet."

It feels harsh, and unbelievingly cruel to belittle the gift to that of such simplicity when it signifies so much more for what their relationship was. But Jennie pushes the guilt aside; knowing acknowledging just how much the bracelet does mean will only lead to her own cracking composure.

"I guess it just comforts me." Rosie murmurs, twisting it around her wrist absentmindedly, "The last message you wrote me is still on it, you know?"

Jennie does know.

She's considered breaking the enchantment linking her quill to Rosie's bracelet numerous times in the past month. But every time she goes to do it, she can't gather the will. She guesses it's for the same reason Rosie can't stop wearing the bracelet; it feels like an official end if she does.

"I still remember when you sent it to me." Rosie continues when Jennie doesn't answer, smiling sadly at the Slytherin, "The morning before we left for the weekend to get your shoulder healed." She lets out a soft laugh, "And we'd stayed up all night in your dorm because you were freaking out about meeting my parents. So you made me quiz you on muggle things to 'make sure you were ready'."

Jennie's heart aches at the memory of the night, and of how perfect the weekend following had been. It's ironic, that one of her fondest memories is one that occurred only weeks before everything came to an end.

"Feeling the bracelet heat up with a new message from was one of my favorite things." Rosie says, "I still- I still check it whenever I wake up. Hoping you might have sent something new."

"Rosie, don't." Jennie huffs, gritting her teeth as she focuses her stare on her drink.

"Why haven't you broken the enchantment, Jennie?" the Gryffindor pushes anyway, "That's- that's got to mean something-"

"No it doesn't." Jennie shakes her head firmly, "It doesn't mean anything."

"I don't believe you."

Angry feline eyes dart to Rosie, immediately making her shrink under Jennie's glare as the Slytherin straightens up.

"It doesn't mean anything." She snarls, harshly punctuating every word.

Jennie doesn't give Rosie another chance to speak, swiping up her cup and leaving the room as quickly as possible. She walks through the Shrieking Shack with one sole target, eventually locating her amongst a group of Slytherins.

Krystal is surprised when Jennie sidles up next to her, grinning when the girl's hand rests at the small of her back. "Up for that dance now?" she asks, receiving a smirk from Krystal in return.

"You bet."

The alcohol in her system only fuels Jennie's anger, wanting to prove a point to Rosie. Wanting to prove a point to herself that she doesn't care; that the Gryffindor doesn't have a hold on her anymore.

When they reach the dance floor she allows Krystal to take the lead. They're not dancing for long before Krystal turns around with a grin and backs into Jennie, coaxing the girl's hands to rest at her waist as they settle into the beat.

It feels different, having someone other than Rosie in her arms. Jennie tries not to focus on how it's a bad different.

"Loosen up." Krystal laughs over the music, feeling Jennie's tense posture. She reaches behind her to wrap a hand around the back of Jennie's neck, pulling the taller girl closer to her.

Jennie attempts to relax, trying to lose herself in the music and push thoughts of Rosie out of her mind. Her head is spinning slightly, and her hands grip Krystal's hips tight with purpose. She doesn't know how long they've been dancing when she notices Rosie across the party, the Gryffindor ignoring the boy attempting to flirt with her and instead watching Jennie and Krystal with a hurt expression.

Krystal turns in Jennie's embrace, body flush against the taller girl's and sliding her arms around her neck. "Forget about her."

Jennie's eyes don't leave Rosie, even as Krystal manages to get her dancing again. She scowls when the boy with Rosie steps closer to her, pulling the Gryffindor's attention onto him.

"Jennie." Krystal coaxes, hand reaching to cup Jennie's cheek and forcing the girl's gaze back to her, "We're having fun, aren't we?"

Jennie nods, "... yeah." she murmurs, attempting to keep her eyes fixed on Krystal, "Yeah, we are."

"Good." Krystal smiles, head tilting up so her lips ghost Jennie's ear, "Then lets keep having fun."

Jennie's only able to control herself for so long before she looks over at Rosie once more, finding brown eyes staring back. The boy talking to Rosie seems oblivious to her lack of interest in him, continuing to laugh about something Jennie's sure isn't nearly as hilarious as he believes. Rosie tears her gaze away from Jennie and back to the boy in front of her, smiling politely to him. Jennie's jaw tightens when he whispers something to the Gryffindor.

"Are you still in love with her?" Krystal husks into her ear, grinning at how Jennie's hold tightens on her hips in response.

"I broke up with her."

Krystal chuckles, "And yet you still can't keep your eyes off her." She clucks, fingers combing through Jennie's hair, "It's been a month, Jennie. Aren't you tired of caring yet?"

Of course she is.

If Jennie had a choice, she wouldn't give a damn about Rosie anymore. But it turns out she doesn't have a choice. And seeing Rosie still makes her stomach twist and her heart shatter all over again. And breaking the hand that the boy has rested on Rosie's hip right now is looking like a very tempting option.

"I don't care." She bites out, betraying the claim when her eyes dart over to Rosie again. The boy's impossibly close to her now, and Rosie's discomfort is evident on her face.

Krystal follows Jennie's gaze, turning back to the Slytherin and rolling her eyes, "Sure you don't." She chuckles, fingers tracing circles against the back of Jennie neck. She tilts her head curiously, peering up at the girl, "You don't have to do this alone, you know."

That catches Jennie's attention, the taller girl frowning as she looks back at Krystal, "Sorry?"

Krystal smirks, shrugging, "I've been through a bad breakup before." She says, leaning up so her lips ghost Jennie's, "Sometimes another warm body is exactly what you need."

Her breath hits Jennie's lips, Krystal leaning in as if to kiss her only to then pull back with a mischievous grin, Jennie watching her with a bemused expression.

"Thanks for the dance, Jennie." She purrs, hand trailing down Jennie's arm teasingly, "Let me know if you decide you're interested."

Jennie watches as Krystal stalks off, cursing under her breath and eyes immediately seeking Rosie out again. Her jaw tightens when she sees the boy has Rosie pressed backed against the wall, and Jennie's hand reaches for her wand immediately. With a subtle flick and murmured words, a squeak comes from where the boy stands, antlers beginning to grow out of his head.

A smirk traces Jennie's lips as he looks around in alarm, finally running off and leaving Rosie be. Then Jennie catches Rosie's knowing gaze on her and her amusement sobers, the Slytherin turning on her heel and leaving the room.

Jennie finds solace back in the kitchen with the bottle of firewhisky, pouring herself a generous amount into a cup and staring at the liquid as it swirls around in the glass. Her brief enjoyment of hexing the boy has diminished and instead has been replaced with an annoyance over the fact that she cared enough to hex him in the first place.

She swigs back her drink, consuming it in one gulp. A sharp breath leaves her lips as the liquid makes its way down , Jennie wondering whether she should just make a break for it and head back to the castle now.

She's angry.

Which, honestly, isn't anything new lately. Merlin, she just wants to reach the point where she's okay again. She just wants to stop thinking about Rosie every second of every damn day. She reaches for the bottle to pour herself more of the liquor when someone stumbles into her back, knockingJennie against the counter.

"Watch it." She hisses, bristling when she only receives a laugh in return.

The insult on the tip of Jennie's tongue dies when she turns to find Doyeon standing there.

"I come in peace." The Ravenclaw grins, holding her hands up in surrender.

Jennie's jaw tightens and she rolls her eyes, turning back to the counter.

"Wow, someone's moody tonight." Doyeon says, sidling up next to her, "You and Krystal were getting cosy out there."

Jennie chuckles darkly, meeting Doyeon's gaze with an unkind smirk, "What? Are you jealous?"

The girl's face falls at the snarky response, and Jennie adds 'being a to Doyeon' to her list of things to be angry with herself for.

Doyeon recovers from it with ease though, and simply scoffs, "No, definitely not jealous." She shakes her head, "Worried, would be the better word for it."

The Slytherin's scowl dies, "Well... there's nothing to worry about."

"Really?" Doyeon arches an eyebrow, "Because the way you're acting says something different." Her gaze softens, "I saw you send that hex at the guy Rosie was talking to."

"I didn't cast any hex-" Jennie finds Doyeon's disbelieving expression looking back at her and she lets out an irritated breath, "He was obviously making her uncomfortable. I was just trying to look out for her."

Doyeon scrunches her nose up, "You sure jealousy didn't play a little bit of a part in that?"

"I'm not jealous." Jennie bites out quickly, glaring at the Ravenclaw.

She can't be jealous. Jennie ended things. Jennie chose to let Rosie go.

"Either way, Jennie." Doyeon sighs, "It's not your responsibility to look out for her anymore."

"It's not a big deal."

"Isn't it?" Doyeon pushes, "I'm guessing your chat with her earlier didn't go well. You looked like you were on a mission out there with Krystal."

"How the hell was it supposed to go?" Jennie scoffs, "And I was dancing with Krystal because I wanted to. Roseanne had nothing to do with it."

Doyeon lets out a sigh, "Look, Jennie, I've been trying to keep from being that friend that lectures you but... the way you're dealing with all of this isn't healthy."

Jennie scoffs, "You don't know what you're talking about."

"You've been shutting out everyone since the break up. And now you're at this party flirting with another girl in front of Chaeyoung and hexing the first guy who shows her any interest. Not to mention you're throwing back that firewhisky like it's your new best friend."

Doyeon's hand darts out when Jennie reaches for her cup, the Ravenclaw sliding it out of her reach with a stern look, "This isn't how you get over someone."

Jennie glares ahead of her, "You know, Doyeon, as fun as they are, I'm really not up for a Ravenclaw interrogation right now." She spits.

"Well too bad." Doyeon says, "I'm your friend, and as your friend I'm telling you that you need to start looking after yourself."

"Maybe." Jennie grumbles, straightening up so she looks down at Doyeon, eyeing her challengingly, "Or maybe I just need a warm body."

Jennie can feel the firewhisky driving her words, igniting the anger and frustration inside of her. She thought she wanted someone to tell her how to move on. Turns out, having Doyeon's 'reality check' is about the last thing she wants. It's unfair. The breakup should have helped her; not caused her only more turmoil.
Doyeon doesn't show any signs of being intimidated under Jennie's dark gaze, not budging an inch as the Slytherin towers over her.

"I think that's the last thing you need." She clips back, "You're not that type of person, Jennie. Like it or not, you care about people. Meaningless won't help you forget about your feelings for Chaeyoung."

"Who says it has to be meaningless?" Jennie says, moving so Doyeon is pressed back against the counter. Doyeon frowns, watching Jennie as the Slytherin's hands come to rest either side of her on the counter, caging Doyeon in. "I care for you, don't I?" Jennie murmurs, face inches away from Doyeon's.

The girl swallows, leaning back in an attempt for some space only to have Jennie edge closer, "As a friend, yes."

Jennie chuckles, "We've been more than friends, though."

"And it didn't work out." Doyeon lets out an anxious breath, "You're hurting, Jennie. Don't make the mistake of pushing away someone who's trying to help you."

"I'd say this is the complete opposite of pushing you away." Jennie murmurs, smirking when she rests a hand at Doyeon's hip, the Ravenclaw's breath hitching at the touch, "Come on, Doyeon." She grins, "What's revisiting a little history between two friends?"

"Foolish." Doyeon answers.

"Or fun." Jennie quips, "Tell me you haven't thought about it." She husks, "Tell me you haven't thought about being with me again."

"I haven't thought about it."

Jennie smirks, leaning in so her lips are a bare inch from Doyeon's, "Liar."

She doesn't wait for Doyeon's response before kissing her, the Ravenclaw hesitating for a moment before reciprocating. Jennie kisses her with a determined pace, fingers entangling in Doyeon's hair and pushing harder into it. She attempts to forget Rosie, attempts to focus on Doyeon and not make comparisons.

Doyeon is gorgeous, and smart, and fun and... so not Rosie. And that's a good thing. At least, it should be, right?

Unfortunately, her heart's yet to get with the program. And all Jennie can focus on is how Doyeon's lips aren't quite as soft as Rosie's, and how her kisses don't ignite the same fire inside of Jennie that a simple glance from Rosie would.

The kiss is hard and angry, and Jennie's just desperately trying to feel something that resembles the passion she once shared with Rosie. But she can't; and it's empty.

A hand pushes at Jennie's chest and the Slytherin willingly pulls back at Doyeon's prompt, breaking the kiss. She knows venturing further is fruitless, and the reality of what's conspired sobers her almost immediately.

Their breaths are heavy, faces flushed as the friends meet one another's gaze.

"You don't want this, Jennie." Doyeon says softly, eyes filled with sympathy for the older girl.

Jennie nods, accepting the statement and swallowing the lump in , "I- I'm sorry." She breathes, voice wavering, "I just- I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay." Doyeon smiles, guiding Jennie a step back, "Go back to school, okay?" she says, "Clear your head."

Jennie takes Doyeon's advice, muttering out a goodbye before escaping from the thick air that's inside the kitchen. It's past curfew, which means that the tunnel that runs between the Shrieking Shack and Hogwarts is the best bet for getting home without being caught out. Jennie pushes through the crowds, heading to where the entrance is and making her way down the steps and into the tunnel.

There's a group of students ahead of her making their way back to school as well, but Jennie's attention is immediately drawn to where a familiar silhouette is pressed back against the tunnel wall by someone.

As it turns out, the boy who had been flirting with Rosie managed to undo the hex Jennie cast on him, and was apparently eager to continue what he'd started with the Gryffindor. Jennie can hear Rosie's awkward rejections as she approaches, and when the boy only continues his advances the Slytherin can't stop herself from intervening. Her hand grasps at his shoulder, yanking the boy back forcefully and turning on him as he lets out an annoyed grunt.

"What the hell, man?" he complains, stumbling back drunkenly.

"Go back to the party." Jennie drawls, "You're wasting your time."

"How about you mind your own business-"

Jennie's wand is at his throat immediately (and the Slytherin notes that her habit of threatening people due to Rosie-related issues probably isn't a very good habit).

"Go back to the party." She snarls, digging her wand against his neck harder.

"Are you ing serious- ugh- whatever." The boy rolls his eyes, turning on his heel and heading back up the staircase towards the Shrieking Shack.

Jennie returns her wand to its holster inside of her jacket, glancing back at Rosie with an irritated expression. "Coming down to the tunnels with some guy you hardly know?" she questions, shaking her head in disbelief, "Real smart, Rosie."

Rosie's look of surprise is replaced with a glare, the Gryffindor pushing off of the wall and straightening out her shirt, "I didn't come down here with him." She spits, insulted by Jennie's insinuation, "He followed me."

"Well coming down here by yourself isn't any wiser."

"You're down here by yourself." Rosie counters, "And I didn't need you 'protecting me', by the way. I had it under control."

Jennie scoffs, "Oh, yeah, I could see that."

"You know what, Jennie?" Rosie bites out, "If you're going to keep insisting that you don't give a about me anymore, how about you start acting like it."
Rosie shoves past Jennie, heading down the tunnel back towards Hogwarts.

Jennie lets out a laugh of disbelief, following Rosie, "Oh, is that what you want me to do?" she says, "Because forgive me if I'm incorrect but weren't you practically begging me to admit my ing undying love for you earlier?"

"Undying love." Rosie repeats, laughing bitterly, "Don't worry, Jennie. I've gotten the memo by now that you're long past that. Where is Krystal anyway?"
The Slytherin scowls, not responding and turning her gaze ahead of her as they walk.

"What? No snarky response?" Rosie pushes, "You don't want to rub it in? Tell me just how much you're over me? Hurt my feelings just that little bit more?"

Jennie's jaw tightens, pace quickening only to be matched by Rosie. She's not particularly surprised by Rosie's anger. After all, within their relationship Rosie was usually the quickest to end up losing her temper. And after tonight, she wasn't exactly expecting Rosie to continue acting like a kicked puppy.

Jennie's own anger is only added to as Rosie continues to taunt her though, the Slytherin unable to respond to the snarled words.

"Come on, Jennie, don't go soft on me now." Rosie says, "I was actually beginning to believe half the bull that comes out of your mouth." Rosie steps in front of Jennie, bringing them to an abrupt stop and glaring up at her ex-girlfriend. "Don't you want to prove to me just how Slytherin you are?" she presses, "Or have you lost your bite already?" a smirk traces her lips, "Maybe you belong in Hufflepuff after all-"

Rosie doesn't get another word out as Jennie moves forward, hands grabbing the Gryffindor's face and lips crashing to hers with a fiery determination. Rosie reciprocates the kiss with matched fervour, soon finding herself shoved up against the hard bricks of the tunnel wall. Her hands grasp at the back of Jennie's neck, fingernails digging painfully into Jennie's skin and only further encouraging the Slytherin's harsh kisses.

It's rough, and hard, and Rosie's teeth bite down on Jennie's bottom lip until she's given access to force her tongue into the girl's mouth. Jennie lets out a growl over Rosie attempting to assert dominance and her body presses forward against her, kissing her harder. Even through the frustration and anger driving the kisses, it feels right. It feels passionate. It feels like exactly what Jennie was so desperately trying to find in Doyeon's lips.

And she hates that it's Rosie who she instead finds it in.

"This doesn't mean anything." She snarls in-between kisses, voice husky with need.

Rosie chuckles darkly against Jennie's lips, "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Jennie pulls back and meets Rosie's wild eyes with what she hopes is cold green, their harsh breaths mixing together and bouncing off the walls of the empty tunnel.

"I'm serious." She bites out, "It doesn't mean anything."

Jennie sees Rosie's jaw clench, a full-blown storm in her lust-filled gaze. When Rosie attempts to pull her into another kiss the Slytherin resists her hold, waiting for a response.

Rosie glares at her for a moment, eventually letting out an exasperated sigh and rolling her eyes, "ing fine." She hisses out.

Rosie's nails dig into Jennie's neck harder, yanking her back to her lips once more. It rings all too close to their first kiss, only there's more than lust and curiosity driving their actions, and this time they know one another's bodies like the back of their hands. And they use the knowledge to better one another.

When they end up at Jennie's dorm there's no hesitance, and there are no hushed affirmations between them. It's all greedy hands and harsh touches, and lips seeking to leave the other with bruises that match the emotional pain with the physical. Rosie attempts to breath out affections in-between, but Jennie silences them with .

She tells herself it doesn't mean anything. Reminds Rosie that it doesn't mean anything.

But when her name tumbles from Rosie's lips, she knows.

It's always going to mean something.

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