slytherins do it better

Rosie spends the night with Jennie, leaving in the morning to help her friends organize the event they had been discussing at the dinner in Hogsmeade.

Jennie attempts not to look too disappointed when her girlfriend says she has to leave, but her ability to repress her feelings these days is growing thin.

Honestly, she’d half-hoped Rosie would spend the day with her, after the state Jennie had been in the night before. But considering their planned date for the evening, the Slytherin doesn’t voice her complaints to her girlfriend.

Now, as she stands at the top of the Astronomy Tower, twenty-minutes after the time Rosie was supposed to meet her, Jennie’s wishing she had said something after all. It baffles her that the caring girl from the night before is somehow the same one to fail to show up right now.

Jennie wants to believe there’s a good reason for it, but she can’t help but feel as though this is just another case of Rosie letting her down. Still, she waits another forty-minutes until she finally accepts that her girlfriend is a no-show, packing up the blanket and food she’d had prepared for their date and making her way back to the dungeons.

Luck isn’t on Jennie’s side, and as she goes to leave the tower, she discovers that none other than the school poltergeist, Peeves, has been watching her.

“Awww heartbroken Kim Jennie!” the poltergeist cackles as he follows Jennie down the staircase of the tower, “A wee little picnic basket and no one to share it with.”

“ off, Peeves.” Jennie drawls, ducking out of the way as he swoops at her head.

“Did your pet Gryff run away?” Peeves continues to taunt, “Slimy Slyths and Greasy Gryffs are a nasty combo.” He sings, “You should know better!”

Jennie’s free hand quickly finds her wand and with a wave the poltergeist is shot back against the wall of the corridor. Peeves lets out a yelp, but it’s not long before he gathers himself and flies back over to the Slytherin, levelling with the picnic basket.

“Got anything tasty in there for your pal Peeves?”


“Aw, come on Kim. Cute little Rosie Posie’s not gonna have any.” He grins, “That’s what you call her isn’t it? I’ve heard it. Loved up Jennie and her Rosie. Where is she anyway?” Jennie ignores him, pulling the picnic basket away as Peeves attempts to take a peek inside. “I wonder,” Peeves cooes, “Maybe she’s dumping you.”

“- just take it!” Jennie hisses, dropping the picnic basket and picking up her pace.

Peeves cackles behind her, his taunts continuing up until Jennie rounds the corner of the corridor and manages to make her escape.

When she finally reaches the Slytherin dungeons and walks into the common room, she doesn’t even register Taehyung and Nayeon playing chess near the window.

“Hey.” Nayeon calls as Jennie storms past them, making her best friend come to a stop, “I thought you and Mila had a date?”

Jennie glances down to where Taehyung’s knight is demolishing one of Nayeon’s pawns. Man, she wishes she could take part in a life-size version of the game right now.

“Did you have another fight?” Taehyung asks, looking up from the board, “It’s not even curfew yet.”

“Hm.” Jennie grunts, “Fighting would require her to have been there.”

“Ouch.” Taehyung mutters, wincing in response, “Maybe she got caught up with something.”

“Or someone.”

“I’m sure she has a good reason.” Nayeon offers, “Did you want to play some Exploding Snap with us? I got a new deck last week.”

“No, it’s okay.” The other girl grumbles, “I’ll just be in my room if you need me.”

“You sure?” Nayeon looks at her worriedly, clearly wanting her friend to remain with them instead of secluding herself to her dorm.

Jennie just nods quickly, offering a weak wave before heading up the staircase. When she enters her room Jennie quickly crosses the space to collapse on her bed, only realizing Nala’s presence when she feels a furry head nudging at her shoulder. The Slytherin peers up with a groan, glaring at the kneazle.

“You know, your owner’s a real .” Nala looks back at her with big black eyes and Jennie wouldn’t be surprised if the intelligent creature had caught onto her mood.

The kneazle butts her head against Jennie’s shoulder until the girl rolls onto her back in defeat, allowing Nala to make herself comfortable on top of her.

“Well, at least you still like spending time with me.” Jennie grumbles, taking comfort in Nala’s affections.

Because hey, maybe she’s kind of warmed up to the kneazle.

Not that she’d ever admit to that.

Besides, the thing spends more time occupying Jennie’s dorm room than up in Gryffindor Tower. Although Jennie’s fairly certain that’s due to the fact that Nala can watch the creatures of the Great Lake swim around on the other side of Jennie’s window.

Jennie spends a while sulking on her bed before she eventually manages to at least retrieve a book to read, hoping to take her mind off of the whole weekend’s occurrences.

An hour passes before her door opens, Rosie bursting into the room. Nala startles at the sound, jumping off of Jennie’s lap and moving to the windowsill with a disgruntled look.

“Aw, Nala.” Rosie laughs, walking over to the kneazle and paying her an appropriate amount of attention to get her purring again.

Jennie peers up from her book when Rosie turns back to her, expecting some form of an apology to roll off of the girl’s tongue. She’s surprised when nothing comes, Rosie instead meeting her gaze with an oblivious smile,

“Hey, you.” She grins, stalking over to the bed. Jennie frowns as Rosie climbs onto the bed, moving to straddle her with a playful expression as she plucks the book out of Jennie’s hands.

“Where’ve you been?”

“At the Gryffindor event.” Rosie answers, as if it were obvious. As if she hadn’t had plans with Jennie in that time. “It got boring though.” The Gryffindor continues, leaning in to press a kiss to the underside of Jennie’s jaw, not noticing how her girlfriend stiffens at the contact. “I wanted to see you instead.”

Jennie’s jaw tightens, “Right.”

Rosie leans forward to kiss Jennie only to find it quickly cut short, Jennie turning her head and prying the girl’s hands away from her face.

“What?” Rosie frowns, eyeing Jennie, “Is something wrong?”

Jennie would laugh at the question if her heart weren’t too busy crumbling in her chest.

“No, nothing’s wrong.” She mutters dryly, her skin prickling at the way Rosie’s hands rest on her shoulders, thumbs making what she probably thinks are soothing circles. It’s as though she’s preparing herself to play the ‘healer’.

As though she’s not the whole reason Jennie feels like she can hardly breathe under the weight of her emotions.

“Jennie.” Rosie prompts softly, “You’re upset. I can tell.”

Jennie swallows, glaring to the side of her room. The fact that Rosie genuinely forgot about their date somehow hurts more than the idea of her knowingly choosing to be elsewhere.

At least then, there might be some valid reasoning involved. But instead, she has forgotten.

And it’s almost poetic, because that’s exactly what Jennie’s been feeling ever since they came back to Hogwarts.

“You forgot about our date.” She mumbles eventually, feeling Rosie’s ministrations immediately still at her words.

The Gryffindor’s eyes widen, “Oh my god,” she says, realization hitting her, “The Astronomy Tower.”

“Yup.” Jennie clucks, “Can you get off me now?”

Rosie doesn’t move, hands gripping Jennie’s shoulders, “Jen- babe, I’m so sorry I swear I- I completely forgot-”

“Well I figured that part.” Jennie chuckles darkly, opting to move Rosie off her lap herself and getting up from her bed, desperate to be as far away from the younger girl as possible.

Rosie watches Jennie helplessly for a beat before she also climbs off of the bed, scrambling over to her, “Please- Jen, believe me I didn’t realize-”

“Is that supposed to be an excuse?”

“No.” Rosie shakes her head firmly, “No- I know it’s not. Things have just been really crazy lately-”

Jennie laughs loudly, “You know what? Just leave.” She says, “I can’t do this right now.”

“What?” Rosie backs off at that, hurt written on her features, “No… I’m not going to leave.” She says weakly, “I’m sorry-”

“Are you, though?” the Slytherin bites back, “Because honestly my feelings seem to be the last of your concerns lately.”

“That’s so far from the truth.” Rosie defends, “I love you, Jennie.”

“Merlin, do you think that saying you love me is some magical fix for everything?” Jennie groans, “You know, it’d be nice for you to actually prove it; just once.”

“How am I supposed to ‘prove it’?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe by actually thinking about my feelings once in a while. Hell, if you cared that much about me, you never would have even left me today. But no, you just had to go and do whatever the hell you were doing with your friends.” She scoffs, “Honestly, I’m surprised I even got your attention last night. What? Were your friends not around?”

“That’s unfair.” Rosie snaps back firmly, “I was there because I wanted to be there for you.” She says, “I’m sorry that I forgot about tonight but I didn’t intentionally miss it.”

Jennie shakes her head in disbelief, “What? Because that makes it so much better?”

“You’re still upset about quidditch-”

“Of course I’m still upset about that!” Jennie cracks, “And it doesn’t ing help that instead of being with me today, you were with the person who put me in this ing position in the first place!” she exclaims, “If it wasn’t for Sooyoung, I would have been fine yesterday! So yeah, I think I’m entitled to feel upset about quidditch. And I’m also entitled to be upset with you.”

Rosie shifts in her spot, avoiding angry cat-like-eyes, “You said you wanted me to be friends with her again.”

“Of course I said that!” Jennie says, “I mean, you’ve made it pretty ing clear that when it comes to me and her, I’m the second choice. Do you really think I was going to fight that situation and just have you pick her over me for the hundredth time?! And I said I wanted you to be her friend again, not that I wanted you to ignore me in return!” Jennie let out a dark laugh, “But I guess I just have to settle for being your number two again, don’t I? Because perfect Gryffindor Park Sooyoung always comes first in Park Chaeyoung’s book. No matter how much she doesn’t ing deserve it. Do you know how tiring it is, constantly keeping myself in check and trying to be perfect for you, while she can treat you like absolute and still have you following her around like a ing puppy?”

“I’m trying to fix my friendship with her!”

“And what? You’re fine with ruining us in the process?”

Rosie runs a frustrated hand through her hair, looking at Jennie pleadingly, “Just give it time. I’m just trying to get her used to us being together. I can’t just suddenly shove our relationship down . I promise, it’s not going to be like this forever.”

“Roseanne, she’s never going to be more accepting of you dating me.”

“She might be.”

“And if she isn’t? What happens then? Do I just have to settle for only getting you when Sooyoung doesn’t want you? Am I just expected to be okay with being your second choice?”

“You’re not my second choice!” Rosie exclaims, “Stop saying that!”

“Fine. Then prove it.” Jennie says, her composure cracking a little as she regards Rosie with an unsure expression, “Choose me.”

Rosie pauses, brow furrowing, “What?”

“Choose me.” Jennie repeats, a bit more confident, “I’ve never asked you to make a choice, Rosie. Not once. All I’ve wanted is for you to commit to being with me. But I guess I can’t have that while Sooyoung’s around.” She swallows, “So now… I’m asking you to make a choice.” Rosie’s own crumbling composure is evident as Jennie speaks, and the Slytherin’s face reflects a level of vulnerability that she’s never seen in the girl. “Choose me.” Jennie begs, the way she croaks out the ultimatum putting her uncertainty over Rosie’s answer completely on display.

“Jennie…” Rosie starts, eyes shimmering with dread of what her response will mean, “I’m not going to choose between you.”

Jennie’s eyes close at the sentence, the Slytherin attempting to hold back tears. When they open again she doesn’t meet Rosie’s gaze, letting out a choked laugh.

“Right.” She murmurs, nodding weakly, “I guess that’s a decision in itself, then, isn’t it?”

“No.” Rosie shakes her head firmly, stepping forward and reaching for Jennie’s hand, “This isn’t me choosing Sooyoung, Jennie." She says, “I’m not choosing.”

“That’s not how it works.”

“Why not? I can have both of you in my life, I know I can I just- let me try to make things work.”

“Rosie, it’s never going to get easier. Sooyoung and I are never going to get along and you are always going to be picking between the two of us. And I can’t keep being the one who loses out.”

“You won’t be-”

“Yes, I will be.” Jennie bites out, “I don’t fit in with your life right now. You have your own friends and your own thing going on and I’m not a part of it. And I thought I’d be okay with that but… I’m not.” She says, “I’m your girlfriend, yet I still feel like the Big Bad Slytherin who you’re too ashamed to date. That’s not okay, Rosie.”

Rosie’s lip quivers slightly and Jennie has to stare at the floor to stop herself from attempting to kiss away the tears that are beginning to fall from the girl’s eyes.

“Please, Jennie.” Rosie breathes, “Don’t do this. I just need time.”

“All I’ve done since the day I met you is wait. You can’t keep asking me to do that.”

Rosie’s hand covers as she fails to hold back a soft sob, the Gryffindor visibly fighting to keep herself together, “I- Jennie- I love you.” She chokes out, stepping forward again and looking up at the girl pleadingly, “We can figure this out.”

Jennie doesn’t flinch away when Rosie thumb brushes against her cheek, wiping away a tear she hadn’t known had fallen.

“I’m tired, Rosie.” She says, defeated, “I want to believe that things could change but I don’t see any way of it happening right now.”

“So what? You’re just going to give up?” Rosie says, anger entering her tone, “You don’t even want to try?”

“Don’t do that.” Jennie bites out, “Don’t make me feel like the bad guy.”

“You’re the one trying to throw our relationship away!”

“You’re the one who made it get to a point where I feel like I have to!”

Rosie flinches at that, backing down under Jennie’s glare, “I just… I don’t understand how you can want this.” She mumbles out.

“I don’t want this.” Jennie says, “I want you, Rosie. Because you are my first choice.”

“Then why are you trying end it?”

“Because right now, wanting you is doing nothing but hurting me.”


“Just stop, okay?” Jennie snaps, “It’s over. Now can you just… can you leave?”

Rosie shakes her head, “I’m not letting you go.”

“Yes, you are. I gave you a choice Rosie, so live with it. If you care about me at all, you’ll let me move on.”

The younger girl’s eyes are red from the tears that mark her cheeks, and Jennie’s sure she mirrors the broken look on Rosie’s face.

“I can’t lose you.” Rosie says, voice wavering. It takes everything in Jennie to meet Rosie’s gaze, hating the fact that she’s causing the pain so clearly etched into the girl’s features.

“Then you should have tried harder to keep me.”

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