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That Friday, Jennie sits in the Quidditch locker room after a particularly disappointing practice session with her team.

Even though her shoulder is finally healed, the Slytherin has been freaking about going back to her usual way of playing all week and after another stunted play session, Jennie is about to drop her broom.

Jennie has always been known for her speed on the field and her ability to maneuver through defenders with ease. If you saw her during training now, you would never make such an assumption. Sure, she's not playing terribly. But it doesn't come close to the quality of game she offered before her injury. And with the game against Ravenclaw two weeks away, Jennie feels increasingly discouraged in her chances of being recognized by the recruiters.

It doesn't help that the week didn't go well for her overall, either.

Turns out, it's not that much fun sharing Rosie with Park Sooyoung. Who could have known? She's trying not to be too possessive of a girlfriend, because actually, Jennie has had Rosie by her side for the past two weeks during the girl's fight with Joy. But now that she's gotten used to having her girlfriend's attention almost 100% of the time, it's a lot harder to adjust to having to organize times when they can hang out. It's almost like going back to when they used to sneak away; always seeing each other only when the Gryffindor could.

Rosie wants to fix her friendship with Joy, which Jennie fully understands. But she just wishes that for that to happen, she doesn't have to lose most of her time with Rosie.

In her excitement about having her best friend back, Rosie has spent most of her time among her housemates with Joy, having only short periods of time to see Jennie. Rosie has returned to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with her house and adding her classes, the couple only have the hours after school to see each other. And Rosie almost always ends up spending most of her afternoon with her friends, so she usually goes to see Jennie in the late afternoon when they are both too tired to really make the most of each other's company.

Jennie has been holding back her complaints, knowing that it will only make her look selfish.

If she weren't holding on to tonight's date with Rosie, the Slytherin would probably be wandering the halls looking for students to hand out detentions.

"It's a matter of time before you get back to normal." Nayeon says softly as she walks past Jennie, patting the girl's shoulder. "We just need to practice a lot more, okay?"

"It doesn't seem to be working right now." Jennie mutters unhappy, just wanting to get out of the changing rooms and go spend the rest of the night with her girlfriend.

"Jennie, everything will be fine." Nayeon says firmly. "The recruiters will notice you."

"They will see me giving the bare minimum."

"Don't be like that. It's your first week back, give it some time and you'll be back in shape."

Jennie lets out a defeated sigh, shaking her head. "We'll see." She says suspiciously. "Sorry." She adds, looking at her friend. "I'm just mad at myself. I should have been careful before this game, not playing rough with Park Sooyoung."

"Okay..." Nayeon says, giving her best friend a smile. "You have a date with Rosie tonight, right?"

The other Slytherin nods.

"Good." Nayeon smiles while giving her friend a thumbs up. "Have fun with your girlfriend and stop worrying about Quidditch. It will only make things worse."

Jennie takes the advice and when she leaves the locker room and finds Rosie waiting for her, a genuine smile appears on her lips. Though then she sees the guilty smile Rosie returns, and Jennie's smiles quickly drop, knowing that she won't like what the girl has to say.

"Hi." Rosie says, kissing her softly on the lips. "How was practice?"

"Hard." Jennie mutters, allowing her girlfriend to grab her broom as they walk back to the castle. "I don't know how I'll be for the Ravenclaw game."

"You'll be fine," Rosie says squeezing her hand. "You're Jennie Kim. A stupid injury won't stop you."

Jennie sighs. "Honestly, I don't want to think about this now." She says, looking at Rosie with a smile. "I was thinking we could go to the Astronomy Tower, what do you think?"

'Thinking' is probably an understatement. Jennie planned the date days ago, asking the house elves to make her a picnic basket for her and Rosie to take to the Tower. Having a date inside Hogwarts is difficult, so Jennie has been very excited to surprise Rosie with a cute date.

Although the girl's smile falls at this suggestion. "Um- about tonight..." she begins doubtfully. "Can we trade it for another night? Joy wants to spend time with me."

Jennie fails to hide her disappointment. "Oh."

"Really, I'm sorry, Jen." Rosie says. "But I really want things with Joy to be as normal as it was. I need to spend more time with her."

"Fine. I-um, okay." She nods, offering her girlfriend a fake smile. "We can go there another day."

"Are you sure?"


Rosie smiles, kissing Jennie's cheek. "You're the best."



Rosie returns with Jennie to her bedroom trying to make up for her canceled plans, but when the Slytherin has showered and dressed, her girlfriend quickly leaves to meet Joy.

Jennie doesn't want to be so upset about what happened, but she's been looking forward to spending time with Rosie all week. Instead, she is now sitting alone in her bedroom, angered by her poor performance in practice and trying to study. She is considering to study for Potions clases when she hears a knock on the door and Nayeon looks inside with a soft smile.

"Hi, Jen." Nayeon says happily, going inside her room. "What happened to your date?"

Jennie looks at the ceiling, shrugging her shoulders. "Roseanne had plans."

Nayeon frowns. "Seriously?"


The captain looks at her friend. "So you're gonna spend the night here? Studying?"

"That's the plan."

"It's friday."

"I know."

Nayeon lets out a sigh. "You know, although I like the 'new Jennie', the 'old Jennie' would never be at her room at a Friday night."

"Old Jennie didn't have much of a history in getting dumped."

The other Slytherin rolls her eyes. "Get up. Ravenclaw is throwing a party and we-" she smiles. "Are invented."

"Why should I go?"

"Uh, because is fun?" Nayeon laughs. "You don't need to be with Rosie to have fun. She dumped you, it . But it doesnt mean your night is ruined."

"I don't want to go to a party."

"You don't have option. Now get up before I hex you."


Nayeon manages to drag Jennie into the Ravenclaw Tower and surprisingly, Jennie is really glad she did. They went to the party with a small group of Slytherins and the time spent with their housemates is actually what Jennie needed. She drinks more than she should, because she is still angry about the outcome of her night and the way the firewhiskey burns as it travels down is almost therapeutic.

The Slytherin is in the middle of a puzzle game and alcohol when a familiar hand squeezes her side playfully, Jennie deflects her drinking buddies to find Doyeon smiling at her.

"Hello you." The Ravenclaw greets her. "Long time no see."

Jennie looks at Nayeon and the girl just shrugs, turning her attention back to Momo.

"Um, hi." Jennie smiles awkwardly. "I'm sorry about that... I've been busy."

"With your girlfriend?" Doyeon laughs.

When Jennie mouths opens a little, the other girl laughs laudly.

"Don't worry, it doesn't bother me." She smiles. "It's good to see you with someone. I mean, I'm just surprised this someone is from Gryffindor."

Jennie laughs, feeling a little bit more comfortable. "Me too. Apparently, I like the drama."


The Slytherin shrugs, deciding that she doesn't want to touch the topic and taking a sip of her drink. "So what are we celebrating today?" she says, realizing that she never asked Nayeon.

"One of the seventh year was accepted into a Healing program in Sweden." Doyeon smiles. "Although I think this is more of an opportunity for the seventh years to drown their envy in alcohol." She smiles.

Jennie smiles. "That sounds more accurate."

"What are you doing here?" Doyeon frowns. "I haven't seen you at a Ravenclaw party lately."

"My date was...canceled." Jennie shrugs while making a funny face. "Nayeon thought that I should have fun."

"And where's your girlfriend right now?"

"Doing what she thinks is more fun than going out with me." Jennie makes a pause, her frown deepening, the alchohol is definitely hitting her.

"Auch..." Doyeon laughs. "Trouble in paradise?"

"I'm just learning how to share." Jennie explains. "But, since I'm an only child, I'm not good with doing it so."

"Is this about Joy?"

"How do you know?"

Doyeon shrugs. "You two haven't been, you know, keeping your rivalry a secret." She laughs. "She's Chaeyoung's friend, right?"

Jennie sighs. "Yes. And that's why I'm here." She gives her a fake smile. "Trying to pretend that I'm fine being her second choice."

The Ravenclaw watches as her friend drinks the rest of her drink. "You know? Some people talk to their girlfriends when there is a problem. I have heard that it is very effective."

"Yeah, but if I complain, I become the bad guy." Jennie says. "Anyway, I was the one who told Rosie to be friends with ing Sooyoung again. I can't complain if that's just what she did."

"Well if she's neglecting you, yes you can complain."

The Slytherin sighs. "We'll see... any suggestion?"

Doyeon smiles. "Make sure she realizes that you are not the second choice."


Jennie spends most of the night by Doyeon's side, catching up with the girl and forgetting Rosie in the company of a decent amount of firewhiskey. Most of the time she is wishing Rosie was there, and that thought only serves to upset Jennie more, feeling that she is more attached to the Gryffindor than Rosie is with her.

It is quite late when the Slytherins sneak back into the dungeons, using disillusionment spells to stay hidden from any potential professors on patrol. They burst into their common room with fits of intoxicated laughter, making a ruckus that undoubtedly wakes up several of their housemates in their bedrooms.

The students starts heading to their bedrooms, leaving Jennie with Momo and Nayeon, who are about to fall asleep curled up on the couch. Jennie decides to give the couple their privacy and murmurs good night before heading to her own bedroom. She laughs to herself while clumsily trying to open the door, and in the end she manages to do so and enter her room.

"Whoa." Jennie mutters with a laugh, tripping at herself while she tries to close the door behind her.

She doesn't realize a tired Rosie is watching her from the bed until she tries to kick off her shoes and stumbles into the closet.

"Are you drunk?" The Gryffindor ask.

Jennie looks at her bed with a confused look on her face. "Uh... what are you doing here?" she mumbles, her attencion going back to her shoes.

Rosie looks at her girlfriend. "I came to see you."

"Huh." The Slytherin responds, wondering how long her girlfriend was waiting for her. "What happened to Sooyoung?" she asks, pouting.

"We weren't going to be together all night." Rosie says. "I wanted to see you after."

Jennie laughs sarcastically, "Sorry, I didn't know I had to be here whenever you wanted."

Rosie notices Jennie's angry tone, but decides to ignore it and lets out a sigh. "You looked upset this afternoon."

"Really? Huh."

When Jennie doesn't make an effort to continue the conversation, Rosie moves around the room.

"Where were you?"

"At a party."


"Ravenclaw Tower."

Roie's jaw tightens. "Oh. Alright."

"Can you help me?" Jennie asks, looking at her girlfriend and trying to reach the zipper of her dress.

Rosie flicks Jennie's hair over the girl's shoulder and lets go of her dress. "Here you go." She says, looking at the toned muscles of Jennie's back.

A mischievous smile is placed on Jennie's lips as she turns around and sees where Rosie's gaze was set. "You like what you see?"

Rosie frowns, ignoring Jennie and helping her with her earrings, "How was the party?"


"Doyeon was there?"

"Yes." Jennie says, her eyes scanning the Gryffindor's face. "She's doing great, if you're wondering."

Rosie looks at Jennie's eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Jennie her lips, pulling away when the Gryffindor removes the last earring. "Nothing." She says, grabbing her accessories and placing them on top of her dresser.

She can feel Rosie's unimpressed gaze on her as she shuffles past the dresser, trying to remove her bracelet. Jennie knows it's wrong to intentionally try to anger her girlfriend. But Rosie bothered her first. And the Slytherin in Jennie demands a level of playing field.

What's wrong with reminding Rosie that if she doesn't pay attention to her, there are lots of other people who are willing to?

"Is this your way of getting revenge for me spending time with Joy today?"

"No. Of course." Jennie smiles. "We both can have friends that we don't like, right?"

"I have nothing against Doyeon." Rosie says, crossing her arms against her chest. "The difference is that Joy and I never had ."

Jennie turns around, looking at Rosie with a smirk. "You're jealous."

"No, I'm not."

"I hope you're not, really." Jennie laughs. "After all, you decided to spend time with your friend and not go on a date with me."

"That doesn't mean that I'm okay with you partying with your ex-girlfriend."

"Ex-friend with benefits. We never dated."

"Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake." Rosie rolls her eyes.

"You are jealous." The Slytherin says.

Rosie can't help staring at the girl's green lingerie as Jennie closes the space between them. She lets out a frustrated sigh, looking at Jennie but shaking as the girl's fingers caress her arm. "You're trying to make me jealous."

Jennie smiles, biting her lower lip. "Well..." she whisper, reaching for the zipper of Rosie's skirt. "Is it working?"

Rosie continues to stare at Jennie, feeling the girl's nails lightly scrape the bare skin between her skirt and her blouse as the older girl watches her. There is a defiant gleam in her eyes and Rosie almost wants to cast a spell on Jennie's face. Instead, her lips find Jennie in a hard kiss and her hands move to grab the Slytherin's waist as she pushes her back against the dresser.

Jennie kisses Rosie back hard, her frustrations from the past week coming to the surface as she turns them over and demands control of the situation. Her nails dig into Rosie's hips as she keeps the Gryffindor pressed against the dresser, leaving her red lipstick marked on the girl's lips before her attention is turned away. Rosie gasps as Jennie bites her neck, her hands finding the cat-eyed girl's dark hair and pulling hard to kiss her again.

"You're mine." Rosie says against Jennie's lips, when her girlfriend bites her jaw.

"Then prove it to me." Jennie says, shoving her thigh between Rosie's legs and getting a groan from the Gryffindor in return.

Rosie's fingers tug on the straps of Jennie's bra with enthusiasm, but her mission to undress the girl is interrupted when Jennie begins to move quickly towards the bed. As soon as Rosie's back hits the mattress, Jennie is on top of her, pulling the Gryffindor's shirt off and pulling her skirt up around her waist.

Jennie's kisses are hard, and her body presses Rosie against the mattress with need, almost like she's trying to prove a point. Rosie combines Jennie's touches with hers, her nails leaving rough scratches on the Slytherin's back and on her neck to mark her pale skin with dark bruises.

The room is filled with gasps and moans and neither of them knows which sounds are coming from whom, both lost in the pointless task of claiming the other as their own.

Rosie can't remember the last time Jennie treated her like anything other than a princess, and while the Slytherin attitude worries her, she can't help but savor the passion that drives the girl's apparent need to leave every possible mark on her skin. So she lets Jennie take over, repeating the affirmations of her love in the girl's ear.

The night is long and dizzying and when it ends, the two girls are exhausted and in pain.

Rosie snuggles up with Jennie on the silk sheets, biting her lower lip uncertainly as they lie quietly, unable to settle in to sleep after what happened between them. The Gryffindor risks a glance at Jennie, who frowns as her cat-like eyes stare up at the ceiling.

"Jennie?" she whisper, getting the girl's attention.

Jennie looks at Rosie with an indecipherable expression. "Yes?"

Rosie swallows, the marks she left on Jenie's collarbone.

"I'm sorry." She whispers. "I should have been with you today."

"It's fine."

Jennie's voice betrays her, and the Gryffindor lets out a sigh.

"Are you... is this about Quidditch?"

"Among other things." Jennie responds. "Nothing happens the way I want it to."

Rosie presses a soft kiss on Jennie's chest. "Maybe... maybe you can try spending more time with my friends?" She suggest. "If you guys get along, I wouldn't have to go back and forth between you."

Jennie pauses, because well, that's not the point.

Because if someone asked Jennie to choose between Rosie and her friends, she wouldn't have had to think twice to come up with an answer.

And Rosie would.

For Rosie, Jennie is not the first choice. Jennie is the person Rosie has to juggle, because she just doesn't fit into the world of  the Gryffindor. And Jennie is slowly starting to realize that maybe, no matter how hard she tries, that won't change.

Maybe she's just Rosie's second choice, and that's the way it is. Jennie wants to have in her the possibility to fight against that. But... despite her wounded ego and concern that Rosie just doesn't love her enough, Rosie remains Jennie's first choice.

So Jennie nods her head, faking the little smile she knows Rosie wants to see.

"Yes." She agrees. "Maybe that will work."







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