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Despite their plans, when Rosie and Jennie returned to Hogwarts on Monday night, the couple immediately find themselves in different directions.

While Jennie was away, a number of teammates decided to spy on Ravenclaw's Quidditch practice and from there they saw something and found enough reason to panic that it forced Nayeon to call an emergency meeting in the common room.

Which leads to Jennie's night locked in her bedroom with Rosie to be postponed. The curfew has passed when the planning of the new strategies comes to an end and Jennie thinks the trip to Gryffindor Tower is probably not worth it, knowing that the stupid painting that guards the Common Room of her girlfriend's house will never let her pass. However, after Nala somehow appears in her common room, Jennie is tempted to give it a try, simply so she can get rid of the creature.

So now, Jennie is sitting at the table eating her breakfast, exchanging glances with her girlfriend who is sitting at the table of her own house and waiting for the morning announcements and the mail to arrive so she can steal Rosie.

"Merlin," Nayeon says, looking at her friend in disbelief. "Seriously?"

Jennie catches Rosie's gaze and smiles. "What?" she responds, without looking away from her girlfriend.

"You guys spent the whole weekend together." Nayeon says, looking at Rosie and then back at her friend. "Can't I have breakfast without you two having with your eyes across the dining room?"

Jennie blushes and looks at Nayeon, "I'm sorry."

"So," Taehyung smiles. "You went away all weekend and still had no luck?"

Jennie rolls her eyes as the boy raises his eyebrows suggestively.

"We went to our houses, not on vacation. And no. Rosie has been very worried about my shoulder. We have hardly kissed since my injury."

Taehyung lets out a hiss, laughing. "And is Park Sooyoung still alive?"

"For now." Jennie mutters.

Eventually the owls begin to enter the Great Hall and after witnessing one of her housemates who had received a howler, Jennie decides to leave. She waits outside the large dining room impatiently, leaning against a column.

When Rosie appears, the Gryffindor's eyes catch up on Jennie and she starts walking over to where the girl is.

"You are late." she says smiling as Rosie walks over.

"I'm sorry," Rosie says, bitting her lower lip and hugging her girl. "Sir Nicholas decided to perform a sonnet. "She laughs, kissing Jennie.

Jennie smiled between the kiss, grabbing Rosie's waist. "I missed you this night."

"Of course you did," Rosie says, her lips pecking Jennie's over and over. "Are going to skip our lessons?"

"Mhmmm, let me think," Jennie smiles, kissing her girlfriend again. "Potion class or ? What a tough decision."

Someone clearing their throat attracts the girls' attention; Jennie and Rosie looking up to find Joy standing next to them.

Jennie almost rolled her eyes when she saw the girl.

"Hi." Joy says, looking extremely uncomfortable from the interaction between her rival and her best friend.

Rosie walks away from Jennie's arms, the Slytherin taking her girlfriend's hand.

"Hello." Rosie responds, smiling at the girl.

Joy looks between Jennie and Rosie, moving anxiously. "Um-I was wondering if now that you're back we can talk."

"Oh... now?" Rosie asks.

"If you're free." Joy nods.

"Uhm..." Rosie looks at Jennie with doubt. "Well, I'm-"

"It's fine," Jennie interrupts her, even if she wants to be so selfish right now, she knows better. "You two should talk." She smiles at Rosie, tucking a strand of hair behind Rosie's ear. "We can hang out later."

Rosie lets out a sigh she was holding in, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Jennie nods. "I shouldn't skip Transfiguration anyway. McGonagall is keeping an eye on me from last week's accident."

"What accident?" Rosie asks, frowning.

The Slytherin forms an 'O' with , looking like she didn't want to bring up the subject to her girlfriend.

She quickly places an innocent smile on her face, Rosie's hand. "Have fun!" She says, kissing Rosie on the cheek and turning her around without giving Rosie time to question her.

The blonde girl watches Jennie leaving, rolling her eyes. Honestly, she doesn't want to know what the Slytherin did. The less she knows about Jennie and her classmates' tricks, the better.

"So it was her." Joy mutters, catching Rosie's attention.


"Oh," Joy says. "A-uh... some third year boys were transformed into rabbits at the bookstore last week. They were lost all day before Madam Pince found them."

Rosie shakes her head, "Huh, do you know them?"

She is not surprised, really. With Jennie's bad mood last week from her shoulder, it was a miracle that few students were bewitched.

"I do not think so." Joy says, shrugging. "They are from Hufflepuff."

"Of course they are."

Joy says nothing, but when Rosie looks at the girl she can see the disapproving face of the Gryffindor. Rosie makes a mental note to scold her girlfriend later.

"So ..." Joy speaks. "Do you want to go to the Quidditch bleachers? I'm free, but I suppose you will skip class. The teachers don't monitor there."

Rosie smiles anxiously, nodding. "Sure."

The pair walk through the courtyard in silence, reaching the Quidditch pitch and heading to the Gryffindor benches.

"How was your weekend?" Joy eventually asks, her tone of voice being the one Rosie heard her use when she was in trouble with her parents.

"It was good." Rosie smiles, nodding. "Yours?"

The weird tension between them makes Rosie want to bury her head in the sand, hating how unnatural this feels. Before this year, the biggest rift they had was when she accidentally broke Joy's wand in her fourth year. Even so, Joy could only ignore Rosie for an hour before laughing again about the nonsensical things they always found to joke about. She has never experienced this with Joy.

She hates it.

"There was a little duelling tournament," Joy responds. "It was fun."


"I won undefeated. But without Kim here it doesn't count for much."

Rosie smiles doubtfully. "See? She's not that bad." She jokes. "You'd be bored if you were better than everyone."

Joy snorts, shrugging.

Rosie looks at her best friend, the other girl with a frown on her forehead as she tries to speak.

"I am so sorry for the Quidditch match." Joy says, looking at Rosie sincerely. "I didn't mean to hurt her like that, Chaeng. You know me... I'm not like that."

Rosie wants to say that she does, but honestly... when it comes to Jennie, Joy is far from the nice, kind girl she claims to be.

Joy sighs. "I was angry, and frustrated and I... I went too far."

"Thank you for apologizing." Rosie smiles. "But... it is with Jennie that you should do it. No with me."

"Yes." The other Gryffindor nods. "I know."

A silence falls over them before Joy speaks again.

"I've been trying to figure it out all weekend. You and her." Joy continues, sighing. "I don't want to be angry, Chaeng. But it hurts. I just... I don't understand. I've been trying to understand how it happened, but I can't."

"You don't need to understand," Rosie says. "I don't want you to. I just want you to accept us."

"You really love her?"

Rosie smiles, "Yes, I do."

Joy nods, looking defeated. "I'm never going to like her." She says weakly, looking at Rosie with a guilty expression. "I'm sorry, Chaeng, but... but that will never happen. I understand that you can't help how you feel about her, but I can't help it either."

"She's not a bad person, Joy." Rosie says. "Can you truste me?"

"It's not about not trusting you, it's about trusting her. I've hated her for years, and that's not going to change simply because she's dating my best friend now."

Rosie lets out a sigh. "So... what will happen?"

"I just want you to be my best friend again." Joy mutters. "So, I guess if Kim makes you happy, I need to learn to be okay with it."

Rosie nods, biting her lower lip. God. Couldn't she fall in love with a Hufflepuff?

"I'm sorry. I know it doesn't fix it... but I tried to avoid her or my feelings, I just- I never meant to hurt you, Joy. She just..." The Gryffindor sighs. "I don't know. One second we were arguing about a book and the next I couldn't get her out of my mind."

Joy smiles sadly. "It's okay." She nods. "I mean, I don't understand. But it's okay."

"I won't let this ruin our friendship." Rosie says. "I love you both. I'll make it work, I promise."

The other girls laughs, letting out a sigh. "This is so weird." She says, looking down at her hands before saying again. "I never thought I'd have to share my best friend with Jennie Kim."

Rosie smiles, "Trust me, I didn't see it coming either."


Rosie and Joy stay at the top of the Quidditch bleachers for a while, after talking for awhile the two friends begin to feel a little more comfortable with each other. Joy complains about her roommate snoring, whose snores got louder during Rosie's absence in her room in the last two weeks.

She asks Rosie for the password to the Slytherin common room, or at least some information on how she can get in there (because she hadn't forgotten that her team still needs revenge on the green house for their latest prank), but Rosie refuses to help the girl. To which Joy just rolls her eyes and says that she will do something with the pixies that Hagrid brought in for Care of Magical Creatures last week.

Soon they are laughing together and Rosie feels that maybe things are going to be okay between them.

When it's time for second period, Rosie decides to go with Joy to their shared Charms class, thinking she has little hope of seeing Jennie between classes anyway.

When she sees Jennie again, it is in the study room at the end of the day.

Joy's laugh is what gets Rosie's attention and she follows her friend's gaze to where Jennie is storming into the room with an exasperated expression.
Instead of the usual dark brown, Jennie's hair is bright purple and curled at its ends. In her arms is Nala, whose fur seems to have experienced the same experience as her girlfriend. A very funny Nayeon stands by Jennie's side as she follows her friend, who immediately heads straight for Rosie once she sees the girl.

Rosie can't help but laugh once Jennie approaches her, "What happened?"

"She happened!" Jennie says, holding Nala in front of her.

The younger girl pouts, catching the Kneazle. "Don't be a curel, I'm sure it wasn't his fault."

"Well, it wasn't my fault either!" Her eyes go to Joy, who continues to laugh at the image in front of her. "Shut up, Park." She says, getting another laugh from the Gryffindor.

"Oh Merlin." Joy wipes her eyes. "Are you really trying to threaten me when you're here looking like a Pygmy Puff?"

Jennie's face turns red from irritation and embarrassment. "I need you to lock this thing up in your common room before I release it into the Forbidden Forest myself." The Slytherin says, addressing her girlfriend.

Rosie rolls her eyes, looking at Nayeon as if she's waiting for an explanation.

"We had potions class." The girl smiles. "Nala jumped on top of Jennie when she was pouring Bubadox juice into her cauldron."

Joy laughs, "Why did you bring your Kneazle to a potion class?"

"It's not my ing Kneazle."

"She's mine," Rosie smiles. "I bought her this weekend."

"Unfortunately." Jennie mutters, glaring at some Gryffindors who were laughing at her.

She heads to grab her wand only to have Rosie's hand holding her wrist. "What if we don't cast a spell on anyone else this month?" Rosie says, glaring at Jennie.

"Miss Kim, Miss Im. I don't remember this being a Slytherin hall." Madam Pince says, looking irritated. "Shouldn't  you be in class?"

Jennie rolls her eyes, turning to the librarian. "No, ma'am. We were dismissed early."

"Well, that doesn't mean they can interrupt other students. Please have your conversation elsewhere."

The Slytherin bites her tongue, nodding and turning around.

"Miss Kim?" Madam Pince calls her back. "Please take your pet with you."

Jennie turns, looking at the purple Kneazle on top of Rosie's skirt. "It is not my pet." She mutters grabbing the Kneazle anyway as her girlfriend sends her an apologetic look.

"I love you." Rosie whispers, smiling at the pouting Slytherin before heading over to the exit next to Nayeon.


When Study Hall comes to an end, Rosie and Joy pack their things and head to Gryffindor Tower with the rest of their housemates.

Rosie tries to change and go straight to the dungeons to see her girlfriend, but as she is walking down the steps to her dorm and heading to the common room, Joy calls out her name. The other Gryffindor is sitting with one of her teammates, Kang Seulgi and the pair have excited expressions as Rosie approaches them.

"Hey." Rosie smiles at the girls hesitantly, letting out a soft laugh, "What's going on?"

"Are you doing something now?" Joy asks, an excited gleam in her eyes.

“Umm…I was going to see Jennie.” Rosie replies hesitantly, not missing the slight drop in her friend's smile. "But can I seeher a little later?" she offers.

"Oh, you don't have to." The other girl quickly asserts, some of the morning's weirdness returning.

"Oh, no. It's fine." Rosie assures. "What do you want to do?"

She just spent the weekend with Jennie. And Rosie feels like she needs to spend some time with Joy if she wants things to get back to normal. Immediately exchanging the girl for Jennie wouldn't exactly be the best way to start achieving normalcy.

Seulgi smiles at Rosie, "Hagrid has finally caught the pups Griffin he's been looking for." She says, her eyes swimming with excitement, "He said I could bring some people over to play with them after class."

"Puppies." Rosie says, heart already melting at the thought of little eagle/lion hybrids.

“Uh huh. So you're coming.” Seulgi takes her hand with a laugh, jumping out of her seat with Joy.

Rosie nods anxiously, following her friends out of the common room.


Rosie doesn't keep up with the time as she's playing with the Griffins' puppies down near Hagrid's hut and it's only after Joy mentions her rumbling stomach that she realizes that dinner's already past. And that she should have met her girlfriend much sooner. She quickly says goodbye to her friends after they've grabbed some food from the house elves in the kitchen and Rosie heads straight for the dungeons.

When she enters the Slytherin common room, Nayeon looks up from where she's curled up next to Momo on one of the sofas, offering Rosie a smile before nodding up the stairs towards the dorms. Rosie arches an eyebrow at Nayeon and Momo, but she simply smiles and makes her way to Jennie's room.

While she and Jennie hadn't explicitly made plans to go out that afternoon, Rosie is willing to bet her girlfriend was expecting her presence at some point. After all, they were supposed to spend the day together. So when Rosie open's Jennie's bedroom door, she wears a guilty expression.

Jennie is sprawled out on the bed, lying on her stomach with a book set aside while she sleeps; Nala sitting comfortably on her lower back.

"Love?" Rosie calls out softly, receiving only a meow from her purple make out.

Rosie smiles as Nala jumps off Jennie and goes to greet her, pausing beside the creature for a moment before walking over to the bed and climbing on top of Jennie, wrapping her arms around the Slytherin.

Jennie lets out a tired moan as she wakes up from the contact, feeling Rosie's lips against her neck gently, "Where have you been?"

“With Joy and Seulgi. Hagrid has new Griffins.” Rosie responds, nuzzling the crook of Jennie's neck, “I'm sorry I didn't realize what time it was.”

"It's fine." Murmurs Jennie, "I had to fix my hair anyway."

Rosie pulls away, legs on either side of Jennie as she inspects her girlfriend's hair.

Luckily  the hair is no longer with frizz, however, a shade of purple remains in the girl's locks. Although, to be honest, it's much lighter than it was earlier this afternoon.

"It's still purple." Rosie laughs, smiling as Jennie rolls under her and pouts.

"I casted like twenty spells before giving up." She mumbles, "I hope it goes away in the morning."

"And Nala?"

Rosie looks at the Kneazle, whose messed up state of furr indicates it's been messed up, but remains the same bright purple as before.

Jennie lets out a grunt,  "I think she likes purple.”

The Gryffindor smiles. "You took care of her." She says jokingly, "I thought you didn't like her."

Jennie rolls her eyes, “She looked crazy. If I let her walk around the dungeons like that, one of the third year idiots would no doubt try to bewitch her.”

“Uh huh. Sure." Rosie smiles.

The older girl looks at her, "Whatever." She huffs, fingers dancing over Rosie's thighs, "So are you and Joy friends again?"

"We are trying to be."

"That's nice."

"I wish you could be friends."

"Ha-ha, that's not going to happen." Jennie smiles. "But I can promise you I will try no to fight with her."

Rosie lets out a sigh and decides to change the subject. "Have you seen Momo and Nayeon out there?"

"What are you talking about?"

"They seem really close."

"Really?" Jennie smiles. "Maybe they're official now."

"What took them so long?"

"I don't know... maybe they were too obsessed with themselves." Jennie laughs.

"Uhm... they're truly are a Slytherin."

"You know? I was going to ask you out on Friday." The Slytherin says. "I think I'll invite someone else."

Rosie smiles. "Aw, don't be like that." She says with a funny pout and kisses Jennie on the lips. "Sorry."

When she leans back, Jennie's hand quickly wraps around the back of Rosie's neck, pulling her to her lips, deepening the kiss. Rosie smiles, falling on top of Jennie and placing her hands on either side of the girl's head, reciprocating the kiss with enthusiasm.

"I bought you a gift." She murmurs when Jennie gives her time to breathe.

Jennie kisses Rosie's shoulder, "No offense, but can it wait?"

Rosie just shrugs, kissing Jennie again as the other girl caresses her under her shirt. Her hips press against Jennie's enthusiastically, seeking some kind of friction and enjoying the way the Slytherin's nails dig into her skin. The cat-eyed girl removes her shirt and her lips kisses Rosie's collarbone, the Gryffindor emitting soft gasps as her girlfriend's teeth scrape her skin.

Rosie's fingers tug on Jennie's green tie until she manages to untie it and then the focus is on blindly releasing the buttons on her shirt. Rosie has almost accomplished her mission when a ball of purple fur leaps onto the bed, demanding the couple's attention with a loud moan.

Jennie's lips part from Rosie's skin and she lets out a defeated sigh as she flops onto the bed as Nala looks at her. "I think the universe hates me."

"One second." Rosie says, kissing Jennie on the cheek and getting off her girlfriend to pick up her pet. She opens Jennie's door and lets Nala out. "Okay, problem solved."

Jennie sits on the bed and frowns. "Today has not gone as I wanted."

"Sorry." Rosie pouts, joining Jennie on the bed. "Now I am all yours." She says, the Slytherin's hair.

"Promise me?"

Rosie smirks wickedly. "So what will you do with me?"

Jennie arches an eyebrow, her hands holding Rosie's waist. The Slytherin places her girlfriend on the bed and then moves onto her. "I think you have an idea."


In the morning, Jennie is happy to find her hair has returned to its usual dark brown color, and even happier to have her girlfriend lying next to her in bed.
It takes the couple a while to crawl out of bed and get ready for the day, only managing to gain the motivation to get away from each other after Nayeon threatens them with a lip blocking spell.

When they arrive at the Great Hall, Rosie goes to the table in her house, finding her old place next to Joy.

Jennie spends the breakfast staring at Momo and Nayeon with narrowed eyes, trying to find any hint of romantic interest that Rosie apparently saw the night before.

When lunch arrives later, Jennie and Nayeon wait outside the Great Hall for Rosie, having made plans to eat by the lake with other Slytherins. The two friends are in an argument about their next Potions project when Joy walks up to them, causing a frown on Jennie's forehead.

"Hello." Joy says a short salute. "Are you waiting for Chaeyoung?"

"Yes." Jennie says cautiously, "Why?"

"Oh, me too." Joy nods. "You two don't have plans, right?"

"We will have lunch together. Why?" Jennie frowns again.

"Some Gryffs will have lunch with Sir Nicholas. Well, we will have lunch. He'll just tell us a story from his dramatic past." Joy jokes.

Nayeon laughs at that, trying to make the tension between her best friend and the Gryffindor go away. "You're lucky your ghost is funny." She says. "The Bloody Baron just insults us all the time."

Joy smiles, "Yeah. He likes to insult some Gryffindors too."

Jennie is angry, looking at her rival. When the girl's attention returns to her, Jennie moves in her place eagerly.

"How is your shoulder?"


"I want to say I'm sorry." Joy says. "I didn't want to hurt you. I know we're not on good terms, but... I'm sorry."

"Oh..." Jennie says, eyes widen in surprise. "Thank you?"

Joy smiles, although her eyes show the pain the conversation causes her.

Fortunately, Rosie arrives and doesn't allow the awkward conversation to continue.

"Sorry, I was talking to my teacher." She says, giving Jennie a peck.

"Don't worry." Jennie gives her a smile. "Apparently you're not coming to lunch anymore?"

Rosie smiles and looks at Joy briefly. "Um- I mean... if you agree. We'll just be us, Gryffindors."

Jennie wants to protest, but decides not to. "It's okay." She says, unable to avoid the disappointed tone in her voice, but sends Rosie a smile. "See you later."

Rosie seems unaware of the fake smile on her girlfriend's lips and smiles back at her. "Definitely." She says, before grabbing her best friend's hand. "Bye, Nayeonnie!" She says over her shoulder.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Nayeon asks her best friend, looking at Jennie with insecurity.

Jennie shrugs. "No, but... I have to be, right?"




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