slytherins do it better

"What do you think of Nala?" Rosie asks, petting her new pet, watching her girlfriend get ready for dinner with her family.

Jennie is standing in front of the mirror, brushing her hair for te nth time.

"Nala?" The Slytherin frowns. "What kind of name is that?"

"Like the Lion King," Rosie smiles. "Simba's girlfriend."

When Jennie turns to look at the Gryffindor with a face of having no idea what the girl is talking about, Rosie rolls her eyes.

"The difference between our childhood scares me."

"True." Jennie smiles, turning to look at her reflection again.

"What do you think?" Rosie says, moving so she can see the creature's face, "Are you a Nala?"

Jennie lets out an annoyed sigh, looking at her hair and shaking her head, muttering a charm to straighten her hair again.

"You know it's the fourth time you've changed your hair now." Rosie states, looking back at the girl, "I don't know why you're changing it so much, they're just my parents."

"I never 'met the parents'. ” Jennie huffs, “I want them to like me.” She chews on her bottom lip, eyeing her reflection with a tilt of her head, "Do you think straight hair makes me look unapproachable?"

"I think you look perfect." Rosie responds, "It doesn't matter how you do your hair."

Jennie rolls her eyes, a smile on her lips despite herself, "You're not helping."

"They won't judge you based on your hair."

"You never know. First impressions matter.” Mumbles the Slytherin, charming her hair to form a gentle wave, "They need to look at me and see some sweet Hufflepuff." She says, inspecting the latest style, "Not a Slytherin who deflowered their daughter."

Rosie laughs, “Oh wow. You are very nervous.”

"Of course I am."

The Gryffindor smiles softly, moving the knead away from her and getting off the bed, walking over to Jennie.

"Be yourself." She says, plucking Jennie's wand from her hand before she changes her hair again, “And for the record”, she smiles, turning Jennie away from the mirror, wrapping her arms around her waist, “The Slytherin who' deflowered their daughter' is also the girl I'm in love with. They want to meet you.”

"Promise you won't break up with me if this goes wrong?"

The younger girl rolls her eyes, kissing Jennies's pout. "Have a little faith in yourself."

"Are you sure my hair is okay?" Jennie asks, looking at her reflection.

"Yes." Rosie laughs, grabbing Slytherin's hand and forcing her away from the mirror, "Come on, let's go before you change your mind another hundred times."

Jennie moans, giving in and pulling away to get her bags while Rosie picks the Kneazle up from the bed.

"I think she suits Nala." Rosie says when she joins Jennie once more, “I like that name.”

"Well, it's definitely better than 'Pongo'."

"I agree." Rosie smiles, taking her pet in her hands as she follows Jennie out of the girl's room.

The pair say goodbye to Jennie's parents and Jennie eventually apparates them to their destiny.

Not being able to risk apparating where a passing Muggle could easily see them (and not being able to simply apparate into Rosie's house, thanks to Jennie labeling as 'rude'), Rosie is content to direct them towards the privacy of her old tree house. When they arrive, the two girls are crouched slightly in the cramped space, Jennie letting out a scream as she bumps into a miniature table and chairs.

"Careful!" Rosie laughs, pulling her girlfriend forward. "Break something and you'll have an extremely grumpy Ryujin pouting at you."

Jennie grimaces, trying to set the small furniture upright with what little space she has.

"You know," she grumbles, "There's something called extension charm."

Rosie rolls her eyes "Yeah, because that wouldn't raise issues in a Muggle neighborhood."

"Right. Muggles.” nods Jennie, “I forgot about that for a second.”

"Let's go." The younger girl laughs, opening the small treehouse door and squeezing her way out, Jennie following behind her.

Jennie looks around Rosie's street as they walk across the Park's front lawn, watching the friendly movement in the area.

A group of children play some kind of muggle sport on the road, not paying attention to the two girls who have left the small house. Although one of the boys notices the Kneazle in Rosie's arms, looking confused by the creature. Rosie turns her back on the boy before he can look at the creature again, and walks toward the front door.

When they get to the door, Rosie rings the bell and Jennie's stomach fills with nervous.

"Is it too late to run away?" the Slytherin asks, her eyes narrow in concern when she hears the footsteps inside the house.

"Yes." Rosie responds, smiling at her girlfriend. "Calm down. They will love you."

Jennie's face flushes when Rosie kisses her cheek. "How can you be so sure of that?"

The Gryffindor shrugs, the sound of running footsteps approaching the door. "Because I love you."

Jennie doesn't get a chance to answer as the door opens, a little girl looking at them with big eyes. The girl's gaze moves to Rosie, a smile is placed on her lips and she looks at Jennie.

"What's the password?" she whispers, laughing when Jennie frowns.

"Password?" Jennie repeats, receiving a nod in response, "Uh..." She looks at Rosie with a raised eyebrow.

Rosie laughs, rolling her eyes. "Ryujin, let us in."

"Only if you have the password."

Jennie smiles, letting out a dramatic sigh. "That's bad. If we can't get in, what are we supposed to do with all this candy we have?"

Ryujin stares at the bag in Jennie's hand with hungry eyes, the gears in her brain clearly working.

"...Are they magic candy?"

"Of course."

Rosie turns to Jennie, shrugging. "I guess we'll have to eat them all."

"No!" Ryujin yells, opening the door. "You can come in," she says. "Just today."

"Alright." Rosie smiles, leading Jennie into the living room of the Park house.

Ryujin closes the door behind her and then follows the couple. "What's that?!" she asks when she sees the Kneazle in Rosie's arms.

"Ryujin, this is Nala." Rosie smiles, letting her sister the creature before placing it on the ground, "It's a Kneazle."

Nala circles around Jennie, the Slytherin holding back a growl as the creature against her legs.

"It looks like a cat," Ryujin says as she bends over to pat the Kneazle.

"Yes." Rosie nods.

"Huh." Ryujin shakes his head, glaring at Nala as the creature goes around the place.

Ryujin turns to Jennie with a smile.

"I know who you are."

Jennie smiles, "Really?"

"Yes!" Ryujin nods. "You are Rosie's girlfriend."

The Slytherin laughs, "Yes, I am."

"Rosie talks about you all the time." Ryujin says, rolling her eyes. "It's annoying."

Jennie smiles, looking now at Rosie. "Oh... really?"

Rosie rolls her eyes. "Jen, this is Ryujin. The the most talkative 8-year-old girl."

"Hello!" Ryujin greets her. "So what candy did you bring?"

"Ryujin, you can at least pretend that you care that I came home." Rosie says, looking amusedly at her sister, "Can I have a hug?"

Ryujin smiles apologetically, hugging the girl tightly. "Sorry, unnie."

"Yes, yes." Rosie laughs, "Where's mom and dad?"

"At the kitchen." Ryujin says, taking Rosie's hand in his and pulling her down the hall.

Rosie looks over her shoulder to make sure Jennie is following them, "Leave the bags here."

Ryujin stops, waiting for his sister's girlfriend to come to her. When the Slytherin joins them, Ryujin also takes her hand. "Are you also a witch?" She looks at Jennie with curiosity in her eyes.

"Yes, I am." Jennie nods.

"Which house do you belong to?"


Ryujin frowns, "Oh... Joy said that this is a bad house."

"Joy is not right about everything, sis." Rosie says.

Jennie smiles, shrugging. "She just doesn't like us beating her house at Quidditch all the time."

Ryujin nods, "I want to be in Ravenclaw." she says happily.

"Really?" Jennie laughs, "Why?"

"Because blue is the best color, ever."

"What do you think about green?"

"It is okay, I guess."

Jennie smirks at her girlfriend, "Is it better than red?"

"No, of course not." Rosie answers for her sister, sticking her tongue out at her girlfriend. "Don't answer her, Ryujin-ah. She's just messing with me."

Ryujin laughs, looking at Jennie. "Do you like Ravenclaw?"

"Of course I do." Jennie nods. "The Ravenclaws are great."

"I wouldn't go that far." Rosie mumbles, getting a funny look from the Slytherin.

Jennie doesn't get an answer as a scream cuts them off. The three girls enter the dining room only to find an older woman standing on one of the chairs.

"Mason!" she exclaims, looking at where her husband is against the wall with a scared face. "Mason!"

"Oh, my God." Rosie mutters, her face red with embarrassment, "I'm sorry." She says, looking at where Jennie is standing with a confused face.

Rosie's mother's head turns to where her daughter is, her face filling with understanding. "Park Chaeyoung. What is this thing?"

Rosie arches an eyebrow, looking where her mother is pointing. Nala is amused inspecting the fireplace.

"This is Nala, mom." Ryujin says, "It's a Kneazle."

"Chaeyoung... what is a Kneazle?" Her mother asks.

"Uh... my new pet?"

"This thing is your new pet?" Her father interrupts her.

"Hey! She's not a thing, her name is Nala. She's like a cat." Rosie pouts, walking over to the creature and picking her up, "See? It won't hurt you, I swear."

"It is like a mini lion." Mason says, looking at Nala doubtfully as Rosie walks over to where he is standing.

Jennie watches the exchange with an amused smile, standing at the entrance to the dining room. Mason reaches out his hand to caress Nala, the creature allowing contact with a bored expression.

"...When you bought it?"

"Yesterday." Rosie says, smiling nervously. "Sorry- I didn't- I just forgot to tell you. I mean... I'm at Hogwarts most of the year, so she'll be with me. And when she comes home, I'll make sure to keep her safe and sound in my room so no one will see her. You won't have to do anything."

"I like her!" Ryujin says.

"She's adorable," Claire admits. "I've seen the kind of pets you can buy at the Diagon Alley, this is definitely not the worst."

The shadowy eyes meet Jennie and the Slytherin snorts as the Kneazle leaps to the ground and starts heading towards her.

"She really likes Jennie." Rosie says, smiling at her girlfriend as Jennie looks to the ground where the creature is cradling her leg getting her attention.

"Jennie!" Rosie's mom exclaims. "Sorry." The woman says, walking up to her guest and surprising Jennie with a big hug. "I finally met you."

Jennie smiles awkwardly as Claire walks away, "Nice to meet you, Ms. Park."

Rosie's father laughs. "Ms. Park?" He repeats, walking towards the pair.

"Ms. Park is too formal and it makes me feel old." Rosie's mom says laughing softly and giving Jennie a wink. "You can call me Claire."

"You can call me Mr. Park, if you want. It makes me feel important."

Rosie's mother looks amusedly at her husband. "No, you can call him Mason." She says firmly. "We are not that formal in this house."

Jennie laughs, "Okay." She says, looking at Rosie when the girl stops next to her. "Thank you for inviting me. I appreciate it very much."

"You make it sound like we didn't have to beg Chaeyoung to organize this." Rosie's mom smiles. "I've wanted you to come since Christmas."

"I'm sorry it took so long." Jennie smiles, feeling the nerves diminish.

"And you... I've missed you so much. You need to come home more often." Rosie's mom says, hugging her.

"I missed you too." Rosie responds, hugging her father when her mom finally lets go of her.

"Come sit down."

Ryujin pushes Rosie so she can sit next to Jennie, the Gryffindor rolls her eyes and sits in the other chair next to her girlfriend. Mason and Claire sit across from the girls and Nala finds a spot in the window where she can quietly watch Jennie and Rosie.

"How was the trip?" Claire asks them. "Did you take the bus? We said we would pick you girls up at the station-"

"Claire, breathe." Mason says, laughing at his wife. "We have all night."

Rosie smiles at her father before turning to her mother. "Jennie has her license to apparate."

"Oh," Claire says impressed. "Chaeyoung was trying to get hers a while ago."

"I'm going to try again. Another round of tests is coming soon."

"I can help you." Jennie offers, receiving a grateful smile from her girlfriend.

"Being your father, the thought of you circling through time and space scares me." Mason says, "I don't think I'll ever get used to all this magic."

"If you have the license, it's safe." Jennie responds. "The training process is intense enough to make sure you are ready."

"You must be very talented." Claire says, winking amusingly at her daughter.

"Huh..." Jennie shrugs. "I mean... nothing out of the ordinary."

"Jennie is the best duelist in school." Rosie says, sniffing at her girlfriend. "She really is very talented."

"Isn't Sooyoung involved in that?" Claire asks.

"Uh-yes," The Slytherin nods. "She's at the duelling club."

"Oh," recognition runs over Mason's face and a laugh escapes his lips. "So you're the one who always beats her."

Jennie lets out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, sort of..."

"How is she?" Claire looks at her daughter. "I haven't heard much from her lately."

Rosie shrugs. "I don't know." She mumbles, standing up from her chair and looking at Jennie. "Do you want something to drink?"

"Do not move." Claire orders, standing up. "Dinner is ready. Mason, help me get the food."

The man nods, following his wife into the kitchen, with Ryujin behind him.

Rosie lets out a sigh, "It wasn't hard not to hear Joy's name."

"Don't let it get to you." Jennie smiles, taking Rosie's hand. "I like your family."

Rosie smiles, "Really? They can be too much sometimes."

"Hooky is too much." Jennie smiles. "Your family is lovely."

"They are." Rosie nods.

"Here we go!" Mason exclaims entering with a huge plate in his hands. "Pasta à la Claire-OW!"

The man drops the plate on the table with a groan, waving his hands to cool them.

"I told you it was hot." Claire says when she enters the dining room, Ryujin helping her with the drinks. "He never learns."

Mason looks at Rosie and Jennie and makes a funny face that makes them both laugh.

"Sit down, clown." Claire orders, starting to serve the food.

Mason sits down, letting out an exaggerated sigh.

"So Jennie. Tell us about yourself." He says. "What are your plans after Hogwarts?"

Jennie accepts the plate that Claire offers her and gives her a grateful smile before turning her attention back to the man. "I-uh... I would like to be a professional Quidditch player."

"I want to play Quidditch too!" Ryujin says excited.

"Oh, really?" Jennie smiled at the young girl.

"Uh-hu. I'll be a seeker." She says and then pouts. "Joy said she would teach me how to fly but mom don't let me."

"When you are accepted into Hogwarts and you have a suitable person to teach you, I will let you." Claire says, snorting. "I almost took your sister out of school after her first flying lesson."

"It's true." Mason nods. "A trip to the hospital with a broken arm at the hands of an enchanted broom doesn't help you get the idea that your firstborn went to a magic school."

Jennie laughs. "I heard about that." She looks at her girlfriend. "Rosie is trying to convince me to give her flying lessons."

"That was your idea." Rosie says. "You decided not to teach me the moment I showed real interest."

"I see you stumble alone at least ten times a day." Jennie smiles. "I realized that you staying away from a broom is the best for everyone."

"I agree with Jennie," Mason nods. "I would like to see Chaeyoung graduating."

"Ugh, whatever." Rosie rolls her eyes. "I'm not that clumsy."

Jennie smiles at the comment, Rosie's thigh under the table.

"So, you want to be a professional Quidditch player?" Mason says, picking up on his old conversation.

"Yes. If I'm lucky enough." Jennie nods. "If I don't make it, I'd like to be an Auror."

"An Auror?" Rosie frowns, receiving a doubtful look from her girlfriend.

Mason decides to change the subject before Jennie can ask about the unhappy expression on the Gryffindor's face.

"Sooyoung's father took me to a game once." He says. "It is a rough sport."

"It can be... but I love it." Jennie smiles.

"Is this how you got hurt?"

"Yes." Jennie nods. "I fell off my broom in the last game."

"You see?" Claire looks at Ryujin. "Even Jennie gets hurt flying. Don't be so desperate to get on a broom."

Rosie looks at her sister. "Don't worry, we will convince them one day."


The rest of dinner is filled with easygoing conversations, and Jennie feels at peace with the Park family. After dinner, they move into the living room, where Rosie and Jennie share the candy they bought at Honeydukes before leaving on Friday.

Ryujin, as expected, is very excited.

Her chocolate frog pops out of the package when she opens it and the youngest Park spends 30 minutes chasing the enchanted treat before Nala eats it. Jennie looks at her girlfriend sarcastically, as proof that the Kneazle is really evil.

Ryujin isn't bothered by Nala, her attention shifting to the Exploding bonbons.

Jennie is playing a game of 'guess the taste' with Ryujin and it isn't long before the rest of the Parks join in the experience of risking trying the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Eventually night falls and Claire starts watching a movie and Jennie can't help but be proud of knowing what the box that allows the movie to be viewed is called. (This is a TV she says in her head.) She fails to understand the references to Muggle culture that the film makes, although, so she just laughs when the Parks do, pretending she knows what is going on.

Jennie is almost falling asleep over Rosie's shoulder when the girl hits her knee.

"Do you want to go to my room?" the Gryffindor asks with a smile.

Jennie nods tiredly, letting out a yawn. "Sure."

"We're going to my room." Rosie says to her parents. "Okay?"

"Can I go too?" Ryujin asks

"No, honey." Claire says to her youngest daughter. "It's okay, you two go rest."

"Keep the door open." Mason mumbles, receiving a nod from Jennie and an annoyed sigh from Rosie.

When Rosie opens the door, Jennie is greeted with the room she has seen before thanks to their video calls over winter break. The walls are painted light blue, though the color is hidden by lots of posters, Muggle photographs and Gryffindor banners that Rosie has hanging up.

"Sorry if that was boring for you." Rosie says, placing her bag on the floor. "You looked a bit lost when the movie started."

Jennie laughs. "No, it was good." She smiles, walking over to a board full of photos. "It was kind of nice."

"Okay." Rosie sighs. "Have you seen Nala?"

"The last time I saw her she was playing a sadistic game with another Chocolate Frog." Jennie smiles. "I think that's my favorite photo of us." she says when she sees the photo of them on their first date (the same one she has on the nightstand next to her bed). "I remember it moving, didn't it?"

Rosie laughs, hugging Jennie around the waist. "I had to make a static version." She says. "I can't have my Muggle friends looking at a moving photograph, right?"

"Hm." Jennie sighs, eyes moving to some of the other photos, Joy and Wendy making appearances in many of them. "So your parents go out with Sooyong and Wendy's families?"

"Yes." Rosie shakes her head, her chin resting on Jennie's shoulder, “Joy's family are...they meet a lot."

"And everything is fine? Aren't your parents terrified of the magic thing?"

"No, not really." Rosie shrugs, "I mean, they still don't understand any of this." She laughs. “But they like being around them and they started to see more of the world that I'm a part of. I think Wendy and Joy's parents find it fun to introduce Muggles to the wonders of magic.”

"This is nice." Jennie hums, her fingers brushing along Rosie's forearm lightly, "Maybe our parents can meet someday."

Rosie smiles, “Yes. I would like this."

Jennie's eyes return to the photo of them kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas, her head tilting slightly, "Do you know I literally remember every detail about that night?"


"Yes." Slytherin laughs. "I don't think I've been this nervous about something in a long time."

"You seemed very nervous about tonight."

"Trust me, tonight isn't even close."

Rosie smiles, “I never would have thought you're the nervous type.” She provokes.

"Hey, I spent months trying to get you to say yes to this date." The older girl says, "I was terrified you'd change your mind again."

"You didn't look nervous."

"I almost didn't kiss you because I thought the hot chocolate gave me bad breath."

Rosie laughs, "Are you serious?"

"A hundred per cent." Jennie nods, "Thanks to Merlin the mistletoe has appeared."

Rosie smiles, “Well,” she murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to Jennie's neck, “I'd never change my mind.” Gryffindor sighs, pulling away from Jennie and walking over to her bed, dropping to the mattress, "I fell in love with you long before our date anyway." She says, "You really had nothing to be nervous about."

Jennie turns to this, arching an eyebrow, "Yeah?"

"Uh huh." Rosie says, rolling onto her stomach and playing with her hands.

The older girl smiles, walking and sitting in front of Rosie on the bed, "When did you fall in love with me?"

A smile tugs at Rosie's lips. "This is a secret."

Jennie laughs, rolling her eyes, "Of course it is."

A passionate smile traces Jennie's lips as her girlfriend reaches out to pull her hand over her, playing with Slytherin rings.

"Do you think I made a good impression tonight?"

"They loved you." Rosie nods gently.


"Definitely." The younger girl sighs, "I wish I didn't have to go back to school tomorrow."

Jennie smiles softly, "We have to come back to reality someday."

"Joy wants to talk with me about everything."

"That's good, isn't it?"

Rosie shakes her head, "Yeah, I think." She mutters, “Honestly, I just want everything back to normal. I want my friend back.”

"She'll come back."

Gryffindor lets out a sigh, fingers touching Jennie's palm lightly, "So." She starts, "You want to be an Auror."

Jennie pauses, noting the less animated expression on Rosie's face, “…yes.” She gently confirms, "I mean, if Quidditch doesn't work for me."


"Is this… a bad thing?"

"Not." Rosie shakes her head, though the look on her face says otherwise, “It's an amazing career. You are definitely talented enough to be one.”

Jennie watches the younger girl, "But?" she asks lightly.

“But…well…” Rosie huffs, sitting up and looking into cat eyes, “Do you like to expose yourself to risky situations or something? This is dangerous work.”

"I think I would be a good one."

"I know you would be." Rosie agrees. “I'm not… I'm not mad. If you become an Auror… I would be so proud of you.” She says. "But it's kind of tense, being in love with someone whose plans for the future involve either a brutal sport or chasing themselves by dark wizards."

"I understand." Jennie nods, smiling softly, "And I'm glad you care."

Rosie sighs, “Well I guess it's good that I'm looking to be a healer then. At least I'll be able to heal you if things go wrong.” She plays lightly.

A smile traces Jennie's lips, "Oh my personal healer." She says, with a playful tone to her voice and shifting forward to stand on top of Gryffindor "Can I get you a uniform for this?" she jokes, "I'm thinking a super short Slytherin green skirt."

Rosie rolls her eyes, leaning in as Jennie distributes kisses, "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Jennie smiles, pulling away and looking down at Rosie with dark eyes, "Well, can you blame me?" she mutters, leaning forward so her lips meet Rosie's, "Have you looked in the mirror?" The Slytherin closes the small space between them, kissing Rosie softly.

Rosie  pushes her girlfriend back, feeling Jennie's hand squeeze her hip lightly, trying to coax her to lie down on the mattress.

“You know,” Rosie breathes, refusing to give in, “They might think you're trying to seduce me.”

"Me?" Jennie smiles against her lips, "Never."

The younger girl laughs, hands lightly pushing Jennie away from her, "You should go."

"Are you kicking me out?"

"If I don't do it, I feel like it's going to lead somewhere my parents don't really approve of." Rosie jokes, "Besides, don't you think I forgot about your shoulder."

Jennie moans, “Fine.” She sighs dramatically, getting out of bed "I'm going." She rolls her eyes. "Just a one day until my shoulder is fine." She continues, smiling back at her girlfriend, "Do you know what that means?"

"I think I have a good idea."

"Don't expect to go to classes on Tuesday." Jennie jokes. “I'm locking us in my dorm. ”

Rosie rolls her eyes, smiling fondly at her girlfriend, "I love you."

"I love you too." A smile traces Jennie's lips as she moves out of the room, closing the door behind her. "Merlin, I love you so much."


i told you to enjoy the romance while it last.

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