Excuse me, who are you?

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"Excuse me, who are you?"

She gives a hard look, gripping the hem of her dress, "You really couldn't wait any sooner to act like this huh? I just agreed to divorcing you five minutes ago...don't forget that we're still legally married until the court settles the divorce and custody."


Wendy is deeply ed because she swears on the heavens above that she really doesn't know this woman standing in front of her with deathly glares.


wanted something similar to my previous unpublished work 'time error' 

Chapter (3) - didn’t proof read it because I’m already sleepy and tired!. I love these three together and honestly almost teared up while writing Irene’s line of ‘was i not enough?’ Would love to see it on this chapter, what are the actual thoughts and feedbacks? <3 stay safe & tc. Goodnight <333
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