deranged (jinjoo)


After graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Kim Minjoo suddenly disappeared without a trace, and soon became forgotten by everyone. Meanwhile, Ahn Yujin became a powerful, well-known Auror.


However, five years later — Minjoo came back to the scene, and as a Death Eater.




A/N: i’ve been going crazy over harry potter recently, and yes, i just only gave it a try last week and im slightly obsessed lol dont judge me HAHAHA im really nervous trying this kind of au since hp is a very difficult/complex story and yet im so excited to try and write new stuff. but anywayyy, i really have a thing for villainess minjoo so… hehe. her character here is /slightly/ inspired by my favorite hp character ever, bellatrix black lestrange *squeals* so dont be surprised at the similarities. also, read the next author’s note well~ and a lil' bit reminder this is not heavily romantic, more on action tbh and tension oooh! they very much outweighed romance but still, if u r here for fluff, you'll get only one piece (a big one). anddd you guys will know what i was talking about after you guys read this lol


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