Ghost Me Not
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"Minju!" Yuri calls for her bestfriend who is busy arranging stacks of books on the shelves. 




"Can you get the leftover books on the 3rd floor? You know, the last room there?" Fear quickly flashed onto the cowardly fox-like eyes of Minju upon hearing Yuri's request. The infamous last room on the 3rd floor is known to the students as the room with supernatural entities. Because of this, there isn't a single student who is bold enough to step foot inside that room alone. 


Stories of hearing a little girl's laughter, chalks writing on the board by itself, and many more had been circulating their campus for years already and Minju was already screaming internally with the thought of those supernatural happenings. 


"Can't you go with me Yul?" She pleads hoping that Yuri will accompany her to the said room. 


"Sorry Minju, I still have a lot of errands to do." 


"But there are ghosts inside that room!" Minju protests. 


"And?" The shorter girl asks nonchalantly.Yuri stood still, crossing her arms while looking blankly at her bestfriend. 


"You've been ghosted already yet your still scared of ghosts?" Minju sighs defeatedly. She can't argue with Yuri on that one or maybe she just wants to avoid that topic. 


"Fine." She says before dragging her feet outside the library. 


The empty corridor welcomed her as soon as she arrived at the 3rd floor. Students are now out of the campus. Who in their right minds would stay on the 3rd floor where a haunted room is at 7pm? Minju, apparently. Minju walks slowly towards the room at the end of the corridor, her legs trembling in fear. She doesn't know if her mind is playing tricks with her again or did she just hear a faint laugh coming from one of the empty classrooms. Minju fastens her pace, almost tripping while running towards her destination. 


And so with determination, she heaves a sigh once she's in front of the 'haunted' room. With all the courage and strength Minju has, she opens the door, only to be greeted by the cold air seeping through the broken glass window. She quickly looks for the books Yuri asked her to get but luck wasn't on her side tonight as she couldn't find the books anywhere. 


Minju continued to look for the books for minutes. She stops in what she's doing when she heard a chair moving. Goosebumps immediately made its way to her body as she began to shake in fear. 


"." She quietly curses before taking long strides to the door. Minju didn't see the lying bag on the floor causing her to almost fall on the ground if it wasn't for the soft arms that caught her. She opens her  eyes expecting to see a ghost and Minju wasn't wrong. The ghost winks at her with her signature charming smile that can make every person swoon. 




"Well hello there milady." 


Minju blinks numerous times as if she's trying to wake up from a nightmare. When  realization hits, she frees herself from Chaewon's grasp. Minju composes herself for a while as she breathes in and out before sending a full blown punch to Chaewon's face. 


"Feisty. I like it." Chaewon says while caressing her red cheeks. She might need an ice pack or two tomorrow but for now, she needs the girl in front of her. Chaewon inches closer to Minju, lessening the distance they have. 








With every step of Chaewon, Minju backs away until her back hits the cold wall of the classroom. The older's charming smile then turns into a mischievous smirk. "You used to be so clingy to me before love." Chaewon coos. 


Minju's cheeks also turns red with the call sign. It never fails to make Minju's heart flutter… until now. 


"Shut up." 


"Why don't you shut me up with your lips then?" 


"My god Chaewon! Get away!" Minju tries to escape Chaewon's piercing gaze by harshly pushing her. However, this didn't stop Chaewon from being persistent. Chaewon grabs Minju's shoulders as she pins Minju to the wall. 


"Your Chaewon." 


Minju was about to send a flying fist to Chaewon's face once again when a loud thud was heard causing Minju to cling onto Chaewon like a koala. The older on the other hand smiles victoriously at Minju's clinginess. 


"What was that?" Minju asks, still clinging on to Chaewon. 


"What was what?" 




"What that? 


"The loud thud!" Minju shouts annoyingly. 


Another loud sound was heard near the door. Chaewon and Minju whipped their heads to where the sound came from. They see a small figure in a long white dress with long black locks walking towards the open door. The figure leaves the room and the door closes. Once she's sure the figure has left the room, Minju lets out an earsplitting scream. 


"Calm down shh." Chaewon embraces the younger as she starts to draw comforting circles on Minju's back. 


For the first time in what seems like forever for Minju, her heart beats rapidly with Chaewon's touches. She hates to admit it, but she does miss this feeling. 


"Yah get off me!" Minju exclaims . Minju was about to open the door when she heard a sinister laugh from outside. She tries to open the door, even kicking it with all her might but to no avail. The door won't budge a bit. 


"I guess even the ghosts are on my side." Chaewon said from behind. Minju huffs in annoyance and anger as she faces Chaewon who now has a huge grin plastered on her face. 


"Of course, you're one of them after all." Minju retorts. 


Chaewon places her hand on her chest, acting like she's offended. "Foul!!" 


"Help me kick this door." The younger says while brutally kicking the door. Instead of helping Minju, Chaewon lazily slumps herself on one of the chairs as she watches Minju's struggles 


"HA HA HA HA HA" There it is again, the sinister laugh but this time, it's not from the outside anymore, but inside the classroom.


"Yah Kim Chaewon is that you?"


Chaewon laughs at Minju's accusation. "I don't laugh like a witch Min. If there's anyone who laughs like one then it's you." 


"Tch whatever. Come help me!" 


"Nah I actually don't mind spending the night here with you." 


Knowing all too well that the older won't help her, Minju stomps her way to the opposite side of the room, maki

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