4: After...


Seoul University Hospital, VIP Yard

Chanyeol looked at the others gathering next to Sehun's bed. He was acting like he was annoyed with all the attention, but everyone could see that he was happy to be surrounded by his friends.

- It's a shame that your tongue almost got ripped out! You won't be able to talk for the next 2 weeks to let it heal said Suho, almost crying.

- And that will be like hell for him. Added D.O

- We should all thank God. Said Suho. I saw the car wreck and it's a miracle that both of you are fine... and even alive!!

All three friends turned to Chanyeol and the latter opened big eyes. He really had no idea what happen. He lost consciousness and a lot of blood, the accident was a blur in his mind.

- You only have a few scratches and sprained your ankle said D.O, nothing serious at all and Sehun just bit his tongue too hard... guys, Suho 형 (hyeong) is right, this a miracle.

Sehun started to make the dance moves for an old song called Miracle on his bed, making everyone laugh and also diverting the attention from Chanyeol. The latter did feel like he was forgetting something important and went over his deposition multiple times with the cops. They assured him that he could not have prevent the accident, as the owner of the other car was at fault and that everything made perfect sense. He closed his eyes, trying to remember exactly what happen. Every time he tried, there was that monstrous headache, as if his brain was trying to block some horrid memories from him. But what could it be? He remembered everything before the accident, the pain during, when the police came and when he was sent to the hospital after, so what was missing?

- You'll only give yourself a headache said Suho, putting a comfortable hand on his shoulder. You're leaving today, right? Let me give you a ride home... and don't worry, we convinced your parents to let you rest in peace. They even took the cat so that you can sleep. They left for their villa.

Chanyeol let himself being hug by his friends and bent down to put a light kiss on Sehun's forehead. He was really happy that nothing major happen to his friend. He was the one driving and...

- Yeollie, stop blaming yourself said Sehun with a smile, like he could read his mind.  If I was the one driving, we would have been probably dead, I was drunk and I'm a speed driver. Just worry about buying me a new car! 

Chanyeol shook his head and flip the finger to his friend before leaving the room with Suho.

- Are you sure you're fine? Asked his friend, being as caring as always. Maybe we should get your head check again, those headaches are....

- Suho 형 (hyeong), my parents and Sehun's parents had sent the best specialist to us. They all said that I was fine, in perfect health. And I did sustain a car crash; I think headaches are normal at this point.

Suho started to laugh while pulling into his friend huge driveway.

- Thank you for being okay Yeollie he said, hugging his friend. Thank you.

Chanyeol fought the tears and hugged his childhood friend back. He was happy to be alive too.

- I'll see you Yeollie and if you need anything, call me. I'll come.

"You owe me one so just don't freaking move until someone find you. Deal?" Chanyeol stopped in front of his door room, hand on the handle. Where did he heard that sentence? He shook his head. Was Suho 형 (hyeong) right and he need to get his head check again? Of course, he knew that sentence! It was korean, and he probably heard it in a movie or something...

- 도련님 (doryeonim. Young master) said the butler getting in his room with a tray of food. Your parents want you to contact them as soon as possible. They were really worried and did not want to leave before you get in but Kyung Soo 도련님 (doryeonim) said it would be for the best.

Chanyeol forced a smile to the butler. His parents. D.O did him a huge favor by sending them away. His mom would have made him stay in bed for the longest, fusing over him, over every breathe he would take, while his dad would have been calling all the doctors he knew from all over the world to come save him. He shuddered. He still remembered when he had that fever because he played in the rain with Sehun....

- Thank God. Please remind me to buy a gift for D.O before going back to the pension.

- Yes, 도련님 (doryeonim). We are really happy that you're okay.

The butler bowed and smiled at him before getting out. Chanyeol dropped on his huge bed, thinking again about the accident. He was really lucky and Sehun too. Even if the car had collapse on him and Sehun was thrown out of the vehicle, they did not have any severe injuries. The news of their accident had also reached their pension: he had received a lot of calls from people he didn't even know the names. He took his phone out before throwing it against the wall, at the other side of the room, upset and hurt.

Even with the news of his accident, Ye Jin still did not reply to any of his texts.


"We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."

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