10B: First test: Chanchan and Little Zeus


He was not there. Baekhyun took another peek inside the classroom and felt his inside boiled with anger. Park Chanyeol was MIA today. Since this morning, he has been searching all the classrooms for the handsome jock. He had woken up this morning feeling so happy. This paper was the perfect excuse to get close to Little Zeus and getting free food from Chanchan all the time. And he was up all-night reading about family stuff on the internet. He could ace that project now. He even crayoned a schedule for the 3 of them to be able to work on the project. And most importantly, the first draft of the project was all done too. He just needed Chanchan's approval to submit it to the teacher... but to do so, he needed to find him and to let him know about it.

Baekhyun had gone to the Theseus office this morning and had asked his secretary for Park Chanyeol's schedule, almost breathing fire out of his mouth. The chubby woman was obviously shaking when giving him the sheet, almost dropping it on the floor. Baekhyun took a brief look again at the schedule he had. Natural Sciences class, room B134-C. He was at the right place and by the look of it, at the right time too: class had already started. Park Chanyeol was still not there.

He took a deep breath and fought the urge to pull on his hair. He had an image to protect and...

- !! Lay is going to kill us!! Hurry! Everyone's already on the field.

Suddenly, his heart started hammering inside his chest. What was that dreadful feeling? Why was he getting scared and sad like that? His feet seemed to be rooted on the ground, not letting him move.

Baekhyun looked up to see two guys getting out another classroom and running through the hallway. Everyone was on the field? Meaning even Chanchan? So, the lazy guy was not in class but playing football? What a moron! He took a deep breath to calm his upbeat heart and pushed the bad feeling away. What was wrong with him? Was it because he was starving? He didn't get breakfast this morning as Chanchan was the one who always make sure he was well fed.

He moved to follow the jocks when a big bulk girl abruptly came in front of him. He raised calm eyes to her, face close.

- I finally have you alone you rude boy. How dare you look down on us and monopolize Lay Zhang, Oh Sehun and Park Chanyeol like that? You...

- 비껴! (Bikkyeo. Move away) he said without raising his voice, eyes still on the door where the two guys have disappeared.

Something was not right. His breathing was becoming even more elaborate... Something must be going on. Blood suddenly retreated from his face. Loey!

- 너... (Neo...You...) said Da Chun pointing her finger in Baekhyun's face.

Da Chun didn't really understand what happen next. One moment she was talking to the rude boy and the next moment, she was on the floor, her back pressed on the ground, her ribs hurting and Byun Baekhyun looking at her like he was about to murder her.

- 한국어를 못 하시나? 비껴라고!! (hangug-eoleul mos hasina? bikkyeolago! Don't you speak Korean? I told you to move).

The poor girl swallowed hard and closed her eyes, already saying goodbye to the world. Even after sensing Baekhyun's going away, she stayed on the ground for a few minutes watching the crazy e walking away. She didn't really believe it when some rumors were saying that he was a psychopath that had killed before but now..., now she could practically swear that the white haired guy was even a serial murderer.


Baekhyun arrived at the football field, panicking, heart beating like it wanted out of his chest. He actually stopped breathing for a few seconds when he saw them: death angels. There was 7 of them. Was there going to be a mass murder on the field or were they all here for Yoda? The black shadow beings were only going in circle just above the ground, letting the jocks go through them without making any move. They suddenly rose their faceless heads to him and bow. Why were they saluting him? He was not working with them and... Baekhyun opened big eyes. He was the reason they were here. They had a target and it could be anyone on this field. Loey or not.

- Push Yeollie! You can do it!! Push!!

People were running, yelling all over the place. It took him a moment to find Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O and Suho. They had no death angels by their side. He turned to Little Zeus and frowned. A shadow was next to him but not a death angel... He took a step in his direction to have a better look.

- Oh!! You're here early!! The trials will start around 6 pm today. The guys must take a break for us to be able to use the field.

Baekhyun turned to meet a sincere and wild smile. Ah! That girl from yesterday. She raised an eyebrow and the girl smile got wider.

- You must have forgotten my name. It's normal, we don't have any class together but once you'll be in the team, you'll be able to...

- Mei Li!

Baekhyun looked behind Mei Li and kept her face emotionless. The girl coming towards them was beautiful. She had a sweet smile and was emitting a warm vibe that made people want to go and cuddle with her, like she could solve all the issues in the world with just her smile... but wait... that girl was his desk mate. What was she doing here?

- Oh, Ye Jin! This is the boy I was telling you about. The principal sent him to us.

Ye Jin? Kim Ye Jin? The cheerleaders captain was his desk mate? Baekhyun took a quick peek at the death angels. No. Neither Ye Jin nor Mei Li were their target. They were ignoring both girls and were still going in circle above the ground.

- Are you listening to me?

- Hum?

Baekhyun turned to Ye Jin, at lost. What? He was busy monitoring the death angels and did not hear anything the beautiful girl was saying.

- Well, we don't have a good start, do we?

- You need to understand Baekhyun, Ye Jin-ah said Mei Lismiling. He's looking at his Chanchan play. He must be in a trance. It's your first-time seeing Park Chanyeol on the field, right?

- Hum?

Baekhyun blinked. In Hades name! What was that mortal talking about? In a trance because of Chanchan? He was in a trance, yes, but not because of the mortal. He was on the edge, watching the death angels.

- Well stop watching him. We need to talk about the trial... Can you please pay attention? Asked Ye Jin frustrated.

Since that boy came to the field, his eyes never left Chanyeol and now he was even ignoring her!

-  I don't know if the rumors about you are true and you are promiscuous but... Park Chanyeol is not into guys, you should stop hitting on him and I'm the captain here. You want to be on the squad or not? I have no use of...

- Baekhyun-ah? What are you doing here?

- Oh... D.O... hum... 난... (nan... I...)

- You're here for Yeollie, right?

All of Baekhyun's attention was on D.O, monitoring the death angels, he missed the hard look that went on Ye Jin's face and that disappear in an instant.

- Yeollie's in trouble and he knew it. He did say that you were going to kill him because of breakfast... Ya! Park Chanyeol!! Your baby is here!

It was hard to tell who was the most surprised: Baekhyun because he was suddenly Park Chanyeol's baby in front of all the jocks and the cheerleaders, Ye Jin to know that Park Chanyeol and the new boy were already this close on those terms or the poor Chanyeol who suddenly got a baby that he was not even aware of.

Of course, the coach called for a break and everyone immediately gather around the bleachers.

Chanyeol took a towel and wiped his sweat away. He also took a gulp at his bottle of water and chocked on it by seeing his pretended baby. Byun Baekhyun.

- 아기 (Agi. Baby)! What are you doing here? He asked, surprised.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes. This guy was so dumb. Did he just call him baby in front of everyone? He literally just confirmed what D.O said. He was about to hit him when he saw it. The shadow around Little Zeus was getting bigger. He was Loey!

- Little Zeus...

Baekhyun ran over to him, pushing Chanyeol out of the way. His hand was already on his neck, ready to blow on the golden whistle when the 7 deaths angels suddenly rose from the ground and launched at Park Chanyeol. At the same time, the shadow around Lay disappeared.

Chanyeol fell hard on the floor and was dumbfounded when Baekhyun ran to Lay without saying a word to him. Was he mad because of the baby name? It was not like everyone thought! He was just calling Baekhyun baby because he looked like one. A cute, stubborn one, y and really hot one but still a baby! 

Chanyeol was about to get up, shaking his head when he saw it: The pole light coming at the speed of a hurricane on his head.

- Park Chanyeol! 조심해! (josimhae! Be careful)!

What happen next was a blur of broken glass, blood, cries, yells and people calling an ambulance. Chanyeol opened big eyes when he saw Ye Jin holding her wrist. Did she...?

- Kim Ye Jin! Are you okay? Why did you jump in front of me for? You are a cheerleader. You need to take care of your body! Come with me to the nurse office!

He delicately held the girl by the shoulder and when she tried to get away, he just held her tighter.

- Don't move. I know you're uncomfortable now, but we need to have that wrist look at Ye Jin-ah.

- No... It's not that... your head...

Chanyeol raised a hand to his head and find that he did had a cut. If Ye Jin didn't push him out the way...

- It's okay. Let's get you checked up first.


- I'm really fine Chanyeol-ah, my wrist is not even fractured. It just hurts a little...

- I don't mind staying with you until your mother comes... it must have been horrible for you.

Ye Jin looked down and massaged her bandaged wrist.

- 아프니??(Apeuni? Does it hurt?).

She smiled at him and Chanyeol felt his soul leaving his body.

- No. Look, it's really fine. Thank you for...

- Park Chanyeol!!

The infirmary door burst opened on his friends and Chanyeol regretted ever knowing those guys. Everything was going just fine and they have to interrupt such perfect moment!

- What?

- Is Baekhyun here? Did he call you?

He scorned.

- 내가 뭘 알아?(Naega mwol ara? What do I know)? He is probably with Lay Zhang. He was running to him earlier. You should ask him.

- So, he's not with you? asked D.O before bursting into tears.

What the hell was wrong with him suddenly!?

- Soo-yah...

- We thought he was with you said Sehun. He got hit by most of the lamp. The coach was trying to get him to the hospital because he was profusely bleeding but he ran after you when he saw you leaving.

Profusely bleeding? Hit by the lamp? How was that possible? He was on the other side with Kris when that happen...

- Where is he? He asked

- We don't know said Suho, trying to calm a sobbing D.O. But everyone is looking for him. He might bleed to death if he doesn't get help!

Chanyeol opened big eyes and grabbed his jacket. Without even a word, he went out of the nurse office, running.


Baekhyun didn't understand what happened. Why did the death angels suddenly attack Chanchan? Thank to Zeus, the golden whistle was already by his mouth when he saw them dropping that big lamp on his friend. He was able to get to him and to push him away from the falling metal pole and the glass debris. Not completely. Baekhyun did saw that piece of glass cutting the jock's forehead and the blood that came out. He had turned in his blue light, got out of his body and dragged the dead angels away from Empire High before kicking their asses. They went away quickly, without giving him any information. When he finally got back to his body, he realized that he was bleeding from an open wound on his chest and that his ribs were broken. The coach was calling an ambulance and he was sure he peed himself a little when he suddenly got up.

- Byun Baekhyun do not move. You're hurt. You might further open your wound...Baekhyun-ah! 너 어디가? (Neo eodiga? Where are you going)?

Baekhyun pushed away all the hands trying to hold him back and almost fainted from the pain he suddenly felt. ! Being a human ! He had to feel all of that now? He was about to pass out from the blood lost when he saw Chanchan and Kim Ye Jin going back to the school building... Chanchan was hurt and bleeding.

- Chanchan...

He had run after them before collapsing a few meters away. Theseus had quickly appeared and took him away to his office to cure him.

- Calix, you are a human now. You cannot get hurt like that... Why did the death angels attack? I sensed them and was trying to get to the field as fast as I could. Does that mean you found your Loey?

- Shut up old man and cure me fast. I need to go check on him!

Theseus face light up. Check on him? So, the Erebus prince finally found his Loey? Zeus be praised!

Baekhyun was crawling back to the infirmary. He was still hurt, and Theseus had advised him that he needed to rest in order to get a full recovery. He could not totally cure his mortal body. Baekhyun took a deep breath and bit the inside of his mouth to control the urge to cry. That stupid Park Chanyeol guy was making him feel things that he never experienced before: curiosity for a human being, catching himself thinking about a human being, but mostly, worry.

He arrived at the nurse office, unable to control the tears streaming down his cheeks and bumped into the pretty cheerleader.

- You're back she said, not smiling this time.

Baekhyun did not even answer her and tried to continue his way to the beds behind the sheets where he could see some legs.

- You're in said Ye Jin, holding him by the arm.

- What?

- The team. You don't have to pass trials. You're in. We need a new member anyway. Come with me and...

- 손 치워 (son chiwo. Remove your hand) said Baekhyun, looking at her with his eyes turning cold blue.

Ye Jin frowned a little. Since when Baekhyun's eyes where blue? Was he wearing contact lenses? Suddenly, Lay came in and removed Ye Jin's hand from Baekhyun's arm.

- Are you deaf? He told you to go away.

- Little Zeus... are you okay?

- Hum. Was too far to get hit... you were next to me... I don't understand how you got hurt so badly...

- Chan...

- If you're looking for your boyfriend, he already left Ye Jin spate at him, bitter.

Baekhyun turned to her, forgetting to correct her about being Park Chanyeol's boyfriend. He did notice how Lay reacted to the news, but he would deal with it after.

- Say that again? He left?

If he left, does that mean that he was fine or did an ambulance came to take him to the hospital because he lost all his blood? The worries radiating from Baekhyun was palpable. Lay gently took him by the arm and guide him to one of the beds.

- Baekhyunie, seat down. I don't think you should be walking. You're badly hurt and...

The white haired boy suddenly burst into tears, crying like kid who just found out that Santa did not exist.

- Chanchan... 내 (nae. My) Chanchan...

- Stop crying. I'll found out about Park for you. I'll go get him for you. 울지마 ... 제발 울지마 (uljima ... jebal uljima. Don't cry... Please don't cry) Lay said kneeling in front of him and wiping his tears away.

A scoff made him turned and he found Ye Jin looking at him, rage roaring from her.

- You must be kidding me. Zhang Yixing. What is this? What the hell is this? She yelled. You... he's a boy... and... is this why?... What the hell?

- Not now Ye Jin. We can talk later.

Baekhyun stood from the bed and the handsome jock turned his attention to him again, forgetting about the pretty cheerleader.

- Don't move Baekhyunie.

- I need... I have to... Chanchan...

And he passed out.


"Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it."

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