10 A: First test: Chanchan and Little Zeus


Baekhyun's dorm room, 7h32 pm

Baekhyun closed his dorm room with a relief sigh. Finally, that day was done. He was so tired. High school kids were actually amazing to go through that ordeal every day, for 4 years. He would not be able to keep up for long with that schedule. And what the hell was wrong with all those teachers? He had ton of homework, projects, portfolios and more to work on.

He shivered for a moment thinking about if he was a real teenager and needed to do this for real. Thank to Zeus, he was Calix, Erebus prince and didn't need to know about the reaction when sodium met nitrate.

He went to his bathroom and took a quick shower before going to his desk to do some homework. A white envelope got his attention. Ah! His subject and group for the Social class project. He sighed. He didn't get the chance to found out who it was because as soon as class was over, some girl came to tell him that he was needed in Theseus's office, then he had to go all the way to the field to meet a Kim Ye Jin who was too busy to talk to him. He had talked with a certain Yoo Mei Li who took his form and ask him to come again tomorrow for trials.

Baekhyun dropped his head on his desk. Trials?? Really? He was going to make a fool of himself. He had never done anything related to cheerleading before... and the guys will be there, they will see her. Sehun, D.O and Suho will encourage him, he knew that, but Chanchan... He will never let him forget about it!

He shook his head and passed a tired hand on his now messy hair. High school and life outside of Erebus was a little more complicated than he thought. There were so many things that he needed to be good at: he needed to pass his trial tomorrow to have an extra curriculum activity to add to his college application, he also needed to ace his social project to even be able to fill a college application... and the worst for him was that back home and even in Mount Olympus, he was considered to be stunning. Not just mortal handsome but god level handsome, to the same level as Apollo. But here, in Seoul, South Korea, he was look upon like mistake, like a monster...

Baekhyun finally opened the envelope and looked at the subject. A sarcastic laugh escaped him. Well, if the Morai were not mocking him, he did not know what that was. His subject was family activity versus pair activity. He needed to write an essay on their influence in shaping one's life. Baekhyun took a deep breath and pulled out his hair. What the hell was he supposed to write about? Fighting death angels? Athena's monthly party? Going to take a stroll on Zeus cloud cart? Or even taking a deep in the Styx river with Hades? Thank mortal for the internet and maybe his group partners will be of some use too. He turned the sheet to look at the names and his face immediately lifted with a smile. The Morai can go screw themselves. What can go wrong when Zeus is on your side? His partners were Lay Zhang and Park Chanyeol.


Chanyeol dropped on Suho's bed like a mass. He was so dead. The coach had them running around all night to build up their cardio.

- Yo man, get off my bed. You need to take a shower, you stink!

- Thank you for your consideration my best friend he said, his face on the pillow. I'm so touched by your love.

Suho laugh reached his ears and he felt a slap behind his head.

- I mean it! You're all sweaty. If you wanna sleep without a shower, go back to your room! And I might even scream your name at the game on Friday.

- Of course, you will. You are my number one fan... after the long list of girls that will be screaming my name too...

Suho started to laugh again.

- Go take that shower Yeollie. I'll make us a sandwich in the meantime.

He closed his eyes again for several minutes and almost fall asleep. D.O's laugh next to his head woke him in a jolt.

- What the is wrong with you? He said throwing the pillow at his friend. I was having a nice dream!

- About Kim Ye Jin calling you 오빠 (oppa. Darling) or about Byun Baekhyun calling you Chanchan?

- Please! Anything related to Baekhyun is called a nightmare!

He threw his shirt on the floor and went to the bathroom on the other side of the hallway, yawning, ignoring Suho yelling after him to pick up his clothes. After a quick shower, he went back to the room Suho was sharing with D.O.

- Sehun-ah, you're here too.

- Yeah, went to take a shower in my room before coming... you took it here? What is wrong with you Chanyeol-ah? You begged your parents for a private room with a bathroom but almost every day, you stuck either in my room or in the guys' room and take your shower in the common bathroom with us. Are you bipolar?

Chanyeol munched on his sandwich before shaking his head.

- You guys don't understand my superior thinking. I'm the only sane one in this school. I'm off to bed. Please do so too.

He pushed some stuff on the ground and dropped again on his friend's bed. He had Physics homework for tomorrow, but he was too tired to even think straight now. Yawning again, he put on D.O's eye mask and took his phone to send a quick message to a classmate, that guy was a genius in chemistry and he needed to copy the homework from someone anyway. His eyes almost closing, he noticed a message from Baekhyun.

He opened it and forgot about it the same moment as he was already fast asleep.

"Your subject for the social project is family activity versus pair activity and your partners are Little Zeus and I! Be happy mortal! Let's meet up tomorrow to talk about it and bring food."

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