Prologue: Erebus


"- Human have been fighting about religion for the longest time. Every race, every religion thinks that their way is the best, that their god is the only one and the real one. But so far, only one race was right.

Because in reality, there is more than one GOD, we have GODS and they each have a precise task. In the last million years however, things started to get a little frantic. The world population has been growing at face pace and to be able to keep up –birth, dead, accident, protection and more- the father of all Gods, Zeus, created Erebus. A place ruled by one of his most trusted friend, Lord Err and his wife. They were neither angels nor demons, nor gods, more likely they could become any of them, depending on the God asking for their help. If per example two major catastrophes happen at the same time, Hades will sent his death angels to deal with one and Erebus will oversee the other one. The same goes for birth, protection and more. So, the people of Erebus were neither good or bad, they were neutral and did not take side. They..."

- You mean that we are like bounty hunter. The one that get to us first is the one that will get our services. And why are you telling me our people story? You of most soul should know that I'm not neutral, I call Zeus grand-father.... and I fight with Hades every other day....

The old slave took a deep breath to calm down. Since birth, the prince of Erebus has been a pain in the . Zeus gave him freewill, like the mortals and she personally think that was a mistake. That boy only gave his poor parents headache and made Erebus people clean after his mess!!

- You CANNOT take side!! I know that you don't like to learn with the death angels but...

- I have nothing against assisting them and learning but why should we always go to depressing place?? People die too in Ibiza or in Belize!! Why should I go to Syria or Iraq? I'm not going if they don't change the location. It's as simple as that.

The old slave could not contain it anymore and ripped out some of the few gray hairs she had left. Being the nanny of that ungrateful child would had already kill her if she was human.

- Lord Err has specially assign you to that case, you need to make it up for Hades! You took Cerberus away!! For 24 minutes!!! That dog is the hound that guarded the entrance of the Underworld, allowing the dead to enter but letting none out and you took him away for a WALK??? Do you even know how many souls have escaped? Hell was a mess for two days because of you and now they are behind schedule!

- And I need to go to Syria why?

The old nanny opened a big mouth before closing it. Nope. She could not get the message through their prince tick skull, it was just not working.

- I'll send your mother in. She will explain that part better.

She was already bowing and leaving when a hand stopped her.

- You don't need to call Mother... I'll go find Hades and report to the Death Angel I'm assign to....

The old nanny looked at her prince leaving with a thug on her heart. The prince and the Queen of Erebus were in a tense relationship. Every soul knew about it. Queen Panacea was a lady. She liked to draw, paint, cultivated her rose garden and enjoyed wine and poetry with her friends... and she had hope to have a girl to share her activities with.  She was more on the Angel side while her son was a rebellious boy, fighting with all the Gods and the demons alike, calling Zeus an old man with a power trip and had a destructive hand for anything related to creativity. A little half demon like his dad called him.

- He's going to stir trouble again, I can bet on that whispered the old nanny, counting how many hair she had left. And this time, I can tell it's going to be really bad.


"We've all got both Light and Dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on, that's who we really are"

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