Of Jealousy and Confessions

Of Wendy and Irene

Seungwan clenches her jaw seeing the leader of a famous duo flirting with Park Bogum, a fellow MC in Music Bank. She should’ve known that all the flirtations, late night talks and messages were all a game for Joohyun. After all, why would a top senior like Bae Joohyun even look at a member of a newly debuted group?

“Hey,” Sooyoung puts a hand on her shoulder and squeeze it a little when she realises that her member is having a turmoil inside her heart. “I heard they got a script for that,”

“Even for the flirting and touches?”

Sooyoung stays mum and Seungwan tears her gaze away from the screen, before saying, “Let’s prep ourselves. Where’s Yerim?”

Joohyun frowns at the ignored messages and calls. She’s being ignored by her favourite junior, isn’t she? After all, Seungwan usually messages her if she has a schedule or going to a practice. Sighing, she decides to cover herself with her usual outing clothes consisting of an all-black outfit complete with a cap and a face mask. Off she goes to SM Building to find a certain Son Seungwan.

She checks all practice room one by one and the only room left is the creepy practice room where she swears she saw a floating person there a month ago. Gathering her courage, she walks to the Basement practice room and she feels goosebumps appearing on her skin at the sound of sniffles. She stops on her track just before she can peek through the glass door and she puts her hand on her chest, telling herself that the worst thing that could happen is for her to see a ghost. The best thing? She finally finds her Seungwan.

her lips that got dry all of a sudden, she walks towards the door of the practice room and she feels fear creeping all over her at the sight of the dark room. That means nobody is here? Just when she’s about to leave, she sees a rectangular source of light in the corner of the room. Pursing her lips into a straight line, she barges in and flicks on the light switch. She sighs in relief, falling to the ground in reflect after knowing that it is a person instead of a ghost inside the room.

“Joo-Joohyun unnie?”

“Seungwan, thank god it’s you,”

The senior idol leaves the lights on and walks to the girl huddled in a corner. She doesn’t say anything else but she pulls her into a hug, “Whatever is happening, you’ll get through it.”

Seungwn frowns, does this mean her Joohyun unnie wants her to forget everything they’ve done or something?

“You made me worried, Wan… I’m all ears if you want to talk,” Joohyun caresses her hair softly and kisses her head.

“U-Unnie, anyone can see us,”

“So? Let them see. Can’t a senior kiss her favourite junior’s hair?”

Seungwan’s heart fall, she is falling hard for her senior and Joohyun just sees her as a junior to be taken care of.

“I’m not a kid that you have to look after unnie,”

The older one frowns and pulls away from the hug yet her arms still rest on her waist, “Wan? Did I do something wrong? Didn’t you say you like it when I take care of you?”

Seungwan looks to her left, avoiding her gaze, “I- I don’t want to keep being a junior to you.”

“Okay? I’m not really getting what you’re trying to say,”

“I like you, unnie,”


“And I just- I just realised whatever you’re doing is just for fun while I’m wearing my heart on my sleeves. I- I wasn’t joking when I told you how I want to walk with our fingers interlocked on the stage one day. How I- I said that I want to kiss you on the cheek and more. I meant every word I said,”

“Okay,” Joohyun pulls her into a hug again and caresses her hair. “If you really want to kiss me, Seungwan, we have to go to the toilet or to my place,”


“There’s cameras everywhere, imagine what the management will do if they see us kissing, huh?”

“Unnie… I’m serious,”

Joohyun doesn’t say anything but she pulls her up and helps her wear her cap and face masks. The older girl doesn’t forget to flick the switch off and they walk hand in hand to the senior idol’s place that’s ten minutes away in silence. As soon as the door of Joohyun’s apartment closes, the older traps her between the door and her body, placing both hands beside her head, “Now’s the last chance to say if you’re joking.”

“I’m not, I-“ she can’t finish her sentence when soft lips find hers. The kiss is gentle and slow. Seungwan finds herself looping her arms around the older girl’s neck, pulling her close. When they part for air, Joohyun sighs a little.

“I thought I was the only one falling, Seungwan,”


Joohyun giggles and pecks her lips, “What was the trigger though? Why did you suddenly think I was just playing with you?”

“I- I saw you flirting and getting touchy with Bogum in Music Bank,”

“So you were jealous then you ignored me?”

“I- yes…”

Joohyun chuckles and buries her head on the crook of her neck, Seungwan bites her lower lip, enjoying every single body contact that they’re sharing.

“Everything is scripted, Wan… When to touch, when to pretend to swoon. Everything is fake. Heck I don’t even have his number. See the difference? I asked your number the first time we met but I’ve seen him for months now and I don’t even have his,”


“You were adorable back then, eyes looking at me in horror when your drink spilled all over my white shoes,” Joohyun chuckles and pecks her neck, arms around her waist getting a little tighter. “Just a fourteen-year-old girl, getting scared of a seventeen years old trainee. It was what- five- six years ago? I still remember it like it was yesterday,”

“You were big even before your debut, unnie… I thought you were going to blackmail me when you asked for my number,”

The senior idol giggle, “Perks of being a senior, huh? I can get whatever I want and the junior can’t decline.”

“Didn’t you get seniors asking your numbers too?”

“Well yeah… But that doesn’t mean I have to reply them, right?”

“They don’t- don’t get aggressive if you ignore them?”

“If trying to find me in every practice room is considered aggressive then no. I’m the only senior doing that to my favourite junior,” Joohyun teases the younger and she feels Seunwgan getting hot not long after. “You’re blushing… How cute,”

The younger groans but she doesn’t move from her position, “What now? What will happen after that kiss?”

“Well, we can date each other, a secret between us. I can bring you to the Han river park and walk beside you, enjoying the breeze and your company. I can teach you vocal lessons too once you’re ready,”

“Vocal lesson?”

“Yeah… To help you reach the high notes,”

Seungwan frowns at this. Not that she wants to offend the older girl or anything like that but the latter is a rapper and she’s the main vocalist of her group. How can a rapper teach a main vocalist high notes?

“You’re thinking too much,” Joohyun pulls away a little to look at the younger girl. “I mean having , Seungwan and you’ll be screaming my name,”

“Unnie! We- We haven’t even dated yet!”

“Yep! That’s why I said when you’re ready… I wonder when,”

“Unnie!” Seungwan smacks the senior’s arm, earning loud laughter and multiple pecks on her face.

“I like you since we first met, you know. So cute, so innocent and so bright. You light up my world from that day. You’re always there as my source of strength,”

“I- I didn’t know that,”

“Now you know,” Joohyun cups her cheeks and leans in, tasting the younger’s lips again. “Just FYI, Seungwan… I love your lip balm, I’m going to kiss you over and over again so I can remember the flavour,”

“I can always buy you the lip balm?”

“Nah, it tastes different, baby. I love it on your lips,”

Seungwan can only stay mum at the pet name all of a sudden, feeling flustered by the overflowing affection. They stay silent in each other’s arms for a minute before the younger decides to confess a little fact, “I met you seven years ago, unnie, not five or six years ago. It was 20th of April 2014. It was a pretty date, and I met a pretty person. How could I forget that?”

Joohyun is the one who’s stunned at the sudden confession, and she can only smile before she kisses her lips.

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