Of Your Wedding and Us

Of Wendy and Irene

“Congrats, unnie,” Seugwan gives her a small smile.

“Thank you,” Joohyun returns the smile and both of them stand still. So many words in their mind but they choose to say nothing. Both just look into each other’s eyes, finding the same warmth yet they should mean nothing to them, they both are aware of it. Seungwan looks away from their staring contest and she fiddles with her fingers.

“I uhh- I have to catch a flight soon so I’m just here to say congratulations and a goodbye, I guess,”


“Yeah… I’m going back to Canada permanently,”

“Why?” the older can’t help to ask, knowing Seungwan loves it to be in Seoul, knowing her ex-girlfriend doesn’t like to be in the same country as her parents.

“I just- I have to leave, unnie,” the younger’s voice turns soft, and her eyes get glossy almost instantly. “I can’t stay here,” a whisper.

“You love Seoul, Seungwan. You love your current job. You love-“

“You. I love you,” the blonde cuts in. “Seeing you getting married to someone else will never be easy to me. I have to leave,”

Joohyun stays mum and she looks down to her feet, hand fiddling with her wedding dress.

“I know Junmyeon oppa like the back of my hand, we’ve been friends since diapers after all. I know he’s going to take a good care of you and I have nothing to worry about. But if he ever breaks your heart, unnie,” she pauses to take her ex-girlfriend’s hand and caress it gently with her thumb, their eyes locked at each other’s. “If he ever does that, you know there’s always a place for you in Canada,”

“Wannie,” Joohyun whines a little, tears stream down her face.

“I will always love you,” Seungwan smiles albeit tears wet her face as well. “Maybe we’re not meant to be in this life but in another life, I swear I’ll be with you till deaths do us apart,” she mutters softly. The bride doesn’t say anything, but she buries her face on the younger’s chest and the latter can only chuckle, “Careful with your makeup, unnie. We don’t want you to be late when you walk down the aisle just because half of your makeup stick to my shirt.”

Joohyun chuckles and she squeezes the younger’s arm a little, “In another life Seungwan, I swear I won’t give in to my parent’s wishes.”

The younger squeezes her body a little in her embrace and pecks her head, “I’d like that.”

--- ---

Seungwan frowns when she sees a crying small girl sitting on the bench by herself. She approaches the girl and finds her scooting away from her. She smiles a little instead and mutters, “Why are you crying?”

The girl looks at her and she just shakes her head, “Mommy.”

Her eyes widen in surprise at the Korean word so she starts speaking in her mother tongue as well, “Are you lost?”

The little girl stares at her for a moment before nodding slowly, wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

“Where were you before you came to this bench?”


“Do you… Do you want me to take you to the supermarket?”

The girl shakes her head, “Mommy said I can’t follow strangers.”

Seungwan chuckles and ruffles her hair, “That’s true… But why are you still here? Wouldn’t your mom look for you in the supermarket?”

The girl stares at her for a moment before she frowns, “I can’t find the supermarket.”

“Oh… Okay… Unnie is going to the supermarket to buy some stuffs, do you want to follow me? I promise I’m not a bad person,” she tries to coax the girl but she wants to smack herself for sounding so suspicious. Yet, she doesn’t know either how to sound trustworthy. The girl shakes her head, and she nods, “Okay… You’re fine if I sit here with you right?” She sees a nod and she smile softly. She’d have to think a way of bringing this girl to the supermarket. She’s sure her parents must be looking for her there instead of this bench that’s one block away. “How did you even get here?”

“I followed a puppy,”

Seungwan smiles softly. Of course, kids and puppies. Puppies are cute creatures after all. After a while, she notices the girl starts to tremble and she unwraps the scarf around her neck to wrap it on the girl. She’s just glad that there’s no hesitancy in accepting her piece of clothing. Not long after that, the girl scoot closer to her and she puts an arm around her shoulder, knowing the girl must be cold from the cool wind.

Twenty minutes later, snow starts to fall and Seungwan thinks this is the perfect chance to persuade the girl to go with her to the supermarket, “It’s starting to snow… You’re going to get colder; do you want to go somewhere warm?”

The girl frowns and shakes her head. The thirty-five years old woman can only curse her terrible persuasion skill. Why can’t she persuade a small girl? She notices the lack of hood covering her head and at first, she tries to cover the girl’s head by hovering her palm on top of it but she knows it’d soon be no use. Sighing, she takes off her jacket and wrap the girl with it instead, letting herself be exposed to the cold.

Her teeth start to chatter not long after and she wonders how long she’d have to wait here because honestly, she’s scared that hypothermia is coming for her. She takes her phone from her jeans pocket and check the time. it’s going to be sunset soon and she sighs a little, maybe she should message her-

“Let’s go,”




The girl nods, “Please wear your jacket, unnie. I’m ok.”

Seungwan smiles and turns into a mush when this girl calls her an unnie. She quickly wears back her jacket and zips it up. She was thinking of holding her hand but to her surprise, the girl reaches out for her hand first. They walk slowly to the nearest supermarket that she knows and as soon as they reach the entrance, they can already see security and a female staff talking to a woman in her late thirties or early forties, trying to calm the sobbing woman. She hears the Korean accent, and she knows that she has found the girl’s mom.

Just to her prediction, the girl lets go of her hold and runs to her mom, “Mommy!”

“Yerim-ah!” The woman hugs her child immediately and if her voice doesn’t sound too familiar, Seungwan would’ve just left the supermarket instantly, knowing that she’s late for her blind date after all. Her breath knocked out of her lungs when she locks gaze with the mother of the little girl. “S-Seungwan?”

Seungwan doesn’t go for her blind date that night.

--- ---


“Yes, Yerim?”

“Is mommy angry with me?” The eight years old girl climbs up to sit on her lap and buries her head on her chest.

“Why do you think so?” Seungwan frowns and caresses her hair.

“She didn’t want to talk to me,”

“Does she?”

“Yeah…” Yerim pouts. “I asked her for a puppy and she kept on saying no… but this time she didn’t respond to me on that but she told me she’s leaving for work. Why is that?”

Seungwan chuckles, “Are you sure you want a puppy?”


“You know you have to potty train your puppy, bathe it, clean their waste as well?”

Yerim nods.

“You’re going to do all that?”

The primary school girl grows hesitant at this.

“You see Yerim, your mommy and I might be very busy with work and we won’t have time to help you with your puppy. If we agree to buy you one, do you promise to do all that?” the blonde caress her hair before giving it a peck, holding Yerim close.

“I don’t know,”

“Tell me when you’re sure of the answer and I’ll talk to your mommy, ok?”

“Ok,” Yerim mutters softly and nuzzles on her chest. “Wan unnie?”


“Have I told you I’m glad that you’re here? I don’t miss daddy at all since you’ve come,”

“Oh…” that’s what Seungwan replies but she feels this warmth on her chest all of a sudden and she kisses her girlfriend’s daughter’s head and holds her closer. “Thank you, Yerim,”

“Mommy is always happy when she’s with you,”

“I’m happy when she’s happy,”

“Yep!” Yerim nods. “Wannie?”


“If mommy is happy, do you think I can get a puppy?”

Seungwan chuckles at this, “Did you forget the question I asked you earlier?”

“No… I’m just asking,”

“Give me the answer to that, Yerim and we’ll decide if we’re buying you a puppy,”


--- ---

“Hey,” Seungwan kisses her girlfriend’s lips and pull her closer by the waist. “How’s work?”

“Normal. Some old man tried to get my number,”

The younger woman chuckles and kisses her again, “You’re beautiful, Joohyun. That’s the downside of being beautiful and having this amazing body in your late thirties.” Seungwan’s hand travel down to squeeze her , earning a small grunt.

“I’m sweaty and smelly but you’re already ?” the older asks, amusement in her eyes.

“Only for you, Hyunnie,” Seungwan leans in to kiss her again. “We haven’t made love for two weeks now,”

“Not my fault that our periods decide to be a to our life,”

The blonde chuckles and buries her face on the crook of her neck, “Take a hot bath. I’ll quickly tuck Yerim in then prepare dinner for us. Pasta is fine, right?”

“Yeah, anything’s fine. Even instant noodle is fine,”

Seungwan smiles and pecks her lips, “Alright… and we have to talk about Yerim’s wish for a puppy.”


“Come on, Hyun… She promised she’d take care of it,”

“Seungwan, you told me you had a hamster when you were a kid and you never cleaned the cage even though you promised,”

“What does that have to do with this?”

“Kids don’t live up to their promise,”

“Well… Yerim isn’t me?”


“Please? I’ll clean the waste,”


“You don’t have to take care of it at all. It will just be me and Yerim,”


Seungwan sighs and holds both of her hands, “Is there anything I can do so you’d say yes? Please?”

Joohyun stares at her girlfriend for a moment in the eyes and she can’t help it to smile when the younger woman breaks their staring contest with a peck on the lips.


“Marry me,”

“Oh…” Seungwan trails off. “I don’t have rings with-“ she pauses when Joohyun walks away to her drawer and takes a small box.

“If… If you marry me, we’ll buy Yerim a puppy,” Joohyun bites her lower lip and she bends on one knee, opening the box

“Hyunnie… I’ll marry you even if I still have to persuade you for us to get a puppy,” Seungwan pulls her to stand up and kisses her. “I actually have ordered rings for us too,”


“You beat me to it this time,” the blonde holds her hand and kisses her knuckle.


“Remember when we were in high school, you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend, but I beat you to it?”

“Oh that,” the older chuckles, remembering how surprised she was when Seungwan brought a huge teddy bear to school. She was going to bring a bouquet of roses the next day for Seungwan but it became a present instead of a confession gift.

“Joohyun,” the younger calls out.


“I’m glad you’re mine in this life,”

“Me too,”

“But I’d still want us in another life too. In all our life, I want us to be together,”

“Me too, Wannie… Me too,” Joohyun leans in and close the gaps between their lips. The night is spent making love to each other. They giggle when their moans slip out sometimes and they worried they might’ve woken Yerim up. Yet, knowing how much of a heavy sleeper the primary school girl is, both of them feel it’s ok to get a little noisy at night.

--- ---


“Yes, Yerim?”

The girl pouts and take her arm before hugging it, “Did you and mommy fight? I heard her crying. You didn’t hurt her, right? Please don’t be like daddy… Mommy always cry after fighting with daddy.”

Seungwan grows speechless at the innocent question, knowing her wife wasn’t crying but she was in ecstasy. “I- I gave mommy a massage, it felt nice for her… She was crying in joy.”

“Oh!” Yerim giggles. “I’m happy then… Did you talk about the puppy?”

“I did… But we don’t think-“

“Yerim-ah! I got a present for you!” Joohyun shouts as soon as the entrance door closes. The girl runs towards her mommy and squeals in delight when she sees a small white creature.


Seungwan’s eyes grow wide in surprise, she thought Joohyun wouldn’t get one this soon. As their eyes make a contact with each other, they can’t help it to smile. The younger walks towards her and pulls her into a hug, whispering, “Let’s keep it down at night, Yerim asked me why you were crying.”


“You know… ,”

“Oh…” Joohyun trails off. “Maybe we both should take a few days leave from work then make love all day when she’s in school?”

“I’d like that,” Seungwan pecks her lips and kisses her head.

“Or should we plan on a short trip? We can ask Sooyoung’s help to take care of Yerim and the puppy,”

The younger frowns, “Yerim still cries a lot when she’s not with either of us… I don’t like seeing her cry.”

Joohyun can only smile before she cups her cheeks and kiss her, “I love you.”

“Huh?” the younger asks, a bit confused at the sudden confession.

“Thank you for taking care of Yerim as if she’s yours too,”

“Oh that…” Seungwan shrugs her shoulders. “She feels like she’s mine too, you know?”

“Mommy! Wannie! She’s so cute!” Yerim giggles as she lets the puppy her face. “She- No! Why are you peeing on me!”

Seungwan takes the puppy away from the primary school kid’s immediately, but it is too late.

“Wannie,” the youngest of the three whines. “Help me clean?”

Joohyun sighs, “You promised you’d take care of the puppy, Yerim. Not me or Wannie. You.”

“B-But I smell…” the child pouts then instead of looking at her biological mom, she stares at Seungwan instead.

“Wan unnie, please help me?”

Joohyun shakes her head when she sees Seungwan giving in to her daughter, asking her to go take a shower instead.

“This is why Yerim keeps on asking things from you,”

“What do you mean?” the younger woman pouts, pretending to be dumb at what Joohyun just implied.

“She asked you to ask me to get a puppy and here you are, cleaning its pee,” Joohyun sighs, taking the puppy away from Seungwan’s arms and put it inside the carrier. “Leave that to me, I bought plenty of other stuffs for the puppy. They’re still in the car,”

Seungwan’s face lights up and Joohyun squeaks when her cheeks get cupped and she receives a smooch on her lips, “I love you!” the younger woman shouts as she jogs to get her keys and exits their house. As soon as the door closes, she just realises how her left cheek feels a little wet and oh… ing Son Seungwan… She glares at the puppy who just wags its tails happily.

She groans, going to the nearest sink to wash the puppy’s pee off her cheek. The things I do for Yerim and you, Seungwan, she sighs, grimacing a little at the thought of the liquid on her cheek.

A/N Guess Joohyun's love languange in this chapter? Hint: I think it's pretty obvious in the last few paragraphs... ;) ;)

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