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Felix grew up as a simple country boy in the Australian outback, but when his best friend and one-sided crush Chris gets engaged, Felix runs away to Korea to realize his dream of becoming a rapper. Alone in a strange new country, he faces unexpected adventures at every corner as his path crosses with the most popular rapper at school. Feelings he thought he would never feel again start to stir up trouble, but he's not the only one who has his eyes on Changbin.



♥ A low-key romance story about changlix and minsung ♥

You can expect the story to have a slowburning sweetness about it and coming of age vibes.




My ultimate goal is to update once a week, but so far that has proven difficult, mostly because RL always gets in the way, but I also struggle with anxiety and motivation issues, so I'm doing my best :)

I'm working on it! Hopefully when summer is over I can settle down into more of a routine and update more regularly (◕‿◕)♡

>>> Yay! This week I managed to update within a week's time, HURRAY! :D



Thanks for dropping by (*^‿^*)

Have the best day ♥




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