The World In Her Hands

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For the first time in history of Hogwarts, there will be a transferee. 10 years after the second wizarding war, Winter Kim, the only daughter of a well known family in France suddenly transferred to the school of the golden trio. No one knew the reason why, no one knows her at school either. Her family might be famous and influential, but informations about them wasn't known to the public. The public knew that they have a child and that she goes to Beauxbatons then nothing else. 

No one expected a transferee, so expect the gossips around the school. Forget the part of her parents telling her to 'lie-low'. This will be a heck of memorable year, not only to her but also to the whole wizarding world. Afterall, she is Winter Kim, trouble's attraction.


For she, the child of the three, will either end the world or end the war.


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