Chapter 11

Chenle & Mark: Not a Love Story

Chenle and Jisung officially dropped Mark out from the Dream Project Team since the boy is no longer communicating with any of them.


The whole project will still push through but with some changes which Chenle and Jisung discussed with the rest of the group.


“Jisung, you think the meeting today with the team went well?” Chenle sounded bothered.


“Of course it went well. What’s bothering you?” Jisung put his arm around his best friend.


“It just feels incomplete and I can’t exactly pinpoint what makes me feel that way.”


“Maybe it’s because Mark’s no longer in the team? I mean, you two got pretty close.”




“Alright. I know you don’t feel romantically towards him but rather you are just pouring out to him your ‘father-figure frustrations’ blah blah…”


“Yeah, maybe it’s because of him. I really want him to explain himself Jisung. I don’t think he meant bad. He probably has his reasons.”


“Chenle, you’ve been so kind to him ever since you met him during the interview. And that’s not the CEO Chenle I know.”


“Maybe it’s because who you’re seeing since then is the daddy Chenle?” Jisung hit him hard at the back jokingly.


“Please stop with your daddy agenda. It’s creeping me out.”


“What? Do you want to call me daddy too? I won’t stop you. Come on Jisung, call me daddy.”


“What the heck! You're disgusting!” The two ended the day by teasing each other like how they used to before.



“LSM Technology became the fastest growing technology company in China after 30 years. It hasn’t been a year and yet LSM Technology is already being dubbed as the next top technology company in the near future. Their launch of their Big Brain Project really got the whole of China interested and wanting more innovations from the company.


How long will LSM Technology last in this race? Will it overtake the reigning Top 1 for several decades, NC Technology?”


Jisung turned off the TV after hearing the news on LSMT. He grabbed his coat, went to get his car, and drove off to Jeno’s house.


He didn’t leave his car until he saw Jeno walking to his house.


He tapped the boy on the shoulder before greeting him, “Hi Jeno. Do you still remember me?”


Jeno was surprised and scared at the same time. He wanted to run to his house but his feet seemed to have grounded themselves on the pavement.


“I’m sorry if I surprised you. I’m Jisung Park, your mom’s friend. Karina’s friend. We met when you were still this little,” Jisung put his hand on the same level as his hip, trying to mimic the word ‘height’.


Jeno now remembered him. He was the tall man to who his mom bumped on one of their trips abroad. “I am now ed. This is not good news for Mark.” Jeno internally panicked.


“Oh, Mr. Park. Yes, I remember you now. Paris, right?”


“Yes, we met in Paris. You still looked the same as before, only taller.”


“Thank you Sir. I apologize if I have to cut our conversation short but I still have things to do so if you can excuse me.”


“Yeah sure Jeno. I understand. I guess I’ll just drop by next time? Send my regards to your mom. Oh and also to Lesa, your aunt.”


“Aunt Lesa? But she’s already dead Sir. She died a year ago.”

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