Don't you just hate it when people don't finish their


you do? omg because me too


hi! thank u for opening this ad


  • first of all, i'm turning 18 in november so please keep that in mind! and i'd appreciate it if you'd let me know whether you're oa/ua as well. 03 line where r u 😢
  • i promise i'm funny. that's the only thing i can take pride in btw
  • i don't really play games aside from genshin (eyeroll) and plato !! but if you play them too idm playing together, i just barely open the game anymore 😭
  • not looking for anything romantic rn since i'm still in the healing process ❤️ but whatever happens, happens (?) (??)
  • +8! with a healthy sleeping schedule!
  • current fcs are chaeryeong and svt's maknae line! (hyung line when i feel insane) (svt fcers? cpdp? hello?)
  • i also play moonbow so ❤️ if we get close, i will be gifting you lps of your ult groups without you having to ask. Wow get urself a wo/man who.. ❤️
  • LET'S SKIP THE AWKWARD TALKING STAGE PART!! i will literally talk to you as if i've been your friend for 10 years
  • i don't know what else to say here ERRRRRRR yea. we can listen to songs together! maybe not movies because i have short attention span 💔


i made this ad because all the rps these days are only for 18 and above and i'm FOMO!!!!!!! and fl drains me, so. i'm currently only active on discord so leave me your tag if you want me to reach you! 😁

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