11:11 wish

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It's all about a stupid kiss Wonwoo had at 11:11 am. 

"Let's not kiss someone with coffee-tasted lips again," he murmured with many regrets. 

But of course, it happens a couple more times and a lot more later after he told himself not to...



Hey guys, I am back with a new story after 3 years. This is my first meanie story. I used to write Got7, BTS, and BTOB. This story was written like wayyyyy back in 2018. I kept editing it for like 3 years for no good reason. So I decided to publish it. now. It has flaws and I need to try harder but I would like to give you guys the best I have for now.

Also, I would like to establish the fact that, writing BL stories does not mean that they are real. This is a pure fanfiction, my own thoughts, my own plots. I have no bad intention while writing BL story between two male idols. This is not a declaration of me accusing them of being gay. Idols have their own rights and their own freedom. They can be whoever they want to be. I have full respect for them. So please don't take this BL story too seriously. 

Thank you <3

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