Rain and Ramens

Paper Hearts
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A rainy evening spent with your favorite person is definitely the best. Minju would've enjoyed this rainy evening if only Yujin helped her in preparing their dinner for tonight. Instant ramen. Romantic isn't? Nevertheless, Minju still had a good time watching Yujin play KartRider from the living room while waiting for their ramen to be cooked. 


The brunette was by the counter preparing their dinner when a faint knock was heard from the front door. 


"Yujin!" Minju shouts to call Yujin whose full attention was on the game. 




"Someone's at the door." Minju points at the door, signalling Yujin to open it. Yujin went to the doorstep, wondering who could be knocking at this hour and at this weather. 


As she opens the door, she's met with an unwanted presence. 


Kim Chaewon drenched in water. 


"What are you doing here?" Yujin asks irritably. 


"W-Where's Minju?" Chaewon asks back, stuttering a little because of the cold weather. 


"Bub? Who is it?" The answer to Chaewon's question is answered when Minju appeared behind Yujin.


"Chaewon? What—why are you here and why are you soaking wet?" 


"You were missing the whole day and we couldn't contact you. I just had make sure you're alright…" 


"And it seems like you're doing g-great… I'll get going then." Chaewon continues before bowing her head and walking away. Minju saw how Chaewon shivered when the cold drops of rain touched her skin. Without thinking twice, Minju grabs the umbrella beside the door. She was about to chase Chaewon when Yujin stopped her. 


"Minju?" Yujin confusedly asks. 


"What? I'm not that heartless to let the person run in the rain again." She sternly says. Minju might have a great hatred towards the other Kim however she still couldn't bare seeing the latter sick. Especially when their 'wedding' tomorrow. 


Minju then ran after Chaewon who was walking in small steps while shivering.


"Yah Kim Chaewon!" 


"Huh?" Chaewon turns around to see a raging fox. 


"What do you think are you doing?" 


"Uh going home?"


"Where's your car?" 


"At the nearby auto shop… tire got flat." Chaewon answers honestly 


Minju s

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