Paper Hearts
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Entering their shared apartment, Minju stumbled tirelessly onto the dark space. It was the usual for her, dashing straight to the bar after a busy day at work and going home drunk.


"You're drunk again." A voice resounded through the empty living room. A stern voice that is still laced with concern.


"And what about it?" Surely enough, Minju was very irritated by just hearing that voice. Minju made her way to the couch, still stumbling a bit. The light turned and lo and behold, Kim Chaewon was standing right infront of her, her figure leaning onto the cold wall.


"If you aren't aware, we're engaged." Chaewon started off as she sat beside the younger. 


"What will other people think when they see you. An engaged woman wilding at the bar every night?" 


"That I'm trapped in an unwanted engagement." Minju answered nonchalantly, her eyes void of any emotions. 


Minju hated the idea of being controlled. It suffocates her whole being. The reason why she loathes her parents. And her hatred towards them just worsened that one rainy morning when she went down the staircase of their enormous house. 


[flashbacks = italic] 


"Rest now, Minguri." Yujin said before singing a song that lulled Minju into dreamland. 


Minju giddily jumped like a teenager as the scene last night continued to play inside her mind. They spent the whole night talking to each other again. Through the phone again ofcourse for both didn't have the energy to meet personally, specially Yujin who is dead tired from her gigs. As expected, eyebags were beginning to appear yet Minju couldn't care less. All she cared about was the melodic sound of Yujin's voice. 


With a huge smile etched on her face, Minju made her way towards the dining hall. However, Minju's smile quickly fell into a frown as she was met with 3 pairs of unfamiliar eyes. 


1 pair of eyes specially caught her attention. A woman with a short brown hair was stared at her for awhile before drawing her attention back to her food. Minju looked at her parents confusedly, as if asking them silently who these unknown people were

"Why don't you take a sit first honey." Minju's mom said as she pointed at the vacant chair next to her. Minju obliged and sat at the vacant chair. Which happens to be infront of the woman with short hair aswell. 


Minju silently ate her breakfast, her eyes looking up to the short haired girl from time to time thinking that she wasn't that noticeable. 




The short haired girl noticed Minju causing her to raise her right brow. Minutes passed and it was only the older people talking in the dining table. The two young women just remained silent while eating their breakfast. That was until Minju's father cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the young women. 


"You're getting married Minju." Minju almost choked upon

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