No SeulRene Without Joy

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And the reason behind it.


Hi! This is my first attempt at canonverse au! 

As much as I enjoyed reading canonverses fics, I tried to steer away from writing about the said genre. I think it had something to do with wanting to have it closest to what's really happening, as much as possible, and since I obviously can't, only grains of truth can be sprinkled to the story. So I was a bit afraid to write something that might venture away with what's real and what I wanted to be real. But as a dedicated SeulRene writer, I wanted to explore different genres and try to write it. It's still fiction so everything's not real as much as my delusional mind wanted it to be. LOL!

This is short, as I've said I just wanted to try. Maybe if I've got more confidence writing on this canonverse, I'll try to write more. I don't know, tho. XD

Hope you enjoy this fluff with slight-angst of our beloved couple. 

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