Chapter 1

Love Contract
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"Are you guys really leaving me home alone on Valentines' Day next week?" Jihyun whined as she heard her two brothers discussing potential date places to go with their partners.

"Don't hate on us just because you're single." Namjoon snickered while Jihyun rolled her eyes. Valentines' Day used to be a day where she spent with her brothers baking cookies and watching movies. The large part of the reason was also because she had been single for her entire life, and being the princess of the family, Jin and Namjoon would prioritize hanging out with their sister despite them having multiple girls asking them out.

But this year was different.

They had both officially gotten into a relationship respectively, and therefore this was the very first valentines' day that they were going to spend with their partners.

And that meant Jihyun was going to be the only singleton this year.

Of course, she loved hanging out with her brothers and their partners - Mina and Yoona were the loveliest girls she had ever met. However, that doesn't change the fact that she still felt slightly lonely whenever they had someone to hold on their movie nights as she sat right in the middle between two couples, hearing them whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Being single .

But she didn't exactly know how to change that either.

She had been surrounded by the same group of boys since she was a child - Namjoon and Seokjin were part of a small group known as the Bangtan Boys. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew them. The group of 7 boys were charming, attractive, smart with god-like visuals - every girl wanted to be with them, and every boy wanted to be like them.

Of course Jihyun thought the same way, how could she not?

She had seen the 7 boys grow from young and innocent boys to mature and good-looking young adults - heck she sometimes didn't know how to act around them.

Her brothers had  endlessly about her crushes on the 5 boys - each at a different time of her life. They had learned about it one day while packing her room, as they found a box of letters neatly written and addressed to each boy, much to her chagrin.

When confronted, Jihyun immediately snatched the box back with a blushing face, and she knew she would never hear the end of it.

She never did, especially when Seokjin and Namjoon saw her latest letter addressed to Kim Taehyung, the charming and eccentric individual who was full of love and joy.

"Ji, why not ask Taehyung out for Valentine's?" Seokjin teased before stopping to answer his own question, "Oh wait, you already did." He said, cracking into his signature windshield-wiping laughter.

Oh, that terrible incident. Jihyun couldn't help but wince when she remembered it.

It was a cool summer day and they were all out at the beach.

Everything seemed to be looking good. She and Taehyung had spent a few outings alone together without the rest of the boys - even if it meant just picking up groceries or having a couple of study dates since they were in the same class for a subject that Taehyung had asked her help for, Jihyun enjoyed every moment spent with him.

Maybe it was the way he'd offer a drink for her when they were on their study dates, or when he lent her his jacket when she was feeling cold at the arcade, or when he remembered her favourite chip flavour and had specifically bought it for her when he was buying groceries.

She liked Taehyung, and she thought he felt the same. She asked her best friend, Jimin, if he knew that Taehyung was seeing anyone. Taehyung and Jimin were practically soulmates and best friends, but she knew she was as important to Jimin as Taehyung was to him because they were best friends too.

So when Jimin said he didn't think so, she decided to take her chance.

While the boys were playing in the water, Jihyun had stayed behind to take care of the belongings. Taehyung had offered to stay with her, making it the perfect chance for her confession.

"Tae?" Jihyun asked while he turned to her as the sun landed on his honey skin, casting a soft glow on his face. Her breath hitched for a moment as she stared into his warm eyes.

"Yeah?" He asked as he gave her a smile.

"Ithinkireallylikeyouwouldyouliketogooutwithme?" She mumbled the whole sentence softly, but she knew Taehyung had heard her because he had widened his eyes in response.

It wasn't a look she had wanted to see.

Guilt was expressed over his entire face, and he bit his lips nervously as he avoided her gaze, thinking of what to say.

"T-take it as I've never said that before." Jihyun said hurriedly before she stood up quickly, but Taehyung held onto her hand, "Wait, Ji!"

"Thank you for liking me, but I can't accept your feelings because I actually like someone else..." Taehyung said softly, and Jihyun could feel her heart shattering. "O-oh.. Sorry I wasn't aware you liked someone."

"Yeah, I do. I haven't had the courage to ask her out so I'm no

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