He Came Back For Us

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Park Chanyeol has a 15-year-old daughter with the name of Areum. She was undeniably beautiful, her features were of one of a kind as her father would describe. 

And because of that beauty, men had been courting her nonstop. Yet, Chanyeol would glare at them by the gate, refraining them from ever stepping a foot inside their humble house. 

Since Areum wasn't allowed to even have a boyfriend (per request of her strict father) she began to have a major crush on a popular pop singer named Byun Baekhyun once when she saw him perform in a music show. 

It's been years since she had been a fan of him. However, she never bothered her father to buy any of his albums (thinking it would waste her father's earnings or he might not like the idea).

But then she suddenly took the risk and demanded her father one fine Monday morning (the time he was sipping his coffee)

"Pa, can I please have a Bambi album?"


Hi!!! So basically my aim here is to confuse you, huehue (which would eventually result in a huge headache hehe). I will try my best to bewilder y'all with the ships and such cuz where's the fun in that if you know who are gonna get paired in the end, right? ;))

And the tags will also help with perplexing you all. I can always put chanbaek, chansoo, sechan, chankai, or a ship that would leave people "wtf it was them?" 

I love the thrill! But I never got to try to experiment with writing something like that. However, this story is too soft if you ask me and there aren't many mystery cases in the book like some detective series my mom would love to binge watch lol. 

Purely, I just wanted to confuse everyone and in the end, give a fluffy downfall for the characters. 

Primarily that's just it, hope you enjoy it? Lol, I hope my writings ain't too crappy for you all to abandon it. 

sorry for the late updates! :(
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