I Got U

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Nam Woohyun – 37 years old, Homeroom teacher

Jang Dongwoo – 37 years old, Music teacher

Lee Sungyeol – 37 years old, Gym teacher



Kim Sunggyu – 18 years old

Lee Howon – 18 years old

Kim Myungsoo – 17 years old

Lee Sungjong – 17 years old




Warnings contain , boyxboy; it's a woogyu/ Gyuwoo story.

If you're uncomfortable with any of this, please STOP reading or unsubscribe; you've been warned.

P.S. English is not my 1st language, so correct me I don't mind



SM High School is one of the most popular high schools in South Korea, it was strict and had a lot of rules, but unlike any school in the world, the rule-breakers were the intelligent and most promising students there.


Sunggyu ran toward class, hoping the homeroom teacher is not there yet; he was late, of course, and getting detention wasn’t something he wanted to do, not alone since he was running late by himself.

Sunggyu cursed inside, finding their new homeroom teacher Nam Woohyun checking attendance; he quickly bowed and walked toward his seat, hoping not to get detention or school work in his break.

“Kim Sunggyu.”

The student stopped walking and turned slowly, “Yes, Seonsaeng-nim?”

Woohyun’s eyes were fixed on the attendance paper; he checked Sunggyu’s name then said, “Present, go to your seat.”

Howon nudged his friend’s arm and whispered, “You think he’ll let it pass?” Sunggyu simply shook his head, knowing well that Nam Woohyun won’t let it slide this time.

Woohyun was the new homeroom teacher who transferred this year to SM High School for a personal reason, the impression he left from day one was no joke.

After 10 minutes from taking the attendance to listing new and old rules for the students, Woohyun excused himself and walked toward the door, leaving; he stopped right at the door and said, “Kim Sunggyu, come and see me at my office on your break.”

Sungjong and Myungsoo gathered around their friend once Woohyun was out of the picture, “Dude, you’re dead.”

“Shut up, Sungjong.”

“Just don’t talk back, uh?”

Sunggyu ruffled Myungsoo’s hair, “Aigo~~, I’m not as polite as you, but I’ll try.”

“Yah, Sungjong, can’t your dad do something about it?”

“No need, I can take care of it.”

“Say Sunggyu, any updates from home?” Howon asked, playing with his phone.

Sunggyu crossed his legs on his desk and did the same “Nothing; we don’t even talk, not that I care.”

“So, all summer, you ignored each other?” Sunggyu nodded, then Sungjong checked Howon’s fingers, “Dude, you got new tattoos!!!!! How do your parents allow this!!”

“My parents are cool, jealous?” Howon wriggled his eyebrow.

“Very!! How come you’re blessed with a tattoo artist as a father while I get a teacher!!”

Myungsoo smacked Sungjong’s shoulder when Sunggyu walked away from them, “Can you be a little more considerate!!” he then followed his friend to check if he’s okay.

“, I forgot!”

“You’re very stupid, Jjong.”

“I’ll talk to dad.”

“The least thing you could do.”

“Shut up, Lee Howon!”







New Fic New characters XD it's a high school fic, and yes, Woohyun Dongwoo and Sungyeol are 20 years older than Sunggyu, Howon, Myungsoo and Sungjong lol if you're uncomfortable with the age gap them I apologize, then maybe next fic? *HUGS* 

Funny thing is these three actually looks older in this poster lol or is it just me ;p

Not tagging a lot, but it's a woogyu/ gyuwoo fic; as usual other member are included because I love them all; it's going to be a mix of tragedy, angst and a little comedy and a lot of fiction; it's another challenge for me *nervous lol*

Hope you guys enjoy it, and thank you all for always supporting my fics; I'm always happy to find old and new Inspirits. I LOVE YOU ALL. ♡ 

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