Kiss Me More



Hangyul was going to throw Dongmyeong. He didn’t know where he would throw the younger, but by god was he going to do it. Hangyul had accepted the invitation to come over and hang out under the notion that it would just be Hangyul, Dongmyeong, and maybe Giwook, Harin, Yonghoon, and Hyungu. Hangyul had made sure. He had double, no triple checked that he wouldn’t be there, but no. Hangyul is notified as he's walking inside of the building that he was there. 


Hangyul had always admired him from afar. He had always been able to keep that safe distance between himself and the younger rapper. Hangyul wanted it that way. He wanted to crush and ogle from a distance. He absolutely did not want to be face to face with him, but of course, Dongmyeong wouldn’t let that happen. 


“You’re Hangyul right? I’ve seen you before, but I’ve never really had the chance to talk to you,” he beams, his black curls bouncing as he moves back and forth on his feet. 

“Yeah! I’ve been kind of busy with all of the promotions and group changes ya know? But it’s nice to finally meet you!” Hangyul can feel his heart rate speed up as Giwook walks over to them. 


“Oh you two finally met! That’s good! Come on, the pizza’s here,” Giwook grabs Hangyul and the black haired male’s hand before dragging them to the living room. 


“Hi Hangyul! Hi Sunwoo!” Dongmyeong beams at the two as they all sit down, “I’m so happy you guys finally got to meet!” Dongmyeong smirks at Hangyul who glares at Dongmyeong.


“I’m kind of shocked that Hangyul and I haven’t met before,” Sunwoo beams before he leans his head against Giwook’s shoulder. 


“Not for lack of trying,” Dongmyeong mumbles then yelps when Hangyul shoves him, “!” 


“Don’t you dare insult me. I will throw you across this room,” Hangyul glares at Dongmyeong and pushes the sleeves of his sweater up.


Sunwoo mumbles something to Giwook who chokes on his saliva before laughing. Dongmyeong pulls out his phone when it vibrates before laughing and shoving Hangyul’s side. 


“God this is amazing,” Dongmyeong opens the pizza boxes, “Dig in losers.” 


“I’d say you haven’t changed at all, but that’s a complete lie. You’re more of an now,” Hangyul smirks and throws his arm around Dongmyeong’s shoulder, “Maybe a bit more gay than usual. You didn’t even try to hide the hickeys this time around.” 


“WHAT HICKEYS? YAH! LEE GIWOOK!” Dongmyeong lunges at his boyfriend, Hangyul laughing as he grabs a slice of pizza. 


“Babe there’s no hickeys on you,” Giwook rolls his eyes, “Hangyul that was mean.” 


“No, Dongmyeong was mean. I simply implemented my revenge. Hangyul villain era perhaps?” Hangyul takes a bite of the pizza, Sunwoo reaching over and grabbing a piece of pizza. 


“There’s not many good villain eras that happen in our industry. You’d be a good one,” Sunwoo smiles over at Hangyul, Hangyul choking on his pizza, “Are you okay?” 


“Peachy!” Hangyul coughs and grabs the water that Dongmyeong hands him.


Hangyul opens the down half the bottle, small drops of water running down his throat. Sunwoo tries to tear his eyes away from the elder's throat. Giwook nudges Sunwoo which snaps him out of the trance, Hangyul gasping for breath when he can finally breathe. 


“Jesus Sunwoo. Almost kill him, why don’t you?” Dongmyeong laughs at Sunwoo who flushes and hides behind Giwook’s shoulder.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Sunwoo pouts and buries his face in Giwook’s back. 


“Don’t be mean Myeongie,” Giwook looks over at Dongmyeong who pouts. 


“He didn’t almost kill me. I promise I’m fine. It just caught me off guard. Sunwoo I’m fine,” Hangyul smiles at Sunwoo when he finally stops hiding behind Giwook, “See? I’m all good!” 


“What are we doing after we finish eating?” Giwook looks over at Dongmyeong. 


“Each other?” Dongmyeong smirks as Sunwoo and Hangyul both make strangled noises of confusion. 


“What the ?” Hangyul gapes at his friend, Sunwoo blinking off into space at the remark. 


“We should play either Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.,” Giwook smiles at the group, the three of them nodding. 


Hangyul grabs another slice of pizza, Sunwoo grabs the one that’s connected to Hangyul’s. Sunwoo blushes when his slice won’t come apart from his own. Hangyul laughs and helps Sunwoo separate them then eats his slice of pizza. 


“I saw you guys got second on Kingdom! That’s really cool. You guys did really good on there,” Hangyul smiles at Sunwoo who blushes slightly at the compliment, “Even if we were doing promotions I watched your stages.” 


“You watched them?” Sunwoo blushes even more as he finishes the second slice of pizza. 


“Yeah! I watched them with some of my members. They were all really impressed,” Hangyul finishes up his pizza before wiping his hands on his sweats, “Do you want to start playing?” 


“What game?” Dongmyeong asks as Giwook, Sunwoo, and Hangyul all grab controllers.


“We start with Mario Kart and then Smash Bros.?” Sunwoo suggests, Dongmyeong nods as he puts Mario Kart into the switch. 


Dongmyeong sits next to Hangyul and Sunwoo, Giwook looking at Dongmyeong with a pout. Dongmyeong smirks and looks over at Giwook with an eyebrow raised. Giwook nods before turning the game on. 


“Hey Sunwoo? Can you trade spots with me so I can sit next to Giwookie please?” Dongmyeong beams at Sunwoo who nods and trades spots with Dongmyeong, “Thank you Sunwoo!” 


“Yeah of course,” Sunwoo pulls the sleeves of his t-shirt down over his shoulders, Hangyul cracking his knuckles as he looks up at the tv.


Giwook picks the race and cc before everyone gets to pick their character. Sunwoo picks Peach, Dongmyeong picks Daisy, Giwook picks Rosalina, while Hangyul picks Dry Bones. Hangyul puffs his cheeks out and shakes his head as they all pick their karts and accessories. 


“You guys would pick the princess trio,” Hangyul laughs as the race starts, Sunwoo huffing at Hangyul’s accusation. 


“What’s wrong with liking the princesses?” Sunwoo pouts as Giwook and Dongmyeong shake their heads. 


“Sunwoo, I would not test Hangyul. He’s scarily good at guessing people,” Giwook laughs as Hangyul groans when he falls off. 


“Oh yeah? Then what does me liking the princesses have to say about me?” Sunwoo keeps his eyes glued to the screen as they race, Dongmyeong shaking his head.


“Here we go,” Dongmyeong mumbles as he blue shells the person in first. 


“You probably like being called princess by your significant other. You also like to be pampered and babied when you’re stressed, but you’re also strong and independent and can do pretty much anything by yourself. Sometimes you get to up in your head so you need someone to metaphorically kidnap you from your thoughts,” Hangyul shrugs as he passes by Sunwoo, “It’s just a feeling though. I could be completely wrong.” 


“God I wish you were,” Sunwoo shakes his head as he passes Giwook, Dongmyeong, and Hangyul to win the race in first.


“There’s nothing wrong with that either though. Sometimes you need a break from being so independent,” Hangyul bites at the inside of his lip as Dongmyeong picks the second race.


“God the tension,” Dongmyeong mumbles then screams when Hangyul lunges at the younger, “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” 


“I will eviscerate you Son Dongmyeong!” Hangyul glares before taking his spot back next to Sunwoo. 


“I hate hanging out with you two. You’re both so violent with each other,” Giwook pouts as Hangyul and Dongmyeong laugh. 


“You’ve never seen Changmin and Chanhee then have you?” Sunwoo shakes his head then turns to the tv as the second race starts. 


“Can’t say I have Sunwoo. Your muscled up friends send me into a gay panic faster than the speed of light,” Giwook shakes his head, Dongmyeong nodding in agreement as Sunwoo laughs. 


“That makes no sense though! Hangyul has a similar build to Hyunjae or Juyeon or even Jacob. Why don’t you gay panic about him?” Sunwoo shakes his head as they race, Hangyul’s brain freezing for a moment which gets him in last place. 


“I have, but I also know him really well,” Giwook snorts as Hangyul drops the controller by accident. 


Hangyul finally regains composure and picks up the controller before blue shelling Giwook. Giwook cries out in frustration as Hangyul smirks. Dongmyeong ends up winning the second race after Sunwoo falls off the map. The group plays Mario Kart for another four races, and then Super Smash Bros. for five rounds before Sunwoo has to go home. Hangyul offers to walk home with Sunwoo, Sunwoo nodding since he doesn’t like to walk alone at night. Hangyul and Sunwoo help clean up their mess and the living room before they hug Giwook and Dongmyeong goodbye and leave. Hangyul puts his hands in his sweatpants pockets as they walk, Sunwoo shivering slightly as they walk down the sidewalk.


“Are you cold?” Hangyul looks over at Sunwoo who shrugs and shakes his head. Hangyul looks at Sunwoo’s arms before rolling his eyes and taking his hoodie off, “Put this on. Your arms are covered in goosebumps.” 


“But aren’t you cold?” Sunwoo looks over at Hangyul as he slips the hoodie on. 


“Me? No. I’m naturally really warm. You don’t need to worry about me,” Hangyul smiles over Sunwoo.


Hangyul quickly wraps his arm around Sunwoo and pulls him closer as someone riding a bike speeds past them. Sunwoo looks over at Hangyul who smiles and lets go of Sunwoo, Sunwoo going back to Hangyul’s side. 


“You alright?” Hangyul looks over at the younger who nods, “Okay that’s good. So what do you like to do mister Kim Sunwoo,” Hangyul nudges Sunwoo who laughs and shrugs. 


“Besides working on music? I like to watch anime and movies. There’s this really good anime movie I watched called Your Name. You should watch it sometime!” Sunwoo bumps into Hangyul with a small smile. 


“We should watch it together. That’s if you want to hang out with me! You totally don’t have to,” Hangyul flushes and shakes his head, “Gyul you’re an idiot,” Hangyul murmurs under his breath. 


“Yeah. I’d really like to hang out with you. Even if we hang out without Giwook and Dongmyeong, I’d still really like to hang out with you. I had a lot of fun with you tonight,” Sunwoo smiles and grabs onto a light pole before swinging around it with a laugh, “Come on Hangyul!” 


Hangyul rolls his eyes and grabs onto the light pole as he swings around with Sunwoo, Sunwoo gripping onto Hangyul when he almost falls. Hangyul pulls Sunwoo close and breathes heavily as he holds Sunwoo close to his chest. 


“I’m so sorry,” Sunwoo laughs and pulls away from Hangyul, “I didn’t mean to trip.” 


“You’re okay you just scared the out of me,” Hangyul laughs as they start the walk to Sunwoo’s dorms, “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah I’m okay I promise,” Sunwoo smiles and bites at his lip nervously, “Can I hold your hand?” 


“Yeah,” Hangyul grabs Sunwoo’s hand and intertwines their fingers as they continue walking to Sunwoo’s dorms. 


“What do you like to do Hangyul?” Sunwoo leans against Hangyul as they walk down the sidewalk. 


“Well I work out a lot. I like it. I think it’s fun. I also dance a lot. I enjoy playing basketball, going bowling, and watching movies. I also do acrobatics sometimes,” Hangyul shrugs and laughs at the awestruck look on Sunwoo’s face. 


“You’re so athletic what the ?” Sunwoo mumbles in shock before turning his attention to the dorm building, “We’re here. Thank you for walking me home. Hey!” Sunwoo grabs his phone from his pocket before opening up his contacts and shoving the phone in Hangyul’s hands, “Put your number in there! Then we schedule a time to hang out. Maybe we can go bowling and then watch a movie.” 


“ yeah!” Hangyul beams and puts his information into Sunwoo’s phone, “It was really nice to finally meet you and to hang out with you,” Hangyul hands Sunwoo his phone back, his phone vibrating signaling that Sunwoo texted him.


“I had a lot of fun tonight too! You’re really funny and really cool to spend time with. Text me when you get home?” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul who nods, “Bye Hangyul!” Sunwoo waves at Hangyul before he walks inside the building leaving Hangyul by himself. 


“Oh Lee Hangyul you are so ed,” Hangyul puts his airpods in before starting the walk to his own dorms.


Hangyul ignores the intense thump in his chest every time his thoughts travel from his group to Sunwoo as he walks towards his dorms. Once he’s there he walks up to his dorm and face plants the ground. Hangyul pulls his phone out and opens the message from Sunwoo, Hangyul going in and making a contact for Sunwoo. 


gyullie c; :

hey sunwoo! i just got home. 


princess <3 :

yay! i’m glad you got home safe. i still have your hoodie. i’m sorry i forgot to give it back


gyullie c; :

don’t be sorry it’s okay. it’s cute on you anyways. you keep it.


princess <3 :

i mean if you insist. i should probably head to bed though i’ve got a lot to do tomorrow


gyullie c; :

sleep well sunwoo !! feel free to text me when you want. sleep well !!


Hangyul flips over and looks up at the ceiling of the dorms, his brain swirling with thoughts and emotions that he definitely wasn’t ready for. Hangyul looks over at Junseo and Dohyon as they sit next to him on the floor. 


“How was hanging out with Dongmyeong and Giwook?” Dohyon looks down at Hangyul who groans and hides his face in his hands, “Was it that bad?” 


“Wait where’s your hoodie?” Junseo tilts his head at Hangyul who whines, “Hangyul?” 


“Sunwoo was there. Kim ing Sunwoo was there. We held hands. I walked him home. He has my number. I gave him my hoodie. He wants to hang out just us. I can’t do this today, besties,” Hangyul hides his face in his hands again, “He’s so pretty in person. God his smile is just so pretty. I can’t. Nope. Nevermind. I legitimately refuse to think about him,” Hangyul grabs a pillow from the couch and hides his face. 


“God you’re gay as hell,” Dohyon laughs and shakes his head as Hangyul hits him with the pillow, “WHAT? IT’S TRUE!” 


“DON’T MAKE FUN OF MY PAIN DOHYON!” Hangyul cries out in exasperation, Minwook and Hyunwoo walking into the main living room, “Oh god more people to laugh at my gayness.” 


“We came out here because you were screaming, not because of your crush on Sunwoo but I assume it goes hand in hand,” Minwook laughs as Hangyul flips him off, “I’m so offended!” 


“You’re so dramatic. Did he wink in a vlive or something?” Hyunwoo laughs as he sits on the ground by Hangyul. 


“He was at the Onewe dorm. I hung out with him tonight. He has my number, my hoodie, and my heart. I walked him home and he wants just us to hang out. Not to mention we held hands while I walked him home. I’m not repeating this again or I will combust,” Hangyul huffs and throws the pillow at Minwook when he laughs, “.” 


“Sorry! It’s just,” Minwook bites his lip to keep from laughing, “You’re freaking out because after over a year of you pining after him and complaining to Dongmyeong, Dongmyeong finally had you meet and it went well?” 


“I don’t remember asking you for your opinion sir!” Hangyul frowns then turns to his phone when it vibrates. 


princess <3 :


i know i said i was going to sleep but i’m sleeping in your hoodie because it’s warm. anyways i’m going to sleep now !! goodnight gyullie <3 


gyullie c; :

it’s really cute on you sunwoo. goodnight princess <3


Hangyul bangs his head on the ground, “Nope. I won’t be able to survive a single second with just us.” 


“What does he want to do?” Gun walks into the room from the kitchen, “Sorry I was getting food.” 


“Wait wait wait, let me get Gyumin and Minjae,” Youngseo walks out of the kitchen with Gun before running to the back to get them. 


“SUNWOO AND HANGYUL ARE GOING OUT?” Gyumin and Minjae shout as they run out of the room with Youngseo. 


“NO!” Hangyul whines and shakes his head, “He wants to go bowling and then watch a movie that he really likes.” 


“So,” Youngseo looks at Hangyul, “a date.” 


“I hate it here,” Hangyul groans and looks up at the ceiling, “It’s just two bros hanging out. Nothing more.” 


“Two bros that are not five feet apart because they want to kiss,” Junseo laughs as Hangyul hits his thigh, “THAT WAS GOOD COME ON!” 


“Never in my life have I wanted to throw Junseo more than I do now,” Dohyon shakes his head and lays down next to Hangyul, “Listen, I have absolutely no input considering I’ve never really had a crush on anyone, but I say go for it. He understands what it's like to be an idol. He knows how hard things can be. I know how nervous you get about crushes ever since Yuchan, but seriously. I say go for it. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? He thinks of you as a friend? There’s plenty of people in the industry who would date you Gyul. From what it seems, it looks like he’s just as interested in you as you are him. So please for the love of god Hangyul, go on the damn date with him.” 


“Wise words from a child,” Hangyul smiles then screams as Dohyong lunges at him and punches his chest, “BE CAREFUL OF THE S!” 


“Nevermind I hope Sunwoo makes you suffer a long painful heartbreak you ,” Dohyon flicks Hangyul’s nose, “We should probably sleep soon.” 


“Sleep is gross no,” Gun sighs and looks over at the tv, “Smash Bros.?” 


“I’m sleeping on the couch,” Hangyul yawns as he spreads out on the couch, “If anyone would like to cuddle up with me go ahead.” 


“I’ll probably do it,” Dohyon lays down next to Hangyul and cuddles up against him. 


“The original bros. How cute,” Minwook sits in front of the couch and leans his head against the couch, Minjae, Gyumin, Gun, and Hyunwoo sitting against the couch as Youngseo and Junseo lay down on the ground. 


“Shut up you know we love you,” Hangyul reaches over Dohyon to ruffle Minwook’s hair.


“We know,” Junseo smiles at the two before they turn the switch on, Youngseo putting Smash Bros. in. 


The last thing Hangyul remembers seeing is Gyumin hitting Gun for knocking his character off. 


When Hangyul wakes up that day, he immediately is met with bright eyes looking down at him. Hangyul screams and sits up abruptly, Hangyul’s forehead smacking Hyunwoo’s as he sits up. 


“OUCH! ARE YOU ING SORRY?” Hangyul screams at Hyunwoo, Hyunwoo, Minwook, Junseo, and Dohyon laugh hysterically, “I MEANT TO SAY I’M ING SORRY AND ARE YOU OKAY?” 


“I know you did Gyul,” Hyunwoo laughs and rubs his forehead, “I’m okay. Are you okay?” 


“Yeah I’m okay,” Hangyul stretches, “What do we have planned for today?” 


“Nothing really I don’t think,” Junseo grabs his phone to look at the schedule.


Hangyul nods and opens his phone with a slight blush. Hangyul laughs at the slew of texts from Sunwoo. 


princess <3 :

good morning gyullie !!

eric saw the hoodie and accused me of stealing

he started cooing and singing about us in a tree when i told him what happened

he’s so weird

oh !! when you wake up will you tell me the next day you’re free? that way we can plan when we can hang out

i hope you’re sleeping well c: 


hello this is eric. he fell asleep wearing your hoodie <3


anyways pls wake up soon so i can text you


gyullie c; :

good morning princess. i hope you slept well. you looked very cozy. i’m free today if you are !!


princess <3 :


hi yes i am also free today. i do have a vlive planned for later tonight though, but i figured we could have an early dinner and then go bowling !! we’ll have to save the movie for another night but i hope that’s okay !!


gyullie c; :

yeah that sounds good !! how does meeting up at three sound? i’ll come pick you up at your dorm? 


princess <3 :

yeah !! three sounds good to me. i’ll see you then gyullie !! chanhee won’t stop pestering me about who i’m texting so i am going to leave before he sees. bye gyullie <3 


gyullie c; :

bye princess. i’ll see you at three <3


Hangyul slips his phone in his pocket before getting off the couch, “We don’t have anything going on today?” 


“Nope,” Junseo raises his eyebrow, “Go Hangyul.” 


“Thank you!” Hangyul beams and runs to his room to get clothes to shower, “I’m not leaving until like two, but I’m going to go shower!” Hangyul calls from the bathroom before he shuts the door. 


“They’re incredibly gay,” Minwook sits on the couch, “How long until they go out?” 


“I give it the end of the week,” Hyunwoo shakes his head and lays down on the ground.


“I give it by the end of tonight,” Junseo snorts and shakes his head as he sits next to Minwook. 


“If Hangyul is supposed to confess first it will never happen, but if Sunwoo confesses first, then I give it until Hangyul realizes Sunwoo is being serious,” Dohyon grabs the switch controllers, “Hangyul is kind of dense when it comes to people liking him. He had no idea Seungyoun had a crush on him until Seungyoun moved on,” Dohyon laughs and shakes his head. 


Hangyul hums to himself in the bathroom as he rinses the shampoo from his hair, Hangyul putting conditioner in his hair. He leans against the wall with a small thought of how nervous he is to go out with Sunwoo alone. How would Sunwoo act with just the two of them? Would he realize Hangyul’s feelings for him just from hanging out with Hangyul?  Hangyul looks up at the ceiling and sighs before rinsing the conditioner out of his hair. He washes his body, his brain filled with anxiousness at the idea of Sunwoo finding out about his crush. Hangyul turns the shower off and steps out before putting a towel around his waist. Hangyul grabs the floss and flosses his teeth then grabs his toothbrush and toothpaste. He brushes his teeth while looking himself over in the mirror. Hangyul rinses his mouth out with mouthwash before taking the towel off his waist. He puts his boxers on then his black skinny jeans with a belt. He then puts on a black t-shirt cut off that exposes his sides, the tattoo on his shoulder slightly exposed. Hangyul runs a hand through his wet hair then grabs his dirty clothes. He puts them in the dirty laundry before walking out of the bathroom. Hangyul looks over at the couch with his eyebrow raised. 


“So? How do I look?” Hangyul spins around to show everyone his outfit. 


“Those jeans really show off your thighs,” Minwook nods as he goes back to paying attention to the tv. 


“Pretty sure Sunwoo is going to go into cardiac arrest,” Gun laughs as Hangyul flushes and walks to his room to get socks, “He looks good.” 


“Anything to impress his crush,” Youngseo shrugs, Minjae and Gyumin laughing. 


Hangyul walks back out after putting some rings and bracelets on, his socks helping him glide across the living room floor. Hangyul grabs his phone to check the time, his anxiety seeping from his brain into his bones. 


“Was I really in the shower that long?” Hangyul looks over at the group who laugh, “What?” 


“Gyul you slept until like noon,” Gyumin muses as he looks up at Hangyul.


“I DID WHAT? WHY DID NO ONE WAKE ME UP?” Hangyul cries out exasperated. 


“Cause we know how anxious you get when it comes to Sunwoo so we wanted you to relax as much as you could,” Minjae smiles up at Hangyul who sits on the floor. 


“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to do this,” Hangyul frowns and looks down at his hands, “I can cancel if you guys want me to.”


“Lee Hangyul. If you do not go and get your man, I am personally kicking your ,” Youngseo glares at Hangyul.


“We all will,” Gun laughs and shakes his head. 


“As someone who has been dealing with this since their Dreamlike album, trust me. I’ll be first and last in line,” Dohyon shakes his head, “Please Hangyul. Just go get your boy.” 


“As in you should leave. It’s two fifteen,” Hyunwoo laughs as Hangyul panics and stands up. 


He quickly puts his vans on before grabbing a mask and putting it on. He slips a beanie on then puts his airpods in, “I’ll see you guys later!” Hangyul calls before darting out the door. 


Hangyul pulls his phone out to text Sunwoo that he was on his way. Hangyul turns Water by The Boyz on and taps his fingers along to the music as he makes his way to Sunwoo’s dorm. Hangyul nervously bites at the inside of his lip as he makes his way down the sidewalk. Hangyul’s cheeks flush when the song turns to Reveal, Hangyul desperately trying to think of anything except red haired Sunwoo. Hangyul tries to zone out as he walks towards Sunwoo’s dorms. After about twenty minutes of walking, Hangyul finally arrives at the dorms. Hangyul pulls his phone out and laughs at the text from Sunwoo about him panicking, Hangyul turning his music off. 


gyullie c; :

hey i’m here


princess <3 :



Hangyul slips his phone in his pocket and messes with his rings as he waits for Sunwoo. Hangyul’s attention turns towards the door and smiles behind his mask as Sunwoo runs at him. Hangyul laughs and catches Sunwoo when he jumps at him, Hangyul spinning Sunwoo around. Hangyul sets Sunwoo down, the both of them jumping and turning towards the door when they hear someone clear their throat. 


“Hangyul, get him home at a decent time please? He has a vlive to do later,” Sangyeon smirks as he leans against the door. 


“You have zero faith in me, Sangyeon. Of course I’ll have him back at a decent time. Right Sunwoo?” Hangyul turns to Sunwoo who laughs and nods, Sunwoo’s fingers intertwining with his own, “See?” 


“Don’t leave any marks,” Sangyeon smirks more when Hangyul chokes on air, “Have a good time boys!” Sangyeon walks back into the building, Sunwoo looking over at a frozen Hangyul. 


“You ready? There’s this really cute little quiet restaurant that no one really goes to that I thought would be good,” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul who nods his head. 


“Lead the way princess,” Hangyul smiles at Sunwoo who trips over his feet at the pet name. 


Sunwoo flushes and drags Hangyul down the sidewalk, Hangyul laughing as they walk hand in hand towards the restaurant. Hangyul was trying his best to keep his anxiousness to a minimum so he could attempt to enjoy this time out without overthinking. Sunwoo leans his head against Hangyul’s head as they walk down the sidewalk. 


“Do all of your members know we’re going out tonight?” Hangyul hums slightly and rubs his thumb against Sunwoo’s hand. 


“Yeah. Eric can’t keep his mouth shut. Kevin and Chanhee kept asking me questions. Sangyeon started laughing and I couldn’t tell why,” Sunwoo looks over at Hangyul who shrugs, a light blush spread across his cheeks, “Juyeon’s first response was that he wanted to collab with you on a choreography.” 


“BAE173 and The Boyz collab. Else and Deobi would crumble,” Hangyul laughs as Sunwoo nods in agreement, “How much further?” 


“Mister impatient,” Sunwoo shakes his head and laughs before turning down an alleyway and walking to the sidewalk. 


Sunwoo and Hangyul walk inside the restaurant, Sunwoo pulling Hangyul to the back where no one could spot them. Hangyul and Sunwoo sit down at the table, the both of them pulling their masks down slightly with a smile. 


“God you’re pretty,” Sunwoo looks at Hangyul, Hangyul’s cheeks heating at the compliment. 


“Sunwoo have you seen yourself?” Hangyul gawks at the younger, Sunwoo laughing and shaking his head, “Suggest me something to get?” 


“Yeah! You’re okay with burgers right?” Sunwoo tilts his head then beams as Hangyul nods, “Perfect.” 


Hangyul and Sunwoo turn towards the waitress that comes over to them. Hangyul watches Sunwoo in awe as Sunwoo orders food and drinks for the both of them. Sunwoo turns back to Hangyul when the waitress leaves. 


“They should be done in like ten minutes,” Sunwoo smiles and grabs Hangyul’s hand, “I’m really glad we’re hanging out again!” 


“I am too. I’m kind of shocked that we’ve never hung out before,” Hangyul hums slightly, Sunwoo nodding. 


The both of them turn to the waitress as she brings the drinks over. She smiles at the both of them before waving and leaving the two of them. Hangyul sips his water and laughs at the face Sunwoo makes. Sunwoo beams at Hangyul, Sunwoo taking a sip of his coke. Sunwoo and Hangyul start making small talk about their upcoming promotions and schedules. Sunwoo and Hangyul both start talking about their shared dislike for mnet when their food shows up. Sunwoo and Hangyul both start eating, Hangyul’s eyes widening at the food, Sunwoo laughing at Hangyul’s expression. The two continue talking while they eat, Sunwoo just lost in awe at how pretty Hangyul is. Once they finish up their food, they put their masks on and clean up the table a bit to help the servers. Sunwoo pouts when Hangyul pays for everything, Hangyul just smiling as they walk out of the restaurant and towards a pretty unknown bowling alley. 


“Do you have any embarrassing videos spread on twitter about you?” Hangyul smiles over at Sunwoo who laughs and nods. 


“Just recently there was a video about me blowing the candles out on my cake with my nose,” Sunwoo pulls his beanie off and runs a hand through his hair, Hangyul trying to calm down his heart, “What about you?” 


“There’s a video out there of me trying to drink my drink from a spoon because I thought it was a straw for a second,” Hangyul smiles at Sunwoo who laughs hysterically, “I have it bookmarked. I can send it to you sometime.” 


“Please I would love that,” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul as they walk into the bowling alley. 


Hangyul walks over to the counter and sets everything up while paying in the process, the both of them getting the shoes they’d need. They walk to the alley and put their shoes on before grabbing a ball from the racks behind them. Hangyul sets the lane up with their names, Sunwoo going first. Hangyul and Sunwoo let their masks rest under their chin. Hangyul leans back as he watches Sunwoo take his first turn. Hangyul smiles as Sunwoo easily knocks nine pins down. Sunwoo takes his second turn and knocks the last pin down. Sunwoo beams at Hangyul and hugs him, Hangyul hugging back with a smile. Hangyul pulls away before grabbing the bowling ball and taking his turn, the ball staying down the middle as it hits all ten pins. Sunwoo looks at Hangyul, a competitive glint in his eyes. 


“Winner pays for the next hangout?” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul who raises his eyebrow. 


“You’re on princess,” Hangyul shakes his hand before Sunwoo stands up and takes his turn, Sunwoo getting a strike. 


Hangyul takes his next turn and only knocks eight pins down, Sunwoo smirking at the older. The entire ten rounds, Hangyul and Sunwoo would constantly let out flirty and teasing remarks to each other to try and throw them off their game. Hangyul’s heart would speed up anytime Sunwoo would touch his bicep and make a comment, Hangyul turning to him and talking about how pretty his lips are. By the time the ten rounds were up, Hangyul’s entire body felt fuzzy from the way that Sunwoo was making him feel. Sunwoo’s cheeks are a deep red and Hangyul isn’t sure if it’s from their flirting or because Sunwoo was overheated from the lack of a.c. Hangyul looks up at the scoreboard and blinks with a deadpan expression. 


“Huh. You won,” Hangyul looks over at Sunwoo, “You’re paying next time then.” 


“Hell yes!” Sunwoo laughs and stands up before checking his phone, “We should probably start heading back so I can do the vlive.” 


“Oh yeah!” Hangyul slips his mask back on, Sunwoo doing the same as they both walk out of the bowling alley, “I had a lot of fun with you today Sunwoo.” 


“I had a lot of fun with you too,” Sunwoo beams at Hangyul as they start walking back towards Sunwoo’s company, “Hey do you trust me?” 


“Yeah of course,” Hangyul looks over at Sunwoo who pulls Hangyul down an alleyway, “Sunwoo what are we doing?” Hangyul asks as they stop in the middle of the alleyway. 


“Kiss me,” Sunwoo looks down at Hangyul after moving his mask, Hangyul doing the same.  


“What?” Hangyul looks at Sunwoo who grabs Hangyul’s hands and holds them, “Are you sure?” 


“Please. Please kiss me,” Sunwoo’s eyes flicker from Hangyul’s eyes to his lips. 


Hangyul’s heart rate speeds up as he pulls Sunwoo closer. Hangyul presses their lips together, Sunwoo melting into the kiss and kissing back. Sunwoo pulls Hangyul closer, Hangyul tripping over his feet and trapping Sunwoo against the alley wall. Sunwoo pulls away from the kiss and smiles down at Hangyul. 


“Cute,” Sunwoo smiles and grabs Hangyul’s hand before putting his mask back up, Hangyul doing the same. 


Hangyul and Sunwoo walk to Sunwoo’s dorm relatively in silence, both boys just enjoying each other’s presence. When they get to Sunwoo’s company, Hangyul pulls Sunwoo into a hug, the older pulling his mask down to press a kiss to Sunwoo’s temple. 


“Text me when you get home?” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul who nods, “I’ll text you after the vlive!” Sunwoo beams and walks inside the building. 


Hangyul practically sprints home, a normal thirty minute walk only taking him twenty. Hangyul runs up to his dorm and walks inside. He takes his shoes, beanie, and mask off before quickly walking to the kitchen and grabbing a water. 


“If you need me I’ll be in my room watching Sunwoo’s vlive and panicking,” Hangyul walks to his room and kicks the door close as he lays down on his bed. 


Hangyul opens the vlive notification the moment it pops up, his heart rate speeding. Sunwoo is sitting at a desk while beaming at the camera. 


“Hello deobis!” Sunwoo beams, Hangyul’s heart rate speeding up, “How are you deobis?”


Hangyul has half a mind to reply in the comments, but he refuses. He watches as Sunwoo’s face turns blue thanks to the computer screen. Hangyul opens his water and takes a sip before Sunwoo turns his attention back to the phone.


“I’m good! I had a really good day today. I did some pretty fun things today,” Sunwoo smiles at the camera then turns his head back to the computer, “I’m just going to play some music! I just feel like chatting with deobis.” 


Hangyul’s cheeks flush as the first song Sunwoo plays is Kiss Me If You Can. Hangyul laughs as deobis try to figure out why Sunwoo is so smiley.


“I’m serious! I had a good day. Did my deobis have a good day today too?” Sunwoo beams at the screen, Hangyul taking a few screenshots, “I went bowling and had some food with a friend.” 


“Oh my god,” Hangyul mumbles and blushes as he watches Sunwoo’s cheek dust a light pink. 


“Yeah we had fun! We really did,” Sunwoo smiles as he leans closer to read the comments. 


Hangyul screams and almost throws his phone as the song switches to Soul by him and Dohyon. 


“You guys haven’t heard this song before? What a shame deobis. Hangyul and Dohyon are very good. Hangyul is very handsome too,” Sunwoo smiles as he reads the comments, several deobis screaming about Hangyul. 


“Shut up oh my god,” Hangyul blushes as Sunwoo starts to rap along to Dohyon’s part. 


“You really should listen to them deobis! And listen to BAE173! They’re amazing,” Sunwoo laughs as Hangyul practically turns into a puddle on the bed, “Yes! He and Sangyeonnie hyung are friends!” 


Hangyul’s heart speeds up as he looks at the screen, Sunwoo beaming at the camera. Hangyul cries out in confusion when the song turns to Crush on U by BAE173, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” 


“Deobis! Deobis looks!” Sunwoo holds his phone up to show a picture of Hangyul, “See? Handsome right?” Sunwoo beams before setting his phone down, “Have deobis eaten today?” Sunwoo leans closer to read the comments to see what deobis have eaten today, “Oooo sushi! That sounds good!” 


Hangyul’s heart rate speeds up as he sees an influx of comments asking Sunwoo how they know each other.


“Sangyeonnie is friends with him, but he’s also friends with Dongmyeong from Onewe! So we were bound to become friends at some point,” Sunwoo laughs, Hangyul biting his lip knowing that there will be some viral tweet about them later. 


“Kim Sunwoo what the are you doing?” Hangyul chokes on his saliva as the song changes to Regulus by Onewe. 


“Oh yes! It would be nice to collab with Cya again wouldn’t it?” Sunwoo smiles at the camera, Sunwoo’s attention turning towards the door when Eric walks in, “Hi Eric.” 


“Hey! Hi deobis!” Eric beams as he bends down to wave at the camera, “How are you?” 


The two lean closer to read comments, Eric in a breath as he tries to look past the comment about Hangyul being the one Sunwoo hung out with. Sunwoo’s cheeks heat up again as he reads the comment, Eric pulling up a chair and sitting next to Sunwoo. 


“Ah Sunwoo was talking about Hangyul? It’s been a while since I’ve seen him. He usually hangs out with Sangyeon,” Eric laughs and shakes his head. 


“I do not!” Hangyul huffs before recounting all the times he’s hung out with Sangyeon, “Okay maybe I do.” Hangyul turns his attention back to the screen as Kiss Me More by Doja Cat plays, “WHAT THE ?” 


“Hyung what is your playlist?” Eric turns to Sunwoo who shrugs and beams at Eric, “It’s got some good songs.” 


Sunwoo starts to sing along to the song while looking at the screen, Eric reading comments asking what he ate today. 


“I had ramen,” Eric smiles at the camera, Sunwoo laughing and shaking his head, “What did you have Sunwoo?” 


“I had burgers!” Sunwoo smiles and looks at the comments, “It was really good actually.” 


“Ah! Burgers are always a good option,” Eric smiles and leans his head against Sunwoo’s shoulder. 


Hangyul’s heart twinges with jealousy at the sight, before he pays attention to the song. The song had changed from Kiss Me More to Champagne and Sunshine by Tarro and PLVTINUM. Hangyul moves along to the beat of the song before choking on saliva at the lyrics of the song. 


“I heard this song on tiktok! It’s really nice,” Sunwoo smiles at the camera, “Give me some of the songs our deobis like and I’ll make a playlist for my vlives!” 


“I’ve heard Kevin play this song before,” Eric laughs and looks at the comments, “Sunwoo can I marry Eric?”


“Absolutely! Gets him out of my hair!” Sunwoo laughs loudly as Eric slaps Sunwoo’s shoulder, Hangyul laughs slightly at the twos antics. 


Hangyul blinks in confusion when the song turns to LoveGame by Lady Gaga, “Sunwoo I’m getting some very odd signals here.” 


“Hyung what is this?” Eric laughs loudly as Sunwoo huffs.


“I like the beat of the song! Stop being a ,” Sunwoo smacks Eric’s shoulder, “Does deobi like this artist?” 


Eric jokingly starts dancing to the song, Sunwoo and Hangyul both laughing at Eric. Hangyul’s heart clenches with the thought that maybe Sunwoo doesn’t want to be with him and only thinks of him as a friend. Hangyul groans as he takes a drink of his water. 


“Did you know that Sunwoo plays songs like this when he’s taking a shower?” Eric smiles at the camera, Hangyul coughing as he chokes on water. 


“I DO NOT!” Sunwoo cries out and shakes his head, “Don’t listen to him deobis! He’s lying.” 


Hangyul smiles at the screen when the song turns to 4ever by The Boyz, Eric and Sunwoo both singing along to the song. Hangyul watches in pure amazement just at how pretty Sunwoo is. Hangyul could watch Sunwoo all day honestly. He’s spent hours watching any and all Sunwoo content he could, most of the time his face turning red as his heart speeds up. Hangyul hums along to the song when Sunwoo winks at the screen. 


“Ah hyung! Don’t be cheesy!” Eric laughs while Sunwoo rolls his eyes at Eric. 


“I’m not! You’re the one who thinks I’m being cheesy. I’m simply showing my love for deobis!” Sunwoo smiles and pulls off a bracelet from his wrist, “Kevin made me a bracelet recently. It’s got these cute little sunflowers!” Sunwoo puts the bracelet to the screen with a smile, “Isn’t it pretty?” 


Hangyul smiles before freezing when he hears Unbelievable by Victon start playing. Hangyul really isn’t sure if this was just a random playlist that Sunwoo threw together or if it meant something more. 


“I like Victon. We see them quite frequently actually! We’ve accidentally received packages for them and they’ve received packages for us as well. They’re all very sweet though!” Sunwoo smiles before reading comments, “I know! I know Hangyul is friends with them,” Sunwoo laughs. 


“Their most recent comeback is really good too! I really like What I Said. It’s a good song,” Eric smiles and leans closer to read more comments, Sunwoo fidgeting with the bracelet. 


Hangyul runs a hand through his hair nervously as Bloom Bloom by The Boyz begins playing. This had to mean something right? This wasn’t a coincidence? Sunwoo had asked Hangyul to kiss him and now he’s playing all of these cute and lovey songs on his vlive? Hangyul buries his face in his pillow as he groans. What if he was overthinking and just projecting his feelings? Hangyul sighs and rubs his temples. 


“What are you doing to me Kim Sunwoo?” Hangyul looks out the window and shakes his head before turning his attention back to the vlive. 


“You’re in a mood tonight,” Eric smiles and nudges Sunwoo who laughs it off and shakes his head.


“I’m trying to tell deobis how much I love them,” Sunwoo smiles and looks over at the computer, “Pool by Woodz! Another friend of Sangyeon’s,” Sunwoo hums and starts to sing along to the song. 


“Have you seen that old picture of Sangyeon hyung?” Eric gasps as he pulls his phone out to pull up google. 


Hangyul’s heart is beating rapidly at the song that’s playing. He knows for sure he’s told Dongmyeong he put this in a playlist for when he thinks about Sunwoo. Hangyul bites at the inside of his lip nervously. 


“HERE!” Eric laughs as he shows the picture to the camera, an old picture of Seungyoun, Sangyeon, Chan, and a few others now shown to all deobis watching, “I remember showing Sangyeon that picture when I found it. He looks so young. Now he’s old.” 


“He’s going to yell at you,” Sunwoo laughs and smiles at the camera as Honesty by Pink Sweat$ plays, “I love this song,” Sunwoo smiles and starts singing along to the song. 


Hangyul sings along, his heart beating rapidly as he thinks about singing this with Sunwoo. Sunwoo smiles at the camera, Eric verbally replying to some questions deobis have. Hangyul’s heart rate picks up as Sunwoo puts a heart next to his temple in the exact spot that Hangyul kissed him. Sunwoo was definitely making this playlist about Hangyul and he wasn’t entirely sure how to feel. Hangyul wraps his blanket around him as he walks out into the kitchen, the song switching to Rooftop by N.Flying. Hangyul opens the fridge and looks for a snack when he blushes at the mention of his name. 


“Sunwoo tell Hangyul to upload on twitter,” Sunwoo reads out and laughs, “I’ll tell him! No promises though,” Sunwoo beams and sings along to the song, Eric pretending to play a guitar. 


“God this entire vlive playlist is about you,” Dohyon looks over at Hangyul who blushes, “This is insane. He’s basically telling everyone you’re both in love.” 


“Shut up,” Hangyul grabs a string cheese and sits down on the floor by Dohyon, “The heart he did by his temple? I kissed him there. We kissed on our way to his company. Dohyon I think I’m in deep.” 


“Gyul I know you are,” Dohyon laughs and shakes his head before they turn their attention to Hangyul’s phone when the song changes to Into You by Ariana Grande. 


“WHAT THE ?” Hangyul cries out and hides his face, “IS HE INSANE?” 


“Ah Eric! Do you remember Juyeon hyung dancing to this?” Sunwoo smiles at Eric who nods and laughs, “Kevin tried twerking next to him.” 


“Changmin was not happy about that,” Eric laughs at the memory, “Changmin wouldn’t turn the song back on until Kevin stopped twerking.” 


“Ah yeah I remember,” Sunwoo laughs and sings along to the song, Eric joining him and dancing. 


Hangyul watches Sunwoo as he sings with a slight smirk, Hangyul’s heart beating fast as his stomach does cartwheels. Dohyon snorts as Hangyul bites at his lip while watching Sunwoo push his hair back as he sings the song. Hangyul shakes his head and watches the screen before choking on his saliva as the song changes to Be Mine by Infinite. 


“Hangyul if you don’t ask him out,” Dohyon laughs and shakes his head, Hangyul whining as he hides his face. 


“Golden Child’s older brother group right? I like them. I need to listen to them more,” Eric smiles at the camera, “They’re really good!”


“They are! I really like the dance for this song,” Sunwoo hums along to the song, “Deobis you should listen to this song if you don’t already!” 


Hangyul watches as Sunwoo sings along to the song while looking at the camera. Hangyul’s cheeks turn red as he shakes his head. Sunwoo is absolutely crazy for listening to these on a vlive. What if their managers figure out? What if there’s an article written about them? Hangyul buries his face in his hands. 


“What’s wrong?” Dohyon looks down at Hangyul who groans. 


“What if Sunwoo gets in trouble or there’s an article written about us?” Hangyul looks over at Dohyon who laughs and shrugs, “What?” 


“You and Seungyoun wore couples shirts and no one said a goddamn thing. I think you’ll be fine,” Dohyon ruffles Hangyul’s hair, Hangyul nodding as he turns his attention back to the screen. 


The song changes from Be Mine to Down by A.C.E. Hangyul bangs his head on the floor, Dohyon laughing loudly at Hangyul. Sunwoo starts to dance and sing along to the song, Hangyul watching as his brain freezes when Sunwoo looks at the screen. 


“Thought I was doing fine, doing fine, until you went across my mind, across my mind,” Sunwoo sings to the camera, Eric vibing along to the music. 


“Hangyul, that's about you,” Dohyon laughs and looks down at Hangyul. 


“I know! I ing know!” Hangyul hides his face in his blanket, “He’s really doing this,” Hangyul whines and hides his face again, “Is he really confessing to me through vlive?”


“It would seem so Gyul,” Dohyon smiles at Hangyul who groans and shakes his head, “That’s cute though!” 


“I’m dying Dohyon. I am physically dying. My heart is beating so fast,” Hangyul groans and shakes his head. 


They both turn their attention to the phone when With Me by BAE173 starts playing. Hangyul flushes and hides his face again in the blanket. Sunwoo beams at the screen while reading some comments. 


“Yeah this is BAE173! It’s from their debut I believe!” Sunwoo smiles and hums along to the song. 


“It’s very catchy and cute,” Eric looks at the screen, “Deobis be with me?” Eric smiles brightly, Hangyul laughing before blushing when Sunwoo nods his head. 


“Deobis? Be with me?” Sunwoo grins and puts a heart by his temple again. 


“I can’t do this anymore,” Hangyul blushes and shakes his head when the song changes to Confession Song by Got7, “Sunwoo I can’t believe you’re confessing to me like this.” 


“GOT7!” Eric gasps excitedly and stands up to dance to the song while Sunwoo sings along. 


“It’s cute you’ve got to admit,” Dohyon smiles at Hangyul who nods his head and smiles as he watches the two dance and sing along to the song. 


Hangyul smiles when Eric starts dancing with Sunwoo, Sunwoo laughing and singing along as he dances with Eric. Hangyul’s hands shake as he thinks about what to say to Sunwoo when the vlive is over. He knows he needs to talk to Sunwoo. He needs to talk about how long they’ve had feelings for each other and Sunwoo’s crazy idea to confess over a vlive playlist. Hangyul smiles at the screen then tilts his head when the song turns to Purple by Hyuna and Dawn. Hangyul’s cheeks turn red when Sunwoo sits down in the chair and blows a kiss to the camera. 


“I really like this song deobis. It’s very cute. It reminds me that love can look different to different people and as long as you and your partner are happy together then that’s all that matters,” Sunwoo smiles and leans closer to read comments, “Are you happy with our love deobi?” 


Eric and Sunwoo laugh as all of the deobis spam the comments telling Sunwoo how much they love him and The Boyz. 


“See! They love us,” Eric smiles at Sunwoo who laughs and nods, Hangyul’s heart racing. 


Sunwoo really has Hangyul’s brain and heart working in overdrive because of this. Has he really been blind to Sunwoo’s feelings because he’s been so worried about his own? Hangyul bites at the inside of his lip and looks at Sunwoo through the screen as the song changes to Boy by The Boyz. 


“Deobis! After this song I have to go! I have to get lots of sleep,” Sunwoo smiles and pokes his cheeks, Eric nodding as he yawns for added effect. 


“I remember when we did this music video we were paired up with other members. I was paired with Changmin! We were so young back then it seemed,” Eric leans back in the chair as he and Sunwoo think about their debut. 


“It was a lot of fun though. I got paired with Haknyeon and honestly it was a lot of fun. I look back on our debut and I just think about how far we’ve come and all the friends we’ve made and the ways we’ve improved. It’s been such an amazing ride,” Sunwoo smiles as he and Eric do some of the dance moves from the song. 


Once the song ends, Hangyul bites at his lip more as he sees Sunwoo and Eric sit back down. 


“It was really nice getting to talk with you deobis! We should get going now! I love you!” Sunwoo smiles at the screen and sends a bunch of kisses. 


“Good night or good morning deobis! I love you!” Eric waves at the camera before the vlive shuts off. 


Hangyul looks at the notification and puffs his cheeks out in anxiety. 


princess <3 :

did you watch the vlive?


gyullie c; :

yeah i did 


princess <3 :

can i come over? 


gyullie c; :

yeah you can


princess <3 :

good cause i’m already on my way over. i’ll be there soon


Hangyul lays down on the ground while looking up at the ceiling, “Sunwoo is coming over.” 


“I figured,” Dohyon smiles, “I’ll go let the others know.” 


Hangyul nods and walks over to his bedroom. He sheds his jeans and tank top off before putting on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. Hangyul paces his room and looks around the room with a sigh. He was nervous. Beyond nervous even. What was he going to say? What were they going to talk about? Hangyul puffs his cheeks out and looks up at the ceiling while shaking his head. Hangyul walks out of his room to grab his water and the blanket again, Minwook leaning against the entrance to the kitchen. 


“You doing okay?” Minwook tilts his head, Hangyul holding his blanket as he shakes his head, “What’s bothering you?” 


“He wants to confess. I know he does. I’m just scared. I’m not used to someone I’m into being into me. I don’t know what to do,” Hangyul bites at his lip as he paces the living room. 


“Hangyul, you’ll be okay. I promise. Why don’t you go in your room and when he gets here I’ll let him in,” Minwook smiles at Hangyul who nods and takes his blanket and water to his room. 


Hangyul lays on his bed covered up with his blanket and looks up at the ceiling, his brain running through every scenario imaginable. Hangyul groans and curls up into a ball, his head pounding from the stress. Hangyul closes his eyes to try and keep himself from overthinking about the situation.


Hangyul doesn’t think he spaces out for that long, but the next thing he knows there’s a knock at his door. Hangyul sits up before humming, his door opening up to show Sunwoo. 


“Hey come in!” Hangyul smiles as Sunwoo walks inside and closes the door behind him, “Hi.” 


“Hyunwoo has a hard time not saying anything,” Sunwoo laughs and sets a backpack down next to Hangyul’s bed before climbing onto it, “He told me you were nervous.”


“I wish he wouldn’t have,” Hangyul groans and hides his face in his hands, “I’m sorry.” 


“You listened to all of the songs in the vlive?” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul who nods, “Do you understand what I was trying to say?” 


“I think so, but I don’t think my brain has fully processed it. Can you tell me in person?” Hangyul looks up at Sunwoo who smiles. 


“Lee Hangyul. I like you so much and I really want you to be my boyfriend,” Sunwoo holds Hangyul’s hand, “Will you? Will you be my boyfriend?” 


“Yeah. Yes. Please. Oh my god yes,” Hangyul’s hands shake as he holds Sunwoo’s hands. 


“Oh my god baby you’re shaking,” Sunwoo pulls Hangyul close and smiles, “Can I kiss you?” 


“Yes. Please,” Hangyul looks up at Sunwoo who leans down and presses his lips to Hangyul’s. 


Hangyul kisses back just as soft, Sunwoo running his fingers through Hangyul’s hair as they kiss. Hangyul pulls away and rests his head on Sunwoo’s shoulder with a smile. 


“Did Eric say anything?” Hangyul wraps his blanket around the both of them. 


“He knew that it was for you,” Sunwoo smiles and holds Hangyul’s hand, “I’ve liked you for a while now. Like since you were still in X1.” 


“I’ve liked you since your Dreamlike album,”  Hangyul laughs as Sunwoo pulls them both down on the bed, “I was really shocked honestly.” 


“Yeah? I was kind of shocked when I realized you liked me. Dongmyeong didn’t tell me or anything, but I had accidentally overheard him talking about it with Giwook when I was trying to sleep. So I wanted to actually spend time with you so I could confess,” Sunwoo smiles at Hangyul, “I’m really happy I did.” 


“I am too Sunwoo. I really am too,” Hangyul buries his face in Sunwoo’s chest, “My princess.” 


“My Gyullie,” Sunwoo buries his face in Hangyul’s hair. 


They were happy and nothing else mattered.

here's the playlist to the songs from the vlive if you'd like them !! sunwoo vlive playlist

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