What's Your Secret?





Family has always been a big deal, especially to him.

She has always avoided being linked to her family.

It was something ingrained in him ever since he was born, to take responsibility.

Responsibility was something she didn’t want to discuss, it wasn’t her thing.




They led very different lives.

For her, it was like a routine, boring but safe.

She went to work, and then she drove herself home, that was it.

But that was about to change, because of her family.




He wasn’t like the other guys his age.

He was always busy, always on the move.

Being weak and slow to react could kill him in his line of work.

A job that he inherited because of his family.




“It’s because you never give a damn about anything!”

“I wasn’t made for this. I wasn’t supposed to meet you!”

“You’re right. We’re too different, I’m sorry if I’m not good enough for you.”

“This isn’t fair. Why does it have to be you?”














He didn’t want to be the leader, or the boss. But he was given no choice, the elders have decided that he was fit for the position, and he had no right to reject that. And things ran smoothly along with the other sons. They all got along well like brothers, they are family after all. It was business as usual for him until something comes up.

And then he met her.

Specifically, the one girl the mafia promised to protect.

And she was the ultimate test to his patience.




Growing up, she has always been aware of her mother’s not so pleasant roots. Although, she had never shown interest in it, and she’s always tried to ignore the whole thing, she is very aware of it. She was clueless how it worked, and she didn’t want to know. She wanted a life of her own, and that’s why she was never exposed to that side of the business.

Well, until hell broke loose.

And she was put under the mafia’s care.

Specifically, under his care.





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