Take Notes (and study hard)


That study-blogging stranger on the internet? He's not real, probably a catfish.

And if he is real? Then he's probably not Korean, would never even speak Korean.

And, okay, hypothetically he is Korean? He's definitely not from Korea, some international student in a country Yoongi will never set foot in.

And even if that were all true? It doesn't matter, because Yoongi is not in love with a random stranger on the internet.


aka. that yoonmin tumblr au where yoongi (not-so-accidentally) stumbles across a study blog and can't help himself - and Kim Seokjin gets *way* too involved.

texting fic, cross-posted from twitter.


twitter version, if that's more your speed: https://twitter.com/nerdsmol/status/1397930602981068806

please note, this fic is very image heavy - on slow internet connections or over mobile data, this might cause problems! Consider reading on twitter for better accessibility.

I also recognise this is not everyone's cup of tea, it's a little different from the usual style


also available on AO3!


this work is finished and ready to upload, just needs formatting - I'm hoping to release updates every 1-2 days.

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