Ni mitz tlazohtla

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Highschool AU


I'm still thinking about the plot, but I kinda have an Idea of what I'm going to write, this includes a lot of my favorite ships :). (June 2021)


The title 'Ni mitz tlazohtla' means 'I love you' in Nahuatl also known as the Aztec language :).



"The stars look pretty tonight" says while reaching for the hand of the younger

"Surely but-" she pauses and looks at the bigger hand on top of hers for a split second before finishing her sentence "She's everything you think of when you look at them right?" the younger is calmly looking at the stars meanwhile a sad smile starts forming on her lips. She doesn't get a reply but the silence speaks for itself.


It hurts like Hell, but it hurted more knowing that ****** was with her while loving someone else.




Well well hehehe I edited the foreword because now I know exactly what I'm writing about, the first "chapter" is going to be an introduction to some characters. (THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM, EVEN MORE THAN THE ONES YOU CAN SEE IN THE TAGS)

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! SO I'll update soon, thanks for subscribing! :)
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