Eric still remembers the first words the older male had spoken to him. It still plagues his mind when he can’t sleep at night and his mind drifts to the man. 

“Good mornin’ handsome. I’d like to say the weather was the hottest thing I’d be dealing with when I moved here, but I surely think you’ll be the hottest thing I’ll have to worry about.”


Eric falls for his insanely hot neighbor who just so happens to wear the most god awful cowboy boots


here's the pronouns for this !! along with eric and sangyeon's piercings and tattoos !!

eric (he/him)
p: shark bites, vertical labret, medusa, septum, r nostril, l eyebrow, tongue, s
t: r sleeve, ghosts on his ribs, mushrooms with uv details on his waist

sangyeon (he/him)
p: belly button
t: hip tattoos of stars

eric (he/him)
sangyeon (he/him)
juyeon (they/he)
hyunjun (he/they)
sunwoo (cub/he)
haknyeon (he/him)

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