Wanna Be You

Our Two Sets of Twins
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{Just a reminder because I didn't say their ages in the last chapters, the Jung twins are 3 years older than the Kim twins and in each chapter, they have different ages to match the whole plot, so I will mention one of their ages to help you a bit know how old they are on a specific chapter.}


The Kim-Jung Household was busy in the morning, everyone was awake now and doing each of their usual routines inside the household.

Sojung is in the kitchen cooking their breakfast.

Eunha is at work today even though it's a weekend because of an urgent meeting.

While Yerin and Yuju are watching the TV with much interest because of the new morning cartoons it was showing.

Everyone had their own routine inside the household now and their own roles:

Yerin was the eldest and kept watch of her siblings but she can still be goofy and playful and the maker of chaos inside the household.

Yuju being the opposite of her older twin was a bit timid and quiet but when her twin gets playful she won't hold herself to do weird things too.

But the maknaes don't know what their roles are or even routine, they usually woke up just when breakfast is ready but it looks like their body was not on their side and woke up rather earlier.

They waddled around the living room because it was really the only place they could go right now. After all, some parts of the house had baby gates which restricted them from going to any dangerous places unsupervised.

Sinb waddled to the sofa when she noticed her Unnies sitting on the sofa watching TV, she held on the side of the sofa as she tried to climb up to be beside her Unnies.

But the plan backfired when Sinb couldn't reach her feet on the top of the sofa which caused her to lose balance and fall down on the mat.

"Oh, no Sinb-ah" Yerin squealed worriedly as she saw her dongsaeng on her back crying.

"What happened?" They heard their Eomma enter the room and saw the second youngest crying, she scooped Sinb up in her arms and bounced her to calm her down.

"She fell down Eomma, is Sinb okay?" Yuju asked as she stood up from the sofa looking at her dongsaeng.

"Ne~ it was just from the shock that's why she's crying...Gwaenchana Uri Gang-aji, you aren't hurt" Sojung cooed as she calmed the latter in her arms and it worked like a charm because Sinb calmed down and looked at their mother with tear-stained cheeks.

"Here, comfort them for a bit, food's almost done," Sojung said as she sat Sinb beside Yerin and Yuju and returned to the kitchen but before that she glanced around the room and searching for the youngest.

She saw Umji near the baby gate looking at the kitchen Sojung giggle at that and went to her "Just a few more minutes Yewon and then we'll eat"

Umji just stared at her mother with her big doe eyes and glanced at what she was doing in the kitchen, she then got bored and looked around for anything to play with and she caught the attention of the kitchen play set at the corner of the living room.

Umji held on to the bars of the baby gate for support as she stood up and waddle slowly to the playset, after a few steps she grew tired of using all the muscles in her legs she sat down and started crawling her way there which was faster as she quickly reached her destination.

She looked around if anyone was looking at her or even reprimand her but all her Unnies were preoccupied with her other sibling.

"Peek-a-Boo!" Yuju cooed happily as she made the Sinb giggle uncontrollably which made Yerin and Yuju laugh too.

Umji put her focus back on the toy and started cooking just like what she saw her mother doing in the kitchen, she grabbed a pot and started stirring it with the toy spoon, she then placed the small tomato in a pot and covered it up.

"Breakfast is ready" Umji was startled by her mother's loud voice which caused the spoon she was holding to fall, she huffed in annoyance and grabbed it.

All her other siblings entered the dining room getting ready to eat, Sojung did a headcount and noticed she was missing Umji because the baby wasn't beside her other twin sister.

Sojung returned to the living room to look around for Umji and saw her at the little corner with the kitchen play set "Umji-ah, time to eat now" Sojung said in her soft voice as she crouched down to scoop her up but Umji shook her head.

"Why baby? it's breakfast time" Sojung asked curiously why Yewon didn't want to leave but the youngest pointed at her toy pot and opened it, she held her toy spoon and pretended to grab the soup from the pot.

"Oh, you're cooking? What's that?" Sojung asked with much enthusiasm as she sat on the floor waiting patiently for her daughter to finish her roleplay, Umji then pointed the spoon to her mother pretending to make her taste it.

Sojung was about to eat it but Umji slightly distanced the spoon and motioned her mother to blow the hot soup first "Eomma blow"

Sojung giggled at her daughter's observation because she always blew their hot foods before feeding it to them, she slowly blew on the spoon and pretended to eat it "It's delicious Baby, now how about we fill that hungry belly"  Sojung offered as she pats her daughter's little belly which earned a giggle and a nod from Yewon.


Morning exercise was a must inside their household, it helps the kids' stamina and also the younger twins' stretching to help them exercise their leg muscles.

After breakfast and resting for a few minutes, Sojung puts their exercise video on TV for the kids to follow which will distract them for a maximum of 20 minutes which will give Sojung enough time to clean up around the kitchen.

"What song are we playing today?" Sojung asked as she tried to figure out the remote on how to cast the video from her phone.

"Banana Cha Cha!" The kids cheered and Sojung just giggled at their answers, they are always so enthusiastic when they start their morning exercises.

Eunha was the one who thought of the idea when she noticed Yerin and Umji have been dancing to Banana Cha Cha for a whole week, and it worked like a charm to wear out their energy.

Including Sinb's, rather than making a mess or causing mischief, after doing their morning exercise and dances she didn't cause too much trouble.

Sojung finally got the hang of it and cast the video on TV, the familiar intro started to echo in the living room and the four kids started jumping in place.

Banana Cha Cha, Banana Cha Cha
Dagachi Lalalalala Cha Cha!

When all eight eyes were glued on the TV to copy the dance moves, Sojung steps out of the room and went to the kitchen to finish cleaning out, she didn't have to worry about coming back to repeat the song a million times because it was already on loop for an hour.

And that's what Eunha came home to, the familiar tune echoes through the household when she entered through the front door, she smiled widely when she saw all four of her kids dancing happily together.

"Mama's home!" Eunha hollered as she opened her arms wide, and without a second all the kid's attention went from the TV to their mother.

"My sweaty kids" Eunha giggled as she saw all the sweat on their shirts and forehead "How many hours have you been dancing?"

"We dunno" Yerin smiled widely as she embraced her mother more.

"We love dancing," Yuju remarked which caused Eunha to ruffle her hair.

"Alrighty, bath time! you're all sweaty" Sojung enters the living room and gave her wife a quick peck while ushering all the kids to bathe.

"Two at a time only, Who wants to go first?"

"Yerin will!" "Yewonie!!"

"Alright, Come with Mama," Eunha said picking up both the kids and carrying them upstairs for a bath.

"Okay Yuju and Sinb, Eomma will bathe you," Sojung said as she attempted to carry Yuju but the latter shook her head.

"Eomma, can I dance more? I wanna practice figure skating" Yuju begged Sojung while showing her irresistible puppy eyes.

Sojung noticed how her 6-year-old grew an interest in figure skaters and started copying some of their moves and being the supportive mother she is, she agreed instantly to her daughter's dream of being a figure skater.

"Arraso, but after that bath time okay?"
Sojung instructed and Yuju hugged her mother and said a quick thank you while kissing her mother's cheek.

Sojung went to pick up Sinb and bathe her quickly but the toddler shook her head in disapproval.

"Sinb stay with Uju Unnie" she babbled cutely while running to her Unnie, and who was Sojung to say no to her adorable daughter.

"Arraso, when you two are done it's bath time okay?" Sojung reminded as she went upstairs to get their clothes ready.

"You wanna dance like Unnie?" Yuju asked as she started to play the video of figure skaters she tried to copy.

"Sinb too! Sinb can do it" Yuju giggled at her dongsaeng's remark as she always referred to herself in third person like Umji.

"I've been practicing,  how to do the trip axle, it's hard but I need to do it so I can be a figure skater" Yuju explained to Sinb as she started getting ready to do it.

Sinb who couldn't understand a single word that her Unnie explained just stared at her in awe.

Yuju started to spin and was successful in spinning 3 times but when it was time to land on her feet she lost balance and landed on her , she huffed in annoyance when she failed she's been practicing this move for a week but she couldn't get a hang of it.

Yuju felt like she couldn't be an amazing figure skater because on every move she made she always stumbles and falls, and it's making her frustrated.

'Maybe I'll just give up' Yuju thought sadly.

"Unnie Daebak!!" Sinb squealed in delight and started clapping her hands, Yuju who was frowning before instantly started to smile widely at her sibling's remark.

"Sinb too! Sinb too" Sinb said raising her hands while standing up as she tried to copy her sister's moves.

Yuju giggled at her sister's attempt who grew dizzy by spinning too much, Yuju was there to support her from stumbling over.

"You did great Eunbi-ah" Yuju complimented her sister who just smiled at her widely.

"Unnie too, Unnie is Daebak" Sinb cheered for her sister which caused Yuju to pepper her dongsaeng with kisses, and it made her feel lighter wi

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