It's Always You

Our Two Sets of Twins
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"Hey Honey, have you noticed how clingy Sinb is getting with you?" Sojung asked her wife out of the blue as the tall mother has been noticing her daughter's change ever since they moved in.

"No, I haven't," Eunha said dumbfounded as she looked at her wife with curiosity.

"You're kidding right?" Sowon asked in disbelief.

"Hmm...Elaborate" Sojung sighed at her wife's response and literally pointed at Sinb who was literally sleeping in her arms at that exact moment.

"I think you're just overthinking it, Hun, Of course Sinb is clingy she's a baby in need of affection" Eunha tried to explain as she rubbed the baby's back calmly.

"Well, ever since we moved here she's always been in your arms not mine" Sowon sulked which caused Eunha to chuckle at her wife's response.

"Hun, she just fell asleep here it's not like she picked me over her own mother who carried her for almost 9 months" Eunha tried to reassure her, she slowly removed her arm which was rubbing Sinb's back, and used it to side hug her wife.

Eunha was right Sinb wouldn't do that, she's just getting used to the new environment they're in and the people surrounding them.

Sojung tried to reassure herself that it was just a phase just like how kids react to a new toy. Maybe that's why Sinb was clingy to Eunha because she was someone unfamiliar to her and like other kids, after a few days she'll get tired and go back to her mother's arms again.

'Okay, maybe not to that extent' Sojung thought 'That was rather mean'.

"You're right, she's just getting used to everyone like Yewon is doing," Sojung said finally smiling as she felt at ease thanks to her wife's words.

Eunha saw the smile on her wife and leaned in to give a peck on her lips which Sojung responded instantly and cupped her wife's cheeks to deepen the kiss but the air in her body was (literally) kicked out of her lungs when she felt something moving below them.

Sinb who somehow had woken up in the perfect moment and started kicking around as the space she was in was getting tight.

"Yah what are doing? We have a child here" Eunha scolded her wife as she distanced herself a bit from her.

"You were enjoying it though" Sojung smirked but was instantly silenced with Eunha's icy glare.

The short mother's attention went now to the child in her arms as she started whining because of the discomfort of being woken up from all the movement around her.

"Milk~" Sinb whined as she started to tug at Eunha's shirt trying to convey her needs as she was getting cranky for not only being woken up but because of her growling stomach.

"Eo? Sinb-ah...Mama doesn't have milk" Eunha was dumbfounded as Sinb was trying to nurse on her even though the mother was not producing milk anymore because it's been years since she last fed.

"Yah~" Sojung whined as she looked at the scene in front of her,  as it looks like Sinb was literally picking Eunha over her and it somehow made the tall mother jealous of this.



"Won~ You're overreacting" Eunha whined when she was now in front of their bedroom door with a pillow and blanket in her arms.


"You're sleeping on the sofa tonight, I need some bonding time with the twins!" She heard Sojung scream from the other side of the door, Eunha just huffed in defeat as there was no chance of changing Sojung's mind.


Eunha defeatedly walked downstairs to the living room and fixed the sofa to turn it into a bed, Eunha praised herself for buying this kind of sofa because of the past experience of Sojung making her sleep on the couch for 3 days.


At least when she sleeps on the sofa it's as comfortable as sleeping on their bed but it's never the same because she doesn't have her wife or her kids beside her.


"I hope tomorrow I won't sleep here anymore, it gets lonely on the sofa" Eunha mumbled to herself as she went under her covers to find a comfortable spot to finally sleep in.


Minutes past her eyelids grew heavy and was about to succumb to slumber when she heard someone walking to the living room on how the creaking of floorboards echo in the room.


She opened her eyes and saw Sojung who looked like she went through hell, how tired and sweaty she looked.


"What's the mat--" Sojung didn't let her finish her sentence when she dragged the shorter woman upstairs back to their bedroom.


And that was when her question was answered when she saw Sinb and Umji crying in the middle of the bed.


"I thought you were bonding?" Eunha asked cautiously as she could to not trigger the taller woman who looked like a bomb ready to burst soon.


"We were...But when we were about to go to sleep, Yewon started crying which triggered Sinb, and now they're all crying...and I'll be crying soon" Sojung whispered the last part as she exhaustedly sat down on the edge of their bed.


"Hey Won" Eunha panicked as she saw her wife's teary eyes as she sat down on the bed in surrender "Don't cry, the twins are maybe just tired that's why they're cranky like this"

Sojung looked at her wife with sadness but still tried to show her that she was fine, the tall woman just nodded and stood up.

"I'll put Sinb to sleep, you go comfort Umji" Sojung reassured her wife as she went to carry Sinb in her arms.

Eunha was hesitant on how Sojung was handling the situation as pain and sadness were etched on her face but she didn't want to push her wife on telling her what's bothering her, and it was already night everyone was tired and cranky she didn't want to make her wife's mood worse, so she just concluded to put the twins to bed so they can talk about it tomorrow.

"Yewon-ah" Eunha cooed as she carried Umji in her arms, the 2-year-old just stared back at her mother as she stopped crying finally in her mother's warn embrace "Let's sleep, Arasso?"

Eunha laid down with Umji beside her and started patting her thigh to sleep, the small woman started humming a little lullaby to the baby, the one she always sang to the older twins to calm them down.

And just like that silence engulfed the room as both the twins were finally calm and fast asleep, Sojung came back in bed after Sinb fell asleep in her arms and placed the baby beside her twin sister.

Sojung looked at both of them with warmth but Eunha saw something else; it was sadness and she understood why Sojung was looking sad.

"Yah, don't push yourself too much" Eunha whispered to her wife trying to reassure her.

Sojung didn't respond and just nodded at her wife's advice "Thanks for helping me"

Sojung leaned down on her wife to give her a kiss "Good Night" she mumbled and laid down on her spot to go to sleep, Eunha just sighed at this and tried to put herself to sleep too, she'll talk to her wife tomorrow about this.


Eunha didn't get a chance to talk to her wife as she was avoiding the topic in every possible way.

She knew didn't have to worry much as after the crying incident, the next day her wife was rather in a positive mood as determination flowed through her body.

Eunha saw how determined Sojung was tending the twins, just a little whine or cry Sojung was there at their side to comfort them and try to cheer them up.

But when Sinb or Umji dismisses their mother's affection and picks Eunha or her Unnies rather than her it leaves Sojung all sad and hurt.


"Honey?" Eunha panicked when she saw her wife crying in the kitchen when Sinb pushed her away because she didn't want her mother's hugs anymore.

Sojung just stared at her with teary eyes and Eunha's heart hurt when she saw her wife crying, she opened her arms to invite the taller woman for a hug.

"Hey it's not the end of the world, Sinb was just teasing you that's all," Eunha said as she pats her wife's hair.

"I just feel like a horrible mother, last night I couldn't even stop them from crying," Sojung said in tears which broke her wife's heart, Sojung never really opened up with her problems she tried to keep it all to herself but seeing her like this means it was burdening her so much that she couldn't handle it anymore.

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