How to Love

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"That's quite a good improvement," Jimin instinctively shied away when the girl boldly took a step closer, lessening their distance. The girl placed her hand on top of Jimin's head, patting it lovingly. "You're doing well."


Jimin's heart swelled with an immense amount of happiness. Her chest hurts but in a good kind of way.


"My name's Minjeong. Kim Minjeong."


The girl, whom Jimin had finally known her name, was looking up at her with a gaze full of adoration. Her lips pulled up into a big grin, displaying her perfect set of white teeth.


Oh boy, Minjeong undeniably had Jimin so whipped.


In which, Jimin learns how to feel.

Honestly I didn't expect to have this features at all. Really, thank you so so much for supporting my work. I'll do my best in improving my writing in the future!
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