Sick Days
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Jaehyun groaned, he felt terrible. He was tired the night before but right then he felt even worse. It was like his whole body was on fire, he was racked in pain and the room felt a lot hotter than usual. Sweat trailed over his forehead as he sat up, he debated over asking someone for help, before remembering most of the members were out for schedules. Sighing, Jaehyun barely made it out of bed walking into the kitchen.

 He flopped down on a seat, burying his head in his arms on the table. He groaned as the rays of bright light from a window hurting his eyes. He was almost positive it was just him in the dorm, and that fact just made him feel even worse. Maybe he should just go take a shower, that would help, right? Tiredly thinking, Jaehyun was just about to get up as he heard a light trail of footsteps across the hall.

"Jaehyun?" Questioned a light voice, Jaehyun looked up finding a familiar figure. Yuta had also thought he was alone in the dorms, until he spotted a familiar mop of messy brown hair.
 As Jaehyun looked up, Yuta took in the image of the younger, he was pale. Well a lot paler than usual, his cheeks were flushed in a deep red, his eyes were red rimmed with large bags underneath, and his entire appearance was just like a train wreck in general. This was definitely not a normal Jaehyun in the morning, or any other time really.

"Hyung.." Jaehyun mumbled, he was pretty sure he'd never been this happy to see another person. It was as if the world in all its cruelty, that had almost left him alone in this state was giving him some slack. He was so tired. It felt like all of his hard work was wasted because of a scandal, all of his months of late shooting came back in his head as stared at Yuta who was still half bewildered.

"Come on let's get you into bed." Yuta said disorientedly, he lightly held up Jaehyun 

"Are you okay?" To say Yuta was concerned was an understatement, he was extremely surprised to see Jaehyun like this. He knew the younger had been tired, but it felt like everyone had overlooked it, and now the younger sat looking at him miserably. As a pit of guilt formed in him for not catching it sooner.

"Hyung." Jaehyun nearly fell of the chair as he tried to get up.
 Yuta rushed towards him, concern in his eyes as he helped Jaehyun up the younger slumping against him as Yuta maneuvered him towards his and Taeils room. Yuta quickly set him down on the closest bed as Jaehyun stared up at him looking dazed, and feeling terrible.

"Have you eaten anything?" Jaehyun shook his head, watching as the older rushed out of the room before he grabbed his arm.

"Hurry.." Ja

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