My GF is Cynophobic of Me

3000 Worlds to JoyRene

My GF is Cynophobic of Me

World: #4

** "Everyone has their own beast waiting to be unleashed to someone willing to pet them." **


Joohyun and Sooyoung just started dating. Sooyoung, although, has a secret— she's actually a werewolf. When Sooyoung decided to finally open-up herself with the thought that Joohyun will accept her identity, Joohyun revealed first that she's actually cynophobic. 


"How many times did you sigh already?" Yerim asked Sooyoung. Her face puckered and her eyes were glowing in purple colour. "Stop it. You're irritating my ears. I cannot concentrate in this freezing human literature I'm reading."

Sooyoung glared at her as she continued in mopping the tiles of the coffee shop.

"What's wrong with her?" Seungwan came into view holding a tray of foods and beverages. She settled it on the table giving Yerim what she wanted.

"Her girlfriend confessed that she has a fear of dogs. Good thing I'm a witch. Irene-unnie doesn't fear me." Yerim said.

"That means she's not afraid of a zombie." Seungwan said smiling while brushing her silver hair.

"I guess she's also not afraid of vampires." Seulgi who just arrived said. She sat beside Seungwan and began drinking the coffee made only for her.

"Do you guys really think that she would not be freaked out knowing that our family is composed of werewolf, witch, vampire, and a zombie?" Sooyoung said upon finishing her work.

She went to the table where her sisters continued enjoying the snacks prepared by Seungwan.

"Here's your steak doggy." Seungwan said giving Sooyoung her food.

"Our family is weird." Sooyoung said. "But you guys are the most important to me." 

"Then are you willing to break up with her?" Seungwan asked.

Sooyoung remained silent.

"Kidding Sooyoung. Don't think about it. We're not making you break up with her." Seungwan said. "Incase she thought of us as a threat, we have our baby witch here to erase her memories."

Sooyoung sighed as she began eating her steak.

Seulgi, Seungwan, Sooyoung, and Yerim are sisters by blood. They were just one of the few people who were infected with Kid's Dream Virus. 

Kid's Dream Virus (KDV) is a virus developed from kid's obsession of supernatural creatures. Some people like them became gumiho, monster, cyborg, alien, and etcetera. Thankfully, an association for society of KDV Infected individuals were created making them lives in harmony with other people. They are free to tell their secret as long as the other person accepts it and forms a contract, but when there's a threat, the person's memories must be erased.

"I can sense someone's soul." Yerim said.

"I can smell a sweet blood." Seulgi said.

"I can see her delicious brain." Seungwan said.

"I know she's here. Don't give me those sentences. It's creepy." Sooyoung said as she finished eating her steak.

"Sooyoungie~" Joohyun chirped in as she charged towards Sooyoung and embraced her tightly.

"Hyunie..." Sooyoung smiled feeling the warmness of her human girlfriend. "What brought you here? It's already late."

"I want to sleep with you."

Seulgi and Seungwan spat out their coffee as Yerim started coughing.

Joohyun looked at them in worry. Sooyoung just silently cursed her sisters and decided to pull Joohyun outside their coffee shop.

"You should go home, Joohyun." Sooyoung said.

"I wanna sleep here. I feel alone in my house. It's not like it's my first time sleeping here, right?" Joohyun said to her.

Sooyoung sighed. She wanted to sleep beside Joohyun too, but she remembered that it was full moon. Also, upon reaching the middle of the night, Sooyoung and her families won't be able to control their inner selves as the virus would be on its Log Phase. It means that the virus activity would be heightened.

"Not today Joohyun."

"But Sooyoungie," Joohyun whined. She put her arms around Sooyoung's neck. "I missed you so much."

"We just met each other in the morning." Sooyoung replied chuckling. "Let's get you home, okay?"

"No." Joohyun firmly said as she pulled Sooyoung's head to her. "I'm not going to see you for three days because of our seminar overseas."

"But—" Joohyun shut her up by kissing her lips. Sooyoung automatically melted, but then she remembered that Joohyun may see them in their supernatural appearances. "Joohyun Bae, you should go home."

Joohyun let go of her and sighed in disappointment. "You don't want me anymore, do you?" 

Sooyoung hated it because it was hard to resist it. Joohyun wasn't a puppy, but can do puppy eyes better than Sooyoung.

Sooyoung immediately diverted her eyes, but because of her strong senses, she could still tell that Joohyun was staring at her.

"Sooyoungie... don't you want me? You don't want my touch anymore? You don't want my embrace anymore? You don't to cuddle with me anymore?"

"I want you more than anything, but I am in this situation that I cannot sleep together with you today."

"Why?"Joohyun asked.

"Because—" Sooyoung fell on the ground because of the large mass that attacked her.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe I would be able to see you here!" Chaeyoung said as she started showering Sooyoung a kiss on her face.

"Sooyoung, she's the reason why you don't want to spend your time with me anymore?" 

Sooyoung and Chaeyoung stared at Joohyun who was already tearing up. Chaeyoung and Sooyoung stood up from the ground.

"Unnie, you misunderstood it. We're not into that kind of relation—"

"Shut up! I'm not talking to you." Joohyun glared at Sooyoung and then slapped her cheek. "Let's break up. Let's not see each other ever again." Joohyun said as she started walking away.

Sooyoung embraced her from behind. "Joohyun, wait. Don't do this to me. Let me explain."

"There's nothing to explain Sooyoung. I know you've been hiding a secret from me for a long time and now I finally know it. You're cheating on me." 

"I am not cheating on you." Sooyoung said.

Joohyun peeled herself away from Sooyoung and continued on walking away. 

"Joohyun, please, I love you. I'm not really cheating on you. Chaeyoung is my cousin!"

"Cousins don't kiss each other!" She entered her car and slammed the door. She immediately drove away leaving a broken Sooyoung.


"I'm so sorry, unnie. I didn't thought a normal greeting between wolves is differeng from from human's perspective." Chaeyoung said to her.

"It's okay Chaeyoung. She's just mad. We're going to be okay soon." Sooyoung said in reassurance. "What are you doing here by the way?"

"We have visitors in our home, so I need to go here during the full moon."

Sooyoung nodded. You can stay in Yerim's room since she has the biggest room.

"Chaeyoung-unnie, in-exchange you should help me in finishing a song I am writing." Yerim said.

"Sure cutie witchy."

Both of them went upstairs leaving Seulgi, Seungwan, and Sooyoung.

"Are you really okay?" Seulgi, the eldest asked.

Sooyoung shook her head. 

"We can request Yerim to manipulate her memories, y'know." Seungwan told her.

Sooyoung shook her head. "It's fine, unnie. I think it's better this way. I mean, we're technically not humans anymore. I can't be with her. So, breaking up with her maybe a good choice." 

"But you're crying, Sooyoung. Seeing our little sister cries hurt us too." Seulgi said caressing Sooyoung's hair.

"Yeah... Despite being a zombie and being vampire, we still have the heart of a human. After all, we're family." Seungwan said. "Should I scare her?"

"What if I hypnotize her?" Seulgi asked.

Sooyoung told her goodbye to her unniedeul and went to her room. She let herself transformed into a wolf as she wailed from being brokenhearted.


Sooyoung didn't pursue Joohyun back. She decided to move on despite being too in love with Joohyun. She missed her ex-girlfriend every day, but she cannot do anything about it. 

"Thank you, come again." she said to the last customer for the day. 

She then began cleaning the coffee shop. She closed the lights and then went to close the shop. She immediately heard a familiar footstep as well as smelling the familiar scent of someone who broke up with her. Nonetheless, she ignored her as if she  was not aware of her presence.

She then went to the back entrance of their building as she still felt Joohyun following her. She opened the door and was about to go inside when Joohyun stopped her by embracing her waist.

"Why did you give up on me, Sooyoung?"

"You're the one who gave up on me, Joohyun."

Sooyoung removed Joohyun's arms away from her as she entered the building. She was about to close the door when Joohyun crashed her body to hers. 

"Let's get back together again..." Joohyun said.

Sooyoung felt happy, but then she remembered her resolve. She separated herself from Joohyun.

"Go home. It's getting dark." Sooyoung said.

"You love me, right?"

"I cheated on you, right?" Sooyoung said. "Believe that and stay away from me from now on. We can't be together."

Joohyun slapped her, but then kissed Sooyoung. Sooyoung tried her best not to respond not until Joohyun biten her lower lip making her open her lips slightly as Joohyun slided in her tongue causing the kiss grew deeper. 

Joohyun pushed Sooyoung against the door as they continued in making up. It was then that a voice interrupted them.

"Oh dear, I smell something delicious..." 

Sooyoung's eyes widened seeing her sisters in their complete KDV form. 

"Sooyoung, you brought a human. How generous of you to present her to us." Seulgi said grinning ear to ear showing her fangs. Her skin was paler than usual and her eyes were bloody red.

"Sooyoung, w-what is wrong with them?" Joohyun asked.

Sooyoung immediately put Joohyun behind her as she tried to talk with her sisters.

"Unnie, stop this now, okay?"

"Huh? But I'm so hungry." Seungwan whined. Just like Seulgi, her skin was paler than usual. Her eyes were also grey matching her silver hair. "Hurry up and drain her blood Seulgi. Sooyoung eat her flesh. The brain would be mine. And Yerimie, the soul is yours."

Yerim giggled in excitement. "Take all your time." Her eyes were glowing in purple and she was petting a black cat with her.

"S-Sooyoung what are they talking about?" Joohyun asked. "Why do they look like that?"

"Joohyun, I'm going to protect you." 

"Oi dear sister, I thought family first?" Seulgi interfered. She was already behind Joohyun at that time and was about to bite her neck when Sooyoung kicked her.

"How dare you hit your sister?!"

Sooyoung carried Joohyun with her and evaded Seungwan's attack.

"Guys, stop!"

"No. You stop. Give the girl to us!"

Sooyoung kicked Seungwan, but the latter was able to hold her leg. Seungwan then pulled her and threw her away.

Joohyun was left on the place as she cried in fear. 

"Don't touch her!" Sooyoung yelled in anger as she transformed into a wolf and immediately defended Joohyun.

Wolf Sooyoung growled in anger until she realized that her sisters was not attacking them anymore. She was confused as Seungwan just began distributing coffee to Seulgi and Yerim who just watching them. Sooyoung cursed them. It was planned.

She didn't move when she felt a delicate fingers brushing her fur. It was Joohyun's touch.

Sooyoung transformed to a human. "Are you not scared of me? I'm a wolf and you're a cynophobic."

"Just because I told you that I'm a cynophobic doesn't mean I don't love canine species." Joohyun said as she cupped Sooyoung's cheeks.

"You're not afraid of us? I'm a wolf. Seulgi-unnie is a vampire. Seungwan-unnie is a zombie. Yerim is a witch."

"So what? You love me. I love you. Your sisters care for me. They accepted me. I accepted them. I accepted you too." Joohyun replied squeezing Sooyoung's cheeks.

"Are you saying you know about our secret all along?"

Joohyun nodded. "I've seen your transformation when I slept here for the first time. Your sisters explained it to me too. I was just waiting for you to tell me, but you're so stubborn. So, we came with this plan."

Sooyoung automatically smiled like an idiot as she messed her own hair. Joohyun pulled her to her and kissed her lips.

Seulgi, Seungwan, and Yerim cheered for them.

"Sooyoung, will you imprint on me tonight?"

"Joohyun has her cute terminologies, no?" Seungwan commented as her two sisters agreed and continued drinking their coffee watching the couples.

However, Seulgi and Seungwan spat out their coffee as Yerim started coughing when they saw Sooyoung taking off Joohyun's clothes while kissing the latter.






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