Where is Irene?

3000 Worlds to JoyRene

Where is Irene?

World: #2

** "Sometimes, our mistake can be our blessings in disguise." **


"Joohyun-unnie is trending again in Twitter. What do we do?" Yeri told her members, still browsing that particular social media using her dummy account. "We went here to find her, but she's not even in the dungeon. Gee, can't believe we actually explored the whole SM! There were too many #JusticeforIrene tweets and it's actually making me more anxious." she said. Her face really showed the 'anxious' reaction that made the others more tense. 

"Ya Team Rocket unnie! What's the plan?! Our comeback is getting near yet our leader is still missing." she said, but her eyes only directed to Joy. The 94-liners were also looking at Joy.

With her tightly shut eyes, Joy took a deep breath and suddenly stood up from her sit unable to ignore the meaningful stares she's receiving. "Okay fine, I know! It's me! It's my fault that she went missing!"

"Sooyoungie, we're not saying anything." Wendy told her. Seulgi was just smiling at her with her usual bear smile. Yeri acted as if she actually zipped .

Joy scoffed from their reactions as she crossed her arms. "But you are all staring at me like that."

"It's natural. We have eyes." Yeri replied intentionally widening her eyes.

"I'm excluded. I don't have eyes." Seulgi responded on the other hand intentionally closing her eyes while smiling.

"I'm admiring your beauty." Wendy on the other hand reasoned out and then winked.

Joy rolled her eyes, shaking her head, she decided to walk out from their practice room. "I'm going to find her." she said and then stormed out. The three members followed her.

"Hey, we didn't mean to—"

"No need to say sorry."

"We weren't."

Joy stopped from walking. As she turned around she witnessed the WenSeul couple scolding their maknae from manifesting her savageness. Joy just glared at them and went out from their entertainment building without forgetting in wearing her mask and hat to hide her identity.

She grabbed her phone out from her bag and dialed a number. Luckily it was immediately answered. 

"Rosé-ah from Blackpink~"

"Hello Joy-unnie from Red Velvet~"

"I know you're busy, but I need your help."

"Hm something's wrong? What happened? SM kicked you? Should I collaborate with luvies to burn the company?" there's a worry on her tone.

"Uhh no? Anyway, is Jennie already back in South Korea?"

"Yep, she's back. Why?"

"Are you in your shared apartment today?"

"Yes unnie. We're actually having a party today because of 'Snow Drop' success, so all the members are here. What about Jennie-unnie? Do you have a crush on her?"

"No?? I just have something to ask from her."

"What is it? Tell me unnie."

"I'm gonna explain it soon as I get there."

"Sure! Take care on your way~ Bring foods too!"


Lisa and Rosé immediately greeted Joy with a smile while looking at the foods she brought to the Blackpink's shared apartment. Joy mentally facepalmed when both of the girls grabbed the food without inviting Joy. Thankfully, Jisoo was there.

"Joy, sorry for that. Come in."

"Thanks unnie and congrats on your successful drama." Joy told her.

Jisoo smiled shyly and thanked her.

The so-called party started with short V Live, then 80% eating. Soon as Joy finally settled and made herself comfortable, Jennie finally faced her. Both of them sitting face to face on the living area together with the other three Blackpink members.

"I know you're close with Irene-unnie—"

"Joy, it's not what you think. Me and Irene-unnie are just friends. Case closed." Jennie said cutting Joy.

There was silence until Joy processed everything what Jennie told her. "N-No! It's not like that!" she bursted out in panic.

"Oh, so no lover's quarrel?" Lisa asked, her tone in disappointment. 

"Maybe they had?" Jisoo guessed.

"Maybe Irene-unnie ordered Joy-unnie to visit Jennie-unnie."

Joy deeply sighed. How could they think that we're dating? She thought as she continued her cut explanation. "Listen, Irene-unnie and I are not something like that. You see, I'm here to ask if you know where she —"

"I knew it! You're gonna propose!" Lisa exclaimed surprising Rosé who was still eating. Jisoo scolded Lisa as she stopped the growing fight between the two maknae.

"I'm not going to propose and we're not even dating—"

"So, you do have a plan of dating her?"

Joy groaned messing her hair. "Look, I just wanted to find her because she's been missing for almost a month now!"

The Blackpink members were silent until they all gasped in unison and showed each of their reactions.

"What do you mean missing for almost a month? How can she do that... I wanna know her secret..."

"Seriously? Why didn't I get any news about this? Gosh, Dispatch is only good in catching people who are dating!"

"Maybe she's just having secret vacation or secret schedule?" 

"Did she get kidnap or something? Wait, what the heck is your company doing?"

Joy sighed. It looks like Jennie alongside with her Blackpink members didn't even know where Irene of Red Velvet went to.

"How did she become a missing person? I thought everything was already okay. I mean, you guys are showing some spoiled activities in your IG accounts." Rosé questioned her.

"We had a small argument—"

"Oh so there's really a lover's quarrel~"

"Lisa-ya, I told you we're not dating." Joy glared at her and the latter just raised her both hands while grinning at her.

Joy sighed once again. "Like I said a while back, we had a small argument. I never thought that she'll gone missing after that. No one knows where she is. The company don't know where she is too. Her phone was turned off and we couldn't contact her. Even her family doesn't know where she is."

"Looks like it's not a small argument." Jisoo said. The other three Blackpink members nodded in agreement.

"So, it's the reason why I didn't get any response when I told her to hangout? She's actually been missing."

"Ooh, girls, she's actually trending right now in Twitter. Fans were thinking that the original visual was being mistreated again." Lisa said while browsing her phone. She looked at Joy. "Why don't you guys and your company report it in public, so that you can find her immediately?"

"We can't. And it's a personal reason, so we cannot involve the company here. They're actually mad right now since they are being blamed... again..." Joy faked a laugh.

"What did you two argue anyway? It's strange for someone like her to be sulky for almost a month." Rosé said.

She sighed once again. "She told me that she loves me and I told her that I don't."

Blackpink members look at each other with their eyes talking and then back to Joy. "GIRL, YOU ." they said in unison.

Joy frowned from the reaction. "What are you guys saying?"

Jennie put her hand over Joy's shoulder. She looked at her directly into her eyes. "Joy, dear, you hurt her."

"What?" Joy frowned even more, but the she sighed after realizing that she actually had a mistake. "Hey, okay, what I've done was wrong. That's the reason why I apologized to her. And I actually told her that I love her after that, but girl, she got angry at me. She gave me cold shoulder and then she suddenly went missing." she explained.

Jisoo also put her hand to Joy's shoulder. "Joy, you know her better than us. She maybe called the Ice Princess, but she's actually sweet. You know that she rarely shows affection. Maybe she was offended because she was actually honest and serious at that time, but you turned her down thinking that you're making fun of her."

Joy understood that's why she became teary all of a sudden. She felt guilty and scared that her Red Velvet leader, her Joohyun-unnie may not be in good condition. Negative possibilities of the future suddenly rushed to her and she hates it... herself. 

"I need to find her soon as possible... I want her here... And I want us to reconcile with each other..." Joy simultaneously wiped her tears as Jisoo and Rosé comforted her.

"Don't worry Joy, we're gonna help you find her." Jennie told her.

"Someone tweeted that Irene-unnie was in a farm... and what is this? IRENE HAS A FAMILY?!"



Joy, her Red Velvet members, Blackpink members, alongside with Twice began searching for Irene secretly. They searched for clues and actually asked some lucky fans for informations.

"So, it was true! I thought I was seeing things when I went to Jeju island." a fan said.

"Jeju island?"

The fan nodded in polite manner. "I saw her strolling alone. As a fan, I can easily recognize my celebrities' features, so I thought that she was Irene. However, since no one's notices her apart from me, I thought that maybe she just looked like Irene."

Joy and Yeri thanked the fan by taking a picture with her and giving her an autograph.

"Do you believed what she said?" Yeri asked Joy.

"Do you remember when Joohyun-unnie said that she wanted to go Jeju island?" And Joy asked Yeri.

"Oh my gosh! She really went there!"

Joy nodded. "And I'm going to my hometown."


Joy went to Jeju island as her other Red Velvet members stayed to cover for the absent of their two members. As they went home in exhaustion, they immediately smelled a delicious meal coming from their kitchen. They've actually ignored the fact that no one was home besides from them. The thought that Irene was missing and Joy went to search for Irene were removed from their minds. 

They saw Irene cooking in the kitchen. Seulgi and Wendy hugged her from behind and Yeri began messing the ingredients. 

"Unnie, we missed you!"

"I'm cooking. Get off and helped me. Ya Kim Yerim, what are you doing?!"

Yeri stopped what she's doing and attacked Irene with a hug. 

"What is wrong with you people? Hugging me from nowhere."

"Coz you were gone somewhere and you're here sudden...ly..?" Yeri's eyes widened as she screamed in horror shocking the unnie line. "WHAT THE— WHY IS IRENE-UNNIE HERE?!"

Irene hit her arm in frustration while the '94 liners just stared at Irene like they have seen a ghost.

Irene closed the stove and looked at her members. "Seriously, what is wrong with you all?"

"You went missing for almost a month  and you're suddenly here cooking as if nothing happened. Who wouldn't freaked out?!" Yeri told her.

Irene raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Kim Yerim, I was sure I gave you a letter to be disseminated to our members. I was sure I told there the reason why I took a leave. And I was sure you were with me when the company permitted my request."

Wendy and Seulgi put their hands on Yeri's shoulders. 

"Kim Yerim..."

Yeri gulped.  She's doomed.

"By the way, where did that giant go? Why is she not with you?"

Wendy, Seulgi, and Yeri bowed. "Unnie, we're sorry! We pushed Joy to go to Jeju Island to find you."



Never did Joy felt so frustrated after she got the news that Irene was already in their home when she almost search for nothing. It was already 2 in the morning when she got home. Her frustrations didn't leave her though. She almost screamed her rage if it's not about Irene greeting her with a hug.

Joy looked down to see Irene staring at her too. 

"U-Unnie..." And her frustrations turned to tears. "I'm glad you're okay..." She embraced her leader back. "I'm glad you're here again. Unnie... I'm so sorry about what happened before. I realized my mistake. I'm sorry that I ignored your feelings. I do love you. I really love you so much that I wanted to label you as mine. I love you 'til Kingdom Come..." And she stopped since she noticed that Irene was already giggling. She pulled herself away from her leader and looked at her in confusion. "Why are you laughing?"

Joy wiped her tears. Her mood suddenly changed. "Unnie, I searched for you. I also asked for help from other girl groups to find you. I also used my status as a celebrity to exchange information with our fans. I almost went to Jeju just to find you even without a lead. Unnie, I'm serious!"

Irene then cupped Joy's face while smiling. "On the other side, I'm thankful to Yeri that she forgot to tell you about me taking a leave. I was able to know your desperation, how much you care for me, and how much you love me. I'm not actually mad at you. I was just upset at that day since I missed you so much after your recent drama and you made a joke like that."

"I'm sorry. I just missed teasing you, so I replied like that."

Irene squeezed Joy's cheeks. "It's okay now. I understand."

"Then, are we okay now?" 

Irene nodded. She pulled Joy's head down and kissed her forehead. "I love you too."


Their comeback became successful. They showed another side of Red Velvet and it revived everyone's stagnant hearts. ReVeluvs and other fandoms were satisfied from their new songs. After a long time, they were able to sing and dance as OT5.

After the exhausting days, they're finally home again. The Red Velvet family slept in their own rooms until morning comes.

Yeri was awaken by a knock from her door. This made her grumpy in the morning, but she cannot help, but to get curious to her leader's problems. As she opened her door, Irene is with Seulgi and Wendy.

"Sooyoung is missing."

Yeri literally slap her forehead. She can't believe she woke just to receive a news that Joy was missing. 

"I'm going back to sleep." Yeri said, but before she could go back to her bed, Irene held her wrist. Yeri turned to face her. "Unnie, I think you're overthinking. You should sleep again."

"What? Did you just hear what I have told you? Sooyoung is missing. We need to find her!"

Yeri frustratedly messed her hair while groaning. She aggressively pulled Irene and stopped on the latter's door. She opened the door and pushed Irene inside. 

Irene turned into a statue when she saw Joy sleeping on her bed. She didn't notice Joy when she woke up and she actually forgot that she asked Joy to sleep with her.  Irene felt her face burning in embarrassment. She woke up her other members just to find Joy when she was actually beside her all along.

"There's your Sooyoung you old lady!" Yeri pointed out then slammed the door.

And Irene spent the rest of her day being teased by her members.




I actually wrote it while waiting for my turn of 5 minutes death experience with my professor. So, I'm sorry that it may seemed rush lol. 

Countdown for JOLO/JOYLO 💚 

Continue to love and support Red Velvet and their individual activities. Drink water and keep safe.

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