Joy is Not Going Anywhere

3000 Worlds to JoyRene

Joy is Not Going Anywhere

World: #20

** "I think the hardest promise to do in every tragic story is returning." **


  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Doesn't have a tragic ending.



Irene woke up gasping for air. She felt her face being wet from the mixed sweat and tears. It was still dark. She maybe tired, but she cannot sleep anymore after remembering her bad dream. She felt herself crying for real as she simultaneously wiped her tears while avoiding making any sound.

After her breakdown moment, she decided to go to their kitchen to drink a glass of water as well as to divert her attention by scanning the fridge for anything that would make her interested in munching in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, foods did not attract her. Rather, a streak of light coming from a certain room piqued her interest.

Irene felt her heart skipped a beat. The tightening of her chest manifested remembering her dream again. She gulped contemplating from facing the truth or not. She was indeed depersonalized just because of a single dream, which seemed surreal.

She inhaled some air as if it enabled her in earning some courage. She put a brave face of a leader as she opened Joy's room door. 

Irene sighed with a tiny smile of relief on her face seeing her member sleeping on her bed without even changing her clothes from their schedule nor putting away her phone. 

Joy was there.

She invaded her younger member's room and carefully removed the phone from Joy's hand. She also covered Joy's body with the comforter. She stared at her for a moment before caressing the latter's cheek confirming if she was actually real. When Irene came into her senses, she switched off the light and silently left Joy's room, satisfied that Joy was okay.


"Park Sooyoung, how's your solo debut? How's your day?" Irene asked her dongsaeng. Both of them are inside a car where they were on their way back to their second home.

"Promoting is fun even if it's tiring, unnie. And I feel kind of nervous every time since I am alone. About my day, overall it's fine despite being drained out of energy." She stretched her arm and then turned to look at Irene. "How about you? How's your day?"

"It's all good. I learned a lot." Irene simply said smiling. "By the way, what do you want to eat? Do you want unnie to cook for you?"

Joy narrowed her eyes as if inspecting Irene. "Why are you suddenly referring to yourself as 'unnie'? Are you really okay? Did someone hurt you?" There's a threat in her tone and her face showed sudden darkness.

Irene chuckled. "No. Please, keep calm. I'm really okay. I know it's unusual for me to refer myself as your unnie. I just tried it. I never thought you'll notice it immediately." She held Joy's hand and squeezed it.

"You're really acting different." Joy commented. She turned her palm up and intertwined her fingers with Irene's, observing how the older girl reacts. Surprisingly, the latter just let her do that. "Your hand fit mine, unnie." she said, still observing Irene. In this kind of manner, Irene should be feeling cringey.

"It does." Irene said without any soft violent reaction. Irene did not push Joy away. Irene also intertwined her fingers with Joy's.

Joy blinked twice before diverting her eyes to the road preventing herself from getting obviously startled further. Her beloved leader was really acting strange and she did not know if she should be happy or not.

Both of them went home to their apartment. They were the only ones residing there at the moment since Seulgi moved out, also with Yeri who was busy in filming her first lead drama, and Wendy who was in her parent's home for a while.

Irene told Joy to take a rest for a while as she would cook for their late dinner. Joy who was in her room lying on her bed was still bothered by Irene's sudden change of behaviour. There would be instances that Irene would be acting sweet, but that was too much. 

Why was she acting like that? Is this about the coworker allegation between us?

Since she could not take a short nap, she got up from her bed and decided to just go to her unnie.  She found Irene settling the foods on the dining table. When the latter looked at her direction, she smiled and called Joy. 

"Park Sooyoung, let's eat~"

Joy felt her heart skipping a beat. She had said before that her heart flutters every time Irene called her by her full name, but being called in a very affectionate way made her want to run away from Irene instead. Irene never called her by that kind of tone except when Irene was calling her by her stage name. 

Joy joined Irene on the table. They ate silently. Joy then volunteered in washing the dishes. The first minute was okay, but the time she felt Irene's presence behind her, she never thought she would be so anxious. 

She pretended to be surprised when she was finished with the chore, but she knew that Irene knew about it. It explained the reason why Irene showed her famous smirk.

"You're going to bed now? Do you want me to massage you?" Irene asked her. Her motherly tone really bothered Joy for some reason.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'll be fine, unnie." Joy replied smiling. "Let's just go to sleep." She pulled Irene with her until they were in front of each other's room. "Good night, unnie."

Joy turned around and twisted the knob of her door when she felt a soft grip on her shirt.

"What is it, unnie?" she asked.

"Can I sleep together with you?" Irene questioned.

Joy felt her heart skipping a beat again. She was so confused, but she still nodded since she did not want Irene to feel disappointed. She said before that she did not want Irene as her roommate, but she already forgotten the fear. 

The lights were already off and both of them were lying side by side. 

Joy tried her best to sleep, but she could not do it since she could still feel Irene's eyes looking at her.  When she could not handle it anymore, she spoke.

"Unnie, are you sleeping?" she asked as if she did not know the answer already.

"Not yet..." Irene replied to her in whisper. It was breathy, calm, and cute as what perceived by Joy.

"Did something happen? You're acting unusual. You know that you can tell me your concern..." Joy said. "... if you're ready."

There was a second of silence before Irene replied. "I'm just concern about you."

"Unnie, is that really the reason?" 

Joy then felt the weight shifted beside her. She could hear Irene's breathing and she could feel the warmth radiating from the body of their Ice Princess leader.

"I dreamt about losing you. I know it's not supposed to be a big deal, but I can still remember every details and I hate how realistic the dream was." Irene explained to her. "I'm just scared about losing you. I can't bare living without Joy of Red Velvet and Park Sooyoung of my life..."

"Unnie, you're so sweet today..." Joy chuckled. She turned her body around and then embraced the older girl. Irene did not push her away. She instead buried her head to her dongsaeng's neck and embraced Joy back. Joy felt so right having Irene in her arms. She felt like all the stress left her body. She felt healing and comfort. Maybe it had been a long time since she received a hug. It was not just a normal hug though, it was from her tsundere leader.

"Don't worry, unnie. I'm not going anywhere." She unconsciously kissed Irene's crown. She waited for Irene's reaction, but Irene just let it slided. Joy smiled and told her goodnight again.


"Thank you for coming here today." Joy told her unniedeul who came to cheer her for her solo debut performance on Inkigayo.

"Our eomma Rene wants to watch you closely—"

"Who are you calling eomma?!" Irene softly hit Seulgi's arm. She then turned to look at Joy and even with her mask, you could tell that Irene was smiling. "Do your best."

"Jwoy, make our mom proud! Hwaiting!" Wendy cheered and even her got a soft come back revenge from Irene.

Joy laughed with them. She thanked them again and before she could go to the stage, Irene called her. 

"Just enjoy and don't get hurt."

Joy smiled and nodded.


Joy's solo debut promotion ended and the results were excellent. Nevertheless, Joy's schedule did not change. She was still busy and so with her Red Velvet members especially that their comeback date was already told to them. Yeri, their maknae, who just finished filming also became automatically occupied.

With all the Red Velvet members presence, Joy was able to confirm that Irene's behaviour changed towards her. Despite the cringey lines and actions Joy was intentionally doing to Irene, the latter just gladly accepted them, which of course, surprised Joy. In which she also compared to how the leader reacted to the other members' own greasiness, wherein all of them could find differences. Although Irene did tell her the reason already, Irene did not stop her affection to Joy.

"Good job everyone!"

Everyone cheered from the successful end of Red Velvet comeback filming. After a long time, Red Velvet would be seen in the stage together as five.

"Our anniversary is getting near." Yeri said sitting beside Joy.

"For real?" Joy asked. "Time sure flies and 2021 is really Red Velvet's year. I rarely get enough sleep, but I feel satisfied with everything."

"Put my drama in your schedule too and don't sleep anymore." Yeri said chuckling.

"Don't worry I'll be watching Blue Birthday and make sure to screenshot any meme-potential face of yours." 

"Oh yeah? You want to fight me?"

"Stop fighting, you two." 

Both of them turned to look at their unnie line walking towards them. 

Yeri suddenly pulled Joy away from the unnie line while suspiciously peeking to them.

"Ya! Where the two of you going?!" Wendy asked them.

"Don't follow us! It's maknaedeul convo!" Yeri sent them a finger heart as she continued dragging Joy away from the other members.

"Why are we here?" Joy asked her. Both of them were in a quiet area with no staffs around. "What's your problem? Did you fight with Seungwan-unnie? Pranked Seulgi-unnie? Or trying to escape from Joohyun-unnie from something bad you have done?"

Yeri leaned her back against the wall and started speaking. "Spill the tea, unnie."

"Huh?" Joy looked at her confusingly. "I don't have a tea with me."

"Pabo, I meant to say that you tell me what's going between you and Joohyun-unnie."

Joy glared at her, but still replied. "I don't know what's going on with her, so ask her instead of me."

Yeri scoffed. "Ya, you've been acting weird too, y'know! Honestly, you guys seemed flirting with each other."

"Flirting?" Joy rolled her eyes. "That was intentional on my part since just like you, I'm also curious about her that is why I'm also acting cheesy to her. I just didn't expect that she's not reacting just like before."

Yeri nodded. "Okay, fine I believe you. But when did it start? Her sweet side towards you, when did it start?"

"Since my solo debut," Joy answered. "She said that she dreamt of me dying."

"That's the only reason?" Yeri asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. Shallow reason, right?" Joy said. "But I can't judge her though. Maybe I died a painful death there and she was traumatized. There are dreams like that. And some dreams are meant to serve as warning."

"Oooh~" Yeri suddenly grinned. "How did you die, unnie? I wanna know."

"Wow! You really want me to die, don't you?"

"Kidding~ I'm just curious."

"I don't know. I didn't ask her about it because I thought it wasn't that important. I never knew she would still be acting towards me like I'm her favourite." Joy explained.

"Isn't that a good thing? You can experience the melting ice cream side of our Ice Princess." Yeri told her.

"Honestly, my heart do flutters from her sudden treatment, but I'm also not used to it." Joy responded.

"Do you want me to interview her?"

Joy shook her head. "You don't have to do that. She'll be back at her usual self soon." Joy said.


But it did not happen.


Irene became more clingy to her to the point where she always sleep at Joy's room whenever there was an opportunity. Despite being weirded by this, Joy did not complain. After all, she was thankful that Irene was very caring for her just because of a bad dream.

August 1...

"Happy anniversary to us!" 

They started their VLive with luvies just like their usual VLive before. Everyone was happy. They all did fun together. After a long time, Red Velvet was complete. 

"Unnie, unnie!"

"Yes, yes?" 

Yeri jumped to her bed while showing their group photo. Joy looked at Yeri confusingly.

"I also have that photo, y'know."

"No. That's not it." Yeri said.

"Then what?" Joy asked.

Yeri zoomed in the photo to Joy and Irene's area specifically to Irene's hands. "It causes uproar to the fans." Yeri said. "They said that you two beat the coworker allegations."

"Oh that? What about it?"

"Do you think it's also one of the reasons why Joohyun-unnie acts like that?"

Joy shook her head. "If it's one if the reasons then she should have been stopped being sweet to me off-cam."

"Oh right, I forgot about her sleeping with you— wait... You two, you're not dating each other, are you?" Yeri asked, her eyes narrowing as if dissecting Joy.

"We're not. Do we look like a couple?" Joy laughed.

"Well, her hands are telling me that you belong to her alone. Now that I think about it, she always hugs you like that." Yeri showed her phone screen and swiped several photos served as evidence about Irene's grip. "See? And by the way, you also do that to her as if you don't want to let go of her."

Joy raised an eyebrow as she turned her head to look at the maknae. "So what are you trying to say? That we're actually dating behind the scenes?"


"Stop overthinking and stop creating theories. You already beat the Red Velvet cat theory." Joy responded as she turned her back from the maknae. She closed her eyes as she tried to gain a short nap, but the maknae made Joy's body as her own pillow. "Ya, get out!"

"I'm really curious of what's going on between the two of you."

"If you're that curious, go to Joohyun-unnie and ask her."

Yeri got up from the bed. Joy sighed in relief, but immediately felt panic soon as she heard Yeri's loud voice.


"Yerimah!" Joy chased after Yeri and just stopped when the maknae hid behind Irene.

"H-Hello unnie?"

"What's going on between the two of you?" Wendy asked them.

"We're just playing." Yeri answered smirking.

"Can I play with you guys?" Seulgi asked.

"Of course, you can. Let's play Blind man's Bluff." Yeri said.

"I'll play with you guys too." Wendy said. "How about you, Joohyun-unnie?"

"I'll pass. I'll just watch you guys." Irene replied as she sat on the couch.

"Sooyoung-unnie would be the blind man." She was already holding a handkerchief  with her as she approached Joy.

"Ya, why would I be the blind man?" Joy protested.

"Because you're second to Joohyun-unnie for being good in playing games." Yeri answered.


Yeri requested Seulgi to be the one to put the blindfold to Joy. After that, Joy started counting. Joy started moving to find the other players.

It is not known to Joy that her playmates silently told their goodbye to Irene and left their apartment. 

Irene enjoyed watching Joy for a moment before standing up from her seat. She tapped Joy's back. Joy immediately turned around and hugged Irene whom she thought was a player of the game. 

Joy immediately felt something odd. The body was something different from the rest of the players. She lowered her head and  smelled a familiar scent, which owned by single individual she knew really well.


Irene smiled and wrapped her arms around Joy's waist. "You got me."

Joy's heartbeat immediately raced as she felt her face burning. She wanted to take the blindfold off, but she was not able to move. Her senses were too sharp that she could also feel Irene's breathing, heartbeats synchronizing with her's, and the way her petite body shared its heat to her. 

Joy nervously laughed. "Unnie, are you trying to stop me from winning?"

Irene shook her head as she tightened her hug. "Stay here. Don't go anywhere."

"But I need to catch Yerim and the others,"

"They're not here. They already left." 

"What?!" Joy was able to remove her blindfold irritated by the fact that she was made a fool by their maknae. "Aish, that girl..."

"Just let them go." Irene said chuckling. "I didn't leave you anyway."

"But you watched me fooling myself, unnie." Joy whined.

"Sorry, sorry," Irene looked up and showed her pretty doe eyes to Joy. "Will you forgive your unnie?"

"M-My u-unnie..?" Joy automatically blushed as she separated herself from Irene. She covered her face as she tried to walk away from her leader. 

"Ya where are you going?"

"S-Somewhere!" Joy was still covering her face causing her to bump to the wall. "Ouch!"

"Are you okay?" Irene attempted to go to her, but Joy stopped her.

"Unnie, I'm gonna die if you come closer to me right now." Joy told her.

"Huh? What are you saying?" Irene took a step.


Irene creased her eyebrows. "Why?"

"Coz you're gonna get me killed!" Joy answered.

"How would I kill you? You're acting weird, Park Sooyoung." Irene said in-between her laughs.

"You're the one acting weird, Bae Joohyun-unnie." Joy replied as she directed her way to her room as Irene followed her with a meter distance. "Don't follow me!"

"You said you're not going anywhere?"

"I am not. I'm just going to lock myself inside my room."

Joy went inside her room as Irene heard the click sound of the door. Joy literally locked her door.

Irene deeply sighed and then let a chuckle.



"Ya still mad at me?" Yeri asked soon as she entered Joy's room.

"Yeah. I nearly died because of you." Joy replied while browsing her phone.

"Why? What happened?" Yeri asked in curiosity. "Joohyun-unnie didn't tell us anything weird though."

"Because Joohyun-unnie happened," Joy replied. "She acted cute to me."

"Is that all? It's nothing new." Yeri said. "She's also acting cute to us. Maybe your cute tolerance is just too weak that you cannot handle her cuteness."

"Fine, whatever. But still, I'm frustrated that you left me playing alone."

"Atleast, you got to spend your time alone with Joohyun-unnie. JoyRene is sailing~"



"Our comeback is getting near." Yeri said. "Until now I haven't solve the mystery between you and Joohyun-unnie yet..."

"Sshh... Don't mention that here. She's going to hear you." Joy scolded her.

"That's better. She may tell us something."

"Tell you what?"

Speaking of their subject, she actually heard them. 

Irene sat beside Joy who just turned stiff. 

"Tell us why—"

"Kim Yerim," Joy warned.

Yeri just smirked. "Tell us why are you acting like a girlfriend material to Sooyoung-unnie." 

Joy cursed Yeri for the wrong term she used as she wished for herself to be by the ground upon hearing Irene's reply.

"Isn't a girl friend supposed to act that way?"

Yeri squeeled with delight as she pushed Joy towards Irene causing the closer proximity between Joy and Irene. Joy felt getting dried when she found her face just an inch distance to Irene's. She immediately recovered from the position as she scolded Yeri from over acting.

"Why is she acting like that?"

"She thought we are..."

"We are?"

"We are d-dating, unnie." Joy replied, not looking at her.

"Ah that girlfriend," She took a peek at Yeri. "Ya, Kim Yerim! You misunderstood it." 

Yeri rolled her eyes. "I know."  She sighed. "But seriously, what's going on with you, Joohyun-unnie? You're really acting like Sooyoung-unnie's girlfriend."

Joy remained silent with unreadable facial expression as Irene maintained the smile on her face.

"I'm just showing my love to her. Is it prohibited?"

"Oh my gosh... Wait, what kind of love are you talking about?" Yeri asked.

Joy just silently cursed the two who literally forgot about her who was just in-between the maknae and the eldest. 

"Eros or Philia?" Yeri asked.

"Philia," Irene answered.

Joy found herself being relieved, but somehow deep inside she expected more.


Irene woke up gasping for air. She felt her face being wet from the mixed sweat and tears. It was dark and the heavy rainfall could be heard that matched the fear she was feeling. The exhaustion from their loaded schedule was replaced with nervousness as the same dream before flashed into her mind. She felt herself crying as she immediately went to Joy's room, opening the unlocked door and entering it without asking for permission.

The lightning became her light to see that Joy was there, but the immediate disappearance of the lightning made her run towards the bed in panic.

Joy woke up from Irene's action. She felt irritated that maybe Yeri tried to pull a prank on her again, but she remembered that Yeri was staying in her new apartment. There was only one person left who would dare to knock her just like the old days.

"Joohyun-unnie, what are you doing here?" she asked, her eyes were still closed.

"You're real...?"

"I am real, unnie..." Joy said removing Irene's hand that was clutching her pajama shirt. She turned to her side facing Irene. She pulled the comforter ontop of her beloved leader's body as the latter moved closer to her.

"Did you have a bad dream of me again?" Joy asked.

Irene did not reply.

"Did I go somewhere there?"

Irene remained silent.

Joy heaved a sigh as she made Irene lie on her arm. Pulling Irene closer to her, she also wrapped an arm around her beloved leader's body.

"If you're that scared, you can sleep here with me every night from now on... I don't mind..." Joy said.


Joy hummed in response.

"Don't leave..."

"I won't, unnie. I promise." Joy said. "We should go back to sleep, okay?"



"I love you..."

"I love you too, unnie... Let's sleep now, okay?"

"But I really love you, Sooyoung."

"I know, unnie. I really love you too..." Joy replied pulling Irene closer to her indirectly saying that she was really sleepy. 

Irene pressed her palm to Joy's cheek and softly pinched it. 

"Unnie..." Joy whined. Playful Irene is back.

Irene lifted her body a bit and landed her lips on Joy's. The latter did not react. Irene let the soft kiss prolonged for a second. Feeling the smile from Joy's lips, she went back to her usual position satisfied. She buried her head against Joy's neck and let herself drifted to unconsciousness.


"Jwoy, are you okay?" Wendy asked her upon seeing her in their morning schedule.

"Yes, unnie. It's just that, my body aches especially my arm." Joy replied.

"Do you want unnie to massage you?" Seulgi joined the conversation.

"I can massage you too, unnie. I can show you my expertise." Yeri also joined in showcasing an evil grin.

"No thanks. I'll be fine." Joy replied. 

It was then that a hand was wrapped on her arm. She looked on her side and saw Irene. Her heart suddenly raced.

"Oh unnie, you're here." Joy greeted trying her best to act calm.

"Now I get it why our Sooyoungie doesn't need our massage." Wendy said. 

"Unnie, if you're that upset you just have to massage me." Yeri told her.

Wendy went towards Seulgi and started massaging her tensed shoulders.

"Ya! I was the one who asked you to massage me yet you went for Seulgi-unnie?!" Yeri complained. 

"Come here Yeri, I'll massage you." Joy called her giving her a meaningful glance.

Yeri smirked watching her Joy-unnie suffering from Irene's overflowing affection. "No thanks."


"Sooyoung-unnie, have you seen Joohyun-unnie?" Yeri invaded Joy's room. She saw Joy still sleeping being covered snuggly with the covers.

"Sooyoung-unnie," Yeri pulled the covers off. She became silent seeing the person she was looking for. 

Irene was sleeping peacefully in Joy's arms. They really looked like a couple.

Yeri subconsciously took a picture of them as JoyRene did not heard the shutter sound. Yeri put the covers back and silently exited the room.


When Red Velvet gathered during their free time, Yeri pulled Joy inside her room. 

"Spill the tea, unnie." 

"I left my tea."

"Pabo, I want you to explain this." Yeri showed her phone screen where Joy and Irene were snuggled together.

Joy's eyes widened as she snatched the phone zooming in and out the photo.

"When did you take it?" Joy asked.

"Last week," Yeri replied. "Also, Joohyun-unnie seemed so comfortable that her cat-like ears didn't heard me at all."

Joy deleted the photo and gave the phone back to Yeri. 

"Ya, why did you delete it?!" 

"Because I wanted to delete it." Joy replied.

"You guys are really dating secretly, no?" Yeri asked as she crossed her arms.

"We are not."

"Then why do you guys look more sweeter than Oh Ha Rin and Ji Seo Jun?" Yeri questioned.

"I don't know, okay?"

There was silence.



"Do you love Joohyun-unnie?"

"Of course, I do!"

"Eros or Philia?"

Joy opened to answer, but then closed it upon realizing that she did not know the real answer.

"It's fine, unnie. You don't need to answer me." Yeri grinned. "I now know the answer."

Yeri left her alone to reflect. 

Joy brushed her hair through her fingertips as she sighed deeply. The dream she had before where Irene confessed and kissed her lips made her days confusing. She tried diverting her attention from something else while trying her best to pretend okay whenever Irene was around. 

"Sooyoung, what are you doing here? Are you not going to watch with us?" 

Joy jumped from her feet, turning around she saw Irene. 

"U-Unnie, hi?"

Irene raised an eyebrow as she approached Joy. "Are you okay?"

Joy nodded, but then Irene put a palm on her cheek. This made her heartbeats raced as well made her face heated up.

"You sure you're okay?"

Joy tried her best to smile normally. "Yes."

"Okay then." Irene smiled. She pulled Joy's head towards her and planted a peck on Joy's lips. "Let's go." She tugged Joy's hand, but the latter did not move at all. "Joy?"

"Unnie, why...?"

"I love you." Irene simply said and pulled Joy with her. Together, they went to the other member's location where they were already settled waiting for the movie to start.

From beginning until the end of the movie, Joy remained silent, processing what just happened. 

"It's already so so so late. Tomorrow is another busy day." Seulgi said. 

"Let's all go to bed now. Yerimah, sleep."

"Vampires don't sleep."

"You're not a vampire."


One by one, the members went to their respective rooms. Irene closed the television as she turned to see Joy who was still sitting on the couch. 

"Sooyoung, you're not going to sleep?"

Joy did not reply.


Joy looked up then nodded. She stood up and started walking away with Irene trailing after her. 

Joy entered her room as Irene followed her inside. Joy closed her door and locked it. She turned around and was greeted by Irene's tight embrace.


"Let's stay like this for a while."

Joy sighed. "Okay..."

Irene was the one who separated herself, but also the one who pulled Joy towards the bed. Both of them were now sitting beside each other on the edge of the bed.

"Unnie, why did you kiss me?"

Irene chuckled. "Just like what I've thought, you forgot about that night."

"What... What do you mean?" Joy asked slowly learning the hint.

"I confessed that I love you, but you were too sleepy that you thought you were just dreaming. I've even kissed you. I feel bad. My first kiss was forgotten."

Joy felt became dried remembering the exact scene she thought was just a dream, but turned out to be real.

She was startled when she felt Irene's hand above her's. 

"I love you, Sooyoung." Irene smiled. "I know you were having a hard time because of my sudden changes towards you, but I cannot help it. I also know that it was weird having me, your leader, liking you, loving you, but I just really cannot help it. I maybe the one who seemed controlling everything in our concepts, but in reality I cannot control myself with my feelings for you." She moved closer to Joy. "At first, it was because of fear that I always wanted you to stay with me, but at the end of the day it was love that persisted in making you stay with me."

Joy stared at her for a moment before releasing all the tensions from her body. She decided to confess too. "I feel the same way as you do, unnie. I was just you know... I just cannot believe it... I mean, a perfect person like you fell for me... I... I don't know what to say, unnie. I'm sorry. I feel so dumb right now— " Irene shut her up by giving her a peck on the lips.

Irene chuckled from the reaction as she rested her head on Joy's shoulder. She played Joy's fingers. 

"Unnie... What will going to happen between us now?" Joy asked, finally recovered from the unexpected kiss.

"Make Yeri's assumption real, but let us take it slow." Irene answered. 

"Are we going to tell them?" Joy asked.

"No. Let's just let them be confused." Irene replied smirking. She then pushed Joy towards the bed. Both of them lied on the bed while cuddling each other.

"We are really official now..." Joy said.

Irene hummed in response.

Joy smiled. "I guess, I cannot go anywhere now."

"Yes because you will always be in my heart now." Irene replied smiling.





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