Together Forever

3000 Worlds to JoyRene

Together Forever

World: #16 Location C

** "The cat chooses its human, not the other way around." **


  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION: There are two different places a lost individual would go. It's either dreams or reality.


"Hurry! Hurry! Ya Park Sooyoung I'm telling you to DRIVE FASTER!" Irene yelled in panic seeing the giant pink bouncing ball similar to their ICC MV still chasing them. 

Joy was trying her best to do what her unnie commanded her because even her was terrified to see it. Her beloved leader's horrified cheers made her more nervous into thinking that the ball may squash them.

"Oh my gosh it's getting nearer to us! Park Sooyoung!" 

Irene grabbed Joy's shoulder shaking her.

"Ya unnie, your hand! I cannot drive!" 

"Hurry up! Oh my gosh it's getting bigger!" Her grip to Joy became tighter.

"I'm trying! Unnie, your hand!"

"Get your hands off me, Bae Joohyun!"

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing! Just keep your hands off me!"

Irene turned her head behind them just to see the giant ball jumped off the ground. Her odd eyes followed the giant ball that went high towards the sky. Irene found herself screaming seeing the giant ball falling unto their direction as if following them. Her panic heightened as she continued on pressuring Joy to drive faster.

Joy took a peek above. She felt the fear her leader was experiencing. The giant ball was too near to them and to as why she stopped the car immediately. Both Irene and Joy went out off the car.

"Let's go to opposite directions!" Irene directed.

Irene ran to the south and Joy ran to the North. It was only enough before the ball fell on the car and exploded accompanied with Joy and Irene's screams.

Zimzalabim's ticket filled their surroundings as Joy and Irene recovered from the shock. They approached the car. Joy irritatedly opened the car door bringing out a pile of tickets falling out off the seat.

"Confetti and papers, now tickets! Seriously, I'm being fooled into thinking that I'm really gonna die!" Joy bursted out. "Red Velvet world is so weird that even I as a Red Velvet member is being weirded by what's happening. I'm surprised that I'm coping up with all of these magical things." Joy commented taking more tickets off the driver's seat before sitting down.

"I really hate surprises." Irene could only managed to say as she sighed following Joy.

Joy continued in driving as they reached their destination. Both of them went out of the car. 

Amazement was shown in their faces seeing The Reve Festival they created for real.

"I can't believe that the map you showed me is far different from the real way." Joy said.

"FYI it's just a guide, not the actual map." Irene replied.

"So eomma, what are we gonna do now?" Joy asked crossing her arms.

Irene's face puckered from the honorific. She ignored Joy as she decided to enter Reve Festival. However, before she could take further step, walls emerged from the ground preventing her from entering.

"Looks like we need to give the invitation card." 

Irene turned to look at Joy in confusion. "Invitation card? Do you mean the Zimzalabim Ticket?"

"Yes!" Joy paused for a moment trying to remember something. She then spoke her thought to Irene. "As Reve prepares for our time together—"

"Why would Reve prepares for our time together? Are we dating?"

"I know you still feel bad that you kissed me in the lips—"


Joy gave her a peace sign while grinning. "I'm just narrating The Reve Festival Story to tell you the clues I found since I'm assuming that we're following her story."


"Cheer up, unnie. It's just a kiss." Joy chuckled. 

"But it's my first kiss..." Irene mumbled as she looked down on the ground.

"Should I return it to you?" Joy more.

"Yeah right, return it with your literal lips..."

"Woah scary!" 

Irene aimed to hit Joy, but the latter evaded. "Ya Park Sooyoung come back here!"

"Ya old already? The game goddess can't catch me now?" Joy mocked.

"Shut up! My stupid gown is just preventing me from killing you!"

Irene struggled and Joy kept on laughing. However, Irene suddenly screamed making Joy stopped. The Rookie mascot was carrying Irene and when its head turned to meet Joy's eyes, it suddenly ran in panic kidnapping Irene.

"Ya Rookie monster where will you take her?! Come back!" Joy chased the Rookie mascot.


Joy just scoffed. Irene was being kidnapped yet can still loudly shout at her.

The Rookie mascot suddenly entered the Rookie wardrobe carrying Irene. It closed. Joy who just reached the location grabbed the knob and opened the wardrobe. Hanged clothes greeted her.

"Joohyun-unnie! Joohyun-unnie! Are you there?!" She started taking the hanged clothes out of the wardrobe, but new clothes are being hanged again as if preventing the wardrobe from being empty. Joy did not have the choice, but to enter the wardrobe by force. However, just before she could follow her kidnapped leader, Irene came out knocking the both of them on the ground.

Both of them groaned in pains. When Joy opened her eyes, she saw Irene on top of her, but instead of pushing her leader away she pulled her closer to her body. She embraced her leader and the latter just let her.

"Glad you're back, unnie. Please, don't leave me alone. If a kidnapper kidnaps you, tell that kidnapper to kidnap me too."

"You're being silly Park Sooyoung." Irene chuckled.

Joy looked at the dark sky and felt like everything in that world was smiling at her. "Is this what Reve felt in the narration?" she asked.

"Felt what?"

Joy let Irene go and instructed her to lie down with her for a moment. "You are known for being a sky lover. You're lucky to appreciate them sooner and I'm late to realize how beautiful they are. I was only focused to work and work alone, so I usually don't have the time to look at the sky."

"Just take your time in doing your priorities, the sky won't leave anyway." Irene replied.

"Noted~" Joy smiled as she stretched her hand out as if reaching the sky. 

Another hand was reached out and touched Joy's forearm. Irene playfully shook her hand as Joy groaned in annoyance. She was happy though.


"Believing it's time to start the real celebration, Reve starts writing invitations. It's in the Chapter 5 of narration." Joy returned to Irene's location holding tickets with her.

Both of their clothes were already changed into comfortable ones. It turned out that the Rookie mascot was just trying to help Irene.

"Why did you get so many? We only need two?" Irene asked.

"But the others may need it soon. After all, it's five or never." Joy smiled showing the five tickets.

Irene smiled back reaching her hand to pat Joy's head.

"You're being affectionate to me today. Am I your favourite daughter now?" 

"You're just the only one here, so yes." 

"I'm just an option. Wow!" 

Both of them went to the ticket booth. In Zimzalabim MV, Wendy was the one who was there. The booth at the moment was actually empty. 

"Let's just leave it here." Irene said putting down the tickets on the counter. Their tickets though floated. It glowed in neon as if it was being scanned and a notch was put.

"Did you get surprise?" Joy asked. Her facial expression was blank.

"I'm getting used to it by now." Irene replied with her infamous stoic expression.

Just like in Zimzalabim, an elevator slided down in front of them. They entered the elevator as Irene clung to Joy. 

"Do I need to operate this just like in Zimzalabim or—" The controllers and buttons started moving on their own. "Okay, it's a no."

The elevator door closed and Irene tightened her grip on Joy. The latter's forehead creased, but she didn't complain since she knew that Irene was scared of heights. However, she came to know the other reason. She forgot that the elevator was not normal either.

Their bodies were inverted as they went up. They felt okay though. They began to realize that the things in that world were only meant to surprise and fool them, but not to harm them. The elevator went down and their position went back to normal. The door opened and they were greeted by confetti. As always, both of them shrieked in surprise.

"I really hate suprises..." Irene muttered.

"Joohyun-unnie," Joy called nudging her unnie's side.


"Look up." 

Irene looked up just as what Joy said. She gaped seeing the bright sky. The sun was out. 

"Why is the sun out all of a sudden? Is the time in the elevator different from outside?" Irene asked confusingly.

"I think we're already in Chapter 6. It says there that Reve asks the sun to play with her. The timeline here is just like a dream only that it is real." Joy explained.

"Well, I can see what you were trying to say 'coz I definitely see Reve heading towards us while jumping." Irene said pointing her finger to the human size robot approaching them.

As Reve approached them, Joy and Irene could hear their song Love is the Way. They felt their heart beating in glee hearing it, but they remained silent. It was not until Reve sing along with their song. Joy and Irene just found themselves clapping, amazed seeing the Red Velvet robot singing. Well, Reve danced before as they remembered.

Reve offered her robot hands towards them. Joy and Irene looked at each other for a while before nodding in agreement to accept the offer. And again, they regretted their decision soon as Reve jumped so high with them together. Reve jumped high enough and far enough to have themselves landed and fell into the sea.

They cannot swim. Umpah-pah and they get drowned.

As they opened their eyes, they are back on the surface and was lying on a solid ground. Both of them gasped for air as they looked for one another.

"Unnie, you alive?!"

"Do you want me to get killed?!"

Joy embraced her making Irene just sighed in relief that they were both okay. 

"How come our clothes weren't soaking with sea water?" Joy asked.

"Because this world is weird." Irene answered. "Ya, you said that it's Chapter 6. Why did we jump to Chapter 9 suddenly?"

"Chapter 7 and 8 were done in just an instant when we met Reve." Joy answered getting up from the ground. She then stretched her arms. She turned around and saw the house of their destination.

Irene lead the way and Joy followed her. They stopped for a while admiring the 2D house that became realistic 3D Gift Store.

"Let's get inside." 

The entrance door automatically opened as Irene automatically held Joy's hand. Together they went inside. Irene dropped Joy's hand upon seeing the inside of the store. It was literally the same with the Queens Mystic General Store.

"Is this store connected to our reality?" Joy asked.

"Maybe, but we cannot go back unless all Red Velvet members are altogether." Irene replied grabbing the hat Wendy had in her archive. 

Joy went to Yeri's spot and grabbed the mirror. Irene approached Joy carrying the box Seulgi had in her archive. 

"Unnie, aren't we not going to get our own?" Joy asked looking at the direction of the analog television. "Your red box is there."

"What will I do with that red box when I've already met my New You?" Irene asked.

"Well, maybe it would help you free yourself from something that is restricting you." Joy answered.

"You took my caption seriously?" Irene asked smirking.

"I took my own caption seriously too. I wanna get free from my role for a moment, enjoy, have fun under the full moon when everyone is sleeping." Joy chuckled. "Maybe I should not be saying this, but I understand you too, unnie. You know what I mean, right? After all, we are the people you want to get out of that red box."

Irene sighed, but then smiled. "If the world won't permit us, we can just go to Red Velvet's weird place where it's okay to do everything we want because after all it is ours."

"Yeah, with Red Velvet, we'll be okay." Joy put a hand around Irene. She rested her head to Irene's as the analog television opened. It flashed something not in the present nor in the past. Joy and Irene looked at each other after the analog television turned off.

"What was that?" Joy asked.

"I don't know. Maybe a premonition." Irene answered.

"Your term was kind of scary, unnie." Joy responded. "By the way, have I already told you about a one theory of a luvie when you were in the bathtub and was thought to be giving birth to me?"

"What?" Irene laughed. "Why would I give birth to you? I don't have a daughter like you."

Joy chuckled. "Yeah right, whatever, unnie. Let's just go and get your favourite daughters."

Joy carried the box with her with Wendy's hat inside as Irene held Yeri's mirror.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Joy asked.

"It served as a portal for the cat." Irene replied.


"I don't know how." 

Joy deeply sighed. "Try putting your hand on the mirror, unnie."

Irene did what Joy had told her. Both of them cheered and was amazed seeing Irene's hand went passed through the mirror just like in their archives. 

"It's working— Ahhhh!"

Both of them get into the mirror leaving the mystical store.

The portal spat Joy and Irene. 

"Park Sooyoung get off of me." Irene told Joy since the latter was on top of her. However, seeing Joy who was looking somewhere else with concern on her face made Irene look up.

In front of them was Yeri sighing repeatedly while looking in front of the camera. There were tears falling down from her eyes. 

Joy silently got off from Irene's body and silently approached Yeri. Irene did the same as they embraced their maknae in comfort.

"You can talk to us."


"Omo, you can really change your eye colour when you get excited!" Yeri exclaimed. A while back she was feeling down, but Joy and Irene came, so she was already okay. 

Yeri told them how did she get to the world too. Just like in her archive, it happened to her for real. It was only that she felt alone rather than being happy. There were unknown individuals watching her live video. Despite the good comments, she cannot help, but to space out and get entrapped by her own thoughts. She told her unniedeul about all of her concerns as she began to feel ease.

"Joohyun-unnie, can I see your tail?" Yeri asked.

"I don't have a tail." Irene responded.

"How boring! I wish you could just remain a cat forever." 

Irene glared at Yeri as she get a slice of ice cream cake and started eating in frustration. "Did you make this or the world did this?"

"No comment." 

Irene scoffed.

Joy and Yeri continued on talking as they joined Irene from tasting the ice cream cake.

"It tastes good that I feel myself getting sleepy." Joy commented.

"Well, Joohyun-unnie is already sleeping." Yeri replied yawning.

"Good night..."

"Good night..."

The unnie and her maknaedeul drifted to a land of dreams where it became their pathway to their next destination.

"What the heck! It's so hot!" Yeri exclaimed as she continued on fanning herself with her hands.

"I'm sorry." Joy said grinning.

Yeri looked at Joy in disgust as she tried to find a cooler area. Joy followed her too and so with Irene.

"We're already in Chapter 10 where the sun is throwing tantrums." Joy said. Sweats were dripping down her face.

"Why would the sun gets sulky? It misses the moon LOL." Yeri responded. Her eyes widened seeing the azure sea. She hurriedly went there, but paused when her vision became blurry. 

"What is she doing? Why is she dancing?" Irene asked in-between laughs.

"It's the powdery sand's magic." Joy replied laughing.

Both of them grabbed Yeri out of the sand's hypnosis. They turned Wendy's hat upside down and pushed Yeri's hand inside. All of them get into the place where Wendy was located.

A loud music greeted them. As they turned around. They saw Wendy on stage playing a keystar while singing in very cool manner. It somehow chilled their bodies after getting caught from the sun's tantrums.

"It's time to start crying 🎶" 

She automatically smiled seeing her members watching her.

"I wanna leave🎶"

And then the chorus started as she go back to being the cool Wendy again.

"Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y🎶"

"I just leave I I just leave I!" Joy, Irene, and Yeri chanted.

"Ah-y-ah y-ah y-ah y-ah-y🎶"

"I just leave I I just!" the audiences chanted again.

Wendy finished the song as the members applauded and cheered. She then started her so-called greasy speech. This however made the members smile rather than feeling cringey. 

"It's time to stop crying, Wendy-ssi! Let's continue your story together!" Yeri shouted. "It's time to leave together! Yep LITERALLY!"

Wendy sighed, but smiled afterwards. She took the keystar off from her, then went down the stage where her members were waiting.

They surrounded the pink Queens Mysterious box.

"What are we going to do with this thing?" Wendy asked.

"Just jump," Yeri told her.

Irene jumped into the box first and she get in and was followed by Joy. Wendy's reaction was Wendy's reaction. Her eyes were widening and ajar. Yeri chuckled as she tugged Wendy's hand. Both of them jumped into the box.

"Wow, that was fast and cool—" Wendy was again in her surprised expression seeing Joy on top of Irene.

"This is not Bad Boy!" Yeri shouted making Joy immediately got off from Irene.

Joy glared at Yeri, but then she ran to Yeri saving the maknae from getting hit with a tennis ball.

"Thanks, but what was that? Why would a tennis ball— Joohyun-unnie, look out!"

Thanks to Irene's quick reflex that she was able to dodge the yellow ball threw on her direction.

"Who did that?! How dare you do that to my maknae and unnie?! Come out and... and... and..." Wendy paused for a moment. "... and I will shower you with love!"

"Really?" Yeri asked chuckling. 

"Guys, can you hear it?" Irene interrupted them.

"Hear what?" Yeri and Wendy asked in unison.

"Listen, it sounds like a falling row of large dominoes..." Joy said. 

"Oooh I can finally hear it and it's getting louder!" Wendy cheered.

"Isn't it a bad thing? I mean, do you guys remember that Seulgi-unnie's archive actually had the tennis balls from Russian Roulette?" Yeri said. "And you guys know that we tried killing each other there."

They fell into silence before processing what did Yeri point out.

"I think we need to run." Irene said.

"I... I guess 'coz I can definitely see the lockers from Russian Roulette appearing one by one!"

All of them began running as the lockers continued to appear one after another. 

"Why is this happening?!" Wendy shouted.

"I really hate surprises!" Irene yelled.

"This is the worst!" Joy shouted.

"It could have been just better if the location was in Peek-a-boo! I would enjoy killing the pizza guy!" Yeri yelled.

The last locker fell as the four members sat on the ground in exhaustion.

"Thank goodness, we're alive!"

"We're not gonna die in a world we created." Joy said. 

"Yet we just experienced being chased by lockers." Yeri deadpanned. "Where's Seulgi-unnie though?"

"I think she's on the tennis court." Irene answered.

"How did you know that?" Yeri asked in disbelief.

"She has cat ears. Well, I have too." Joy said.

"Joy, your eyes!" Wendy exclaimed seeing the sudden changed in Joy's eyes.

"Yeah, I know!"

All the four of them went on the tennis court. Again, a tennis ball came to them. Followed by another and another.

"What the heck?!"

It was then stopped. The four members sighed in relief, but they immediately panic when they saw Seulgi playing with a lighter. All of a sudden the lines of the court suddenly put on fire. It died down immediately though.

They took a step closer to Seulgi, but they paused hearing what Yeri had asked them.

"What do you mean holding a scissor? What would she cut?" Wendy asked.

"Maybe an invisible string just like how the lockers appeared." Irene answered.

"Just like how I cut the red string in Psycho, right?" Joy responded.

"We're talking about Russian Roulette where some kind of string or rope is connected to the refrigerator meant to fall for you, unnie." Yeri replied to Joy smiling in fake manner. "I think it's time for us to look up."

The four members looked up and saw not just a single refrigerator, but there were other objects too.


The four members began running, dodging, and escaping the falling objects while screaming and cursing Seulgi. Shockingly, Seulgi seemed to be unaware of their presence despite their loud voices. She was just dancing minding her own business.

When the four members' suffering ended, they finally went back to their feet to approach their last member who was till dancing with a music only her could hear.

And again, they stopped seeing Seulgi's shadow transformed into a cat form. It separated itself from Seulgi then became bigger and bigger.

"Don't tell us to run." Wendy warned Yeri.

"Then what do we do? Get eaten by a shadow cat?" Yeri asked.

"Cats don't eat their fellow cats." Joy grabbed Irene's shoulder and presented her in front.

"And what are you doing?!" Irene yelled.

"You're the boss. Tell the cat to go away." Joy said as Wendy and Yeri agreed.





"Uhh, Joohyun-unnie and Joy, I hate to interrupt, but the cat is watching both of you."

Joy and Irene turned their attention to the direction of the cat, which was just a meter distance from them. The giant shadow cat meowed at them.

"Uhh meow?" Irene imitated.

The cat then submerged on the ground going back to Seulgi. Seulgi stopped in dancing. She turned her body to the members' direction. Her dark expression turned bright upon recognizing her Red Velvet members. She went running towards them, but then she fell on the ground. 

Irene was too surprised to help. Joy and Yeri laughed. And Wendy went to her to help her stand up.

"Red Velvet is the best!" Seulgi exclaimed embracing all of them.

"Are you trying to undo the things you did to us? You literally tried to kill all of us." Yeri told her.

"Ya, I didn't know, okay?" Seulgi defended herself. "I just felt myself being frustrated, then those objects appeared. I read a letter saying I can displace my frustrations here." she explained. 

"Seulbear is mad?" Wendy asked.

"Yeah, but now, I can finally move on from that. Besides, I have you guys." Seulgi said smiling. "Red Velvet makes me calm."

"I'm also glad that I have you guys." Irene said.

"Me too," Wendy said.

"Me three," Joy said.

"Me four... Uhh Sooyoung-unnie, why are you so hot? My eyes are literally sweating." Yeri said.

"Wendy-unnie, we need your water." 


"How are we going to get out of here when we don't have the objects to teleport anymore?" Yeri asked. 

"Let's run." 

All of the four other members turned their attention to Joy.

"It's already the Chapter 11— Aww wrong! Sorry, my mistake. We're actually done by that now since we ran for our lives a while back." she paused. "We're actually in Chapter 12 now."

"Are you talking about the guitars?" Wendy asked.

Joy nodded.

Wendy sighed. "Actually, it was already done in my own part when you haven't gone to my location yet."

"Then we're on Chapter 13 where we're going to find that hole?" Irene asked.

"Hole? You mean this black hole?" Seulgi asked pointing her finger down.

The four members looked down on their feet. Silence... Then screamed echoed as they were swallowed by the hole.

"Why is it so cold?!" Yeri complained while they were falling in a seemingly endless void.

"Because the ice and milk bites!" Joy yelled in response.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

The fruits falling with them answered their questions. "You have to shake your body to keep it from freezing!"

"Did I just hear my own voice?!" Wendy questioned.

"Ooh guys, it's effective! Shake your body! I'm feeling warm!" Seulgi exclaimed.

The others met each other's eyes before copying Seulgi. It was then that they fell on a white, snow-covered field.

"Do you guys think that it's getting warmer? I mean it's so hot again!" Yeri said.

"We already know! It's Chapter 14 where the sun is throwing tantrums again! Argh! The snow is melting!" Joy frustratedly went to Irene and rested her head to her unnie's shoulder.

"What?! Get off, it's hot!" 

"You're the Ice Princess."

Irene just snorted not having the energy to hit Joy. It was then that they heard a familiar chanting word.


"Why did I hear my own voice again?!" Wendy exclaimed.

The other members laughed.

"It's the Chapter 15 where the parade begins. We can go to the Queens Mystic General Store by wishing." Joy told her members.

They followed the musical notes through the parade and comes across a secret, magical space. The entrance read, "Think of a wish and keep on saying 'Zimzalabim~'"

The members closed their eyes and kept on thinking of that specific wish while kept on saying the chanting word 'Zimzalabim' until their bodies disappeared.

They got teleported into the Queens Mystic General Store. Their outfits changed just like in their closing video of their archives.

All of them went on a table and sat on each respective seats with the entrance of the store directly in front of them. The door opened and it showed the big cat just like in their video. Their eyes met the big cat's eyes and together they disappeared from the world they created.



The Red Velvet members heard, but their eyes were still closed. 

"Happy Red Velvet 7th Anniversary!"

The Red Velvet members felt giddy as they opened their eyes only to see red shoes. They realized they were wearing red shoes. Their eyes went on the screen only to see themselves wearing the La Rogue outfit.

"What are we doing here?" Joy whispered to her members, though she was heard since her mic was on.

"What do you think?" Yeri replied chuckling.

"ReVeluvs, what do you think?!" Wendy asked.

The crowd cheered and shouted their own answers.

"Maybe we could ask our quiz bee queen, Irene-unnie." Seulgi asked chuckling. 

The crowd cheered again.

Irene smiled and then spoke. "Because we're Red Velvet."

And the seemingly endless dance started.


"Irene-ssi, I thought you're in the stage?"

Irene just smiled and went past the staff.

The staff shrugged the weird interaction with Irene. The staff approached  the others who were seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"Why do you guys look like that?"

"I just saw Wendy-ssi off-stage, but when I looked back on the stage she was dancing."

"I also saw Seulgi-ssi looking for snacks. I gave her some food, but when I came back here I saw Seulgi-ssi actually dancing nonstop."

"It was the same for me. I saw Joy-ssi and Yeri-ssi chasing each other off-stage. I tried chasing them to stop them, but I saw what's happening on the screen."

"Well, I just saw Irene-ssi too. I guess, the Wolf in Cat's clothing theory was literally real... Red Velvet members have doppelgangers."


Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri embraced each other after their long day. 

"I feel satisfied!" Seulgi exclaimed.

"Same! I feel so good." Wendy said 

"I can't believe we were sent to a mini concert with luvies! It was a really long day." Yeri said.

"Yeah! There were really a lot of things happened. From being disappeared one by one, to falling from the hole, being kissed on the lips by Joohyun-unnie, chasing a sweet-scented wind—"

Yeri cut her. "What did you just say?"

"She said chasing a sweet-scented wind." Irene answered for Joy as she laughed nervously while secretly cursing Joy for being too honest.

"Is it just me that I heard Sooyoung mentioning Joohyun-unnie?" Wendy asked.

"I also heard 'a kiss on the lips'." Seulgi added.

Irene turned to look at Joy and smiled sweetly. "Park Sooyoung, let's talk later."

And Joy could only hope to go back to the Zimzalabim entrance to wish for being saved because she knew she would be a dead cat later.


Location C fin.



I'm so done with the cat theories, so I updated earlier Lmeow. I'll just stick with the theory One Heterochromia Cat. One culprit with two identities. One is thought to be the mastermind, one is thought to be the red herring. Only that it would not be necessarily to be Joy or Irene anymore. It could be everyone and it could be none at all. 


Let's continue to love and support Red Velvet and their individual activities! I feel emotional 😭

Let's all celebrate together!!!

Happy Red Velvet 7th anniversary!!!


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