Two is Better Than One

3000 Worlds to JoyRene

Two is Better Than One

World: #17 Location B

** "...but satisfaction made it back."


  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION: When Queens Mystic General Store is a place to literally send you to a world of dreams to meet your "NEW YOU".


A hole opened up in the dark sky. A scream echoed as Joy came out falling from the hole. She closed her eyes tightly and protected the cat through her embrace waiting for the impact to happen, but then she found her body bouncing when she hit the ground. 

"Oh my gosh, I thought I'm going to die!" She breathed out as she lied on the ground with the cat on her top. She looked up to see the cat. "Are you okay?" she asked. She smiled while caressing the cat's head.

"Yes, I am."

Joy blinked twice. Her smile suddenly turned to a gape. Her hand stopped from moving. On top of her was not the cat Irene anymore, but the human Irene with her face just an inch distance to her face. 

"J-Joohyun-unnie?!" In Joy's surprised, she accidentally bumped her forehead to Irene making both of them groaned in pain.

Irene rolled beside her cursing Joy while Joy did the same blaming her unnie for surprising her.

"You were gone, then you're suddenly there. Why are you on top of me of all place, unnie?!" Joy stood up. She offered her hand to Irene in helping her to get up.

Irene glared at her while she fixed herself. "It's your fault for embracing me." Irene said. "Thank goodness, I'm not a cat anymore!" She inspected her body and started to touch her own skin.

Joy watched her weirdly unti she came into a realization what really happened. 

"Unnie, you're the cat all along?!"

Irene who was startled hit her dongsaeng on the shoulder weakly. "Stop yelling!"

"Yet you're the one yelling..." Joy mumbled gaining her another hit from Irene.

"Yes. I was the cat you named 'Irene' that you want to be yours alone and you don't want to give to Seulgi." Irene replied emphasizing every words.

Joy slightly blushed from this. Her eyes went on the ground, but her peripheral vision caught Irene's outfit. Her eyes went up scanning Irene's appearance. Her forehead creased. To make sure that her assumption was correct, she approached Irene closer. She cupped Irene's face as she leaned her head closer looking directly at Irene's eyes.

"Your eyes are the same— AWW! What the heck, unnie?!" Joy soothed her forehead by gently massaging it. 

"I'm sorry. I thought you're going to kiss me." Irene said gritting her teeth as she soothed her hurt forehead too.

"What made you think that I'm going to kiss you when you're not letting your members kiss you? FYI I'm just confirming my theory through your eyes."

"Okay fine, I'm sorry, okay—" She paused when she turned to look at Joy. "Sooyoung... your eyes are changing its colours just like in your archive!"

Joy raised an eyebrow. "I should be the one telling it to you. You're wearing the white dress you wore in your archive and you have green and grey eyes."

"Well, you're also wearing the dress you had in the jungle." Irene replied looking at Joy from head to toe.


They stayed in their place not moving for a minute before Joy spoke with her eyes on the ground.

"Yeri is right, unnie. Our fake world and the real world collided."

"I was telling it all along with my cat body a while back. I guess, cat in Red Velvet concept is not supposed to speak despite being mystical." Irene replied.

"If only I didn't go there..." Joy sighed.

"Don't blame yourself. Let's just do what we can while we're still alive." Irene went beside her.

"Unnie, are we really alive?" Joy asked. "I mean, look around." She extended her hands showing their surroundings. "Is it not familiar to you? This is the Happiness era location. Only that it's not fake, but real."

"There's only one way to find out." Irene said. 

"And what is that?" Joy asked.

Irene put a hand on Joy's nape and pulled her closer to her. Their lips touched each other as Joy's eyes went wide. 

Just a while back Irene was so confident, now she was on her knees on the ground regretting what she had done.

"It's not a dream... it's not a dream... it's not a dream..."

Joy who was red in face frustratedly turned around to stare at Irene in disbelief. Joy thought they were dead while Irene thought they were inside a dream. Irene supposed that they can wake up if she makes a scene that can make the owner of the so-called dreamworld realizes that it is just a dream since Irene hates kisses. It turned out that they have their real bodies transferred to another world.

"Unnie, you just stole my first off-cam kiss."

"I don't want to hear it. Don't talk to me."

"Yet you're talking to me..." Joy muttered finally recovered from the sudden kiss. She shrugged the feeling of Irene's velvet lips as she walked around, leaving her embarassed leader for a moment.

She paused for a moment seeing the bike she rode during their Happiness MV film. Back then, their hairs were still in two-tone  style and Yeri was still not yet introduced. 

Joy stopped from her trance when her eye corner saw a familiar boat. She went closer to see a better view, but stopped. Her heartbeats were beating fast seeing her reflection on the water. She nearly fell. She ignored her appearance as she diverted her eyes to the boat.


She expected for a yell back, but Yeri was not there. The boat from One of these Nights MV was empty. She returned to Irene's location in disappointment.

"I saw the boat where Yeri filmed before, but she wasn't there."

Suddenly, they heard a swishing sound of a wind. It was then that they smelled a sweet lingering scent. 

"I think the reason why Yeri wasn't in the boat was because she was baking the ice cream cake." Irene told her.

Joy agreed as they followed the sweet-scented wind. 

"Is it just me that my senses are sharper or the scent was just strong?" Irene asked.

"I think the same too, unnie. Maybe it's because we are perceived to be the cats in our archives." Joy answered. She suddenly bumped to something transparent. It was the sweet-scented wind. She suddenly felt alarm when the scent was vanishing. She started chasing it as she stretched her hand trying to grab the wind realizing that she could touch it. Upon touching it, she suddenly felt dizzy by the strong scent. She fell on the ground as she heard someone calling her.

"Gosh Joy, how could you run fast?" Irene told her and helped her got up.

Joy rolled her eyes. "My beloved leader is talking like she didn't run fast with her gown and heels."

A voice whispered in their ears stopping them from further argument.

"Come! I'll take you to a new world!"

Both Joy and Irene looked at each other. They are familiar with the voice as well as the line.

"Did I just hear Wendy's narration?" Irene asked stopping herself from laughing.

"Unnie, it's in our ReVe Festival Finale Story Narration Chapter 2, right?" Joy questioned in amazement.

Irene nodded.

Another voice whispered in their ears.

"I'm not Wendy, but I'll help you find what you are searching for."

Joy and Irene looked at each other and nodded. They both agreed to follow the wind. They knew that they should not trust anything in the world since they knew their confusing concepts well, but they have no choice. Finding Yeri is the first thing they should do since their maknae may know a lot of things because of her wild imagination. After all, Yeri was the one who noticed the magical event they got involved in.

They stopped on a Merry Go Round similar to their ICC. 

"The horses will deliver you to the place where your friend is located." It was the last statement they heard as the scent disappeared.

Joy watched Irene who attempted to sat on one of the horses. She laughed at her for a moment before helping her.

"Can't you just transform into a cat? You're a shapeshifter after all." 

"Enough talk already. Let's just ride these weird horses."

"Fine, fine..."

The Merry Go Round started moving around. Both of them waited until Irene became impatient and groaned in frustration.

"The wind just lied to us!"

"Maybe if we request for this to speed up we're really going to see Yeri."

The Merry Go Round stopped. Irene instinctively held the pole on her ride and so with Joy who suddenly regretted what she said because after a second their rides rotated very fast. Both of their screams echoed as the Merry Go Round suddenly disappeared from its place.

Joy and Irene fell on the ground after their extreme experience. Their faces were pale and their hairs were messy.

"I'm never gonna ride Merry Go Round ever again." Joy breathed out.

When both of them already conditioned themselves, they started approaching the diner where they filmed their ICC MV.

They took a peek over a window as they felt happiness seeing Yeri with the same outfit she had on her archive. And the kid was enjoying herself vlogging. 

Joy knocked the window to gain Yeri's attention, but to no avail Yeri kept on posing to the camera as if she was not aware of their existence. Joy was annoyed as she picked a stone. Irene tried to stop her, but was not able to since Joy already threw the stone. Surprisingly, the stone bounces back to Joy's direction. Good thing Joy was able to dodge it.

"Sooyoung, let's just enter the diner and get Yeri." Irene suggested.

Both of them decided to enter the diner, but the entrance would not open. Joy and Irene tried all their might to enter the diner, but they could not. Joy then went to the window and decided to call for Yeri. She shouted, yelled, and knocked at the window, but there was an invisible force field keeping Yeri from hearing and seeing them.

Joy sighed in defeat. That's the time a bouncing object went to Irene. Irene being the scaredy cat ran towards Joy. Slightly braver Joy held the ball and suddenly it exploded. And again, their high-pitched voices were heard. It died down immediately realizing that it was just confetti explosion.

A paper suddenly caught Irene's eyes. She picked it up and read what was written loudly.

"When you cry, she cries. When you laugh, she laughs. When you ask her who she is, She says—"

"The answer is mirror." Joy intervened. "What's with the mirror anyway? And what's that thing that chased you? Unnie, you're really gorgeous that even weird things are attracted to you."

"Shut up." Irene glared at her. She paused for a moment and brainstormed for an idea then it finally came to her what it meant. "Sooyoung, I think I know what are we supposed to do to get Yeri."

Joy eyed her in curiosity.

"We need the mirror just like in Yeri's archive to enter the diner." Irene continued.

Slowly, Joy's eyes widened realizing Irene's point. 

"But how can we go to the store?" Joy asked.

Irene picked the three ReVe Festival album covers. "Basically we're in the Day 1 of the Festival. The Gift shop was located in the Finale." Irene put the three covers on the ground side by side in orderly manner.

"You're right, unnie. The cave on Day 2 was the way towards the backyard of the Gift Store." Joy replied.

She sat on the ground feeling exhaustion. Irene sat beside her. Both of them watched the sun that slowly settled down and was replaced by the moon. 

"Do you remember Wendy's narration?" Irene asked.

Joy hummed in response.

"It was in Chapter 3 where Reve was alone gazing up at the night sky." Irene said as she instructed Joy to close her eyes. "Can you hear it?"

Joy nodded. There were roaring fireworks and warm laughters. Irene then instructed Joy to open her one eye. She saw the Merry Go Round moving. Then Irene instructed Joy to open both of her eyes. 

Joy automatically smiled seeing the sky being lighted up with dazzling fireworks. 

"In the narration, Reve was alone. However, you are not alone here, Sooyoung. I am here and so with you who are together with me." She reached her hand out towards Joy. "I'll lead the way to the never-ending festival. After all, I was portrayed to be the one manipulating everything."

Joy chuckled as she took Irene's hand and stood up. "Thank you for being here, unnie."

"Save your thanks after we got out from this weird world we created." Irene replied. "We just hope that the Festival wasn't that far."

"If that's too far we can ride a car." Joy responded.

"Car? Where would we get a car— Ohhh!" Irene cheered, clapping her hands, realizing they can use the car they used in their ICC MV.

She followed Joy who stopped in front of a light blue car. Joy opened the car door for her as Joy walked around and sat on the driver's seat.

"Unnie, let's do what Luvies thought we are being portrayed in our MVs. Tell me your plan and I will do the action." Joy said smiling.

Irene smirked. "That's my daughter."


Location B fin.


Joy is unordinary since she moved fast in her archive as well as the sudden changed of her eye colours exactly like the cat's. Nevertheless, here's what I think.

It's not about the cat anymore, but the cat's two different eye colours. I just meant to say that there's only one culprit, but with two identities involve. One is thought to be the mastermind, one is thought to be the red herring. 

Check these theories:

  1. One heterochromia cat (JoyRene are meant to fool everyone foReVer. We don't know who's who. It could also imply that there are two souls residing in one body where one dominating good and the other dominating evil.)
  2. Two cats (Mother & daughter. Joy obeying Irene. Irene teaching Joy. It could also imply that Irene is letting Joy enjoy w/ her friends while manipulating everything)
  3. Wolf in Cat's Clothing (Someone is  disguising. The cat, the mystical store, the fake worlds— someone is behind everything. Who is the master manipulator? Joy or Irene?)
  4. No one's a Cat (Joy & Irene are not cats, but the cat's playmates. They're creating a fun world w/ YermWenSeul to make the cat satisfy. It could also imply that ReVeluv is the cat. I'm guessin that they would name the cat 'Luv' if it's really the ReVeluv🤡)
  5. The Witch and its Cat (Cat Joy sneaking out from RV Family House *Gift Shop*. It could imply that Joy is running away or rebelling since she is the only one who is aware of what's happening in the world created by Irene. She's trying to save the other girls who were entrapped with their desires/dreams to go back to reality.)

The mystery won't end or if it ends, it will be whodunit ending. That's the point of the concept haha. The one who's behind everything is smart enough to confuse us that even though it is the obvious fool's mate strategy, we're still gonna choose to be an idiot 🤡 Their concepts be like poems that even the poet couldn't decipher.

What do you think?

Let's continue to give our love and support to our Red Velvet Queens! 


P.S. The Finale (Location C) would be posted after August 1 since I need to see Seulgi's archive and witness everything first. Take care and be happy!

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