29 Days of Pursuing Mr. Do

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“Adopt me.”

“No.” He replied, unbothered to lift his eyes off his laptop's screen.

She rolls her eyes. Well, that went off the table quickly.
She leaned closer. “Then marry me.”


Kim Yunhee was sick of being a broke college student who would be forced to take another gap year if she couldn’t pay her tuition but that all changes when she hears that their new neighbor was the heir of the Do Hospitals. To which a plan of pursuing the rich thirty years old single father to marry her, was set in motion.




        Do Kyungsoo- (30)- a single rich dad



       Kim Yunhee-(21)- a broke college student


Hey~! Hopefully you are excited to read this as much as I am excited to write it! <3

This will be a cute, funny story! I needed something to enjoy writing and less pressured and this light short story is exactly what I need! And hopefully, it can lighten anyone mood by reading it!

Comments and upvotes are much appreciated!

Thank you and have a nice day/night! <3

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