1/1 (Under the Red Sun)

Called To You
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 Jaehyun felt the cold sea breeze run past him as he stood at the helm of the ship, the mismatched crew was rushing about frantically in preparation. Their journey was just about to began as they scaled the ice coated waters, simplistic seeming but filled with mystical creatures.

 "Captain." Spoke a quiet voice that Jaehyun recognized as Mark, he turned around meeting the eyes of the shaken looking boy. 

"Aye, Mark." Jaehyun had a habit of speaking a lot gentler to the younger than how he spoke to the rest of the crew. Most of the crew didn't mind though, as the young boy found himself only surrounded by only the soft parts of the hard hearted sea pirates. 
 Mark was actually a castaway, thrown away by his own parents who thought him as useless in a crew. Although, that was far from the truth, Mark was a master cartographer, perhaps a bit small and weak but a master of his own craft.

"Captain, what if a sea monster attacks us?" Mark said timidly, Jaehyun paused at the question. Yes, it was most definitely possible. The Red Sun had faced its fair amount of sea attacks, starting from the large scrape on the starboard, to the more recent violent cut in the sails.

"We'll be alright Mark." Jaehyun said, brushing a hand against the younger shoulder, fixing his black and white striped top.

"O-okay, I finished the Atlantic path map." Mark said, a light smile appearing on his face. Jaehyun nodded, that map would definitely come in handy the next time they decided to go that way across continents.

"Thanks lad, hand that off to Ten for me?" Jaehyun said, Mark nodded scurrying off to get to the taskmaster, Ten. Ten was an interesting person to say the least, the ships taskmaster was a wizard, who preferred being called an enchanter. He'd joined the crew whenever Jaehyun had captured a ship full of mystical prisoners, instantly noticing a large amount of potential help to him, he'd taken Ten in along with some others. After gaining his trust, Jaehyun had entrusted him to storing and keeping the ship supplies safe.

"Jaehyun!" Called a gruff voice, anyone on the ship could recognize it. Johnny the quartermaster walked up the deck of the ship towards Jaehyun who turned in greeting. Johnny in the other hand had no real "dramatic" crew joining story, he was just an old friend of Jaehyuns who had just happened to have super strength.

 "Something wrong?" Jaehyun clipped, Johnny usually wasn't one to occupy the front helm. He was usually out and about watching (babysitting) Mark and his new friend, and of course the rest of the crew. Mutiny couldn't get past his keen eyes, or rather fists.

"Our course of passage today seems a bit riskier than usual," Johnny commented, the artic passage was a long and strenuous path, lined with icicles, spear headed enchanters and pf course the sirens. Of course not all sirens were bad, one of Jaehyuns most trusted crew members was a siren and now usually served helpful to evade them.

"We'll be okay Johnny, just keep an eye on our sails, it'll take a lot more work to fix 'em after that catastrophe." Jaehyun clipped, Johnny nodded the sail had taken quite a blow and with any more tears they'd have a lot of spending to do.

"Aye, captain." Johnny finished with a mock salute, walking away from Jaehyun who walked off the crate he'd been standing on walking down from the bow, his boots clacking across the port as he made it down to his office.

"Cap'n!" Called out a squeaky voice, Jaehyun would've laughed if he hadn't had to keep his stoic image because the sight in front of him was truly amusing. Haechan was hopping on one foot with Daegal, Marks parrot, munching away at crumbs in his hair. Haechan had newly joined as a child who'd run away from his parents who detested him.

 It was quite sad really, Donghyuck or Haechan as he preferred being called was just an overactive child who'd had the exceptional power of speed. Of course, that power seemed to apply to his mouth as he was quite talkative. Plus he quickly got attached to people, like Mark who seemed the unlikely victim of his puppy love, or Johnny who despite being exasperated with him, would probably skin you alive for touching his precious Hyuck. Of course he'd never tell anyone that.

"Pssst, Daegal!" Yelled Mark, the parrot immediately rushing to its owner, Haechan landing back on both feet exhaling lightly.

"Mark that wasn't nice sending your bird after me." Haechan pouted, Jaehyun again was dying of holding his laughter, as Mark had a guilty look on his face.

"Aye Mark, you lads keep on the starboard they say out there there'll be whales." Jaehyun said, both Marks and Haechans eyes widened comically as they rushed up the ladder nearly smacking straight into Taeyong.

"Avast, you scallywags!" Taeyong exclaimed, throwing himself out of their way. Mark and Haechan simply locked eyes, and ran Haechan grabbing Mark bolting at, at least 100km and hour, Jaehyun cracked at that letting out an amused chuckle, the merman in front of him raising an eyebrow.

"Mischevious aren't they?" Taeyong commented, Jaehyun simply shook his head staring at the blue haired merman, whose pale ice colored irises crinkled with his smile.

Taeyong was of course a beauty, a merman who had been cursed to live on land for the price of falling for a wizard, who'd happened to be Ten. The two now were happy additions to the crew making Jaehyuns life a bit easier.

"Of course, and I see your going to see Ten." Jaehyun said, Taeyong lightly blushed making Jaehyun shake his head. It was quite hard to see the merman blush his pale complexion would go silver, painting his cheeks with light streaks of the color.

"Aye." Taeyong replied, before scurrying away Jaehyun shaking his head before finally heading into his office, a yell interrupting his walk.

"Storms and ice pikes ahead, all hands on deck. Cap'n head up to the wheel." Echoed Johnny, Jaehyun raced up the ladder his boots clacking as the crew worked meticulously at the sales.

"There's a siren cove ahead." Taeyong said, from behind Jaehyun. Jaehyun sighed, he was immune to siren calls, although people said that anyone who was immune had a soulmate in a siren that only they could hear.

"Aye, I'll steer carefully." Jaehyun said, he didn't exactly believe the legend. I mean, what are the odds that out of all creatures, he'd be with a siren. Plus of all times would he find his soulmate at sea, right at the bow of his own ship.

The ship rushed across the rushing waves, tossing and turning Jaehyun clenching at the wheel. Ten had started to use some kind of barrier against the sides of the ship as Mark scanned over the passage pen in hand. Johnny was ordering people around, a very hyperactive Haechan grabbing supplies at any waking command.

 Soon after, the storm settled the crew relaxing as the clouds began to shift away revealing the red sunset causing a collective array of happiness.

"Red sunset! No storms!" Mark said joyfully, the crew smiled at the boy who was squeezing the water out of his top.

"Aye, everyone head for a rest! That's an order." Jaehyun called, his eyes meeting Johnny's at his last statement.

"Aye, aye captain!" The crew called, most of them heading to the dinner hall to find whatever scraps Taeyong had whipped up, apart from Haechan who sat exhausted on the deck.

"Not going for dinner Haechan?" Jaehyun blinked, staring at the younger who looked completely worn out. It was an odd sight to see the younger so exhausted, so Jaehyun felt a hint of concern drip into his mind.

"Aye cap'n, feeling a bit under the weather." Haechan mumbled, his eyes had closed as he leaned against the sturdy tower under the sails, his white top had gotten ed and his brown curls were a mess across his head.

"Ahh, I see." Jaehyun sighed, of course. The younger was new to the ship so his stomach clearly wasn't settled with the sea weather, quite yet. So Jaehyun let the younger sit there as they sailed through the afternoon, Haechans light snores running through Jaehyuns ears as they sailed into the deep black night, il

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