Good Kisser

Castle In The Sky
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Chaewon’s POV


I woke up a little bit late today and I almost forget my uniform, but I still need it to be in the bag it is a basic rule that you shouldn’t wear your chef’s uniform while in public it is un hygienic if you wore it in public and you will wear it in the kitchen, they always remind the staff that we are handling food and we shouldn’t take the risk on binging those bacteria to the kitchen itself.


As soon as I clocked in I saw a very familiar girl sleeping at the corner. This is the clumsy girl last night. So she works here huh but why is she still here it is already eight in the morning and the usual time for her to go home is six in the morning, did she over sleep from her break?


I crouch don to her position to wake her up. “Hey Wake up it is already Eight in the morning I think you should continue your sleep at your house.” She didn’t even budge to tha, the only thing she did is groan.


So I shook her a little bit to wake her up. I was about to speak but she suddenly hugged me. “Mom Just a few more minutes.”


“Hey wake up I am not your mom. You are still in the hotel you need to go home before our manager saw you.” As soon as he hears my voice again she pushed me rude I just woke he up and she pushed me.


“ I am sorry for that I am just bit clingy to my mother and it is the first time that someone wake me up ever since came here to work. that’s why I thought you are my mom.” I stand up and offer my hands to her and she accepted it.


“it is okay oh and by the way nice to see you again. I am Chaewon.” I give her a smile.


“I am Minjoo are you the one who I bumped last night?”


“Yes, you should go home already it is already eight in the morning your shift finished two hours ago.”


“They let me sleep for a bit because I will ha a straight shift.” It is a bit weird that they offered her a straight shift are we lack of man power now?


“Ok we should start working, oh what station are you assigned?”


“Last night I am at the prep station but this morning I will be on dishwashing station.”

“Oh we are the same station when you are at night.”


“Oh I bet that you are good at what you do.”


“Nah not really I just study hard to go to the prep station I started as a dishwasher.” I chuckled a little bit well that is true I stuied hard and work hard to be in this position.


“Well that is an advantage you startedfrom the bottom but you worked hard unlike me I just got lucky I am already at the prep station.”


“Hey that means you are talented from the start don’t down yourself.”


“Nah luck is on my side that’s all.” I’ve noticed that she is very low self-esteem of herself well soon she’ll realize that she is great at what she is doing.


“Ok if you say so. And I think we need to go now to the kitchen shall we?” She smiled a nod to me.


Eunbi’s POV


An Irritating sound woe up my peaceful sleep. God damn that alarm why did I have to go to work when I have a head pounding hung over and add up to that my whole body is aching, I will never drink again during week days. I suddenly realize that I drink with my boss last night. I tried to remember something but the last thing can remember is we bought more beer last night, Did I do something weird to my boss? Well as far as I know I am not wild person when I am drunk I just sleep so I am not that worried. But the biggest question right now is how did I ho home?


Before I get out of my bed I’ve decided to take a look at my phone in case there are important mails I received while I passed out last night. And I am correct I just checked and responded to those mails but there is one Text message from unknown number.


Unknown: Hey I brought you home last night in case you are wondering on how did you get home.

Unknown: Oh by the way This is Sakura

Me: Thank you I hope you got back to your

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