She likes spring, I prefer winter
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             Stories always say that the Underworld palace is a lot like Mt. Olympus. Enormous, magical, and mind-blowing. However, they describe the Underworld as the gloomy version in reference of the main place for the gods. The gates of Mt. Olympus will welcome you with refreshing music from the Nine Muses, sometimes they will have a performance with Hyoyeon, the goddess of music, healing and poetry. Down in the Underworld, once you get off Charon’s boat, the first thing you will hear will be the agonizing screams of the souls from Fields of Asphodel, always harmonizing with the howls of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the main entrance. 

Ask anyone, everyone, of the place they most wanted to visit, and you will get a chorus of excited voices, “Mt. Olympus, of course!”, “Mt. Olympus #1!”
The Underworld is not the first answer, not even an option. The Underworld is invisible. Just like how Irene wants it. Irene, the goddess of the dead. Don’t confuse her with Thanatos, the death god.
Irene, the ruler of the Underworld. Taeyeon and Yuri’s youngest sister. Ever since they butchered their Dad to pieces, she assumed the responsibility of managing and protecting the afterlife. 


                        Legends don’t often talk about her; you can count on one finger the number of myths that talk about Irene. Most of them, inaccurate.
“She was banished from Olympus because she tried to overthrow Taeyeon as the ruler of the gods.”
“She kidnapped her wife!” “She rules the Underworld, she’s a villain!”
But Irene doesn’t care. She could clean her name from these false accusations, and no one will question it. She could do whatever she wanted to and get away with it, but unlike the stories that represent her – she’s far from being a troublemaker. She’s the silent type, always observing, and only speaks when she needs to say something important.
Only few of the Olympian gods understand her, because mostly, they fear her as well. 

Irene only wants to do one thing, and that is to fulfill her duty as a faithful wife to Wendy. 
Her duties as a goddess can , she just wants to stay beside Wendy all day, listen to her, snuggle to her – and anyone who dares to take her away from her wife will experience eternal perish.


Surely, the stories written about the ruler of the Underworld doesn’t mention how lovesick she is right? 


                        Wendy, the Queen of the Underworld, and the most important person to Irene’s life. Aside from aiding her wife in supervising the palace, she is also serving the mortal world, together with her mom, Jessica, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. She is the goddess of Spring, and the bringer of light.
It took a while for her body to adjust on the decision agreed upon by the gods, but she knew as well that having a separate time to spend with her mom and her wife is the wisest thing to do. Bless her pure heart not wanting to cause any harm on the mortals if her mom will not be appeased.

                        Time is unknown in the Underworld, but the couple is completely aware when Wendy needs to step out in the mortal world and be with her mom. And every time that this happens, she is always entertained by the dramatic Irene. 

Within a span of minutes, the goddess of the Underworld sighed ten times already. Each sigh getting deeper than before.
They’re still lying down on their royal bed, Wendy snuggling up to her peacefully sleeping, while she kept staring at her wife’s face. Breathtaking is an understatement.  She thought.
Afraid to wake her up, she kept her arm on Wendy’s waist and refrained any movement. She’s been experiencing this every morning for a thousand years, and she’s still yearning. She will not get enough of this feeling.


                        Irene felt an intrusion in her throne that made her frown. She slowly untangled her body from Wendy, every movement she did, she checks if her wife is still deep asleep. Grumbling to herself, she made herself presentable, not taking her eyes away from her wife. 

Irene unwillingly travelled through the shadows to her throne room and met face to face with the messenger of the gods, and the patron of travelers and thieves.
“Don’t zap me!” Yerim shrieked as she accidentally threw her caduceus and raised both of her hands up in the air.
Still feeling upset that she was forced to left her wife, Irene thought of ways to get back at Yerim. Contemplating if she will summon the Fates to prank her, the newcomer sang a familiar tune, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year~”

Irene’s scowl deepened, and Yerim figured out its too late for her to say, “Just Kidding!” when she got mobbed by four skeletons. Darn, why are these bones so heavy! She panted.


A sudden kiss landed on Irene’s cheeks that distracted her, causing Yerim to summon enough strength and break free. 
“That’s enough.” Wendy said while rubbing Irene’s shoulders.
“Hey, sis!” Yerim greeted and winked mischievously. 
“I’ll kill you later.” Irene mouthed.
Wendy approached

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