Aphrodite? Narcissus? Irene.

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Wherein Joohyun knows she is a goddess. Aphrodite—the goddess of beauty. And she knows her power, her effects on people. That until someone seemed to have an immunity for it, and also dared to rename her into a different goddess.



This is my first attempt at SeulRene fluff. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Comment out suggestions or just reactions. It's all welcome. 

Okay, just wanna share a bit about how this story came to be. It was originally set to be in angst genre, but as I was writing it, it just turned into a fluff and comedy one. AHAHAHA. May I say that this was really fun to write. I love WHIPPED-FOR-SEULGI IRENE.

Maybe... just maybe... I might continue this with some bonus chapters. I don't know though, depends on the reactions on this story. Hahaha! 

Enjoy again! 

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