Our Friends Talk (About Us)
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Hey everyone! 

I know many of you are expecting an update, but I have some bad news, and I apologize for that. 


Firstly, I am no longer writing this story. Our Friends Talk is discontinued. 

I wanted to say that this story would be “put on hold until further notice,” but that would have been an absolute lie. A nothing burger, at most. This story has already been put on hold for more than a year because I thought I would go back to it—but I haven’t. And I won’t. 

A lot of things have changed in the last year and a half, and I just have the motivation within myself to continue writing this story when I’m no longer passionate about it. 


Secondly, I am posting the outline that I have for Our Friends Talk tomorrow!

I feel bad for never finishing this story because it would have probably been one of my favorites had I finished it. 

So I decided that I’m going to share the outline that I wrote! 

I want everyone who has been waiting to know the ending in addition to seeing the plans that would have unfolded. The outline is very detailed (it includes snippets of descriptions and dialogues), and it covers each scene that I would have written extensively. It’s actually 8,000+ words in total (also covering the chapters already written). 

The full outline will be available including some extra notes that I wrote for characters, s

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⚽️ Our Friends Talk ⚽️
The full outline has been posted! Thank you all for your patience.


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17 streak #1
Chapter 1: Baekhyun getting his title as the captain removed must have hurt him since it was something he loved and was good at doing as well.

Learning sessions with Nami seem like a complete nightmare. They are polar opposites, and none of them want to step down from a fight.

Environment club sounds interesting, something that would fit Nami quite well. Meanwhile Baekhyun fits the football team very well.

Mark is a nice guy with good intentions. Yes, he might seem like a creep but he just doesn't know how to talk to girls. Enter Baekhyun to the rescue!

Baekhyun's father is up to something. There must be a reason for their bad relationship. However the dad might love his son, he just doesn't know how to parent properly.

I love this story. your writing is amazing and the events in the story are interesting to read!
morphine007 #2
Chapter 5: Thank you for posting this 🥺
Chapter 5: Omg you've posted the outline I didn't knew ! It's so good although I'm a little sad that we didn't got to read it whole but I'm glad that you posted the outline thanks loved it so much!!
Merryqueen #5
Chapter 5: That would be such a intersting story but it's so sad that it can't be continued thank you for this little sneak peek of other chapters ❤️
Chapter 5: Thank you for sharing this ❤
Chapter 5: Thank you for the detailed outline… I’m still sad that it was discontinued but very happy that there was some conclusion. I will always look forward to your writing!
burning-up #8
Chapter 5: Thank you for sharing the outline 😭
I just found out today that it was discontinued 😭😭😭😭😭
Really sad that this was discontinued.. Thanks for the outline though. I will be reading all your stories as always.
Chapter 5: Sad that this is discontinued, but thanks for making the outline available to us. Thank you for your efforts in putting this together for us.